Mississippi Mom Is The $15,000 Pit Bull Queen



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    GIANT Pit Bulls and happy family life might not traditionally go hand-in-hand, but one Mississippi mum is changing perceptions of the breed. Renee Castleman, 27, and her husband, Patrick, own Gatorhead Bullies - a breeding business specialising in XL Pit Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs. The company’s prestige puppies, which are bred for their athletic ability and protective instincts, sell for anything between $4,000 to $15,000. Renee, who runs the company from her 17-acre farm in rural Mississippi, quit her job as a sales manager for a computer company to run the business full time.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. merryweatherflowers

      She’s just breeding to sell, not to train or improve the breed at all sorry but dog dynasty is the only all round pit Bull from the cradle service I’d ever use

    2. Gomez Addams

      Dear breeders, go die. You're a waste of oxygen and can't amount to anything in life which is why you have to exploit animals to make money for yourselves.

    3. Paola Rosario

      So she just has a puppy mill and we are praising that? On this channel were we often see vets condemning puppy mills because they add to the problem and don’t solve anything? I see how it is.

    4. Nicole Gauthier

      thats not a pit bull. thats a mutt

    5. a10040928

      All the Pitts from DDK9 put these to shame if I was a person who wanted to spend 15K on a Pitt it would be from DDK9 they actually bond with then and train their Pitts

      1. a10040928

        Everyone makes a business out of these breeds are basically byb but at least DDK9 trains their dogs in family and home protection that’s the only reason I respect them unlike this lady who has a dog trainer on the side but even law enforcement has taken recognition of DDK9s work with their dogs but yeah everyone’s basically a byb

      2. Nicole Gauthier

        they dont have pits they have mastiff mutts. and he is also a byb

    6. Tamir ahronee

      The best breed ever.

    7. martin betz

      Not saying u dont love em cuz clearly u do, but y crop the ears, for sales? Just curious, not to be confused w contempt. I luv allll dogs

    8. Afolabi M

      Greedy, irresponsible breeders like this have ruined the APBT.

    9. Torch Mula

      That's a nice gold Cuban link chain around the dog's neck lol

    10. Nick Oleary

      So she has the stud but keeps all the puppy’s 🤔

    11. Robert bittner

      Well her loyal customer base are a bunch of rich dumbasses that would spend $15,000 for a pitbull all you’re doing is paying their mortgage and their kids college funds come to Indiana you can get a really nice 110 pound pitbull for about 350-$500 and they look just like the dog said she showing as a matter of fact there are several shelters in Indiana that are full of Pitbull’s but $15,000 is way way overpriced you would have to be pretty stupid to spend that kind of money for any dog and if it’s just because you want a guard dog that people are scared of get you a Kangal And you can get them for about 800 bucks

    12. Judy Kaplan


    13. Zaheer Gittens

      Breed the mother of pit bulls with hulk

    14. O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes

      Ain't nobody buying pit bulls from white people😂😂😂

    15. Real Mart

      Those are some beautiful dogs 🐶

    16. Margaret Stone

      You can get a loyal dog at the shelter.

    17. aidan mc eneaney


    18. Ema Valverde

      if you love pitbulls dont cut their ears off then...

      1. Nicole Gauthier

        @Ema Valverde i would crop my dog if the standards call for it and even if they didnt call for it depending on the breed i would crop my dogs ears. spaying and neutering is way worse then taking off a little piece of ear. again educate yourself

      2. Ema Valverde

        Nicole Gauthier where did I even mention neutering? You should get a little bit of your ear mutilated off so you can follow what’s going on.. lmao according to you it doesn’t hurt the dog so why don’t you do it?

      3. Nicole Gauthier

        @Ema Valverde its not torture or mutilation if done properly by a vet who knows what hes doing. its better than spaying and neutering. a little bit of ear vs ripping out your dogs reproduction organs that help him grow and mature. ill take cropping ears any day. educate yourself before you make a bigger joke of yourself

      4. Ema Valverde

        Nicole Gauthier it’s a fact that it isn’t necessary to mutilate and torture your dog. People choose to leave them how they are born and they are fine. If you chose to torture your dog then you’ll have to live with the karma of that..good luck! 🙏

      5. Ema Valverde

        Nicole Gauthier lol so you’re trying to justify mutilating a dog? Don’t worry hopefully in another life you’ll be put in a position where someone takes off part of your body cause “there’s reasons” to why they think it should happen 👍🏼

    19. d 13

      I paid $150 for my beast

    20. Anjala Ahmad


    21. j gee

      All of a sudden white people love pit bulls and it's okay to have them in neighborhoods but when blacks had them the dogs and their owners were looked at as a threat to the residents... gtfoh

    22. Jender E. Arevalo

      Those are not pitbulls, those are fat lazy dog's they are somyhing else

    23. Perfect Home

      I love pit bulls! And this is a beautiful family that loves his dog!!! But you don’t know where these little puppies will end up. DON NOT BUY! Please ADOPT! Sorry I have to dislike!

