Mississippi Mom Is The $15,000 Pit Bull Queen

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    GIANT Pit Bulls and happy family life might not traditionally go hand-in-hand, but one Mississippi mum is changing perceptions of the breed. Renee Castleman, 27, and her husband, Patrick, own Gatorhead Bullies - a breeding business specialising in XL Pit Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs. The company’s prestige puppies, which are bred for their athletic ability and protective instincts, sell for anything between $4,000 to $15,000. Renee, who runs the company from her 17-acre farm in rural Mississippi, quit her job as a sales manager for a computer company to run the business full time.
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. To Cu

      Beautiful dogs, cute kids, pretty woman.

    2. Marvin Murdock

      First of all, there's no such thing as a blue pitbull they got the blue pitbull Crossing it with a Staffordshire Terrier

    3. Marvin Murdock

      They are not pitbulls

    4. beloved Mceniry

      They have plenty of pure breeds in the shelter

    5. Hester's place

      Great care and lots of love for your dogs. But you decided your dogs should not have their natural ears. Instead you cut most of them off. Take a moment to think about why you did that. Fulfill your vanity by mutilating an animal. And you probably call yourself an animal lover. Not cool. Sadly un-evolved.

    6. John Blessing


    7. mrs E Stephen

      I don't want know pitbull..


      Why y'all kiss DOG? 😂

    9. Not.enough to.go.around

      Those are some darn good looking dogs.. Imagine if humans did selective breeding also. I think in the future there will be.

    10. Jerome  Wilson

      Not a pitbull in sight!! These are bullys,and these are the dogs in shelters! Mainly because of over breeding! A true APBT, will never be this big. People like this,and these non pitbull dog's, give true APBT dogmen, a bad rep!

    11. Vince Seminerio

      I have a red nose pitbull but he is slim with a narrow head white and brown about 70 lbs he is a year old also has green eyes he don't look thick like yours.

    12. Nikita Prehn

      I LOVE that you take such great care of them but honey please stop breeding at least for a while, if you love this breed as much as you say you do then how does it not just completely break your heart that pits are one of the top breeds that are over bread, homeless, abused, and neglected? It makes it seem like you just do it for money.... and I hope you not just another shitty breeder that does it just for money. Please don't take this as a judgement just something to ponder.

    13. johan bauwens

      If you lover your dogs, why do you cut their ears off ?

    14. Jason Jonhson

      I haven’t seen a pit bull yet all bully’s she Does it for the money and don’t know about the bully breed if she keep calling them pitbull’s two different breeds

    15. susan esposito

      Oh yea and they should be 3 months before they leave their mom!!!

    16. susan esposito

      Why do you cut their ears???? It would be nice if you tried to change the feelings about them and cutting the ears like that make people fear them more. $15,000 for a dog????? You must be kidding!!!!

    17. Sarah Nelson

      Those are bullies but they are not American pitbull terriers. If your breeding bullies just say that don't say bullies AND American pitbull terriers. cuz they are not American pitbull terriers. Equally maybe if you can't handle the breed and don't know how to train, don't breed

    18. andrew coler

      Lucas lamar, did you hear what the owner said? PIT BULL, common sense!!😅

    19. Jeni Bourque

      These aren't "pitbulls" and these are nothing more than badly bred backyard breeder creations. Nothing more, nothing less. Bulldog mixed breeds for profit off of uneducated folks.

    20. Carlos Fernandez

      Beautiful dog and a wonderful family. God bless you all.

    21. blue03r6

      hopefully these people are being regularly regulated and watched by the local governments and animal welfare orgs. breeders are often sick individuals who force the females to breed. they cut their teeth so they can't bite, the make them have litters over and over until it kills the female etc. this back yard breeding stuff needs to stop. there are hundreds of thousands of dogs put down every year in shelters from lack of homes available. most of them are pitbull dogs. and here we have yet another group of back yard breeders trying to make a buck when thousands end up put down. what a disgrace. if they cared about the dogs they would find homes for the ones in shelters and not making a profit from breeding. back yard breeders should have a license and every dog they sell should be spayed or neutered. if you want a perfect example how to do it look here, us-new.com/client-NEWYORKBULLYCREWvideos

    22. Motersickle Bum

      Breeders suck.

