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    WHAT if your best friend weighed 10,000lbs and was able to crush a watermelon under her foot? Acrobat and animal handler Lauryn Murray, 33, from Florida, grew up in a circus and spends almost every day caring for Lady Essex, a huge Asian elephant. Lauryn says the two are 'as close as a human and an elephant can be’. Amazingly, Lady Essex plays fetch with Lauryn’s dogs and even likes to play with her three-year-old son, who helps give her a bath.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. robert wheeler


    2. апокрифическая любовь

      she’s very educated on owning a elephant what a beautiful creature I own a brown bear and a wolf

    3. Marilyn Nyliram

      The elephant looks well taken care of and does not look mistreated. However, elephants are sociable animals and, of course, must be with theirs.

    4. Bruce IDW

      I’m against anyone owning such animals. Black people and mexicans will buy them as bling-bling status symbols and leave them chained up in their yard. Like what you see with pit bulls. No. Or at the very least only white people who can put up a $500,000 license and who own over 100 acres of land should be allowed to own such an animal. If you don’t have $500k sitting around that you can pay, you absolutely cannot afford to care for an elephant, bear, lion etc. I hate to be racist about it, but it’s a cultural thing, not a "white genes are superior" thing. I’m not gonna tolerate NBA players leaving a dozen elephants chained up to their mansion to show them off like cars. No. Just no. Call me racist if you must, I don’t care. But let’s leave it for professional zoos.

    5. Stevo Kay Producer

      Is no one else noticing how incredibly attractive this lady is?

    6. Risque Rabbit The Home spa

      For some reason I don't trust this woman. I'm not sure what it is but I did not believe a damn word that come out her mouth.

    7. revisionfour

      No ring on her finger

    8. navyskaterdude

      She is Beautiful

    9. leo alex

      First off I want to state that I am NOT a PETA supporter. Exotic animals belong in the wild, period. They do not belong in zoos or circuses for peoples "enjoyment". The woman states the the elephant needs "stimulation", yes, thats because she (elephants are highly social pack animals) does not have any of her own kind to be with. If this was/is? a circus animal she spent the majority of her life in a small cage or boxcar.

    10. Conscious One

      Elephants are highly intelligent and I don't believe they should be anyone's pets no more than another person being somebody's pet!!!!

    11. dakota krueger

      Dislike because elephants are meant to be in packs, they learn from packs, they do not belong in a circus. They deserve freedom

    12. Rodney Settle

      When you’ve known the elephant your whole life and worked with it then you are morally required to love and care for the animal. The elephant needs you and your family in it’s life.

    13. Paul Williams

      Love them

    14. rbspider

      She does have chin hair

    15. Jason Philippy

      This is my dream woman. Hands down

    16. Richard Carr

      She needs another elephant not a human.

    17. Commander Havock

      I get you love your animal and you treat it well but you’re still walking around with a bull hook

    18. JFS KOTA


    19. ardy texn

      keep up the great work, so nice to know that elephant is well cared for

    20. Boris Z

      I think the abused ones are the illegal mexicans who can not legalize rather than this animal.

      1. Risque Rabbit The Home spa

        Shut up

    21. Ann M

      You and your family take wonderful care of your elephant. She is beautiful and looks quite content. She is maintained well, she has bonded with all of you well.

    22. EverythingsPurple

      They’re meant to be free

    23. Faisal Haq


    24. Renate Stefan

      The elefant throws sticks for the dog, now i've seen everything

    25. bunya007golddigger

      Just read some comments. Go to Asia, India, Africa and you will see private ownership of elephants. What the differences?

    26. Klutzy Mutt

      This woman saying this elephant is her best friend while walking around with with a bull hook is the equivalent to the people who says "No one understands me like my dog! My dog is my best friend!" and puts a shock collar on them. I see people in the comments saying that the bull hook is an "extension". You can find many videos where there are no sticks, chains...nothing...and people still manage to teach the elephant things like hand signals for training.

    27. yehya jamal

      I don’t like it when you hold a stick to train an elephant.

    28. Cyber Mixologist

      No really different than training a cat or dog in your house .

    29. lakeseminole

      It is so very clear how well you care for this animal. You would be heartbroken without her. Glad we have people like you who will care so well for them.

    30. Uncle GT rocks on pvp

      In the golden age of humans people was building things we today not understand. They was living in peace with wild creatures what they have tamed. Today we live with computers & cellphones what have a lifetime of 5-8 years.

    31. B Riley

      Thankyou to the lady for showing me part of your life, it was a very beautiful video to watch, and what a super wonderful life it is, your a very lucky, hard working lady, and what an amazing, incredible, adorable elephant, wow, wow, wow, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    32. Mitch Swanson

      Is their really such a thing as a dumb animal? Nope, they, like humans vary in degrees of immaturity, intelligence. Thank you for this video.