    24. mike jones

      Did anyone see a pitbull in this vid becuz I didn't🤦🏿‍♂️

    25. Lay Music Productions

      What a beast... Scary looking dog

    26. WhiteLightningSi FA5



      I like her honesty

    28. Lil A

      What part of Mississippi are you in I’m interested

    29. 502 is watching you

      6 weeks is to young to leave momma. Most vets say 8 to 9 weeks.

    30. Tom Voit

      pitbulls are fought to the death all over the world. breeders like her keep em around. if you love pitbulls don't breed them.

    31. Terry Dobbins

      Adopt don't shop... Let's shut down puppy mils and breeders.. million of animals in shelters needing forever homes

    32. Dream Logic

      15,000. dollars. How many hideously suffering canines around the world could that rescue and feed?

    33. Douglas Chitwood

      Some cute puppies there.

    34. Teresa Moreno

      You should be ashamed of your self really??? Breeding selling these beautiful creatures!!!! Wowi!!!!

    35. Jim dela Cruz Vera

      if ever im rich theres no way i would spend 1000$ for a dog. i would rather adopt one or two in a shelter.

    36. Jim dela Cruz Vera

      theres no way i would spend 1000$ for a dog. i would rather adopt one or two in a shelter.

    37. Chris Nunya

      Pitbull's are one of the most common dogs you'll find in an animal shelter especially in the south because so many people love them but fail to realize the responsibility of owning one. They are also mistreated and used for dog fighting purposes which is why they have a bad reputation. I used to own a pit bull and it got nowhere near 100 lbs I can bet that these puppies that they are selling are not purebred American Pitbull Terriers. Anyways this breed requires hard work and dedication especially as a puppy and they can be stubborn at times. I would recommend if you're interested in getting a Pitbull to go to your local animal shelter and save one's life instead of shelling out thousands for one based on their looks. I love all dog breeds pitbull's used to be one of my fav until I owned one.

    38. Ryan Penta

      Clipped ears... disgusting

    39. Ryan Penta

      15k for a pit.... lol there is thousands at the pound. I wouldn’t pay 50 dollars for one.

    40. Gozos Guerrero

      Does are not pitbulls more like American Stanford bull terriers

    41. mike blais

      Now if she rescued them then find homes then on but no just keep on breeding more so we end up with more pits in shelters not cool

    42. mike blais

      Why breed when there plenty to save and rescue that are in dog ponds forever

    43. Queen Luna

      Those are bully

    44. Feezy Relly

      Damn alot of haters lmao

    45. Mr. America

      All these idiots say they sell Pitbulls for $15,000 , but I’ve yet to see anyone who is buying them for $15,000 , these people are so full of 💩hit

    46. Can't Beat The BAY!

      GHB, breh.

    47. p og o

      PIT'BULLS !? WHERE ??

    48. Tom Tucker

      Sure are a lot of whiners on this post. I like the ladies legs the best.

    49. Eric Hardric

      She has some pretty dogs and I'm glad they take good care of them, but my next dog will be from the pound.

    50. Brie Fletcher

      Idc how pretty they are 15k for a Pit bull is disgusting. The fact that she’s putting that high of a price on a dog is horrible. I have no respect for her when there are PLENTY of beautiful pits in shelters. Sick.

    51. Dream Logic

      These people are nice looking and their life seems beautiful, but the truth is, they are adding to an already overwhelming population in a world where Pit Bulls get put to death daily in shelters, or sit alone in concrete slabs. I plan to adopt for the rest of my life. Also, there was no mention of the horrific fighting rings, and the detestable creeps who run them. The fact is, when you breed more dogs from a specimen like Buster, they are attractive to those atrocious creeps. I fully agree she and her husband would abhor that ugly practice, and not want to contribute to it... but they are shoving more pit bulls into the pipeline and displacing others that need homes. God bless these people and their dogs. I myself would adopt. Who has that kind of money anyway!? I could feed one hundred dogs in Eastern Europe, starving in a rickety shelter for a year with that money.

