My New Baby Duck?!



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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Finatic

      Watch behind the scenes getting the baby duck here:

      1. Crystal Caballero


      2. HellDaGod119 PA O'Sullivan

        Name him jarrel

      3. Js don't play Gang

        Yeah cupcake

      4. Vahoua Lor

        Name the duck JJ

      5. Sugar Bubbs

        @Kayla Ackerman at they're all good names 😍😍😍

    2. Joanna Saloj

      My slick looks just like that (the one that’s still alive)

    3. Joanna Saloj

      My baby duck died 😭

    4. Dogeface131

      I think maybe jeffy would be funny

    5. pokemon cards0802


    6. amanda topaztree


    7. Zeila Pedroza

      i like due name jj

    8. gamer jordan

      Name it jeff

    9. saltiest of them all

      Name it jayy

    10. supernovan 101


    11. SGF SportsGamingFishing

      Name the duck jam

    12. Joey Kearney

      Just saying you should make a pond with the duck cage so the can swim when ever they want!!😁

    13. Joey Kearney

      What about Joseph that my name and love the content keep up the GREAT work!! 😁

    14. Jayden Bear

      Or jellybean

    15. Jayden Bear


    16. Elena Uchtman

      What happened to the other baby duck ?

    17. Singer Ghost

      Jed or Jerry

    18. Christine Keckeissen


    19. arconova1

      It cold be gonzalo

    20. Bridget Harvey

      Jake, Jam, John, Jones

    21. My Turtle’s Life

      I think you should name him John

    22. thania solomon

      J Joker John Jolly J

    23. William Watts

      you shod name it jinjer

    24. Mystery Hf

      That is so cute 🦢

    25. Mystery Hf

      Don’t give the duck away

    26. Michael John Chamberlain

      Peacocks are from India and they where brought to the UK by the Romans I don't know how they got to America

    27. it’s Just Georgia

      Name the Duck either Jupiter or jelly.

    28. Katherine arehart


    29. weston Haney

      You should name him jay

    30. Alicia Severance


    31. Audrey Rollins

      So what did you come up with for J duck?

    32. Bri'Anne Roberts

      I love your videos I watch them every day

    33. Gary Messel

      I am going to say that new baby duck is a female by the loud quacking/peeping it was making. Males are generally quieter.

    34. Ashlee Sievers

      Hi we're did you get you ducks?

    35. Jessica Cox

      Nene it JJ

    36. Jessica Cox


    37. TH KALIE

      I life in South Africa 🇿🇦

    38. Moon L.L Gacha


    39. Jack McLarnan

      Named him Jerry

    40. Kelly Russell


    41. Ryan after Elementary

      Noooooo keep it

    42. Jayden Ragan


    43. Petra Malan

      I live in South Africa and they can be inoying trust me dont get one!!!

    44. hazeltiger 8


    45. Kelli Traister

      And jelly Jupiter

    46. Kelli Traister

      And juniper

    47. Kelli Traister

      Jackson James Jonathan and jack

    48. Chris_AKA SHORT


    49. Jaden Arnobit

      Someone bought those peacocks as a gift and now they just roam free. They cause soo much traffic on the way to class

    50. Tommy Morton

      How about Jesus ?

    51. melissa pickering

      U should name the duck Junior

    52. s4 Samsung


    53. Laura and Silvija


    54. Zack Harding

      You should name the duck Jack and also don’t give the duck away

    55. Kassidy Ortiz

      I saw someone say junior in the comments so I think that’s good but also Johnny

    56. kassidy osborne


    57. adam mytych

      Name it jasper BTW i love ur videos Ur my favourite toutuber

    58. Maverick Chapman

      Name him Jonah

    59. Himnish Ishaan


    60. Saraii Lopez

      If you want a j duck name why don’t you name him jay 🤷🏻‍♀️☝🏻🦆

    61. Nicholas Buchman

      You should really keep that duckling in his own enclosure with a heat lamp. I’m not trying to hate on the video, I work with a waterfowl rescue organization and am just trying to help you take the best care of your birds. The bigger ducks are almost adult size and even though they may be used to each other it is just not safe nor responsible for the birds life. I hope you can make a video of his new enclosure!

    62. marvin33ful

      Jess or Jelle

    63. R Tube YT

      Jacky Chan

    64. Kenny Gillette

      Name him Jase

    65. Muddassar Sarfraz

      Peacock in South Africa seriously?

    66. Crazy Birds

      Jinx, Jasper, Jax for some name suggestions. Ducks also need worming and a varied diet of fresh foods, commercial food and things like fish and insects for optimal health. There is a lot more that goes into their care as I'm sure you know, you seem like the type who will do research into the care of animals. I would advise against giving away the new one though as they tend to create strong bonds being a flock animal and it will cause stress for all three.

    67. Thenoobestgamerevertoexist

      the duck likes the box best because it is the place where he can hide.

    68. Me Manns


    69. Dextra Eastwatcher

      Jelly 😂 or Jupiter PB&J could also mean peanut butter and jelly so jelly would be cute 😂

    70. Grace Cooper

      Name him Jinx