My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY

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    A MINNESOTAN man lives with three giant English Mastiffs who weigh a combined 630lbs. Joe Thompson lives with his three English Mastiffs and his family in Duluth, Minnesota. The largest of the three dogs - two-year-old Harrison - weighs a whopping 250lbs, while his housemates Ringo and Paul weigh 218lbs and 170lbs respectively. Joe got the first of the three dogs six years ago after his dad was diagnosed with cancer and then began breeding the huge dogs. English Mastiffs are renowned for being the world’s heaviest dogs and Joe’s pets are in huge demand for breeding - charging up to $3000 a time.
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Marius Anderson
    Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
    Editor: Thom Johnson
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Mirza singgih

      I think he feeds them too much like they arent just huge they are literally full of fats and its not so healthy

    2. George Osullivan

      Shouldnt feed em human food thats n absolute no no

    3. Hegemon💰

      I really enjoyed this!

    4. eye rule

      amazing 😉

    5. Teko 24

      250 real solid working dog, evedryday fit =))))) Are you kidding man? They are just fat. No hate, but you can't drive a toyota corolla and say that you drive a sport car.

    6. Gemcitykid

      I know my way around mastiffs, getting to know German mastiffs (Danes). My friend, bigger is not always better. In fact, those dogs are simply too big, and while it is not all fat, they are carrying too much fat. The mastiff is a big dog, but he is never fat if he is healthy. You are doing these great dogs a great disservice. Saying they are highly sought-after studs means nothing, because people are generally uneducated about the big breeds like molossars. You are distorting the breed and making unhealthy dogs 'acceptable'.

    7. Diane Rowden

      Dude your dogs are nothing but fat. You should be slapped with animal cruelty. They won’t live long at this weight eating grease on their food.

    8. syarifah sadiyah

      breeding for personal, let them to be obese, and trump supporter. meh

    9. Juice World

      Friendly giants I have one on the way I will be breeding with and keeping daily uploads on it’s not enough mastiff on US-new no more

    10. tgrooms AJ

      "Feeding them a real food diet gives them something to look forward to..." Um yea...death!!! GIVE YOUR DOGS A RAW MEAT DIET! This guy doesn't deserve any pet. All he'll do is fatten them up and call them the "Biggest and Best". Oh they're big, but not the best at ANYTHING!!!

    11. rick mason

      Sir with all due respect.As a proud King Lion bully owner.I know it may come as a shock.But a dog ,any breed is Carnivore.large i testines,small stomachs and incisor teeth.The diet should be RAW MEAT! With bone.It wont hurt em.Boiling bones hurt dogs not RAW.Overnight their stool will harden,more energetic, shinier coat and better breath.ESPECIALLY A WORKIN BREED! PLEASE Reconsider your diet for those beautys.

    12. PepS

      Somebody save these dogs from this man! I feel bad for them. They are overweight except the youngest. But I don't give him too much time to be as fat as his fellows.

    13. Faronthefiddler

      Good man.

    14. Lunatrix

      Very bad breeding!! And he is not feeding them well!! That's way too much food and they are very FAT...Not thick/Fit, FAT! :(

    15. AnadiElectric Videowala

      Get a puppy invest 3 years in proper training and nutrition. Only for it to to live 4-5 more years and die. No thank you. medium size healthy long muzzled dogs is where its at people. any breed that cant live at least 13-15 years is a disaster for true canine enthusiasts.

    16. BB1349

      Tyco, Moose and Mongo from the Beowulf English mastiff bloodline all weight 260lbs+

    17. Giu 76

      Top 👍👍👍

    18. HBK Customs

      Nice boars 👍🏽

    19. Esther Miller

      Eleonora & anyone else who “saw a Trump thing on his fridge”.........remember. Everyone has his/her faults! 😉

    20. shantanu mishra

      Younger one is the fittest

    21. Amanda Wormell

      U can tell this family really loves their kids all of them. God bless you and your family.

    22. Caleb Carrigan

      I can’t stand people who feed their dogs this much

    23. V Hogan

      Mastiff dogs are worthless nowadays!! They’re just like all other oversized dogs that are overly bred for looks not function or working like they were meant for!! AKC has ruined most dog breeds in the USA !! These dogs will have a short life due to them being this big !

    24. Ultra Instinct Gogeta

      They are fat but not that fat, look at their stomachs they have the dip while really fat dogs are round.

    25. Robbie Glass

      You’re killing those dogs with the food your feeding them.