      1. Liberty Prime

        Well, I agree that they can vary in intelligence like human. But that sort of proves that there are dumb animals cause I have met some pretty dumb humans so by extension, there must be some dumb animals.

    33. Peter Grenader

      Pick the most ridiculous statement in this video. Multiple choice: 1) I advocate for the private ownership of [wild] animals 2) The majority of circus' take very good care of the elephants Google the wide use of bullhooks on circus elephants and explain to me how physical torture fits with very good care. Explain to me how a highly intelligent, emotionally complex and social animal born to be in the wild, forcibly taken away from it's mother when it's only a year and half old so it can subjected to both physical s and psychological suffering until taught to do tricks for humans while spending it's life in truck beds and pens fits with very good care. Then, picture this scenario. It's not make believe - it's normal practice: "When they are 18 to 24 months old, calves are roped by all four legs and tied by the neck to an “anchor elephant” who leads them away from their mothers. The frantic moms are restrained by having all four legs chained to the wall while the babies try to run away and fight having the ropes put on." Absolutely disgusting - all of it. Nature must be respected - from a distance. Anything else is abuse which regularly results in torture.

    34. TheElephant

      Yeah elephants shouldn’t be performing tricks. I don’t trust this environment to be free of abuse.

    35. Joan MM

      “The majority of circus animals are taken care of..” False! Not all are nice to their animals, I have seen many videos proving that they do not, they get beaten until they do the tricks right, kept in cages for what? At the end of the day, they wild animals, not dogs and cats. And they do belong in the wild. Doing tricks for humans aren’t in their nature.

    36. Crimea_River

      She can sit on my trunk any time.


      Thats cool

    38. Marquis Raysor

      I don’t believe majority of circuses take good care of their elephants, but I can see this is a genuine bond.

    39. your life is your fault.

      I'm so fn jealous right now!

    40. Jun Jun

      Beautiful blonde!!!!

    41. loughwell

      Why the Bullhook??

    42. musicfan28

      Thanks for this lady who takes care of this beautiful creature. We needs many ppl in this world like you. Really we needs.

    43. Sue Whitmore


    44. shubha prakash

      Can you do a separate video how elephant play with thought dog

    45. George McSweeney

      What does she do when the elephant doesn't want to do a trick

    46. Darrian Dicicco

      Sweetheart your family does not own her she owns you and she loves you and I guarantee you she's closer to you that your mama

    47. Justice Freeman

      What a beautiful girl. What’s she doing with the blond woman? Just kidding they are both cute. Cute people can call other cute people cute. We took the word back last Tuesday. 4:35pm East cost time. Ok, you got me. That’s a lie... could of been 5:15.

    48. Jennifer Napier

      Why are you dressed like that? Also she should be with her own kind

    49. Elow Mao

      I don't believe when she said that majority of circus folks take care of their animals. Some do really take care (e.g- like her) but majority of them don't. She shouldn't blow the figure way out when its not. Infact, many of the circus animals are kept or confined in tiny cages and abused.

    50. Abhinav Pandey

      Indians are doing this since ages

    51. david frank

      You are so lucky that have a baby like that. The only downfall is the size of the pooper scooper that you have to carry around. I look forward to seeing more videos with your baby.

    52. VitalOutDoors

      she can tame my trunk....

    53. Jim C

      Said the woman holding a bullhook...🤨

    54. lee jones

      I don’t think everyone should own a elephant. I mean just look all the way back they used elephants for war.

    55. Lyss0624

      Who are these jerks that dislike amazing/beautiful videos like this?

    56. Donald Myck

      Animals adapt to their surroundings. Just give them a lot of love, good care and they're fine and will live longer as a pet.

    57. dave oneil


    58. Charles Wendt

      we had an African elephant named Laura live near grand rapids michigan, I have fed her watermelons

    59. Françis ponge

      This Elephant has no chains wich is good but he misses crucial social interactions with other Elephants.

      1. Señor Tomato

        Shut up soyboy

    60. John Arellano


    61. Nygel Burwell

      Check out Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. No tricks, no riding, no performance, no abusing.

    62. James Piccone

      I may not be an elephant but I got an elephant trunk 😉

    63. KP

      i didnt even had a dog when i was a kid Im so jealous

    64. David Quinn

      Wow how do u get an elephant to do all that amazing. Happy families at its best

    65. Riah S

      If you love her so much, why is there a bull hook with you ALL the time?

    66. Cliff Thompson

      Are you kidding me ?that has got to be the luckiest elephant in the world. That's awesome that you guys have such a tight Bond.

    67. Mark Bates in Thailand

      why the sharp stick?

    68. K DIOR

      LMAOOO wait, the elephant throwing the stick.

    69. Shane Celedonia

      Bro. She has a fire poker. So upsetting how she has levied with this elephant but still makes her do tricks. Just let her live her life bruh

    70. Jamieson Scott

      That is one healthy elephant! Look at the whiteness of her toenails!