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    Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Cut

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      1. Steve Thea

        @Trisha Ebina 🙏🙏 what's yours

      2. Trisha Ebina

        @Steve Thea @yana.demeester

      3. John C. Fontenot

        @Natalie Deeble &j*

      4. N P

        Where is the rest of the peoples instagrams, what kind of shit is this

    2. Lillian Carlisle

      Eww the vocal coach

    3. Lillian Carlisle

      The people weren’t the best and the vocal coach AGHHAHAHAHA

    4. Addison Willis

      Am I the only one that thinks the first girl wasn’t great?? She tried way too hard.

    5. Deema Diab

      4:10 looks like Rossana pansino


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    7. Zach Evensen

      Sorry Brandon you are not a dude. Don’t laugh when someone says it’s a girl.

    8. Erin Colvin

      Ok but I hate the vocal coach, she’s terrible but thinks she sounds good. Also, you don’t just tell someone, “YoU SmoKe TOo MuCH WeED!”

    9. sunny avocado

      man at 3:23 starts singing Watch by Billie Eilish Me: °○°

    10. Willow Milenkovic

      The vocal coach just pissed me off tbh

    11. Saga Melander

      When she asked her to sing old town road - the people in the background😂

    12. Julia T.

      Girl: has a raspy voice VoCal CoAch: she definitely smokes weed

    13. Elijah Lieu

      0:25 bruh Would consider yourself a singer Nah I can’t sing for shit At least he accepts it 😂😂😂

    14. Hanabi

      3:48 cardi b's make up is quaking

    15. TheAwkwardPotterhead

      The girl looked so uncomfortable when the vocal coach said she smoked Weed.. The vocal coach is kinda rude to everyone not to be rude

    16. peachy kiwi

      The *VoCal cOaCh* is obnoxious

    17. Haley E

      Why do people move so dramatic like when they sing

    18. eenin

      The girl in the purple shirt is so beautiful oh myyy

    19. Lance Hardman

      “vocal coach” was very annoying. Always had to say something about training. always had to have someone sing some different way, or criticize someone. Like just listen to the singing and say how you think they look ffs, it’s not one of your shitty vocal classes.

    20. natalie grace

      that one guy literally had an og roblox hair style

    21. Abdelrahman Ayman

      How the fuck should I know 😅

    22. Lauren Seigal

      The “vocal coach” was obnoxious when she was like ThEy DefiNiTeLy SmOkE WeED 😒

    23. OrIaNA GaBrIeLla MaNnErs

      God gives her unique voice Girl : sings Blindfolded person : Oh she smokes weed 😂🙌🙌🙌

    24. Jade Moreno

      However they never matched the voice to the person. Cuz they just looked at everyone afterwards

    25. Jade Moreno

      0:32 I.WANT.HER.OUTFIT. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    26. Nenuphar Rah

      I do NOT like that vocal coach at all. She’s nasty

    27. GeniousGamer 07

      The man defo a theatre kid

    28. Yui Yui

      When the second guy just sang phantom of the opera I was like YESSSSSSS

    29. Livyjean 06

      This video seemed very awkward for everyone

    30. Rachelle G

      the girl with the long hair and glasses looked like moaning myrtle LMFAOO

    31. Lucia Evans

      i got so excited when he started singing phantom of the opera

    32. Mari Jackson

      Who else thought Brandon was a female

    33. kitten :3


    34. Valeria

      the person who sang watch was so fucking good, and the style is just W O W, I haven't seen that since tokyo hotel and I'm loving it

    35. Giselle g

      Red haird lady: iM a VoCaL cOaCh *sings like miranda sings*

    36. Lively Light

      This hurt to watch

    37. Lydia L

      Nobody: No one at all: Literally no one: Lady: "i'M a vOcAl cOaCh"

    38. cali.lakin

      the “ vocal coach “ pissed me off

    39. Phoenix Tigerblood

      the teacher needs a... HOLISTIC VOCAL COACH!

    40. Love Debby

      1:40 I'm sorry but he's stupid asf for saying that... I mean she can sing but....😬

    41. rachel forlife

      None of them can sing bro

    42. rachel forlife


    43. rachel forlife

      @0:28 why his hair like that😂😂

    44. rachel forlife

      The first whitw girl red hair can't sing bro

    45. Rainbowflower Plays

      Honestly there is so much better singers out there 😔

    46. Nomad

      4:40 she looks like Mia Khalifa

    47. FTK !

      The second guy had a very theatrical voice.

