My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    Television is dumb and I am here to make fun of it.
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    It was just gatorade

    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Ryan Thompson

      God I hate this stupid drew gooden guy. Now PJ Handjob, thats someone I can get behind!

      1. Plus-ultra!


      2. Scrap Jackal


      3. gabe klakulak

        Poop a bot

      4. Tomato Chan

        bro, does anyone get this joke, or is everyone assuming he's just hating?

    2. Dominique Porchi

      Raw meat? I use gloves just to touch raw meat and my worst fear is eating something not cook fully through

    3. Crystal Waters

      "this is the amount of mouthwash you drink, after drinking one bottle of mouthwash, twice."

    4. KennyFG

      Missed the perfect opportunity to reference his crazy addiction vine

    5. Rylie Elizabeth

      I use hellofresh

    6. Excel Okafor

      Kimberly: Thanks for the help guys! I think I’m finally over my addiction and I can handle myself fine from now on- JJ Virgin and the other dude: *NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!*

    7. Maria Teresa Madureira

      You know you're a true fan when you start predicting the sponsorships

    8. Maria Teresa Madureira

      15:04 that is the face of a broken man

    9. Agent S

      I can't believe Danny has 3 channels how does he do it all

    10. Gummy Wolf

      DONT DRINK MOUTHWASH GUYS!!! It’s really bad for you!!!! They probably swapped it out for Windex instead

    11. Michelle Lopez

      2:01 drew's southern accent really shows when he says "dont do that"

    12. EvilAnnie

      This guy is a rarity of the people I see on youtube that can actually laugh out loud to.

    13. Dylan Stone

      Oh my god that popsicle stick skit was hilarious

    14. April Shirk

      Ah yes my favorite type of party ice cream sobriety partys


      whenever he marched up like that i lost itttt l

    16. L-V8 MC

      i'm gonna eat a lot of maple syrup

    17. RattyCZ

      12:06 This shit killed me, so damn fucking true, every single time, *FAST BUSH SCENE*

    18. baby killer

      Hello fresh is so wasteful tho they should have a reusable containers that you would send back idk

    19. XscapeTheThriller

      The amount of maple syrup in that trash can made me gag Imagine drinking that much of it

    20. Soggy B0nes

      I feel like they tormented that poor woman. Like did they bring in her ex husband???? What the fuck 😂

    21. Coyote Yodi

      12:38 lol that name tho

    22. Mazelex

      Imagine this video was just a cry for help

    23. fig

      has anyone ever told u that u look like a chihuahua

    24. Skully

      Did no one pick up on the joke about Tyler1 as the little kid with the growing disorder?

    25. Oowi Aouii

      Honestly a really good Chanel I accidentally came across. I love the humor drew has and delivers it. I love the edits, the long episodes. I would definitely recommend your Channel to family/friends . 1/10 unsubscribed

    26. Evanness

      I like. Chewing on rocks it hurts my teaths and I like that Tlc

    27. Banana Child

      Your TLC parody skit near the end of the video might as well be a real TLC episode because it's such an accurate representation of the show as a whole.

    28. Astronomse _

      Bruh you can act

    29. Thep Jup

      plot twist: the mouthwash he was drinking was actually md 20/20 and this is drew's way of coming out as an alcoholic in one of his videos.

    30. TheSwiftscout

      *hey guy*

    31. Bowel Movement Boys

    32. Shmigdanbloo

      dislike ratio on fleek

    33. alice zz

      pj Hand job 😅😅😅

    34. Mary Waters

      hey i got an idea: *don't do that*

    35. Johnathan Creque

      JJ Virgin

    36. Asian Girl


    37. AP 123

      JJ fucking VIRGIN 😂

    38. Mkeeley13

      I used to work with JJ Virgin. It was weird seeing her on this show. She’s actually a pretty good person.

    39. Thomas Armas

      Does he know theirs one about rocks

    40. Hidden Bunnies

      I am legitimately addicted to washing spoons

    41. Meowandfurrever

      6:30 “0-oh wait whatthefuckisthis”

    42. laine b

      ewww i thought the ice cream in the thumbnail was cheese🤮🤮

    43. Pato Potato

      Ahhh Drewww drinking mouthwash isn't very good. I'm just asking if you actually did drink it

    44. ellaz 21

      JJane the virgin

    45. lickmyclit

      as someone who had a legitimate problem with drinking mouthwash that ending came for me and i was NOT prepared asdfghjk

    46. LLLina

      I ate 15 a day popsicles one time...