    23. BeAutIfUlTrAuMa

      Oh what a shame, their backs are bowed, their snout shortened so much wrinkles and breathing. They will get problems later in life due to the bone structure not being correct for the muscle. Very sad to see humans messing around with nature all for money. That dogs will be inbred/interbred so much they will have a lot and major health problems.

    24. Mikes Animation

      She is not really he queen the ladie who married marlon from do dynasty

    25. Nick Hall

      Why is she taking the dog to the Vet??? The Vet should be coming to her place

    26. egda2

      Adopt at a shelter don’t buy them. A lot of this breed end up at shelter. Don’t give this people money. They are being lucrative with these dogs. Instead of being puppy mill ( where you make money out this breed) why don’t become rescue Pitbull or bully ( because you know there is no money by being rescue them ) . You don’t love these animal you see it as business opportunity.

    27. Ana Perez

      I live in Houston Texas and our shelters are full of Pitbulls ! Good looking pit bills as well clipped ears and all it’s so sad to see how people still breed them instead of recusing one from the shelter. 😭

    28. Deandrew Powell

      They should have a US-new channel

    29. Clare Emer *

      Kibble an cropped ears tho

    30. Robert Nesmith

      The real reason for shelter populations and the stigma behind the two breeds is unreliable sources of information such as Barcroft TV continuing the use of a blanket term Pitbull. The American Bully is in its evolutionary phase from its ancestor the apbt. The results of the paper hanging that led to the American Bully should not still be existence. We have to create a separation between the two breeds in order to educate the public to stop financing people who only breed out of greed with no direction or Integrity in their program. It's the only way to put a dent in the shelter population

    31. Lamar Lucas

      With no disrespect intended. Please stop calling your American bullies pitbulls...if that's the case. You really don't Kno the kind of dog's you're selling and distributing to the public if you guy's calling them dogs pitbulls...I repeat them aren't pitbulls..

    32. Lamar Lucas

      Them aren't pitbulls. Please stop insulting the American pitbull terrier like that. That's the problem now. Them are the dog's that's attacking and killing kid's and grown ups. And y'all call them pitbulls. That's why pitbulls have a bad reputation now. Because of people like you guys. That's calling anything with a big head and bully bred a pitbull.. Stop the insult.

    33. 700 pitbull

      Boxer are the best family bully bread dog

    34. Richard Lefebure

      Never thought kid slavery would help grow your business....

    35. Ciaran Gallagher

      Buster is impressive on the same lines as hulk and ace but on a smaller scale

    36. #bossdarkø #bøss

      Line breeding these soga makes them weak.

    37. #bossdarkø #bøss

      They are rich already. The bullies are breed for size not for working... Called XXL whooper blood line razers edge dagger bloodline....

    38. kattoo13

      I’ve rescued 3 APBTs and one American Bulldog from the shelter. All great dogs, but sadly misunderstood & often overlooked. It’s great how loving this family is towards their dogs but, ADOPT!! Don’t shop...

    39. Lawrence L.

      It's only worth $15K if you're able to find a willing buyer now or in the near future. That seems laughable and crazy....for someone to shell out that much money for a dog.

    40. Lawrence L.

      Owning a Pitbull seems like a ticking time bomb for disaster, or a random violent outburst waiting to happen.

    41. Crazynikes 23_

      It’ll break my heart to sell a puppy 😭

    42. John builds lego minecraft

      I have pit bull his name is tank

    43. Russ Polk

      They are terrible with other dogs.. Dont believe me let u pit go at the dog park or around other dogs it doesnt know..guess what happens dead dogs

    44. Ready? Here I am

      Did anyone see that one of the females was so overbred that her stomach was hanging down to her ankles???? Breeder? Yes. Responsible? No.

    45. Tilly Too

      Lmao or you could get a dirt cheap pit from the shelter. That breed is overflowing at shelters from being abandoned

    46. Kelvin Nero

      I lived two blocks away from pitts & parole back in New Orleans Louisiana I'm sure most of there dogs liked as quality bloodline , but still many great pitts in need of a nice home. I had a couple, plus pitts & parole supplied food and care most of the time. Hats off to that organization class act. 9th ward stand up ⚜️

    47. Buddy Honaker

      Hey I would like to purchase a blue male. No ears or tail clipped. I live in memphis tn

    48. Christopher Williams

      Ddk canines vs Mississippi pitbull queen

    49. Sad Boy

      just business , not a hobby...and sorry but 15k $ ? there are a lot of good AB around. Really overpriced...

