Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

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    We had almost completely lost faith in the progress of consumer VR products... until the Valve Index arrived at our office.
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Phillipe

      Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...

      1. bp968

        The Oculus S doesn't have proper ocular adjustments. Its fine if it works for your eyes, but if it doesn't work there is no adjustment to fix it. To make the whole things even stupider they put the proper adjustments on the Quest headset.

      2. Seth S.

        @Zenroy yeah wmr is

      3. jake fever

        @Linus Tech Tips what about the oculus quest

      4. Robert Guerra

        and he does mention the rift a little bit 6:29

      5. Robert Guerra

        yea but you dont get room scale and precision tracking like you do with the valve

    2. falcore91

      17:39 the exact problem with VR is it disconnects you from reality. Your cat has transformed into a small person and you haven’t even noticed. Or is that a normal occurrence at your house?

    3. Timothy Schmidt

      i only liked because of shadow

    4. neurokinetik64ES

      You need to upgrade that GPU so you can take advantage of that 144Hz goodness.

    5. Dmahmoud17

      what about the vive pro its also got better pixel density and you can use the wireless accessory

    6. Johan Krüger Haglert

      12 min: "I do wish it was more of a strap-on experience"

    7. wiesi 121

      And i am here, struggling to get the Valve Index Controllers working - without tracking issues...

    8. Lazy Modder

      Another problem with open ear headphones is speech recognition. I keep on getting lots of false positives when NPCs talk and it registers as a spoken command. So it's not just a matter of not wanting other people to hear what you are doing.

    9. Gary Du Charme II

      God, this is exactly why I'll never get a cat. 12:57

    10. G D A T

      way to flex on us Linus.

    11. Sometimes Cynical

      It is overpriced as hell. 400£ vs 1000£ am I a joke to you? That is like 60 pizzas! worth of a difference. I'm still not over the fact that anything above 150£-200£ is expensive for this technology considering that it depends on your pc anyway. If they can do Oculus Quest standalone for the same price as the Rift S, then obviously something shady is going on and we are hugely overpaying as is.

    12. Illuminati

      11:59 err ok..

    13. sinni800

      I am not the only one who keeps confusing Magic Leap and Leap Motion

    14. Crusifix Jesus

      valve we want the strap on experience hahaha

    15. Roger Skagerström

      Two videos in a row - Kyle and Linus - both have surprise cat content! I'm happy. Except for Kyles poor cat then. :P But he'll be fine :p

    16. Pedro


    17. Gary Du Charme II

      "I still do wish that it was more of a... a strap-on experience." - Linus 2019

      1. falcore91

        Soon after at 12:32 “deep inside that hole there”. I swear he is doing this intentionally.

    18. goldark3

      Put a cat tower near so the cat go there instead of your multimedia setup they love hight ground ....

    19. Miika Johannes

      Water beds. Stationary bikes. Bread machines. VR headsets are the aforementioned of the current times.

    20. markfohara

      What is that device at 16:28 that he picks up off the floor? Looks like a handheld keyboard, but i'm curious which one.

    21. David Erickson

      Cute cat in the box was a nice touch lol

    22. Chrismofer

      13:05 takes after dad

    23. Steffen Bryde

      12:00 Eww, don't tell us that! ;)

    24. skillzz

      12:00 "I still do wish that it was more of a strap-on experience" Of course you do Linus XD

    25. Anti Master

      "I still do wish this was more of a strap-on experience" ~Linus Sebastian, 2019-08-12.

    26. Rannon

      I haven't really kept my eyes on VR in a while, so which Gen. would this be considered as? If we count Occulus Rift as Gen. 1.

      1. Benamax

        Some people consider the Index a Gen 2 headset. I personally agree. The HMD and Controllers have made VR so much more enjoyable and comfortable. But there isn't really an official way of measuring which generation it is.

    27. ArtificialGamer

      seeing how fast vr is progressing i think we have fully immerse vr in 8-12 years

    28. Dumb Jason

      I love how the cable is permanently being crushed by the furniture

    29. Jsp

      why is middle finger blurred? Makes no sense.

    30. Marvin Bolanos

      Hey! Check out Project TX next-gen VR physics on youtube. The engine this guy is making will make more sense to use the valve index. Linus Tech Team go give this guy some credit. I promise it will be worth your time to check it out! Huge fan BTW ;)

    31. Chris Aka Radar

      Man I wish I could afford this

    32. LEAX

      try BONEWORKS !

    33. Lloyd Russell

      It comes with a CAT??? I'll take it!!

    34. dusso4231

      Tech kitten stole the show.

