My Best Friend Is An Elephant | BEAST BUDDIES

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    WHAT if your best friend weighed 10,000lbs and was able to crush a watermelon under her foot? Acrobat and animal handler Lauryn Murray, 33, from Florida, grew up in a circus and spends almost every day caring for Lady Essex, a huge Asian elephant. Lauryn says the two are 'as close as a human and an elephant can be’. Amazingly, Lady Essex plays fetch with Lauryn’s dogs and even likes to play with her three-year-old son, who helps give her a bath.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. 10,001 subs with 1 video

      if they had a tiny tiny tiny elephant i would get one in not allowed to have any thing similar to a dog or cat i’m not really a cat or dog person anyways

    2. Mini Wolf

      My friend: hey, so I heard you’ve started yoga Me: yeah I have My friend: so where do you you do for yoga? Me: oh, I do yoga on my elephant 🐘 My friend: (doesnt know what to say)

    3. William Pringle

      Nice elephant

    4. Sharyl Hobbs

      No matter how you try to hide it, making her do tricks and being ridden, means you’ve made her a slave.

    5. CZSQ QSZC

      Such a cool friend to be around.

    6. Venus

      She has a bulk hook because the elephant is still a wild animal. I think she really does love it but you can never be too safe

    7. adithi salian

      She had a nail on a stick at 3:49 and I know that they use that thing to hit the animal and you know how much a nail hurts think about the animal which can't speak getting hit by these cruel people

    8. katie louise

      I hate it when animals raised up in a circus it makes me sick that you can make an elephant do tricks for money, although she gets looked after I do not support her at all, because elephants are like humans they need other elephants for company And the woman said they live up to 70 years old, no they don’t Asian elephants live till they’re 48! , 2019 leave animals alone

    9. Leslie McCormick

      Elephants should be in the wild. They do best when they have other elephants to interact with. They are extremely sentient. However, THIS elephant appears to be in good health. This woman said it herself; she has grown up in a circus and around this animal. Ergo, her views and opinions are skewed to maintaining her own status quo.

    10. Through my Eyes

      I wish I had a pet elephant 🐘

    11. Charles Hicks

      If you really loved your elephant you would want her to have the company of its own kind. I know it is difficult but YOU know she must be lonely. I hope you get her to others of her own kind so she can experience what it is like to be part of a heard.

    12. Khaled Sulevani

      Aww how cute, making the elephant do tricks for people and using it like some kind of a clown to entertain people, very very cute good lady!

    13. Olivia Harris

      The good old Sea World "they live longer in captivity" argument. According to a google search, Asian Elephants have an average lifespan of 60 years, though shorter than an African Elephant, still as long as she said they live in captivity. I'm sure she takes good care of the elephant, but she doesn't give me good vibes. She has a hook in her hand, which i'm sure is probably just for the safety of the camera crew, but she said that her child is safer with her and the elephant than in a car so I'm not sure where her confidence went when she decided to pick up a hook. Whether the animals can live happily in a captive environment or not, it's unfair to take them out of their natural habitat and not give them a chance at a normal elephant life in their normal habitats.

    14. EquestrianPicklePoop 101

      What is she going to do when that elephant dies.......

    15. Sarah

      Ok the circus tricks .... I understand the lady being picked up or riding Lady but her elephant should be with another elephant

    16. Merlye Williams


    17. Nasticus

      Daamn shes hella fine.

      1. rosewater

        the elephant?

    18. Aphrodite Ocean Lopez

      Her elephant doesn't really make sounds now doesn't she?

    19. Mary Coorling

      Is is just me or did an elephant just sit on a stool like a normal person this is mind blowing it almost looks fake cause of how well it’s trained

    20. Some Lame Kid

      Awful woman

    21. rockgamer 3000

      For everyone talking about the bullhorn, it's a precaution. I highly doubt she uses it at all, it's just in case because it's a wild animal and unpredictable even when you know it well.

    22. ethan liao

      why do you have a stick or a bull hook

    23. the best trains are real

      "I love this elephant" as she caries a bull hook.... But you can see no wounds on the elephant, see Peta! Not all elephants that aren't in the wild and are abused! You can see they care for this elephant! You can see she is happy by not swaying, she is loving these life! Heck even the dog and her are best friends!

    24. Tequila Smith

      I want one

    25. TheInfernapeKing Battletube

      I also support the private ownership of exotic animals, but the governent also needs to perform an extensive background check towards the potential pet owners, just to make sure that the animals are safe and not in the custody of an abusive pet owners.

    26. Chasity Foster

      I want one

    27. shinbudo ane

      Give me that bull hook and we will see how she likes it

    28. shinbudo ane

      Sorry to say but elephants aren't pets I go to chiang mai every year to help save elephants like these from tourists and circuses to relocate them to sanctuaries they must be able to run free with other elephants and can live up to 85yrs old

    29. Haley Davis

      If I want to get to know where I would probably love her too


      OMG that elephant is so cute 😩😭💖💖💖💖

    31. Master Sphinx is Royal

      That female elephant needs a male elephant mate.

    32. Fazal Fariz

      I was finding someone like you who would agree with me for the first time. I understand that wild animals belong in the wild, but when you come across animals such as this beauty here, he definitely LOVES to stay with them, he'd run back to her family even if he was put into the wild, because he belongs in the family. It's pretty simple, just do what the animal wants to do, if it wants to go to the wild, let it go. Do visit them every chance you get, but if they wanna stay with you, they chose you. So be it.

