Me shopping for ANYTHING online.



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    When you finally find a good discount while shopping online
    King Kaiyo - melodic
    Oddwin - 19

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. David M

      The water bottle isnt even full 😭😭😭

    2. lexboy770 Iron wolf


    3. slowcomet

      Just call your bank and have them do a charge back.

    4. Saurabh Khanal

      Caleb out here spreading awareness

    5. Jim Schwartz

      Many years ago (back in the 80s), Zenith used to sell laptops via mailorder. At one point, some employee there replaced outgoing packages (with the laptop) with a brick, heavy enough to match the weight of the laptop. I can't imagine the distress of opening up a package, expecting a laptop, and seeing a brick... then calling Zenith and try to convince them that you aren't trying to rip them off.

    6. tesia Martin

      *Teejayx6 has entered the chat*

    7. Suicidal Potato • 38 years ago

      **ray william johnson**

    8. Faizan Saiyed

      Subscribe to “Apartment Chronicles”

    9. LycanicPanic

      Oh it hurts! XD T^T

    10. M Piper

      Lol 🤭😂

    11. SlimeMxney Everlast

      Exactly 😩

    12. мιѕѕ lιттle ѕтar

      Who leaves their door open after they pick up their order

    13. Ad-guy 1

      Later that day, Owner of the bottle with FBI agents: *_FBI OPEN UP!_*

    14. haloharry97

      That is why you call your bank let them take care of it.

    15. Obrien Leslie

      ME:you got that bottle Caleb: THIS IS A WATER BOTTLE!

    16. Boruto Nazamaki


    17. Kenneth Wilson


    18. Jason Yang

      1000 percent profit

    19. MilkShake

      WE SCAMMED YOU 😂😂😂

    20. Sandwich Boy

      This reminds me of a time I got a 419 scammer's address and ordered a drone strike on them

    21. Izuku Midoriya

      Bruh he really played that Tokyo Ghoul music

    22. Paul Jordi

      We scammed you stupidt Aint no phone dummy Youre dumb Youre backwards

    23. worth

      caleb u 🔥🔥 af always lmao anyways check out my beats comment fam 🤗💑💓

    24. Llyod Dicson

      "Ain't no Phone"

    25. Senpai

      Best video so far

    26. Zē

      The timing is unreal. I actually did get scammed online. I actually was acting like this in a way trying to get my hard earned money back. A hard lesson learned so I still can laugh. 😂 money doesn’t determine my happiness. You reap what you sow anyways. Everybody always gets theirs.

    27. raf221

      1:38 => Phone in right hand 1:42 => Phone in left hand

    28. Adam Sunderland

      I'm literally dead. "We scammed you" "Youre stupid" "Youre dumb" The timing is literally perfect.

    29. Mermicorn Princess


    30. crossover 090

      You’re going to be paying us $700 a month monthlyyyyyyy😂😂😂

    31. MrGiggles

      What a monster not closing his front door

    32. dale

      u know what they stupid

    33. Dexter John Yabut-Ilagan

      Literally what my mom thinks will happen when I ask her to buy anything online

    34. yazid ellen

      That's why I only ordered for the cheap one..... If he or she did scammed me....I can breath peacefully....Cause I don't lose money to much

    35. that guy

      We scammed you STUPID

    36. Leilan Kelly

      700 dollars A MONTH

    37. alex 20alex03

      People say caleb's front door still open

    38. complicatedheroin

      _" we just tricked you into a preSCRIPTion bro"_

    39. Mari Morningstar

      His videos actually makr me wanna cry cuz their so true

    40. Jelani Mays-Smith

      Scammers should just die and or become homeless honestly

    41. Wesley Louis

      I just got scammed a week ago kinda like this and the bank couldn't do anything to help me. It really sucked

    42. Brianna Gilliam

      We SCAMMED you STEWpid 🤣🤣

    43. SSJ Arnold

      "i DiDn'T pAy A dIiIiImE" -Caleb 2019


      B R O W E S C A M M E D Y O U S T O O P I D

    45. Gabriel Ponder

      You fool he’s a good rapper but you don’t actually buy anything from teejayx6 😂

    46. Man of Hour

      “Let’s see what we can do for yu” Ts is so fucking classic

    47. Skryptical _Icicle

      1:52 8 year old save the world scammers on fortnite getting scammed

    48. SuperCameron77


    49. jellly_BEAN_JERM

      He said "You stupid, STUPID

    50. Neena Sarafina


    51. Darth Coblin

      this mans got ding dang bamboozled

    52. Josue Pesque

      Never stop making videos.

    53. Nick

      this hit me so hard. some fedex person swapped out my laptop with 3 water bottles 😤🤣

    54. SaraBLQ

      “That wasn’t even my water bottle, I picked that up off the _STREET!”_

    55. Tyler Ho

      This is why you use Amazon

    56. KingCookiez

      One piece background on computer

    57. DolaSoza

      Once this nigga said "yah" I knew some shit was up

    58. Jay Hippie

      so niggas just leavin doors open now ? hah

    59. Jay Hippie


    60. Tri ni ty


    61. Kay Shields


    62. OhMyValky

      Ebay be like..

    63. Thomas Nichol

      “MONTHLY, BRO. MONTHLY.“ 😂 🤣

    64. The Scientific Chicken

      Soooooooo true!

    65. VLONE KVSH

      When you get scam Teejayx6 ....

    66. Aditya chaturvedi


    67. Tammy Zanders

      that’s exactly why u don’t buy a phone online

    68. Birdman 82

      Am I the only one that noticed the As Seen on TV screen net thingy?

    69. Isaac Freed

      That’s called a house rent

    70. Halo Devil

      R.I.P bank account