Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

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    We had almost completely lost faith in the progress of consumer VR products... until the Valve Index arrived at our office.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Phillipe

      Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...

      1. tiggerbiggo

        It's not a good headset at all. Not worth shit.

      2. Trentan Bewley

        @Ivium okay well thank you, I'll definitely take that into consideration 👍

      3. Ivium

        Trentan Bewley Index has all those old fashion wires... just like the Rift :/ True vr experience should be wireless that’s why the Quest is the best option ;) The Rift only has a few more pixels, it doesn’t really make it better

      4. Trentan Bewley

        @Ivium the rift s is better than the quest though because it's a pc set up I thought, and isnt the quest also pretty expensive? At that point I'd rather just keep saving for the index

      5. Ivium

        Trentan Bewley Rift S is good stuff, but it’s true that if you don’t have any vr headset, going for a Rift S NOW would be a bad decision for sure. Quest is future-oriented while Rift S will be obsolete soon

    2. Prakasa Adnan

      If they have heptic feedback. Imagine when you touching boobs.

    3. Tech And Taffy



      Me watching: yeah I can’t afford that

    5. ukr4ever

      And I was hoping you'll say its $hit! Now I have to get it lol

    6. Veathen

      See i was planning to buy one in December but that plan was demolished quickly when i looked at the valve index page and saw "Due to recent high demand, this item will ship in January 2020"

    7. Miguel Ramirez

      Shadow !!! XD

    8. Joey Lee

      3:33 *AWWW* does it come with this cute little cat?

    9. EasyPixy

      I cant believe a tech genius like person was retared enough to think vr was dead...

    10. Zastock

      12:00 Oh Linus... Im sure there are games for that now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    11. Trentan Bewley

      It honestly doesn't seem worth the extra 600. I'm gonna get the rift s and save up until something better comes out so I dont waste money. It may be the "king" now but not by much at all and it wont be too long until oculus beats it so fuck no it's not worth 999 right now. What games make the finger sensors so worth it? It's just not worth it yet until better games are made and by then there will be a better headset

    12. JJ Rhodes

      more of a strap on experience

    13. Trentan Bewley

      At the beginning of the video you said this was the first time you unboxed it, but in the middle of the video you said your five year old daughter couldn't play with that headset until you put the memory foam padding in? Caught red-handed

    14. Dremico's ART

      3:33 lol cat

    15. m Minde

      Using 980ti.. as your gpu... does not let you feel full immersion of Valve Index.. Linus...

    16. PixelPhobiac

      🙀 4:40

    17. Paul Schulze

      Shooting a zombie in the head with blood spreading everywhere -> no problem Showing a virtual middle finger -> needs to be censored This world is so crazy


        US-new algorithm determines this stuff. Kids watch the videos and sometimes the conflicting content will allow the video to be seen by the younger crowd.

    18. Stampli

      Linus should try boneworks with this

    19. Ivium

      Don't make the mistake to buy a Rift S instead of a Quest you will regret it

      1. Ivium

        @EVOLICIOUS The point is: Quest is future-oriented while Rift S will be obsolete soon.


        Rift S is far better than the Quest, fyi. Quest has to heavily compress the streamed data over usb3, so the image looks pretty bad. If oyu have a gaming PC and want to play VR, get a PC-VR kit. Quest is best on it's own of a gameboy-like device.

    20. Fatal

      This requires a PC? Well then, Oculus Quest for $400 here I come.

      1. Michael Johnson

        I just bought the quest and i have absolutely loved it as a stand alone all in one wireless experience. Just today i had 7 different adults ranging from age 26-47 play it and they were all blown away. They played it until the battery died 4 times today alone. It's a damn good investment with the best stand alone app store.


        Better to get a Rift S if you plan on playing PC-VR games

    21. BigTyme420

      "If I Fitz, I Sitz"

    22. Max Stovall

      Test out boneworks, the game takes huge advantage of the valve index and has a crazy engine

    23. Dick Kickem


    24. Wacky Parsons

      age of empires 2 vr

    25. User

      Not wireless, booo 👎


        Valve will have a wireless adapter coming out for Index next year. FYI, not everyone can use 60ghz. It requires a top-shelf CPU to run due to the bandwidth and ultra-low latency it needs. It's also an expensive technology. The Vive 60ghz wireless adapter is $300.

    26. Zyon

      10:07 "a lot of fascinating possibilities".... Me: *MIddle finger*

    27. Marceleyyy

      "honestly its a bit of a mix feeling comfort wise" there are literally huge foam bumbers strapped onto every part of the plastic what more comfort do you want


        The Index is heavy, but the weight is distributed very well. I agree, I would also want it to be lighter, but with the tech it has, it's not easy to do, and make it affordable in the end. For now, it's the most comfortable HMD money can buy and it's hard to believe anyone would have an issue with comfort over countless hours.