    26. Hannah

      Damn, my girl is 150 pounds and I thought she was big

    27. Art Burg.

      DAMN! Those working dogs haven't worked a day in their life!!!

    28. Renee Fryer

      That is so sweet!!!

    29. Евгения Гранде

      Нахер так над животными издеваться?

    30. R W

      As a lifelong Mastiff Owner/Judge/lineage researcher......not a fan of this guys vision of the breed standard. They are cartoonish examples of the breed standard. I have had a few 250-275 lbrs and they could see out of their eyes and lived long lives (for a mastiff) with zero hip or joint issues. I would rather have a fit and lean 200-230 than this. I feel sorry for the dogs. The rear thigh to the lower hock are too straight and that's due to breeding for size. You can see it when the big boi walks in front of the camera at 4:48 its a common issue with overly large bred mastiffs. Makes the animal walk like Frankenstein and causes wear on the stiffle and hips. I implore you who are thinking of owning a mastiff to do a ton of research and buy from a solid breeder with a good pair of family pets.

    31. Ryan Wimbley

      Any one see her mug Well I will be giving this video a 👎

    32. Splendid Mendax

      Truly sad that breeds like this exist.

    33. rick mason

      Twice a day feeding a working breed? Wit bacon grease? Beyond dumb!

    34. Jay Rosario

      Lmao his wife is drinking out of a trump mug. I think we all collectively agree that they should just take this video down 😂 no one even cares about it at this point.

    35. LizziChi Ⓥ

      "I create a dog that's breathtaking" adopt don't shop, ya fuckin' hillbillies.

    36. Carlos R

      Signed off when i saw Trump sticker on refrigerator

      1. Oil City News

        Ha ... Came to see the dogs...

    37. Sanctuary Aesthetics Tracy Gustin

      Amazing dogs. ❤ Trump 2020! ❤

    38. buckseyboy

      I got claustrophobia just from seeing them all jammed in that truck..

    39. lemmy kilmister


    40. Bfjfhfh Fjrurifufu

      Trump is the best president y’all dumb

    41. bluehappyscrap

      AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁

    42. Adam Smith

      I have a great dane/mastiff mix thats pushing 200 pounds and Harrison makes mine look like a pup lol

    43. Richard Conner


    44. Ruby's K9s


    45. Bree Vlogs but not yet

      I may be wrong but that a gang sign at 2:47 ????

    46. Greiguci Wootchie

      He's over weight so your cruel.

    47. Ryuukai

      Breathtaking...unfortunate that THEY themselves can't breathe

      1. Ryuukai

        They're dogs? not pigs? you're not supposed to cut them for christmas.

    48. Dat Bitxh

      I have an amazing english mastiff, hes a year old, 202 lbs, my dog isn't a strong swimmer, i bought him a life jacket 😂 hes my 3rd son (the only one with 4 legs), i also cook his meals and love him with all of my heart 😁only breed i will ever own for the rest of my life. I dont mind being the crazy mastiff lady😜

    49. THE TRUTH

      250 healthy working pounds lol??? U really think soo... from which angle?? He is a really big boy but it looks like he struggling to even walk... I have a cane corso and surely that is not healthy for a dog to weigh that much or is it I could be wrong.. the lightest one looks real good

    50. Teodor Hristov

      0:49 the cup beuh

    51. Ivy Herz

      They are fat and you're not taking good care of them! Shame on you!

    52. רמי שער שער

      I love this dog beautiful breed i wish i could have 1 😀☕👍

    53. misterE π

      Bacon grease?!?!?!

    54. Sharon Reilly

      Why's this guy overfeeding his dogs? So they appear even bigger? Dogs will suffer a number of health issues. Disgusting.

      1. LizziChi Ⓥ

        Completely disgusting. This is supposed to be admirable feeding them some Walmart bacon grease and eggs.

    55. Jackie & Byron

      I’m not sure how these dogs are supposed to look but 2 of them look hella obese, and I’m sorry but feeding your dogs pork grease? I thought anything pork was bad for dogs ...

    56. Will to Power

      TRUMP 2020. ...Beautiful mastiffs.

    57. Protik PC

      I remember Zorba la Susa the 348 lbs giant,

    58. Wintuscotty

      Bacon grease? Really? Dude, two of your dogs are obese. You need to educate yourself on canine care.

    59. Charlize Barron

      Great looking dogs ~ and am in the market. But not from Trump supporters....good luck with that and you're over feeding them, giving them 'real food' which will lead to a litany of issues. My dogs eat a raw diet. This is a good example of what not to do with dogs.