    33. Natalia Pierce

      Oh my god there’s so many self righteous idiots in this comment section that think they know everything about animals and how they need to be treated, a bullhook is not some scary torture device used on elephants it is a guiding tool that causes the animal no pain whatsoever unless used wrongly. This woman obviously knows what she is doing and knows how to look after the elephant otherwise I doubt it would let her and her children be around it without any signs of aggression

    34. A Galaxy

      Oh but when circuses train them its animal abuse.

    35. Meghan Perfect

      I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything but I thought riding the elephants was bad...?

    36. Srainbow60

      Dunno if u needed this but elephants' brains react to humans the same way ours react to puppies. They think we're cute! Edit- also elephants and humans are the only animals that can do a head stand

      1. Cupcake Cult

        My life is now complete knowing that at least an elephant finds me cute❤❤

    37. Adriana Kuzmikova

      for all the idiots in this comment section who think how happy this elephant is - look what this c*nt is holding in her hand and then do yourself a favor and search on YT "The Cruelty of the Bullhook." you might learn something you gullible idiots...

    38. Adriana Kuzmikova

      this is so fake. you don't show us how much beating and torture it took you to train this elephant to do your silly tricks. wild animals are not a circus attraction. everyone who is informed about this subject and has conscience will support banning the use of animals in circuses.

    39. manchild

      Shes sooooooooooooo beautiful. Such a MAGNIFICENT animal. Its so nice to see her enjoying her retirement. If you have the means and the property, to hell what others say.

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        you don't realize this is fake. do yourself a favor and search for videos that will show you how are circus animals treated and what does it take to train them to do those tricks.

    40. yarixza mendoza

      it's so cute how they were holding hand and trunk so adorable!

    41. Mr Taff

      Im a little skeptical about this one! sure you can make everything look good and right in a video but to me, that elephant didnt seem to be that happy... anybody else agrees with me?

      1. Mr Taff

        @Adriana Kuzmikova I know, have seen those:(

      2. Adriana Kuzmikova

        its fake. you cannot imagine how much beating and torture it took. wild animals are not circus attractions. search for videos that are secretly recorded behind the scenes in circuses to find out the truth.

    42. Jaden Forshaw

      It's amazing how a animal that size can be so gentle and loving. It's such a beautiful thing.

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        and its also amazing how cruel can people who work in circus be. and how gullible can people like you be.

    43. lonisha stanley

      I love elephants I also want one. Hope she keeps doing this let's save more animals like this and give them a Beautiful home.

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        save animals? you don't know what you are talking about. do yourself a favor and educate yourself how circus treats wild animals and what does it take to force those animals to do silly tricks.

    44. davey Konijnenberg

      No Elephants Does Tricks Like That His Whole Life For Fun There Intelligent Creatures The Only Way Its Done Is Be Forcing Him With Voilents Its A 2 Ton Animal

    45. Des dren Trooper

      Circus elephant...Tut..Tut..Tut...

    46. pratham bahirat

      Where are the tusks?

    47. Liron Hazan

      This elephant looks lonely :(

    48. Marina Johnson

      This animal is being abused by her. If you look close she has a stick with a sharp hook on it and if she does do the command then she get hit and poked by that stick

    49. foxb319

      i want one

    50. naomi cambel

      This is soooooo NOT ok...

    51. Alexia

      not all circus shows treat animals with respect. I believe you do but that’s because this video shows true love.

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        she doesn't. its fake. unless beating you with a stick that has a metal hook in the end in your twisted mind is a sign of love. all I see is a sadist who is doing her best to look good in front of gullible people when the camera is on.

    52. Exodus Ware

      This was so cute Good Job

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        and you are so dumb.

    53. tina taylor

      Circus tricks for "stimulation"?!? Yeah wright.. This elephant needs family..friends..but elephants.

    54. 2pac shakur

      People in the comments acting like they’re angels and the animal police 😂.

    55. Nicole Perra

      I wish we live for ever like the elephant so sad but good vid and it's a part of life 😿😁

    56. Zes

      no such thing as frienx or bx or not, desnt mateer

    57. Big o’l Baguette

      What if she accidentally stepped on the lady’s toe?

    58. Sam Houston

      who else would tap that bitty? dayuuum! MILFing into a whole new era!!!

    59. arron gregg

      A elephants body is not ment to sit like a human

    60. Draven The Tranny

      It’s nice that she’s treating the elephant right I just think having any animal in a “show” for peoples entertainment is wrong.

      1. Adriana Kuzmikova

        she doesn't.

    61. Felix Xu

      i wonder what her neighbours think...

    62. Shayla Chattams

      I would be so scared!

    63. Mallory Berg

      That elephant is probably smarter and more active than me

    64. Jackie Dale

      Stop getting elephants to do dangerous tricks! If you weighed 10,000 pounds would you want to be stood on a stool lifting your legs in the air? Getting the dog to play fetch is hilarious and you obviously love your animal, but getting him to do the other stuff is just wrong.

    65. CutUr BullShit

      well, private ownership is okay if the animal is not originally from the wild, not forced to train (imagine getting kidnapped from your family and being made a pet) and also not irresponsibly bred so that whatever animals left in captivity can have the best care instead of neglect and abuse.

    66. fruityfiona

      Bull hook? Seriously 😩

    67. Dem Milovanovic

      Why use a bullhook with the elephant if she is so trusting with the family? You wouldn't need it if she was.

    68. Hola Agua

      Can I make a appointment to come to your house to play with your elephant 🥰

    69. Sineli Obadage

      Imagine riding to school on an elephant!

    70. j.w Smith