Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Raspo Remix)



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    Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Raspo 'Chill' Remix)
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Andrei Dumitrescu

      Best Girls like you remix so far

    2. Asher Licuanan

      3:06 ❤❤❤

    3. MARCOS - GARRABY 666 - android games -

      Make a beat of it!

    4. Michelangelo Detsis


    5. Lucas TV

      BRASIL 🇧🇷 ❤️

    6. & croissant Cappuccino

      Great remix!!!!!!!!😊

    7. luka sink

      маш сайн ремикс дүү минь 👍

    8. Izzy Robinson

      Lol thanks

    9. MomI Bhuyan


    10. Ahmed spawN

      better than the original one

    11. VFX SOUL

      Awesome 🔥🔥❤❤❤👏

    12. RIKI phukan

      Finally got the song ya ya ya........

    13. Hunter One

      Why fake it we hade one. Akon

    14. Sheyril Burkes

      Now this what I call some amazing nusic

    15. Apple Thakur

      Best drop ever!!!!!!

    16. Fulya Beren Saat

      şarkın çok güzel

    17. Selwyn Joe Medel

      Teach ME Senpai!

    18. alofakiinha

      To the people who make remixes: You then thought you were the best person to make remixes. R.I.P

    19. ROLEX FF

      Algum Brasileiro ?

    20. Tjaša Hribar


    21. hien nguyen

      I found this song in soundcloud but i can’t find cause this song not unavailable, who can help me find this song in soundcloud please(sorry my EL so bad)

    22. Safdar Ali Shah

      ThumbsUp for this Amazing Productions.

    23. Anis Arpadzic

      Cardi actually killed it, wtf.

    24. Newang bshor official

      All music good to hear... Tq to all

    25. Natasha Paul

      Best Remix!!!!

    26. java mae

      making this as my background music on the video for my officemates.

    27. 郑文龙


    28. Trikloe

    29. yenhoangminh 195

      Please use another backgrou

    30. Sanu Rana

      This is the best remix song in the world

    31. Sev Production’s

      This song is making me dance more I love it omg 😮

    32. Agnel Cell

      Indonesia hadir

    33. Keny Del

      Todos los comentarios son en ingles solo el mio no

    34. kweng fernandez

      Hi can I use your remix for my video? Will give proper credit!

    35. Marissa Lazares

      The guitar strings like scracthin it's so irritable 😂😂


      jaw drop

    37. Fire Dragon


    38. #Lusr


    39. riZaHh FUErTes


    40. Li Sanchez

      Hi . Can i use this song for my portrait video ? :)

    41. xSweetieLizx

      Great job on this remix!

    42. Jay Chiu


    43. NathanX21

      Definition of Remix: Some other artists that tries to remake the beat of the song but fail miserably This Remix: HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD AF

    44. João Luis Style

      Aquele Remix que vc respeita e tanto procura no youtube !!! #EssaFicouTop

    45. Thảo Susi


    46. อยาก เล่า

      ม่วนอีหลี to hovt

    47. Nara Alves

      Alguém do Brasil? ❤🇧🇷

    48. Pond Nation

      Nice Remix Bro 🔥🔥🔥

    49. naclara `

      Brasil 🇧🇷💖

    50. Rajesh Vethekar


      1. Rajesh Vethekar

        I love this song

    51. Heitor Brasil

      Best remix by far.

    52. Zazunn


    53. spide man07

      Só eu de BR aqui? Cadê os BR?

    54. gilford perez

      Hahhaha I Like this song

    55. Anna Luiza Rios


    56. Mid Night

      Nice remix 🔥

    57. PinkGoldBeach

      Took me a long ass time to figure out who the girl in the pic is. Leena Xu!

    58. Ashish Singh

      OSM bro

    59. Ahha30

      COOL :-)

    60. trestzz

      is this remix copyrighted?

    61. _-'El Pocador157'-_

      O melhor que achei nesse US-new mano❤🎶🍃


      I Like

    63. · PaNiMi ·

      Very good

    64. Enchanted Goldツ

      +1 Sub

    65. Vivian Oliveira


    66. Bunny Binky


    67. Adrian K

      Dammnnn your N1 legend amazing remix :D

    68. Mr Alexoll

      Awesome !

    69. Shiriyu - Kun :3

      This remix is very good,I liked :)

    70. Ujane Feli

      Can i use this as a travel vlog music to be posted on my channel?