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Mr. McMahon gives Kofi Kingston an opportunity to prove him wrong: SmackDown LIVE, March 12, 2019



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    In order to earn a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania, Kofi Kingston will have to overcome the greatest odds of his career.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Ruben Gunawan

      1:50 look the dead is walking (vince Mcmahon)

    2. KnOcKs101 Prime

      11 years a slave: Kofi's Journey

    3. jaee hovaa

      Ppl forget booker t and mark henry? They both were Champs.

      1. Luis Lazo

        +jaee hovaa but different lineage

      2. jaee hovaa

        +Luis Lazo they were the equivalent. That's still a main championship belt.

      3. Luis Lazo

        World heavyweight championship Not wwe championship

    4. jaee hovaa

      Damn Vince deff showimg his old age now.

    5. Jos Kirin

      So...Eric Rowan, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Shemus, Samoan Joe and Daniel Brial become jobbers for Kofi. Wow....

    6. TheJalen1222

      Rikishi’s promo of running down Stone Cold Steve Austin brings his point here

    7. ki wi

      These men are so good at talking and wrestling

    8. Valeria Garcia-Flores

      I love Kofi his my favorite his a 8 tag champion 4 ic champion also 3 time us champion he desserves more

    9. AWA Ereck

      And finally, Kofi Kingston gets his dream come true. Consistency is the secret

    10. American Indonesian Descent

      Vince, please make Smackdown Live more more better than RAW.

    11. Tyson Gilbert

      A 18 inch glass bong and about 10 magic decks is my average everynight weight I'm coming out of. I just realized switching to a 4 inch chillum.

    12. rose aghedo

      Kofi deserves more than what rudeness Vince said

    13. Tyree Powell

      Kofi Kingston Deserves To Be The Next WWE Championship!

    14. RandomPerson

      β€œThis man deserves better, This man deserves more!”

    15. tony hernandez

      Lol Vince is my favorite villianπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this Nan doesn't deserve a dam thing

    16. Ray TV

      Wtf championship was that in Daniel Bryan

    17. An6ryMonk3y

      The acting is really good because it was probably real. They probably had this conversion backstage then decided Vince would give him a shot and just turned their conversation in to a story line.

    18. Lester Oliveros

      And he's our champion now. This man's so awesome

    19. Story Teller

      Vince is the best villian in history treating Kofi like stone cold

    20. Barry McCockner

      I swear vince mcmahon is the best heel of all time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Dude os hilarious man

    21. Zyven Peta

      Who else is. Here when he has won P.s: screw u me machmon

    22. xBandit0

      Yea he deserved this, Im so glad he won the match. kofi has always been my favorite. He's a real one

    23. Roan Martin

      Oh, what do ya know

    24. SamJam Gaming

      kofi was technically in a championship match at elimination chamber a couple years back right?

    25. Striker

      I don't know if the WWE universe can stomach a black WWE Champion. I guess is if it does happen. It will be quick and short. So short, 5 years from now people will have to go back and check it there ever was a black WWE Champion. LOL. It's been years since I last watched a full WWE program because of racism. If it wasn't for US-new, I would never know what is going on. LOL, at Vince body language saying I just wish you were white and things would be less complicated. LOL

    26. WoozyForever

      Vince McMahon is like a vampire. The guy never ages.

    27. the chomp

      man vince is old, i mean its been 20 years since the end of attitude but hes still going. i may have to start watching again.

    28. Cobra The Gamer

      Why does Kemba Walker look like Kofi??

    29. glazy glaze

      When vince goes against the people its too funny

    30. CRYSAW

      3:31 who thinks randy orton has the best music???

    31. Question MK-Question

      WWE has been boring for way too long. This is real quality. Only problem is the New Day is all black people team and that doesn't work out well with Vince McMahon

    32. Proper Adjustment

      This story is great. Vince is acting the way the internet portrays him to be. Not in touch

    33. Kyle Wheeler

      Literally no pop at all during the fight haha

    34. Dove Cameron

      Go Kofi Kingston deserve title shot remind of of daniel Bryan 2014 they said can't do it he did become champion

    35. Jeffery Guillen

      This is like the Benoit situation, he’s gonna win the championship after being in the company after X amount of years.

    36. RTNANDEZ96

      Do I hear S.O.S Making a comeback?!

    37. chris spencer

      best walk ever

    38. Plusheleodshow lit


    39. Drip Bayless

      Vince is a closet racist

    40. district #fpv

      WWE is real not a script.

    41. MAFIAMAN

      What about r truth he has been there longer

    42. Marc Leon

      Damn this is really good stuff? Vince is making a storyline about how black folks have to jump all sorts of hurdles before they're given the same opportunities in the WWE as others. As someone said, Vince is setting something up big. Kofi won't win the title obviously because he's black, but I can see Kofi getting screwed by one of the members of new day. That will cause major heat and talk.

    43. Hiking Blackwell

      Same Vince Mcmahon.

    44. Tim-o Bear, The Claw Machine Guy

      0:48-0:55 why do I find this funny lol

    45. The Motor

      OMG its Vince Mcbeef

    46. Abel Duran

      Cm punk was sure right about Vince, WWE will be better after his death but what about Steph and Hunter?

    47. Johnny Cesar

      Vince you are so stupid for giving these piece of garbages opportunities to be champion

    48. Scarlet O'Hara

      The fact they’re standing up for Kofi makes me so proud

    49. Alexandra Hubert

      Vince always is screwing Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston should deserve to go to headline wrestle mania

    50. Smash wrestler machine Xzibt the angle

      i hate mr McMahon

    51. Aanjan aanjan

      Daniel Bryan was a b+player too! But he fought and fought to earn the spot and So did Kofi

      1. Marc Leon

        But he's a white man.

