Maroon 5 - Girls Like You (ZYN Remix)



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    1. GotChills


      1. Felix Solefack


      2. Đô Triệu Vlog

        is me

      3. Paola Perez

        Klaus Mikaelson no, 2021

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    4. Anubhav Bhringraj


    5. Lyrics Tube

      Best lyrics video here

    6. ukaize paródia

      Good remix


      Any 1 in 👉 2020🥀💫

    8. พรภานา มะโนคํา


    9. Echo EC

      Wow this is really good the soundtrack goes with it perfect!

    10. pia doreen chua

      i like this song so much.......

    11. MauFN


    12. yInfinit_

      I love you remix bro !! S2

    13. Sabrina Warriner

      Probably one of the best Maroon 5 remixes where it does not take away from the song but adds a little something special or extra! I love it!

    14. ごぼうマン韓国人

      Perfact music!!! If you don't mind, can i use this music in my video??? It is a promotional video, and i have plan will be used as a promotional full music Is it okay??

    15. dobbelsteen

      2019 christmas yeahh!

    16. Ilyass Mouddakir

      2020 ?

    17. Jesse Younas


    18. El Axel

      the best remix of this song in youtube, the rest are too hardcore

    19. Cindya Osc. Rojas

      Oww!! this remix is without Cardi B, that's amazing 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🎶🎧

    20. Serbian Channel

      Dog : "woof" "woof" Cat: "meow" "meow" Idiots: "2019??" "2019??"

    21. Yogendra Thakur

      Wooow 😍😍😍

    22. Barun Chutia

      I love it bro God remix

    23. Baljeet Kaur

      Very very nice remix

    24. SuperFay 23

      marvel fans: tony starks death was so sad imagine dragons: HOLD MY BIRDSSSSS HURRY HOLY MOLY

    25. Jeanneth Aguilar


    26. Bose Bosku2

      alan walker

    27. Amy Patel

      Ahhh that's a good remix now.... hey guys.... please please checkout my

    28. Veritas VII

      That's pretty dope! Good job!

    29. Rully Fitria Handayani

      I love the minutes 2:40 till end

    30. Henson Pedro Leon

      Great! Finally No Cardi B

    31. Amel Morsli

      algerian loves loves excellent voice music beauty singer young beauty beauty excellent singer tops in tops on summit TOPS EXCELLENT GREAT JOB BRAVO HÉRO M'Y IDOL HONEY MAN LOVES😁😉

    32. Jhon jairo Gutierrez

      You are the best bro 😍

    33. Manung Timyung

      and also how come it keeps saying girls like you and guys like me?

    34. Manung Timyung

      pro; nice nice nice hacker; bruh bruh bruh noob; 2019? 2019? 2019?

    35. Susannah Lezzy

      I love it just found this. Thanks my sons off to college shot out noel!😊😊😊😊😊😁

    36. jew nana

      who love maloon5 like

    37. Jhon Kenny Gutierrez Gomez

      you are the best bro

    38. OneCheezyPizza

      Bro This is f**king lit!

    39. Debashish Sarkar


    40. pmf cantagalo

      2030 ?

    41. Suraj Sah

      This remix is amazing

    42. Skyler Power696

      The picture and effects are amazing

    43. Isaac Clarke

      August 2019 anyone? (Today's 5th August btw) Remember : Be happy in life. You're the result of thousands of years of Evolution and Adaptation. Also one of the Smartest Living Being. So make it worth.

    44. Kaleah Battle

      Roses are red and violets are blue love this song and so do you

    45. Jesica Rojas


    46. Susana Vu

      Man not found 😊

    47. Agam Bansal

      This song can attract a desi indian

    48. Trikloe

    49. Francisco Leiton

      Good remix, just what i was looking for. Good rythm.

    50. Nhi Đinh thị phương

      20 6 2019

    51. Ualaci android ..... nois......Vamos lá. ........7477....100%

    52. Third Lapat Ngamchaweng


    53. DR. prateik

      Mother of all remix



    55. Gayatri Shukla

      This is called originial remix without killin' the vibe of the song Amazing🤩🤩


      Best love your remix 👑

    57. BHAWAN singh

      ₲ ł R L ₴ L ł ₭ E Y Ø U

    58. Madhu Prajapati

      oooooowooooo nice song

    59. Prisha Arora

      It’s better than the original song❤️

    60. Dennis Fereoles

      I had this dream about this song with a different type of remix. Instead of Cardi B, Machine Gun Kelly and Snoop Dogg was in it. Can’t remember the lyrics but the song was fu?:king dope.

    61. DemonPlayz DemonSlayz


    62. karma namgyal

      Lovely sound effects

    63. Millipede Stick Anims

      I like remix!!!

    64. Masum Jangid

      Loved more than the original version... 🎵🎵

    65. Lcs julio


    66. Samuel Daley

      Your remix will live on in the hearts of all of your fans, and we fans say thank you

    67. Movies TV


    68. Nguyễn Dio

      Can you make a link download the song

    69. harry girl

      Loved it😍😍