      1. Charlize Barron

        Harry is overweight ~ clearly. Just because you appreciate being a 'bigger' guy doesn't mean that makes a healthy dog.

    60. pastel gacha

      I...I had one maiffif and his name was dowser and I loved him when I was 5 he was 5 and well he pasted away when he was 10 😣😥😢😭😧

    61. Rusty Shackelford

      This guy is killing these poor dogs with the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). Dogs don't require (bad) human food. Especially ones prone to weight issues, like Mastiffs. I can see he loves death! They are magnificent animals.

    62. Woxineau Crows

      BEUTIFUL STORY folks TYVM.I am the same just with JINDOS =) it is a dream to feel a dogs LOVE~

    63. m h

      3:32 did he say bacon grease?

    64. Tandem Bicycle

      What does treeing a bear mean?

    65. P j

      Reminds me of the fat kids on the Maury show..

    66. Doug Weaver

      Will you adopt me so I can hang out with these dudes!!!!!

    67. Doug Weaver


    68. reptiliandomination1

      I couldn't imagine being tackled by a dog that weighs the same as myself.

    69. Linda Casey


    70. Renee Anderson

      Jax is a bullador his mama was a fullblooded blue pit his daddy was a fullblooded labrador he is one beautiful dog they sold for 35 hundred each the mama had 14 hes a champion we take him places and people can't get over how pretty he is he will lay down his life for people and hes got a gator head with. Webbed feet haha

    71. Joseph Klingelhutz

      “-animal with no fear” as he’s being stuffed into a truck 😂😂

    72. Headphonez

      I noticed the trump thing but I’m more interested in the cute doggos.

    73. SolarYBAX

      Paul is one big pug

    74. Gabriel Mohan

      These dogs are dying. No wonder they don’t live long.

    75. Leslie Porter

      It's a good thing they're nice dogs....good grief they're big. But I can see you treat them well. Bless you good people.

      1. tgrooms AJ

        The guy feeds them bacon grease! The dog is fat enough!!! He is not being treated right

    76. gale cinque

      You people are just jealous. The dogs are beautiful and not fat just big huge dog. Dogs can eat bacon grease, people like it too. Most of you probably ingested more poison in your wheaties.

    77. Agnaldo Santos

      parabéns família ótimo exemplo como criar bem os cães 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    78. Raul Salazar

      They only last about 10yrs if that!!!

    79. Kukung Deeka

      Damn their huge..!!!

    80. Jay witha Dee

      250lbs of pure Mastiff Muscle? Mate that doge is more jiggly then a shar pi in a bouncy castle. Please this guy thinks he can can breed dogs just cause he makes the dogs chunk 🤦🏻‍♀️ smh

    81. Tati’s Music Chat’s

      That man’s house is protected.

    82. Richard Przybylek

      Yep big slobbering drooling bull whip tailing babies and these pups know it

    83. Raquel Palencia

      Love love 💗 love awesome dogs...wish I can have one

    84. Patty Robin

      Damn those dogs could eat a lot of muslims in minnesota and, that's a good thing. Clean up the trash.

    85. Kolanji Kolanji

      I SO happy. High profile quality dog. I like it

    86. youuuuuknowww

      "My studs are the most wanted on the planet" Yea but have u seen hulks puppies

    87. Wesley Burke

      A lot of negative comments. Did a little research... Vetstreet. Com this breeds life span 8 to 10 years. Weight 160 to 230. With largest record weight 300 plus.

    88. namjoon’s_bby

      i just want to cuddle them lol

    89. rops cle

      4:50 Ahahaha the one the left was like "yeap here I'll sit" 😂 Beautiful dogs too you 💯❤

    90. TheLightning03

      OMG! They are huge! Nice video! They food bowl is so big 😀 Mastiffs are so big but gentle!

    91. the doberman gang

      good video

    92. Jesus Gonzalez

      Las cacotas que an de hacer

    93. life roller

      You can tell a trump supporter from any lineup

    94. Arindam Roy

      Brother I am jealous of you after watching this blog

    95. Harsh chufal

      I want these dogs

    96. Marek Janik Exploring USA

      beautiful dogs

    97. That Gall

      Disgusting!! That’s why these days dogs are riddled with health problems 😕

    98. Marcel Vandekuit

      not normaal you dog die too faat

    99. Isaiah Williams

      They look like they gon die

    100. Finlay Crawford

      Scroll ⬇⬇⬇⬇ for the "experts" lol