    52. LionManatic2048

      If there's anyone more deserving or more than earned to be WWE champion, than that's Kofi Kingston. I've been a main fan of Orton, but I've gladly rooted for superstars like Edge, Christian, and of course Kofi when he was solo. I'm glad him being in a legendary status tag team (despite how ridiculous it can be), didn't hurt his mic skills. That was awesome and I hope he gets the opportunity he has earned.

    53. Ashwyn Watkins

      Vince is doing what Vince does best...

    54. Jerry Mccorkle

      I do agree with 1 thing vince said no one deserves anything

    55. King Ijaz Malik

      11 Years a Slave

    56. Jamaar Brown

      Vince is racist

    57. That Guy

      Who else wishes they have heard glass shader

    58. Giuseppe La Rosa

      How could you

    59. Coach Aldis

      He's gonna face Brock Lesnar next week.

    60. Manisha Agrawal

      Idiots it is the part of storyline

    61. c. vdg

      This is one of the best smackdowns ive seen in a long time tbh

    62. AAMIR SK

      mr macmohan is chitter

    63. Jeremy Stillwell

      All you have to do is be white lollll

    64. Mridula mortenson

      I don't like Daniel Bryan from the beginning. Bryan don't deserve to be wwe championship.

    65. pankaj pandey

      Smackdown πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    66. Chogsomjav Soyoloo

      I love you new day

    67. Michael Randol

      Put the belt on kofi or someone else will

    68. Joel Johnson

      WWE made this racial....... Damn Vince. I thought slavery was over..

    69. Angel King

      ROWAN'S THEME SONG!!!!!!

    70. Angel King

      Why is WWE trying to do like three swerves at the same time? With Becky, with Angle, with Kofi. Like, we aren't that stupid.

    71. Manny King Money

      *The last part was looking like something out of NBA 2K19 my career NXT invasion part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚*

    72. Manny King Money

      *but I want to know where this random WWE champion push of Kofi Kingston came from was it everybody saying on social media for him to get a singles run or something??*

      1. Black Panther 008

        Mustafa Ali was originally gonna get a push, but he went out. Don't remember why, injury maybe. So they stuck Kofi in instead. Just goes to show some of the most compelling stories in wrestling aren't planned.

    73. Tymir Johnson

      Me he deserves much better

    74. Brandon krum

      Koif is te great wwe in the world 🌏 of new day

    75. s4xtt

      A B+ player? Just admit it you don't wanna see anyone besides big sweaty white guys to hold the WWE title.

    76. michael gonzalez

      Vince probably racist in real life

    77. Seun Alomasojo

      Blacks doesn’t win the wwe title.. that’s sad.

    78. Anisha Nakitto97

      This is insane Kofi deserves better danm,Vince just wants him to quit I guess

    79. Michael Nsingo

      Vincent is racist tht should be the chant

    80. Louis Estrada

      Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan should close the show at Wrestlemania! First for Daniel Bryan.. all he's been through all his prime years he wasted because of injuries.. he should have Main Evented at least WM31 & 32 And Kofi by God Kingston... 11 years of dreaming of this opportunity.. And how organic all this unfolded... Just the fact alone he will become the 1st! The 1st!!!!! Black WWE Champion in HISTORY!! That's so crazy to think in the 56 year history of the WWE Championship there's never been a Black WWE Champion!! Please WWE make this happen!

      1. The King

        Louis Estrada But feminist will not let that happenπŸ˜’

    81. mike litoris

      Kofi shouldn’t be wwe champion will you people stop being sheep

    82. Adaora Agu

      Vince is a racist period

    83. Jesse Westrupp

      low key hoping new day turn heel

    84. Michael Mills

      As i sit & think about it. Ijs going to say it. Outside of the Rock/Roman due to their samoan. I can count on one hand the amount of Black WWE Championships. I hate to say this i rarely say it. Wwe is racist. What Vince is doing to Kofi proves it. Hell look how long it took Mark Henry! Outside of Mark Henry, who Booker T & thats it. Maybe Bobby Lashley in early 2000s. Possibly Farooq in the 90s. WWE/Vince better be careful!

    85. Patrick Hollis

      Just to let everyone know this is not fake this was real

    86. Purity_ 242

      Told you the white man is evil

    87. unworkablecamz

      Vince this isnt how you get the nword passπŸ˜‚

    88. Bruce Lee

      Something is wrong with kofi’s. chest.

    89. SuperPellis

      We need a nation of domination 2.0

    90. Jessie Camarena

      Boss man look like he's ready to say goodbye πŸ‘‹ to this world. He looks sicker then my 97 year old grandpa (πŸ‘΄) πŸ˜‚πŸ²

    91. Kevin Vigil

      You guys are idiots kofi is gonna turn heel and leave new day new day faction has gone on too damn long the only way kofi gets this is going heel get real

    92. sabhith sp

      Randy orton is like what now

    93. Gothic Princess Allie Danvers

      >_< Vince screwd Kofi again!!!!!!!!!!

    94. Shamabhu Halder

      M.R me man is faltu

    95. Jsvdjs Twns

      He beat them

    96. The Unboxer

      And yup kofi lost wrestlemania πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😭😭😭😒😒😒

    97. The Unboxer

      Kofi deserves something better than this fu&$ mr mcmahon

    98. Jalen Hall

      If kofi don’t win I swear imma cry

    99. Rapid Revolt

      Kofi Kingston story line is better than Becky Lynch now. I feel that story line got surpassed by this one. Kofi vs Bryan should headline mania.

    100. XIsKing13

      Best Thing In WWE Rn