Messed up RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills



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    Messed up RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills! Can you solve these survival riddles and puzzles? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hiiii friendsss which did u get wrong??

      1. Fakia Goodman

        SSSniperWolf 14

      2. Getbusyliving 313


      3. Gaming WithDino

        @Natalie Tienda Im Sorry SSSsniper wolf but alligators will live in 3 years without eat8ng!?!

      4. Niamh Ohara

        Like everyone

      5. Blackfin Elk



      the one with the 4 doors i bet it says wait till the kidnapper falls asleep

    3. ashley bunbun3

      i'm watching this on the right day (it's Friday)

    4. Afnan Albarati

      are you missing your glasses

    5. Jenna Edmondson


    6. funtime foxy8485


    7. Bts army For life

      Your riddle is no glasses

    8. Bxshsghshjkxadfhkhrehjkjkggkerkjhghjkerghjk Poptart

      I was like wooow I actually got all theese right like this is u agree

    9. Mary Adams

      If I ever live the house Me as if

    10. Grace Bowman

      All kinds of bears are extremely protective over their cubs. She would kill you just from opening the door!!!

    11. Marquel Davis

      Hold up it was not a option to wait untill morning

    12. freakbaby6981


    13. ilma sh

      the missing on you is glasses

    14. darnell

      Your glasses are missing

    15. Layla Myers

      ......crocodiles can survive 3years without food, true fact

    16. Jenine Benjamine

      I❤ you 🔫🐺

      1. Jenine Benjamine


      2. Jenine Benjamine

        Your right

    17. Kelly King


    18. rauie08

      Your glasses are missing

    19. Michelle Tonna

      I love you too much and I love you too much

    20. Michelle Tonna

      I love you too much and I love you too much

    21. Mathew Forster

      Pls do more riddle vids I am obsessed with riddles

    22. Greg Dave


    23. Layla’s Fun Time

      I know you’re trying to say that because her and I are the lions can’t get to the Lions actually are getting to you

    24. mommapierce09

      OMG 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Space Unicorn

      I got none wrong

    26. Sophia Kirst

      i love you

    27. Oma Jankey

      You are missing your glasses

    28. STAR_playz

      Your glasses

    29. asani morris

      the beray on your head

    30. Sarah Bennett

      I went for the locked door there was literally a key where the girl was Like if you saw it too

    31. samantha mccoy

      Your missing your glasses

    32. daniella jeannoel


    33. daniella jeannoel


    34. Jaydon Daniels

      I got the wearwolfs right

    35. david downie

      there was a key on the floor

    36. Lee Avila

      I live in alamogodo so I do to

    37. Natalie Barnett

      Your Chocker is missing

    38. Freezer00

      your glasses

    39. Jacqueline Williams

      You are wrong because the hole room could fill up with water and will die

    40. Shadow124 Gaming

      Your Glasses

    41. Brittany Scott

      1:04 saw the giant swing axes and immediately thought skyrim

    42. billy church

      Ambers mom has four kids the three of them are named april ,may and june what is the fourth kids name ?

    43. Brenda Pierce

      Do you actually live in the desered

    44. عبدالعزيز السيف

      All of them

    45. roustabouter

      That science man better man me a wolf

    46. Casey Paul

      I got the polar bear one wrong 😅😆



    48. Krissie Ward

      Use water to put out fire

    49. Kyle Griffiths

      I am Kelsey Kyle's daughter. I got 2 wrong and the rest right.

    50. kenndrick harper

      When I tried the rubber boots on on his first day of having Pikachu I could thetwith the electricity

    51. Ariki Anaru-Burnett

      Your glasses are missing

    52. Jachelle Hughes

      You are missing your glasses

    53. Faith Cary

      Sniper please give me a shout out

    54. Stacy Rose

      My Sister is so lucky she live near the desert too

    55. wildcraft player LYNX!


    56. Trae Jones

      Went to the morning

    57. Allison Salazar

      I like wolves (Nice cute wolfs)

    58. Halowolf💖

      YO glasses was missing in da first part of da video 😝

    59. Amanda Lindgram

      Today I am going to yuma Arizona for my cuzon

    60. Jess to the test !

      Crodiles can survive not eating for like 18 months soooo 😂

    61. skm murti

      Most of them cause the didn’t Make sense

    62. Dhyadian 172635

      I watch a ride and that ridel was the same but it wasn't fufs it was a vampire

    63. Nancy Vasquez

      "You fool! Have you ever watched p0komOn?!

    64. anna anna

      Ok Girl Like You song and I love you bye

    65. Lindsey Marshall

      Leave aa like if you got all of these wrong lol

    66. Amber Jackson


    67. Elba Gonzalez