My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY



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    A MINNESOTAN man lives with three giant English Mastiffs who weigh a combined 630lbs. Joe Thompson lives with his three English Mastiffs and his family in Duluth, Minnesota. The largest of the three dogs - two-year-old Harrison - weighs a whopping 250lbs, while his housemates Ringo and Paul weigh 218lbs and 170lbs respectively. Joe got the first of the three dogs six years ago after his dad was diagnosed with cancer and then began breeding the huge dogs. English Mastiffs are renowned for being the world’s heaviest dogs and Joe’s pets are in huge demand for breeding - charging up to $3000 a time.
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    Videographer / director: Marius Anderson
    Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
    Editor: Thom Johnson
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Flynn Watts

      do you take your Dogs on walks? Also Why Trump?

    2. TwArDxL

      We all know why were in the comments and pausing the video under 3 minutes in 😂

    3. Donald Hoang

      hulk the pitbull look small compared to this dog

    4. Pamela Kilgore


    5. MaxAir365

      Nothing special about this dogs except that they're overweight

    6. aunquete duela


    7. MR. 9

      Trump 🇺🇸2020! In California 😎

    8. Nancy Martinez

      Beautiful dogs

    9. Strykerismyhorse

      Cute dog but he’s just fat

    10. Lonely_Man

      God I love these dogs

    11. Timoteo Luna

      I know this is a large breed but they shouldn't weigh over 200 pounds


      This is how much people hate trump 👇🏾

    13. no no

      That is the most Un-playfull 10 month old dog that I have ever seen. You usually don't see dogs that young so depressed.

    14. lew 1611

      This guy is a obese moron and should be in prison.

    15. Tommy Anderson

      250 pounds of pure fat

    16. Leslie Ramirez

      As soon as i heard him talk i knew he was a trump supporter 🤦🏻‍♀️🤢

    17. Aaron Cushinberry

      Forget videos! Cujo Reboot!!

    18. Brittani Thomas

      Wife drinking out a Trump coffee mug 😂

    19. Omari Bruce

      These dogs are a shame of there breed

    20. Luis Rodriguez

      Sorry to say but that dog is fat

    21. Tumshie Whacker

      Sorry dude but Ringo and Harrison are way over weight get them to lose 50lbs each and you will still have two very big dogs at 200lbs but they will be far healthier and will live longer , your killing your dogs by over feeding

    22. Big Black Betty

      I just love them

    23. Loiska Jerez


    24. Moss Boy

      Absolutely beautiful dogs, wonderful to see this

    25. Mike Williams

      Agree, something special about silent places!

    26. Gina Anelli

      What is pedigree? Health tested parents? Fat is not healthy. Most adult mastiffs r over 200lbs.. Harrison ? Fawn? I see brindle stripes. No doubt they r loved, but breeding takes years of experience..for the integrity and betterment of the breed. I was Mastiff rescue coordinator for 20 years..we have enough! We need better not bigger or more!

    27. Prometheus


    28. Michael Bell

      They are big beautiful babys.🥰🥰

    29. Carlos Suarez

      Wow what a trump supporter

    30. joejoe9810

      overweight Mastiffs, like the owner. Should not have dogs

    31. Ernest Austin

      Packing those huge dogs in that truck is not healthy for them. Big dogs have hip problems and that shortens their life.

    32. Adriana Alvarez

      Trump Nation 2020 Latinos for Trump Build the WALL California for Trump Ty Mr President for you support to the Military and Law Enforcement 🌹My Family and I Are Thankful for you Service ♥️ Love my POTUS ♥️ Beautiful dogs We have 18 Mo old Presa Canario Mastiff He's the boss 😚

    33. ToPacyBits

      Poor breeding, that dog has so much health problems and can barely walk

    34. Jake Fritz

      He said they will love you forever as the dogs biting his arm

    35. Mr. America

      This guy is MAGA. Trump Train 2020 Woowoo

    36. killmonger In game

      Wooww This lions are so cute

    37. DSXmachine

      Trump 2020

    38. Faustaao

      Lmao the fat dog doesnt even sit unless he shakes a bag of treats at it... who really is running the show in that home?

    39. Faustaao

      I'm sorry but most of the dogs in this video are very obese. English Mastiffs are already very large dogs, there is no need to make them this overweight, especially since they are prone to hip dysplasia.

    40. Terry loved cali

      Trump 2020

    41. SHANNON SA

      Can you imagine the size of their shits...

    42. Kristie Darling

      Jeez!!!! I thought my dog was big... I have a Bull Mastiff/German shepherd.... And to those saying he's not healthy, those dogs are absolutely perfect in size for their breed. Beautiful dogs

    43. Atreas Father

      Somethings wrong with this guy.....

    44. Harry Rayton IV

      I had a Newfoundland that was 276lbs. We had to weigh him on a horse scale...he was really healthy other than the cancer that took him...but Zeus was just a big boil we didn't do anything special for the diet.

    45. Sherlyn xoxo

      they’re touching the dogs before they eat uhn uhn 😭😭😭

    46. SMN

      I have a mastiff

    47. Murphy da Giraffe

      I think he should tighten the belt

    48. mos ab

      What have we done to them. Dogs weren't suppose to look like this. These dogs will have a really tough time in their old age. Please stop encouraging this.

    49. movvi1

      I often look for pics and videos of mastiffs after a few beers and remember my poor, dead Cookie mastiff, so thanks for these silly bits, like them shaking water off which remind me of her. Don't feed them bacon though! Pork is not good for pooches.

    50. Bubbl3s :3

      I love these cuties! I got my own big boy, his name is Olof

    51. Devin Bosse

      Wow, I'm breathless

    52. Michael Regan

      Just cause he eats that way doesn't mean the dogs should too. The two adult dogs need to lose weight, it's not always about the scale.

    53. Tony Gotts

      Wow looks like you're going to need a bigger truck

    54. 2HIGH 2HIGH

      F trump

    55. Raj Gusai

      These are big boiss

    56. dennis odari

      Lazy dogs...

    57. King T

      Tibetan Mastiff: *Exists* These Mastiffs: *Conquer*

    58. Loulou

      Sorry to say but they are fat. Big part of their weight is fat so not healthy. I don’t consider them as good exemple of the breed, on the contrary. By the way, they are like Trump...

    59. Chris Foster

      That's FAT!!!

    60. Curtis May

      Hell no that aint 250 lbs of working dog.

    61. ERIK SAGER

      You Guys are a nice Family.

    62. vossman2000

      I miss mine. To bad they don't live longer.

    63. Green Meep

      Hella overweight...

    64. donna foster

      My son just got a english mastiff pup yesterday. It cost a lot and he has been wanting one forever. He is a former marine, and has loved these for a while. But, after watching your video. I am shocked at the weight of these dogs and what it may cost to feed them. Wow!!

    65. 109367

      Harrison is grossly over weight ... Paul is good weight wise but his gait is off like he has a luxating patella or loose hip

    66. Void _Quixotec

      Hulk vs this dog that’s a hard one

    67. Trevor Waldon

      Butterbean probably felt the same way

    68. Orange

      Absolutely fat mate nothing healthy about em

    69. Ray Bilderaya

      Great video. Drive on Sir.

    70. baby Mack

      Same I hate trump

      1. baby Mack

        @ONI, Section 3 okay

      2. ONI, Section 3

        baby Mack oh boo whoo grow up