    50. flyback 2me

      I'll ONLY get my dogs from white people. We ❤ our animals. Blacks abuse them. Asians eat them.

    51. Carla Broderick

      Outlaw cropping now.

    52. Chief Tahchawwickah

      So when Brown people raise these dogs they are dangerous But when a Caucasian female does They are ok? -COMANCHE NATION

    53. Łïź Höwärd

      American Bullies are the dogs who have the larger, more muscular build. The American Pit Bull Terrier, has a smaller build. They are not as muscular and people tend to confuse them with the American Bully. The American is the ideal, “look” of a Pit Bull, but isn’t one. People want a large, strong built dog and call it a Pit Bull.

    54. Freedom

      Who on earth pays 15k for any dog? Especially when you can get it for like £500-800

    55. Suzie

      Just any owner, stop cutting their beautiful fluffy ears. It is disgusting practise.



    57. I Love Sandy Perkus

      These dogs ARE NOT American pit bull terriers!!!!!!

    58. Heather Self

      Get a real job.

    59. Herbal Hydro

      So, let's start out with a few facts. No kennel club of any kind recognizes a dog breed by the name "Pit Bull." The only dog breed with the words "Pit Bull" in it's name is the American Pit Bull Terrier(APBT). If these dogs were true APBT they would have ADBA(American Dog Breeders Association) registration. But, they don't, these dogs have UKC(United Kennel Club) and ABKC(American Bully Kennel Club). The UKC accepts dogs from other registries and the ABKC was est. in 1990. These puppies are all UKC purple ribbon puppies and that sounds really, good but all it means is that 3 generations have been registered with the UKC. As far as I can tell these dogs have not won any conformation(dog beauty pageant), agility, weight-pull or obedience competitions. So, these dogs are not being breed for a winning pedigreed but for the breeders and buyers view of beauty. Meaning hereditary health issues are not being breed out.

    60. Mack Bjizzle

      These are American bullies not pitbulls please stop mislabeling the breed and learn your dogs

    61. seko aki


    62. Andrew Wasowicz

      Those dogs are beautiful

    63. Maria Leal

      This is soooooo wrong, sooo wrong. Stop you greedy stupid woman. Think about what you’re doing, be responsible and neutered and spayed all these dogs; don’t you see what’s happening with this breed, don’t act like you care cause you don’t; you’re a greedy, selfish, and a phony person. Get a job and stop using these dogs to maintain your status. Pit bulls deserves better and if you really want to help, then start at all the shelters that are killing pits and save those and stop make more. They all responds the same way when they’re loved.

    64. Life Sucks

      Pitbull breeders are the lowest form of scum. These dogs are put to death every day where I live in Detroit because of immoral, uncaring, profit-mad breeders like this. This person needs to be in jail where she can't cause so much harm.

    65. Taco Salesman

      Mongrels, the lot of e’m, not a single purebred Pit bull terrier bred to standard in this entire video.

    66. Gabrielle Garnett

      I love how inspiring this is. Though my first dog herself is an adoption (7 different owners registered in her past), my second one is a adopt/purebred (basically an ex stud with one owner) defiantely a difference in challenges and responsibilities. I plan on getting my first child's, first dog a purebred puppy to train to work. And after being on both sides of the boat. I can say EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!! As long as you give that puppy the love it deserves, go for whomever resonates with you. Beautiful dogs from a loving home like this will always be worth it.

    67. Random Kid

      Okay. Your a good person. Your family is beautiful. The dogs are amazing gorgues. But I wish you would take out pits from the shelters. Instead of breeding more. Can you shelter the ones who are abused and abbadond?

    68. Louise Hartley

      Making money on breeding SO wrong . If you won't a dog get a rescue dog

    69. Avatar007

      They should really wait till 8-9 weeks old before released from their mother.

    70. Timovich Sky

      She so fake dude