    52. Cujucuyo

      Yuk, just burn all those shitbulls to death and go for a better breed.

    53. MegaDieslow

      Bunch of hippies in the comment section

    54. kimberly ingraham

      Pit Bulls are Ban in Canada Ont

    55. Jonathan Ruiz

      Wasting money on mutts

    56. DOC -V

      They’re all American Bully breeds even the one dog that they say is a pit bull it’s not just cause bullies have some APBT dna in them doesn’t mean you should call it a pitbull because that’s what’s confusing humans. A lot if people see a XL bully and think Oh a pitbull like the one my homeboy owns but in reality it’s just a American Bully I’m not a dog expert but what I’m saying is what my friends told me cause they’re Dog experts they specialize in The Real APBT, American Bully, American Stanford shire terrier, And the American Stanford shire bull terrier. I’m just making it clear I’m not a dog expert I’m just saying from what I know thanks to my homeboys and I would much rather adopt a Bully, real APBT, Amstaff, or Amstaff bull terrier so he/she won’t have to get put down

    57. Freeman Bastille

      Please pray for a pitbull ban in America in 2020! How does Almighty God feel about a mother who allows her precious children to be around "THE MOST DANGEROUS BREED OF DOG IN THE WORLD" and makes money from selling those pitbulls, which are then turned out into the community putting even more people at risk? 313 Americans - mostly children - have been slaughtered by pitbulls since 2004 and six days ago a precious 9 year old girl in Detroit was slaughtered by three pitbulls! Pitbulls account for 66% of all fatal attacks on humans in the U.S. and the level of physical and emotional trauma suffered by victims is beyond human comprehension. In one fatal attack on a child the coroner warned the parents not to view their child's body because of the horrific trauma the child suffered while being slaughtered by the pitbull! Why have 900 communities, United States military installations, Indian reservations, and twelve countries including the pitbull country of origin - England - banned pitbulls? It's because they are "THE MOST DANGEROUS BREED OF DOG IN THE WORLD." Recently an older couple moved in to my neighborhood and I was shocked when the lady told me her sister in Washington state was slaughtered by her own pet pitbull when it tore out her throat! It's important to understand that a narcissist cares only about themselves and a sociopath has no conscience and the majority of pitbull owners are narcissists/sociopaths and they simply don't care if a child is torn apart by a pitbull. They do not care. Go to dogsbite.org which is an excellent clearing house for information about pitbulls and this site has done a tremendous job of dispelling the myths and propaganda surrounding "THE MOST DANGEROUS BREED OF DOG IN THE WORLD". And by the way, for those who may be tempted to think I don't know what I'm talking about... I am a former pitbull owner. Again, please pray for a pitbull ban in 2020!

    58. Minchi Line Toy Dog's

      Stop lying you need to stop lying those are not pitbulls you know damn well those are American bullies. People like to lie about dog breeds those are not pitbulls I will never watch your channel again

    59. Tiffany world

      It look like DDK dog collar

    60. cha Co

      But they ain’t pit bulls they are bully’s

    61. Josiah Paz

      Since a lot of people are commenting about adoption shelters but where I’m from in Texas most shelter dogs are nurtured which is something I don’t believe in but they got good quality dogs no price healthy but nothing wrong with buying one cause where would the ones who aren’t bought go puppy mills would be broke .shelter dogs if not adopted get euthanized which is sad plus shelter dogs you have family medical issues shelters don’t know about that will show later on so yeah dogs are cool no matter where you get one

    62. M W

      Those poor ears were butchered. Why and for what possible reason? SMH

    63. Thirsty Vloggs

      Funny how un educated people are especially the ones commenting

    64. D90Girl

      Good, she'll have plenty of money to settle the incoming lawsuit from the mauling's !

      1. Josiah Paz

        D90Girl what makes you think that they aren’t aggressive

    65. Anthony M

      I’d drive out there from massachusetts and pick up my own Pitbull. If you trust someone shipping your dog then that’s your own fault. In the city I see these kids beings dragged by their pit bulls. I’ll just end up getting theirs for free since they don’t have the decency to bring their dogs to the vet. But you concerned about papers huh?

    66. 828 Bullyz

      American bully not pitbull not purchasing from these frauds mislabeling breeds smh

    67. jhon wyane

      look at the pit i have

    68. Aunty Uber

      Living off the backs of dogs. Shameful

    69. Doctor Dinglenut

      disgusting beasts

    70. Black Hand

      CLICK BAIT!!This are not PIT BULLS!!!🖕