    48. Ramona Zotescu

      The phantommm❤️❤️❤️❤️

    49. Daisy’s Life

      The vocal coaches eyebrows be looking like mountains 🏔😂

    50. Aathmika Govindh

      I trolled down the comments 😋 and found it unbelievable to see more than 20 likes for each comment 😮

    51. sa as

      Those singers are umm well not the best but neither was the voice coach so

    52. Dead Adam

      Voice coach lady can suck my ass

    53. kimchi •

      is anyone else annoyed by the first girl or is it just me

    54. kimchi •

      who gonna tell that vocal coach she sounds like miranda sings

    55. Sophie M.

      the first girl has such a beautiful voice *END ME*

    56. Rorschach

      Yana is freakin hot

    57. blythe.stories

      1:07 Was trying too hard..

    58. Sophia C

      I love Brandon’s voice so much

    59. scooter

      *red head lady* “I TEACH VOCALS...” *starts to sing* *me:* “... no you don’t lol.”

    60. ItzEnxo

      One of em built like and emo dude version of nicki Minaj

    61. sisterpadma x

      that boy went ⚫️⚫️⚫️👁👄👁⚫️⚫️⚫️

    62. AllyCat0909

      Where’s both dude’s US-new channels? I need them to sing more

    63. Phoenix _GachaPotato15

      I heard the boy sing Billie eilish and I have now fallen in love with his voice

    64. Frederich Surya

      the person with really white skin and long hair,is the person a guy or a girl or gender neutral cause i am confused

    65. Miniman_7 F

      How tf is that one emo weirdo a guy. Go back to anime #trannyssuck

    66. JohnHan

      0:57 Sing to me. Me: JESUS THE VOICE

    67. victoria


    68. victoria

      0:28 same

    69. ilomilo


    70. Porno Graphy

      5:00 her @ ?

    71. Epic_Fandomz 12354

      I love the tall (probably) emo guy who sang Billy X3

    72. fia

      0:13 me in 1st grade doing pigtails

    73. 2ChicksTutorials

      i actually got chills from the first girl

    74. Anything New

      1:07 Billie and halsey together has left the chat

      1. Anything New


      2. jess

        Anything New she sounds so damn good i’d lowkey listen to her songs

    75. Cubany. Vu

      Brandon is to die for.

    76. charles butler

      The vocal coach needs a new profession

    77. olm18


    78. Sotiera Lee

      eww why she singin like that 😷

    79. Kaya M-R

      No ones voice was good ngl

    80. Kaya M-R

      0:23 that was rlly bad wtf😂

    81. s.

      the red hair is so annoying

    82. - JammyTitanJuice -


    83. Paul Buchmüller

      The girl with brown hair and white shirt is soo beautiful WOW!

    84. Jasmine Valle

      the first girl was not that good but with some vocal lessons she can sing so good

    85. Julia P

      Bro that opera lady was for sure not singing in Russian, not even close

    86. ThatoneMikasa

      Yo anyone got the goth dudes Insta?

    87. khalil azrhai

      The first guy looks like mohamed ali when he was young

    88. Julia Staneczek

      One of them sang Billie, im happy :)

      1. Chloe horwith

        Julia Staneczek sameee

    89. D JJJ

      I was lookin at Brandon the entire time thinking, “damn that’s a sexy goth girl”. Guess I’m gay now.

    90. Noriah Huron

      I just wanna say the "singing coach" was saying bad things about them but she sucked

    91. lizbeth 101

      Why does every video have someone who thinks another person is smoking weed?😂

    92. bigev213

      So no one saw a floating black shirt an a green skirt? 😂😂😂😂😂

    93. Emma Williams

      They’re all bad sorry😂

    94. robyn roots

      Every voice in this was unbearable 😂

    95. Owl Love123

      They were all bad ...

    96. 90sDRgirl

      That second girl with the piercing damn her voice and her vibe And she is not a girl lol XD

    97. Dreams in Asia

      I'd like to see more Yanna please

    98. Ya boi sangwoo

      Yooo brandon is sasuke

    99. hannah Tracy

      Green skirt girl looks like flashback Mary lol

    100. Robin Parson

      Opera singer: *Sings in different language. Lady: Im going to go with the fact that she's RUSSIAN! WHY ELSE would you know how to sing in russian?" First of all, how do you if shes russian or not???? Second of all, maybe she LEARNS how to sing in different languages. You cant just assume thing...