    47. Evan Hoback

      Mouthwash has alcohol in it so I think he’s an alcoholic

    48. aloe vera

      “PJ Handjob”

    49. Finn: oh! *literally moans*

      those glasses make your eyes look small

    50. lexi monroe

      god i thought you meant actual shock therapy like they were about to electrocute her

    51. Diogo Joaquim

      8:40 Ice cream? Kimberly: Am I a joke to you?

    52. Maxineee

      You Should React To The Next Step!!

    53. Yugyeom Sounds

      2:51 - 2:56 , 3:33 - 3:37

    54. Kathleen Gordola


    55. • postfallout •

      has he not seen the My Strange Addiction of the last eating rocks?

    56. Tr3way

      dumping out all that maple syrup is so wasteful do they not understand how time consuming and hard it is to make maple syrup? plus it’s extremely expensive and could have been sent to a different country where maple syrup is an absolute delicacy! disgusting.

    57. Peace Frog

      i hit the bell im officially greg

      1. Peace Frog

        I would just like to say, I posted this when I'd only watched the 1 of your videos. Now I've watched a bunch and I have genuinely become a fan. I now feel bad for posting an "edgy" comment and being _that_ guy. Thank you for your time.

    58. Garza L

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession It's being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I might feel loneliness. I'll quote Ibsen, "The strongest men are the most alone." I've never thought, "Well, some beautiful blonde will come in here and give me a fuck-job, rub my balls, and I'll feel good." No, that won't help. You know the typical crowd, "Wow, it's Friday night, what are you going to do? Just sit there?" Well, yeah.

    59. Dom-A-Lom Boi

      9:44 BOI THATS WHAT DANNY SAID, I mean drew

    60. Walsaka

      this is actually my first video from you and right off the bat at the beginning i get giant danny vibes

      1. Chibuogu Okosi

        Well why wouldn't you? They're the same person. They've a whole tour dedicated to convincing us that they *ARE* only *ONE* person . It's called the "We are *NOT* two different people" tour.

    61. emily k

      When you said shock therapy I got worried for a second

    62. Chaotic

      How is the man eating raw eat living

    63. Jon Jackson

      2:05 So, he's a Werewolf?

    64. Shastafied

      This video made me want ice cream.

    65. sneakythieves

      Idk if he was joking about the rock episode but,,,, there’s literally an episode of my strange addiction where some chick eats rocks because she likes the crunch and the the earthy taste. I’ll never forget it.

      1. Chibuogu Okosi

        I also saw that episode and it's traumatised me for life. Other episodes that have left me traumatised are 1. The man who thinks his car is a person and has regular sex with it (The car didn't and can't consent) 2. The girl who eats sand from children's play areas or beaches 3. This girl who sniffs baby's diapers (Don't ask) 4. This guy who loves pac man because it makes his nipples tingle 5. This girl who lives her life like a ninja turtle (She puts mayonnaise on pizza. The God damn weirdo) 6. This grown -ASS- man who lives his life as a baby (He's got a job though) And finally... 7. A mom and dad who loves a cabbage patch kid more than they're own daughter. (They have a college fund for it and it has its own tiny car) Edit: I'm so sorry. You could've gone through your whole life without knowing that. Also how could I forget 8. The girl who pretends to be furniture after a relative sat on her and once caused herself serious health issues after pretending to be a washing machine for three hours 9. A girl who eats mattresses (Honestly she's probably dead)

    66. Rebecca Kestler

      I cant tell a difference

    67. joneseyosj _

      Hey drew u should make a video about all the cringe click bait couples channels, like JackandGab

    68. Josephine George

      holy shit WHY is this in 3D?? i jumped when you put your glasses on i thought you were gonna smack me with em! this newfangled technology is so wild to me

    69. Wizzroz

      Son: can we get bald drew? Mom: we already have bald drew at home Bald drew at home: bald Danny

    70. Scarlet

      Drew,, I had a panic attack while watching this and went to the hospital PERIODT