My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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    My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Melodyy

      When I was little I used to have a crush on Benny 😂😂😔😔

    2. Tom Gamer

      6:50 U are a madman genius, just plain genius

    3. Leafyishere

      Ya Ya Ya yeeeeeettt

    4. Jessica in the Kitchen

      I really really do enjoy these videos Alex!!!! Whenever I’m in a bad mood or having bad anxiety they always calm me down and make me laugh

    5. JIMARIO THE Saiyin DERP

      3:50 Insert more smash memes *When you try to roll after a parry but you forgot your fighting king k rool* *When you get grabbed at 120%* She got star k.oed lol

    6. Corey McCraw

      I just realised that the main vampire is ragman from arrow

    7. unknown 19

      You realized you just almost ruined my childhood

    8. Hufflebros

      Wait wait wait what about the ummm.....the FREAKING CHILD

    9. Pink Princess

      I like this movie Ethan is so funny.

    10. Shumaila Khan

      Wait but how'd Benny see Sarah in the camera if she isn't supposed to turn up in pictures and stuff. Or is it cuz she's a fledgling

    11. CandyThePuppy

      1:09 XD

    12. Isabella Wong

      this was my MOVIE when I was 11 like fr

    13. GreenDino 1256

      4:52 “then something spooky happens” American Dad ad comes on

    14. Nai Yari

      Do vampire diaries again plz I love ❤😘that show

    15. nadavzip x

      9:14 omg im fcking dying LOL i thought i was the only one

    16. Ishy _

      If you’re gonna say wazzup, you need to fully commit to WAZZUPPPPPPPPPP

    17. MochiCream

      When the box opens and all teenage girls souls come out (or whatever). (Sees K-pop) “ well there’s my soul TT”

    18. MrBubbles Tv

      Have you ever seen Superhero High, Alex???

    19. Endyman Spencer

      Wow you right an add is spooky

    20. Emily Jay

      10:03 MOM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

    21. Hanayuni

      Holy shit that discount Edward Cullen threw Sarah into space 😂😂

    22. Hakajin

      ...I've actually never seen this movie, but it looks kind of amazing, like maybe the writers were making fun of it the whole time. Kind of like Stepsister from Planet Weird (speaking of which, God, I want someone to review that movie!).

    23. Anna Pancake

      And Nobody Watched the little sister? Babysitting failed

    24. çøøkįėthįėf kåtïė101

      He YEETED poor Sarah 10000 meters in the air across the whole neighborhood..... I have some concerns.

    25. J.C

      5:19 tell me he doesnt look like Greta Thunberg

    26. Shark Assassin

      Ngl I thought you meant the series, I didn’t even know there was a movie LMAO

    27. Nagytika

      Go get the power tool!


      I remember I watched this when I was younger (can't remember how old) and I remember loving it. Seeing this video makes younger me cringe because I liked this "amazing" movie

    29. Robin Parker

      i fucking paid for both seasons of this show on a really old itunes account and while i dont use the account anymore i still have access to it and can rewatch the series anytime i want and honestly its the best purchase i’ve ever made little me was smart.

    30. _Monty97

      I only liked the show cause Sarah is so fucking fine

    31. Tomi Was Taken

      HEY! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak was a geeat game.

    32. Suxela

      One babetastic tower of babelon😂😂😂

    33. Lauren

      I loved this movie as a kid. My trashy guilty pleasure when I was younger.

    34. LEbackstage

      10:26 Can we appreciate that even 'Dusk III' is still a better love story than 'Twilight'?

    35. bts me lovingmylife

      4:37 those details tho 😆

    36. Andrei Manea

      Sense or not, one thing is sure. That Show had one of the best theme ever. Like that song is lot af.

    37. Girl dips

      Benny's like the stiles of my baby sitter's a vampire. He was first

    38. noah rondon

      These guys are supposed to be fourteen years olds?

    39. 100SmilesAway

      Manny Santos finally made her actress dreams come true in Dusk III !!!!

    40. JT Watts

      " MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE " Me: Roll Credits

    41. niyonica garg

      How did we miss the twilight reference on Erica's tshirt it says i love boys who sparkle......🤢

    42. Gaming Central

      what the fricky dicky is this movie

    43. Kendall Fluker

      There is a show of this movie

    44. FaZe_Danté 19

      I just lost a couple million brain cells 🙃🙃🤯

    45. Oof Meredith

      It became a show

    46. Blas - Player & Editor

      I could’ve sworn that you did a video about MBSIAV a long time ago, welp. I’ll watch again if so

    47. Varun Venk

      the TV series was a whole lot better imo

    48. Tavana Whamond

      31? Yeah, Alex... sureeeeeee

    49. Kennan Lukacs

      I hope people know Benny's grandma plays Mrs. Kersh in It Chapter 2...

    50. Rueben Matheson

      U need to watch the series it’s Evan “Better” LOL Btw this is my dads account

    51. BRKNLMTSvision

      This is amazing ♐️♐️🤘🏾🤘🏾🌋🌋👀🤑🤑☯👀👀👀🤘🏾🦁🦁🦁🦁😂👊🏾👊🏾

    52. Rodrigo Manjarrez

      U should do girl vs monster movie

    53. jxo616

      I mean... i liked it

    54. WudyNotWoody -

      My childhood your speaking on

    55. X Kaleb X

      My babysitters a vampire show was hot 🔥 you should definitely check that out

    56. Brett Schmeisser

      Frist time watching your content... love the energy..

    57. H20 Arrow

      My baby sister is a vampire is also a has a show

    58. Well , Nicole

      Ok but I just realized manny from degrassi is the girl in unbitten , wooaahhhh

    59. RandoVids 0

      When he said "and then something spooky happened" I got an add. He was right.

    60. SogWaffle

      at certain parts he sounds like chadtronic. Especially when he laughs at the part when Sarah gets thrown.

    61. Mainick Gayle

      Hey you dick.. I love papa roach!!! Still love your videos

    62. Anchor

      I can't be the only one that had a crush on Kate todd

    63. LightningXG

      This movie got a *WHOLE* TV show

    64. Caeleb

      they turned it into a tv show which was even better

    65. Lolly Popp

      BRAH. I totally forgot this film existed.

    66. Landon Taylor

      Make a video about raising dion

    67. Gianmarco Viñals

      This movie was a lot better from my 8 or 9 year old self

    68. Landon Taylor

      Watch raising dion

    69. Gabby Yeet

      Shush that’s like my childhood

    70. Izzy Crane

      He does know that they made it show right