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    Game of Thrones Dragon DRACARYS from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino!
    In this amazing experiment i build and burn the Game of Thrones dragon Dracarys made from 17500 safety matches as i promised in my last matches chain reaction Volcano video:
    This match creation took me about 150 hours to make and cost me about $50
    - it took me 1 week to figure out HOW to make the construction of the dragon
    - I worked 10-15 hours/day for 2 weeks to make it
    - I used 17 500 Matches and 0.5kg Glue
    - This is the first "model" i ever made in my life
    - Yeah i know my english is not perfect but i dont care
    I hope you like the video! PLease dont try this at home! I know what i do and i already tried it so You dont have to.
    You can help me buy more matches here:
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    Thank You :) #gameofthrones #dragon #mokso

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    1. Mokso

      Thoughts on this? - Took me 1 week to figure out how to make the Dragon - Maybe no one cares but I share behind the scenes photos here: - 150 hours of work all in all. 30% to build the Dragon, 70% to everything else - i burned my fingers about 30 times with the hot glue gun. - i used 17 500 matchsticks - it was heartbreaking for me to watch it burn - You should see my dogs face when i showed her the dragon - Took me 2 hours to make the photo for the thumbnail - The Dragon burned for 30 minutes - The internet in my village is so slow that it took me 12 hours to upload this 1,3GB video - I did not used any chemicals Frequently asked Questions and answers: Q: This accent is Brittish english? A: Да. Q: What if you forgot to press the record button while you burn it? A: I would upload a "How to curse 15 minutes in a row step by step A-Z tutorial video" Q:Do you watch the Game of Thrones Serial? A: Actually i started the 1st season 3 times but i always finished it after the 3 episode. So the answer is no. Q: You are the cause of the global warming A: 5:31 Q: (based on a real comment from the volcano video) These matchsticks could be used to cook meal for homeless people and you just waste the resources of the earth A: How many meals did You cook for homeless people in the last 6 months? Q: Your english is not too good A: Yes i am is not perfect but i try to improve it :) You can help me buy more matches here: I share behind the scenes photos here: Love you Guys :) please can you give me ideas for future videos? No matter if it is difficult. If I like the idea I will make it for sure :-) thank you!!!

      1. The M - Fire domino Amazing fire domino Rodan matches chain😲😲😲

      2. Zeenat Cassim

        Also I want one

      3. Zeenat Cassim

        Technically it's a wyrem not a dragon

      4. Daniel Hoppe

        This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen on US-new

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        Well i from Việt Nam

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      Decapictated Dragon

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      When the dragon went “🤮” I felt that

    4. Gabriel CC

      Useless waste of resources

    5. Danky Blanket Flop

      7:13 That. Was. Epic. Bravo 👏 bravo indeed

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      Make a exploding rocket (clash royale)

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    8. The M - Fire domino Amazing fire domino Rodan matches chain😲😲😲

    9. The_Calico_Ninja

      I like how you built it differently from what others would have build it... it looks equally as awesome when burning and after being built!

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      It was pretty cool expecaly when it just spited out like it was taking its last breath in his honer

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      This is un poco de todo

      1. Mokso

        Sí :-)

    15. Mr. Random

      Mate you should build another one but just for looks for yourself so you can be proud of how talented you are

    16. Norm Caissie

      Awesome fire effect

    17. eL Slaviaga

      Actually, I can't drawing a dragon:v

    18. Walrusking06

      Such a talented person. Can we see you just sculpt something or draw something?

    19. Gunner Hosek

      Fucker killed it's self breathing fire

    20. Gunner Hosek

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      First impression i tot it was dinosaur.. but than its a dragon with fire and kill him self. RIP

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      Wow!! Absolutely fantastic could of used it on a film set just a shame it went up in smoke. 👍

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      Dracarys 🔥🔥🔥


      After watching this whole video i came to know that what does a dragon eats ? Its matches man and 💛😂 What it drinks Its keronsene Amd that's the reason why he is in a rage with fire 🔥😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😂 Edit: next time pls Don't use glue gun because it melts in few seconds in such big projects like this pls use something different that doesn't melt while burning urs hardwork If my comments Hurt u then so sorry

    45. Robipunomo sajidibadurmaPurnomo

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      Those who thumbed down are jealous. Your talent is amazing. The fire breathing from the dragon was awesome. Another excellent design.

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    56. Sav AJ

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      I love the dragon it is a shame you had to burn it but it does look amazing when you burned the dragon

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      Dude! Killer project! I too was sad to see it go up in flames but it worked beautifully! Drogo aint got notin on you!

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