Match Chain Reaction Dragon from matches! Amazing Fire Domino



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    Game of Thrones Dragon DRACARYS from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino!
    In this amazing experiment i build and burn the Game of Thrones dragon Dracarys made from 17500 safety matches as i promised in my last matches chain reaction Volcano video:
    This match creation took me about 150 hours to make and cost me about $50
    - it took me 1 week to figure out HOW to make the construction of the dragon
    - I worked 10-15 hours/day for 2 weeks to make it
    - I used 17 500 Matches and 0.5kg Glue
    - This is the first "model" i ever made in my life
    - Yeah i know my english is not perfect but i dont care
    I hope you like the video! PLease dont try this at home! I know what i do and i already tried it so You dont have to.
    You can help me buy more matches here:
    If you like the dragon and appreciate my work, you can subscribe here:

    Thank You :) #gameofthrones #dragon #mokso

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Mokso

      I also made a Pirate Ship which is killed my iphone 8 plus :(

      1. Abdullah Hamidaddin

        I like that you planted a tree for the air pollution that the fire produced

      2. Tu'i's Toy Surprises

        RIP iPhone

      3. Muhammedkerim Yildirim

        Senin amına koyam

      4. emma renfro

        good work !👍

    2. catmutterer

      Very cool! Better than the volcano!


      He's dragon teeth burn lol

    4. Ethan W

      i love the talks you have right before you set it on fire keep up the great work!

    5. Владимир Грибович

      Зачем ты его сжог?

    6. Cassidy Capers

      I love dragons i was born in the Chinese year of the dragon i dont mind you burning it keep up the good work

    7. Scooter Tuner

      How did you manage to beat Captain America? Vell vee shot him in zee legs because he has a tiny shield und he is an idiot.

    8. Kayden Tran


    9. Annalyse Rivera

      My dad and I watched it and thought it was so cool, now you should make another one bigger, with 3 heads and light it up at night 😬

    10. Tu'i's Toy Surprises

      7:12 when you eat too much hot sauce

    11. IsaiahGaming

      This makes me rethink how I make my art

    12. kshark 12

      Make two of them so you can save one.


      Wow this was so beautiful I can't believe you burnt it but it was cool love your videos

    14. Eric Smells

      6:52 if u want to see it right away

    15. anna trzcinska

      new movie ghost rider and the demons revenge

    16. ThatGamer YT

      When a the dragon breathes fire 7:16

    17. HotMess Love

      That was soooo freaking cool... Especially the first part when it breaths fire...sort of

    18. TheGamingSloth #1

      Can I have one

    19. Etenesh Umar

      2:34 nice snake

    20. russell cobb

      Don't burn

    21. Jσŋ Jɛяωɛɛŋ

      Match dragon: *shots fire* Match dragon: skreeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!!!!!!! Match dragon: *head accidently cut of by fire bean* Me: nuuu!!!!!!!! R.i.p dragon 2019-2019

    22. Steve Comerford

      I really thought it would be a shame to burn it but the end result was well worth it! Good job!

    23. Aleks Storvick

      What are the songs you use in this awesome video? Well done on the dragon. Love that it "breathes" fire so aggressively!

    24. Daniel Rebong

      Your Really! Good Mokso!!!

    25. ReverseCard96

      You are cool

    26. Manroop Lidder

      That would’ve took me years wow

    27. スズキハルコ

      Dragons dont exist why yall are sad af

    28. shupa dupa

      What song is that at 5:00

    29. John Gordon

      Another g2g

    30. iiErrorExe Playz

      *It's harder then it looks.*

    31. Zachary Barrette

      Anyone else notice he spoon fed a dragon

    32. Doc Mar

      Super cool!

    33. Anthony Salisbury

      Dude I almost cried when I saw that burn but the fire breathing was amazing

    34. Sabir Din

      I liked it one trillion times lol

    35. Sabir Din

      That is really cool:)

    36. Gergő Aczél

      That was sick! Cool!

