Most Exciting Player in College Basketball || UCLA PG Lonzo Ball 2016-17 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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    UCLA PG Lonzo Ball
    Freshman 6'6 190 lbs
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. JustBombsProductions

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    2. Jordan


    3. LadyBellonaAPB

      Lonzo took his dad saying he was better than curry to a whole new level with them long threes

    4. Timjuan Brown

      Why tf Zo ain’t pulling dat bihh in da NBA... bruh got Dame and Curry range‼️‼️

    5. Omari Evans

      Bro Zo needs too watch this video for some confidence he doesn’t play with the same swagger like he did in college

    6. Samson Chan

      I don blame Mike korzemba after watching this

    7. Angelo Vezza

      If Lonzo had his college mentality in the league things would be really different rn

    8. 張登森


    9. Autumn & Troy

      He doesnt play with that same heart anymore

    10. Mickey Ari

      i wanna see lonzo ball with that energy and swag he used to carry throughout hs and college, idk what happened to him but he used to have this borderline cocky attitude when it comes to the game. Now he seems emotionless

    11. tri5 ETHan

      For the most exciting player, the BEST player, DeAaron Fox, sure did shut him down

    12. Jonathan Poto

      Lonzo at UCLA without a real coach just playing ball naturally was a joy to watch.

    13. Zayn Shah

      Only thing he needs to improve on is his confidence

    14. StoicC1

      the only reason why he was was because his shot and his daddy loool

    15. Hansel Finnegan

      It's sad bacause the reason lanzo ball play badly in lakers is because of things outside of the court not because he is bad and not because his jump shot

    16. J G

      He had elevation and leg movement in his shot. He drove it with speed and agility. He was aggressive and confident. Lonzo Ball died and got replaced by Lavar's nephew, LeBrickelo Ball.

    17. Ziz

      2:29 zo dunked on kuzma lol wtf

    18. BallOutLin

      He was shooting better then curry in college

    19. Colin Xiong

      It seems like he’s lost hella confidence

    20. Chicken Noodle Soup

      *The real Lonzo will unleash in Pelicans.*

    21. William Fountain

      Lakers really ruined his first two years in the league boy smh. He used to move with such swagger


      Uglyyy shot.

    23. Yiğit Karamanoğlugil

      my belief in lonzo is very high. aware of what they can do, and now a new coach in New Orleans, with a better free structure, will increase his repertoire surrounding the elite defense and hit his sledgehammer into the league. If he succeeds in bidirectional lonzo, he will be one of the top 3 players in the next league.

    24. Untilted 9AM

      Hope Nola brings this lonzo back

    25. Joe Straw

      He should have stayed in college. Both him and T.J. leaf.

    26. David Pallen

      I wish he played another year not because I don't think he's ready but because I wanted to see what else he could've done in ucla

    27. Tom Gardiner

      Came here just to hear college rims

    28. Nikkojan17

      Next season Im expecting more of lonzo than Zion

    29. random boi

      So sad he didn't make it to the nba.

    30. EA -Sports

      I need this Lonzo back 💔

    31. roger humphrey

      forgot to show when fox, dominated him and dropped 40 on him in the playoffs!!!

      1. Pelicans Will Rise

        Go watch the Kent State game before Kentucky and see Zo's hard fall then his mother had a stroke. Stop talking about that 1 game.

    32. Andrew Rigonan

      if lonzo was like this in his NBA career he will be already An all star

    33. Ryan Beall

      Can someone please tell me the name of the song at the beginning of the video

    34. James Markley

      Bill Walton tho, 😍😍😍

    35. Raymond Blackmon

      Lonzo Really Do have a nice game

    36. Ricky Rosay

      Only if NBA had 4 pointers...damn

    37. John Vargo

      His dad ruined him with all that talk before he entered the league

    38. SoFlyLando Reacts

      Now he is in the NBA and is so traaaaaaaash

      1. Niggato

        And LeGM traded him

    39. Nigel Harris

      Lonzo need his jersey retired from UCLA

    40. Sergio Navarro

      I remember how hyped I was

    41. GZleasy 23

      But is he a Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical tho?

    42. dan parish

      Still didn’t lose his shot as much as Fultz did

    43. Agent Fernandez

      Los Angeles Lakers shooting coaches are not good as those colleges caches. Another example is Fultz

    44. Lucky7777

      Death by social media

    45. Kaseem Spells

      Lonzo is nice.lm A FAN

    46. yt- the goat

      Now I understand levar ball

    47. Xxlusur Tubexx

      He was better at ucla than the nba

    48. FalloutTactics

      Excited to see how he'll do with the Pelicans.

    49. Ж FEAR、ら

      Jump shot trash

    50. Jem Estrada

      They hatin lonzo for notihing wtf

    51. jim boukis

      idk ugliest form i ever seen in my entire life idk how this bs goes in smh shocking and now a bum on the lakers, well he is playing with QUEEN BUM

      1. Alex Maciel

        *New Orleans

    52. Daniel Morgan


    53. Daniel Morgan

      1:19. Loud as fuck

    54. dj _12

      This lonzo was the lonzo with fire and dedication with drive but then he got his dream he made it and kinda slipped away feel me

    55. Memphis Grizzlies Fan 2019

      What happened to him he not like that no more

    56. It's ch.illmatic

      Jimmer fredette-like hype

    57. Diogenes Arauz

      Even though it makes sense to trade for a big man.. Lakers made the biggest mistake by trading LONZO. Patience is a virtue. LONZO is going to be the face of whatever team he ends up on....

    58. elijah oye

      Now that I’m watching this video back, no one can say that lonzo has bad shooting due the ‘NBA 3Point line’ because he’s basically shooting from there in college anyway with his step backs 🤷🏾‍♂️it’s clearly pressure, time for him to step up in New Orleans 🏀

      1. lilmixdboy

        Skip Bayless been saying that...

    59. gary morseau II

      I blame his dad on killing his confidence. He literally has none and all the pressure of the world is on his shoulders cause his dad.

    60. smitch1558

      De'Aaron Fox says Bullshit

    61. Joshua Kim

      Zo needs to bring back the frohawk fades

    62. Joshua Kim

      What happened to UCLA ZO

    63. Alexander Carter

      The two most exciting college basketball players of this decade are going to play together in the NBA next year.

    64. Lul Youngin

      Can’t shoot for shit now

    65. Akeem Langevine

      its zaytoven

    66. Rezka

      Who’s here after he got traded lmfao

      1. Akeem Langevine


    67. Kev Heng

      Rewatching highlights of Zo and what he could have been for the Lakers but they dun f’d up.

    68. イェーガーエレン

      just got traded for anthony davis.

    69. Ziad Bogalia

      He bout to go off like this in New Orleans tho

      1. Lul Youngin

        Ziad Bogalia how

      2. Gabgabgab Gabgab


    70. Umair Khan

      What happened to this guy's shooting maan