    28. WadelDee

      Is it really necessary to censor every single instance of 🖕?

    29. Firestar 3x

      You can pair both the meat handle and index controllers in the same setup.

    30. milo20060

      Will probably get when I make my new pc next year summer or something. Worked and saved a bit for big upgrade :)


        Better hurry, Boneworks comes out tomorrow!

    31. Super Intendent Chalmers

      Too bad it wasn't dead. This is just too far in video games taken to a absurd level. People look like fucking idiots in those things and it is brimgimg people deep into isolation.

    32. Edgarv68

      il wait 5 more years.

    33. Gameboy

      How to determine whether or not something is dead: the linus test

    34. WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

      I'm getting the Index right now! It comes with a free cat!!! This is awesome!

    35. Benjamin Arvizu

      its comes with a kitty!

    36. American Fry

      The durability on both the headset and knuckles controls are garbage 1 month of daily play and it is falling apart completely even my old regular rift works better


        lol, you are lying. Oculus build quality is nothing like the Valve Index build quality. I own several kits, Index is, by far, the best built kit and of the highest quality.

    37. Kevtendo

      vr's still in it's infancy state and there are barely any games that actually attempt to make use of vr's potential (boneworks, township tale, blade and sorcery are your best choices) so in a sense, spending 1k on a headset right now is a waste when it'll take years before vr really starts to take off and if you'd wait until then these should most have dropped in price or more improved versions of the headsets are released. (sure you can still use these headsets, but not many games make use of the valve anyways.) it's more of a "spend 1k just to be able to flip people off" so i'd just wait untill the price lowers at least

      1. Kevtendo

        @EVOLICIOUS I got my Oculus rift for $350 too. Pretty nice.


        For anyone who has never tried VR and only knows what they heard in the news 3 years or so ago when the Vive and the Rift were released and are hesitant/angry about this being a VR-only title, here's what you need to know: 1) You don't need a $1000 headset and $4000 PC. The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is a very good Windows Mixed Reality headset (it has the same resolution screens as the Vive Pro) and only costs $229.00. You can go even lower with $184.91 for HP's Mixed Reality Headset. These headsets are fully SteamVR-ready. For PC hardware, thanks to recent software tricks, you don't need a top-end gaming PC. Valve recommends a GTX 1060/RX 580 minimum for HL:A, which are both mid-range GPUs that go for around $170-$200. Even lower if you buy a second hand one. If you flat-out don't own a gaming PC at all, you can find guides for a $500 VR build on US-new. 2) Motion sickness isn't the huge issue you've heard it is from internet comedians. Modern VR headsets have been designed and extensively tested to ensure the hardware itself isn't the cause of any motion sickness. Not to say it's impossible, you might be extra-sensitive to motion sickness (though if that's the case, FPS games likely are also a problem for you) and you need to ensure you've got the headset setup correctly (i.e you're able to run the game at the minimum FPS and you have the IPD set correctly for your eyes). Beyond that, it's down to software, the developers need to make sure their camera system isn't weird and new players should avoid any artificial locomotion movement systems until they have adjusted. 3) There's more movement options in VR than just teleporting. This is a popular option since it's more friendly towards new VR users, but many games also feature traditional WASD movement as an option for advanced players. 4) They can't just "flick a switch" to make the game playable in non-VR. The big issue is that the game has been designed for use with what's essentially three input methods being used at the same time (your head, left hand and right hand). Further complicating things is the fact that the position and orientation in 3D space of these three input methods, as well as which fingers on what hand are in what position are also taken into consideration. This is straight-up impossible to replicate with a keyboard and mouse, assuming you don't want the game to play like Surgeon Simulator. In order to make a non-VR version, they would need to create hundreds of new canned animations to replicate some of the things the player can do in the VR version, not to mention programming new scripts for all these actions. This would be very time-consuming and would result in something that's very clunky to play. It would be better to just strip all this out of the game, but this would then require large parts of the game to be re-designed. Very important to add that you can cure motion sickness in 2-3 weeks by taking baby steps with artificial locomotion and irl movement in VR. Caring to avoid your subconscious associating nausea with VR. Takes patience for acclimation. Also important to add that VR doesn't require tons of space and that standing in one place can get you a great VR experience, but more room = more fun! Everyone seems to think they need to spend $1000+ on one game. So here are my system sellers: Boneworks, Asgard's wrath, Stormland, Vertigo 2, Lone Echo 2, Vader Immortal, Trover Saves the Universe, Vox Machinea, Windlands 2, Robo Recall, H3VR (hotdogs, horseshoes and hand grenades), Blade & Sorcery, Cosmic Trip, Espire 1, Arizona Sunshine, MMORPG OrbisVR, Space Junkies, Gorn, Fujii, Holoception, VTOL VR, Rec Room, Tilt Brush, SuperHot VR, Virtual Virtual Reality, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Onward, Pavlov, Contractors vr, Zero Caliber, Compound vr, google earth vr, virtual desktop, skyrimvr, NMSVR, so many amazing VR games and that is just off the top of my head.