    37. David Campbell

      That's absolutely amazing and you have a great talent. Please continue doing what you do. Share your talent with the world and don't be bothered by the thumbs down people. There's always going to be haters

    38. MAW 1

      Someone told you about Bitcoin BTC in 2012. You did not listen! I'm telling you about Digibyte DGB now! Don't make the same mistake twice! Fastest UTXO on the planet!

    39. muvva crusher

      Amazing dragon shame it was destroyed

    40. Big Whyte

      So you are one of the guys that chosed to kill Parthanaxx huh?

    41. Steven Belchamber

      You truly are the Michelangelo of matches, with explosions of course!

      1. Mokso

        Lol thank you :-D

    42. Beth Cat!!

      I wonder how people at stores react when you go to but that many matches XD

    43. abdallah nabil


      1. Zachary Barrette

        abdallah nabil I don’t know

      2. Shaun Parmisano

        Because they cant build this they are noob

    44. shupa dupa

      At 5:00?

    45. shupa dupa

      Name of song?,

    46. Shrek

      Earth’s cool atmosphere: This man: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

    47. Lady Tyzu

      wow so sad to see a nice peace of art go but it was totally worth it

    48. Graham Morrison

      Why the tree planting?

    49. Ziltch

      4:20 “eat, my child”

    50. wolvesaremyfaveorite TikTok Videos

      That is genius cause it looked like it was breaking fire!!

    51. Joseph D

      Don’t kill the dragon! He’s too cool to burn!

    52. Ashley Kania-Blickenderfer

      Amazing! Honestly I was soooo sad to see you destroy it, that dragon was gorgeous! I don't know if I could have done it...once the large flames were done I was like, "Put it out! You can still save him!" Haha. I was expecting the whole thing to explode and I was thinking to myself, yeah but it would be cooler if it just spit fire like a real dragon....and then it did!!!! Great video you have a new subscriber here. Now promise me you will build another dragon and keep burning! 😁👍❤️

    53. OMER ANWER

      You are amazing

    54. Tracey Schnellenberger

      Wow! That was really awesome how the flames shot out of his mouth. Your artwork is amazing 😁

    55. Joseph Friend

      Your English is fine lol. Better than many native speakers

    56. Jakin Charbonneau

      Omg he is the best youtuber he doesn’t care if you dislike the vid all he wants is to make his viewers happy he wants to improve on every video good job

    57. Alicia Beale

      Wow this is incredible. Have you thought about making art and doing art shows instead of burning them all? I think these should be admired, not burned. I mean it’s cool. But I bet you could sell these instead of burning them. Maybe make one replica for each art show and burn that instead?

    58. Frank James

      Respect that is really cool i appreciate you plant a tree to offset the environmental impact. Keep up the good work!

    59. Newby FPV

      Very neat. I would love to see Crowley's Bentley from Good Omens!

    60. Michelle Kaufmann

      Super cool. And this dude is hella cute too 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Mokso

        Ouhhh thanks Michelle :-D

    61. d ste phens

      That’s awesome!

    62. Nattieplayz

      It’s breathes fire

    63. Angelic PhoeniX Ministry

      You are very creative and talented. A true artist.

    64. Callum Peters

      Nice work that's cool as fire

    65. jesse montgomery

      I wish I had a lot of time to burn some $#!@ that took me half my life to make. How much did the Matches cost when you built this? It was sad to see a great pice of art burn up

    66. Dennis Wiemken

      Wonderful human

    67. Myu Lisbeth

      Amazing. Thank you. So cathartic

    68. ArtistRK Jensen

      That was a real work of art. I was sad to see you burn it. There is a type of art called performance art. This was a real sculpture and a performance peace. A real fire breathing Dragon. So cool. Also, why aren't you adding commercials to your videos? US-new won't allow it? If so you should. I would still watch. You can put the commercial in the middle and not the beginning.


      Dude that was badass

      1. Mokso

        Thanks Bro

    70. Drippy James

      I wish u didnt burn it sorry other fans