    35. Niklas Larsen

      2020 - 2021: Probably a new VR headset 2020: Neuralink brain implant 2025: Linus tests Neuralink VR? ^^

    36. Stirling Greer

      The index cable is about 3-4 ft longer

    37. Original Retro Burp

      "i wish it was more of a strap-on experience" :)

    38. Houssam Chakir

      cats add 83% of video quality to a video

    39. Ee21k


    40. Jacob chamberlain

      lol12:00 wish it was a strap-on experience mmm don't want to play that VR game

    41. killercivic2001

      THIS video brought to you by "the answer to 'you are a youtube star but your room screams loner scrooge' company"... fun vid as always ;) Also... OMG a... LYNX comes with the Valve set !!!

    42. Rude Nick

      strap-on experience XD

    43. Naoise Doran

      Your 5 year old daughter gets to use a 1000 dollar headset wow I wish you were my dad

    44. Naoise Doran


    45. spazman8675309

      12:46 censors left middle finger Also 12:46 doesn't censor right middle finger

    46. Berto Andon

      It even comes with a cat!

    47. angryweaponx

      Anyone else with a Vive Pro and v1 accessories with buyer's remorse?

    48. Mgsgta3

      I dont know if its because he is at home and more comfortable/relaxed or what but he's a lot more chill/genuine seeming in this video. It makes it a lot more watchable overall(that sounds mean but I mean it in a good way)

    49. Big Dubyuh

      that cat looked so fake lol

    50. Ivan Irving

      I have the same sword.

    51. CanadianLoki76

      12:02 lol, you want a strap-on experience.. Linus you shouldn't talk about your bedroom preferences on US-new. Ha ha..

    52. Eragonnogare

      For the most out of the finger tracking, things like valves own hand lab are the best, as we move forward it will almost definitely improve across the board, but that really shows some of the potential. Fully new games developed with the index in mind will be truly amazing.

    53. Yogurt Banana

      Gotta love cats

    54. A K

      exercise for inside dwellers?

    55. Lacto

      I've never used VR sets. Is PS VR for PS4 Slim still worth? I want to use it just for games like vr chat.

      1. Lacto

        @Benamax Thanks for the answer. The game I was talking about is Rec Room (I just didn't know its name, haha!). As soon as I have money to it, I'll buy =)

      2. Benamax

        PSVR is alright on PS4 Pro. Lots of solid exclusives, a solid VR panel with low SDE, and alright comfort. But PSVR does not have access to VRChat or some other cool games on PC.

    56. Thicc Boiii

      I definitely respect that this type of tech exists but this is 100000% not what I am looking for after a day's work. Mostly still seems like a proof of concept/tech demo whenever I see these. I do not even think that the ultimate, logical landing point for this type of tech will be video games. Maybe I am in the minority on that but this tech will always seem insanely niche to me.

    57. Zac

      So odd that I vaguely get some sense of motion sickness watching this. Arizona sunshine on psvr is to blame for that.


      WOW the new headset comes with a Cat!


      Sword on mantle needs to be turned around and flipped over , samurai swords should rest on spine in saya not edge and handle should be to the left. (Because Samurai were trained right handed it is considered welcoming to display a sword with handle to the left and confrontational to put handle to the right , unless its a time of war. Are you or the nation of Canada at war?) :)

    60. sharpenednoodles

      >Valve Index review >Doesn't play boneworks

      1. Benamax

        Boneworks isn't out yet.

    61. James C

      It would be entirely worth it to see a flight Sim centric edition of this review. DCS World

    62. WillieRants

      What plugs into the light houses? Just a 2-wire DC connection or does it also require USB and/or other? How close or far away can the light houses be for say larger/smaller rooms?

    63. zmc33

      a 'strap on experience'. lol 12:02

    64. James C

      "strap-on experience" @12:00 Maybe a new game title idea.

    65. Steffen R.

      i think the rift s is the much better deal

    66. Fleetmenace

      4,3,2,1 we are vr, brought back so many memories

    67. Nyran Stanton

      VR is miles away from anything i wan tto have a go at yet. But its cool its getting there eventually. Im surprised you didnt try Skyrim VR or DOOM VR.

    68. Saltiboii

      13:07 security down bois

    69. Mina Haroun

      I Have a Asus 14" laptop with 1070 q card. I take my Oculus Rift S everywhere and set up in seconds. I take it to parties, i take it between my place and my friends and parents. All i have to do is plug in usb3 and dport via usbc and tell it forward direction and optionally draw a border to my game area. It takes 3min at most and I'm playing VR anywhere.

    70. Spicy Meatball

      *Linus 2019:* I still do wish that it was more of a _strap on_ experience. 11:55