    38. Empu Emppu

      I usually don't like videos, but your cats man, i just had to!

    39. a rice

      I don't think I'd like a more of a strap-on experience but that's just me

    40. PaPiRiCoSuAvE

      valve gives you a free CAT with every valve index???? that is awesome ^ ^

    41. Best69 Hfh

      So we not finna talk about the cat

    42. Pranav Joshi


    43. Cvrlos Padilla

      I'm just so ready for the Nerve Gear!

    44. Chay Warburton

      "I do wish it was more of a 'strap on' experience". - Linus, Christmas 2019

      1. Chay Warburton

        @Joseph .M 101 eh, not to worried about it. If you dont like it, dont read it xD

      2. Joseph .M 101

        This video was shot and uploaded in August. Not December.

    45. Dragunovski

      You have to try boneworks on december 10

    46. Bongie361

      3:33 I didn’t know the index came with a cat?

    47. Dur Duh

      You wish it was more of a strap on experience? Ok

    48. Jason Zherdev

      vive index

    49. Mr. Walker

      Someone kill the camera man

    50. 5./StG1 - DLMalloy

      At 3:32 does it come with the cat or is that a separate deal?

    51. Almantas Kandrotas

      Man if it was like 200$ less I’d pick it up instantly I just don’t have the $$ to drop on it

    52. I AM ROBOT

      sorry linus, there's a cat on the screen, i no longer care

    53. ohaleceiffel

      HAHA he said strap-on experience!

    54. TacticalHouse Ah

      anyone exited for half life alyx and boneworks?

    55. Al Bu

      What kind of controllers do you have there Bro ✨✨✨😁

    56. Ness

      Me “this looks neat maybe I’ll order one “ sees price 😭😭😭😭

    57. Antoine Fauconneau

      "I really do wish that it was more of a strap-on experience" -Linus Sebastian, 2019

    58. KATOS

      Check Out boneworks, it seems like it got great index support

    59. RogueBrit

      i nearly vomit everytime I wear VR

    60. Mate Varszegi

      with this video I guess the cat is back in the box....

    61. GoProJoe

      VR games and controls are horrible and nobody wants to play standing. We just want to play our favorite games with VR headset support.

    62. Angus

      Holy shit all those controllers 👀

    63. ROXAL m2

      The cat tho. He just completely ignored it

    64. Fredrick Rourk

      Free KITTY! Plus Free Half Life Alyx!

    65. Chase Brinson

      Linus on camera with has cat: good kitty strokes Linus off camera with cat: you dumb bitch slams on ground.

    66. Josh Manitowich

      talks up high resolution and fps like they are everything only plays games with nintendo 64 graphics

    67. Matthew E Adcock

      So glad I bought it for my son in September instead of waiting for his birthday in November. It's a blast. I'm going to get the Oculus Quest 128GB for my truck.

    68. tyson505

      So, after watching the trailers for Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks, I ordered a Samsung Odyssey Plus for $229. At 1/4 of the price of the index, I'm hoping it's at least 1/2 as good lol. Not expecting the pixel persistence/response time/tracking to be great but I heard the black levels and colors are incredible with the OLED 1440x1600 per eye resolution.

      1. tyson505

        @EVOLICIOUS thanks for the info! That's my plan, return it for a rift s if I'm not satisfied. I hear the tracking on the rift s is far superior despite both being inside-out tracking. How bad are the black levels/colors on the rift s compared to the o+? My friend ordered the $1000 index kit and it arrived today, I'll have to try that out once he sets it up.


        I have the O+ and several other kits. O+ definitely holds it's own, it's not nearly as good as the Rift S and nothing like the Index, but it does the job great! The only warning I have (that may or may not bother you) is that you may find the tracking a little limiting, the comfort is not so great, and the visuals are fairly blurry due to the anti-SDE filter they use. If any of those things bother you, do return/sell the O+ and be on the lookout for a Rift S for around $350 that will solve all of those issues.

    69. pepr 69

      I love ur cat

    70. Dzrian

      3:33 comes with a pussy. Nice