Maroon 5 - Memories (Lyric Video)



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    Directors: Andrew S. Cohen & Ryan Kieffer
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    Producers: Ryan Kieffer, Andrew S. Cohen, Dion Smith
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories (Lyric Video). © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Ilikememes :3

      As I was scrolling through my recommendations I saw this and thought it said memo fries 😂😂

    2. Kyuu

      i read it as “meme rises”

    3. Fresh Rat Playz

      *i have to sing this in music assemblies 😭😂*

    4. Mr. Bomb


    5. O-Tro Animations

      Wow guys pachabels new hit sounds so cool

    6. kid kidbuttowski

      0:30 - Sugar 1:23 - Dont Wanna Know (( suit that Adam wears in the music video )) 1:57 - Payphone 2:12 - One More Night Are these all memories with Maroon 5 ?

      1. Materská škola Abrahám

        ut not a tru fan if that s all u could find

    7. Savvy714

    8. Alex Pato

      1:23 Is that a fursuit

    9. Veni Vidi Vici

      Put the coffee down and take your shower...focus...

    10. Remya Mk

      Maroon 5 - Canon??

    11. Nom nom98

      even i heard this song,i like it 😍

    12. willy wonka

      "doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo" ;-;

    13. Munesh attry

      Best song .. who agrees

    14. G E N I U S S

      Toast to one of the best decade (for me)

    15. Lavigne Esporlas

      I hope they make an animated music video for this

    16. Squishy Turtz

      If you know Sky children of light and If you know the song: Memories and the part when it says “Toast to the ones that we lost on the way” and the last part of eden while listening to that... man it hurts

    17. Clayton Leonard

      “Toast To The Ones That We Lost On The Way” Made My Heart Broke🥺😢😭💔I Miss My Friend😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺My Friend Is So Kind But Now I Can’t Be With Her Anymore❤️💔

    18. karina arguelles Hernandez

      the song hits me

    19. Katheryn Sumadchat

      Anyone else feel like crying???

    20. C MSandi

      Why does this sound so familiar although its newly released

    21. can we reach 2000 subs without video

      Who thinks this song has the same note as V CANON song?

    22. Mary Lou Verutiao Ramirez

      its bring back all my happy memories

    23. help pewdiepie

      i thought it was “want to grow up on the tree”

    24. reno radjab


    25. Thorn'Tooth

      For some reason I thought this song has been around for years

    26. Gabriel Quilario

      *gonna tell my kids this is canon in D*

    27. tisaa

      for someone who tell me to hear this song , i just wanna say “ thankyou “ for all our very good memories . you will have space in my heart as a memories

    28. ATGsplix

      yeet finally an animation

    29. au Sixxtyneine


    30. e z i n n e

      why do i feel like this is an old song? 😂

    31. Dewa Egi


    32. BreadNon

      "Now my heart feel like December" This is so sad cause it's true. 1 like = 1 January

    33. R4inb0w 5ky

      The past was great...

    34. Asui Tsuyu

      *meemo riess*

    35. trying to get 150 subs for no reason challenge

      guys the tune is from that classical song I forgot what the name was but it is

    36. Honey Bunn

      I can see the BTS edits now 👀👀

    37. Mf Cel


    38. SuperiorPegasus Fox

      Can anybody spot any references or memories in this video

    39. Girish Tripathy

      Most loved song! 💕💕 Memories bRing back, memories bring back you! 💕🔥

    40. Lilia Gacha


    41. Ruby Claire

      Wow, I’m gonna miss the 2010s...

    42. Ane Mari


    43. Jershza Irilis Vlog

      Who's here Dec 5? I love listening to this music #keeplistening #Maroon5 memories

    44. Odet Ramírez

      Cuando no entiendo mucho, pero se que es una gran canción. I like, I love morron (´∀`)♡

    45. Shooga Shooga

      At first, I thought I listened to this song years ago, and I was just rediscovering it, but i looked at the upload date and realized it was a few days ago! Idk why, but this song feels so nostalgic.

    46. Jelina Sam

      The boxing is one more night The butterfly is maps The guitars is sugar Hmmmm I dunno am I rightt

    47. esther egbe

      love this song soo much!!! lots of good and bad memoris

    48. Ji hyun You

      I love Maroon5!

    49. Shy Ghostz

      I thought this was made 1 year ago-

    50. Mako Fraser


    51. Sri May Afinawanti


    52. Sri May Afinawanti


    53. Abby Sennett

      Going to see you guys this summer! So excited! 😆

    54. Ladys

      Como que encanta esta canción

    55. Thiago ApksMod 2.0

      This lyric video was made by Windows Movie Maker? Lol

    56. 9TP


    57. Jaker Boss

      The reason you guys think you’ve heard this song before is because the intro sounds a lot like Lightning Crashes by Live. Am I wrong?

    58. Akatsuki YouTube

      Yang dari Indonesia like! 🇲🇨🇲🇨! . . Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia Dec 6, 2019

    59. Stutjack99

    60. The Australia cookie

      Is everything you see there every video he made in the past

    61. foreverthea ii

      This song always makes me think of the guy I love 😩😢and the friends I lost. 😊❤️But it makes me think of them in a fond, beautifully nostalgic way.

    62. Nicolao Samau

      I cried when I saw the pay phone🥺😭😭😭

    63. Jane Gold

      you know you are a die hard Maroon 5 fan when u understand every photo and sign made in this video

    64. 자바초


    65. Samqwertz

      I just recently stopped talking to my best friend earlier. This song really hit too close to home...

    66. EXO-L eri

      The melody sounds so sweet but when i see at the lyrics damn my eyes are crying like hell 😭

    67. Jessie xoxo

      Marks the end of 2019 can’t believe 2020 is coming lol

    68. EzioAuditore1500

      Lansaram a braba

    69. Sidali Tedjoui

      Who's in 2020 ?! -Dec 05 , 2019. ❤💎

    70. Víctor Rodríguez Tarín

      Hope you all have the life you diserve with the best people🌟