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    MEET Pickles the wonder pig - he surfs, he paints, he works as a therapy pig and spends his days playing with his best friend Dill the dog. Pickles’ owner Maddie takes him to retirement homes, classrooms and children’s hospitals to share his cheer with those in need of a smile. After realising how well Pickles got on with dogs, Maddie decided to welcome Dill the Frenchie in the family. She says that Dill is not quite as brave as his pig friend though. Pickles is prepared to take on anything and is still eager to try new things to help and entertain people. Check out more of his antics on Instagram at:
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    1. Skyler Harbaugh

      I have a pig named pickles it’s a girl she is black I also have a pink and black girl named gizmo

    2. Good Day ahead

      Looks tasty

    3. Ciana Martin

      Cutest pig

    4. Casey Eaves

      Dill the dog and pickles the pig together it is dill pickles

    5. Xx Golden_Zeus xX

      He is so cute

      1. Xx Golden_Zeus xX

        Isn’t he

    6. Kimberley Morris

      He’s even written a book

    7. Leah Bremner

      Dilly pickles😂

    8. First last

      Gonna try to stop eating meat. Feel bad. Even turkey bacon. I watch these animal clips, then it dawns on me that I eat some of them. Sorry, gonna stop.

    9. bby ariel

      My fav animals are pigs ❤️💛✨💛🐷🐷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Abra Cadavra


    10. Romeo Is my dogs name

      Awwwwwwwwwww like if u can agree

    11. Kenzie Tori

      i get it……Dill pickles

    12. Ana May

      Awwwww I love pigs 🌸😘💖👌🏻💍💫😭🦄

    13. SPIRIT KAT

      hope kids make the conn ection and stop eating pork products hot dogs etc

      1. SaintPaulo

        Abra Cadavra can we just eat what we want pls

      2. Abra Cadavra

        SPIRIT KAT Or any animal based product. Also, kids do naturally make the connection. It's the parents who force non-veganism on them.

    14. Simon John

      what a cute bacon.

      1. Abra Cadavra

        Simon John You haven't left 2017 yet.

    15. Zoey SouthBird

      I have a pig and I'm gonna teach him how to serf!! 😂😊

    16. Mardell Myers


    17. Karrel Estell

      It’s all fun and until a shark eats him 😅

      1. Abra Cadavra

        There are more chances of humans eating him than sharks.

      2. Pickles The Pig

        Hehe don't you worry I'm only surfing the kiddy waves! Ankle deep baby! :)

    18. onecent1 Loring

      So cute lil guy

    19. Flippin _ Cutie

      who else would treat pickles like a dog!?😂🐷🐶

      1. Abra Cadavra

        Flippin _ Cutie They are really similar actually. The main difference is that pigs are more intelligent than dogs.

    20. Lu Kaplan

      Hi Pickles and Dill😊💜💜💜💜💜💜👍

      1. Pickles The Pig


    21. Anubis EgyptianJackalGodOfDeath

      SURFING PIGS!!!!!!! And I thought all Sports are stupid.

    22. dilworth6113

      Now sharks won't be mistaken

    23. Jørn-Are Haugli Johansen

      CUTE AS FLUFF ❤️❤️❤️

    24. Philip Atkinson: SuperPet Channel Paws TV

      12379,0000000000 SuperPetCRAFT Stuff🐾⭐️❤️🌈🐾⭐️❤️🌈

    25. Urbane Soul

      Lol that's awesome

    26. melessa lou


    27. Samantha Holland

      Pigs are my fav animal

      1. Gaara Kazekage of the sand

        Me to i eat turkey bacon but not to much i feel bad when i eat meat but i don’t like vegetables ya I’m unhealthy

      2. Media Stereotypes

        I don't eat them

      3. Media Stereotypes

        I love piggies!!!

    28. Anna Christina Toulany

      Wow only that many comments

    29. rennie rad

      What cute little pig and I love the part showing him with his gold chain on in a smokey room.

      1. Connor Krix

        He'll get his own contract in no time XD

    30. Collin B

      So cute!,😀😀

    31. Lili Coary

      Love ur vids so much!keep up the cute and amazing work!👍✌️🤘😍❤️😁

      1. Timothy Roberts

        Does Pickles know Sammy the Hammy.

    32. Emma Becker


    33. Mary Cepeda


      1. Emma Becker

        Mary Cepeda nope haha jk