Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Minions Version) Remix and Lyrics

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    1. 강승현


    2. Haikal Gamerz

      Mantap Jadi ini lagunya mantap juga nih Tapi karena lagu ini enak juga

    3. sophie playz

      NIce song

    4. Rex Gaming


    5. Emanuelle Felix

      I love music

    6. Wa ba Nzeba

      So sweet

    7. Luie Dias

      So cute I love it

    8. Jakarta Thomas Sr.

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    9. Kris Benassi

      Girl voice right? The whole song! I'm just sayin'.

    10. Joshua Ezekhiel Dipasupil

      is the minon's are sing but silly you minon are The BEST DARKNESS WOLF WOW OMG

    11. Ademilson Silva

      Muito Linda ❤️

    12. armando resuli


    13. Angelina O.Somee

      WOW ITS SO GOOD 😊😍😘🥰🤩🥳😇

    14. Enrique Law

      So beautiful sounds

    15. D.J montage


    16. ¥•INSTRUMENTAL•¥

      This is horrible

    17. Uan Pham quang

      Miniin hát rất hay

    18. Claudia Andressa

      2 0 2 0 ?

    19. Claudia Andressa

      o qué lindo

    20. andre cabral

      I Love dos music

    21. Phoemela Boquiren


    22. sam ahmad

      ftutx 5

    23. Tomas CARDENAS SPATE

      This song is so cool

    24. Braulio Jacob


    25. Natasha Silao


    26. senja Pedoks

      I like maroon 5

    27. Sean van den Heever

      I Love maroon 5. I Love Cardi B 😍😍😍😍😍

    28. Sean van den Heever

      I love maroon5. I love Card B

    29. Yuliana Elvia

      THE BEST

    30. Hong Nguyen


    31. Mughaho Yepthomi


    32. Sofia Maria

      Hi hi

    33. Timi Schaefer


    34. Queen Lilly

      Why are all the minions so sad?

    35. Alvin Roadilla


    36. J Chr G

      Start walking like a goose, or even better a swan

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    38. Libby Brunet


    39. ririd rengganis


    40. Serizawa Genji

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    41. Shykien Yubat

      🖒🖒 good

    42. Neymar Jr

      2020 comment 2018 like

    43. Kobe Lavabo


    44. manoharan peter


    45. Dianne Salang

      They are not happy but good voice😍😍😍

    46. Aloysius Nyanti

      The song is so awesome

    47. 玩玩啊你以为


    48. zhardley eborra

      Kaneki Zhardley Eborra

    49. Antonio Pino

      I love this song ever

    50. Antonio Pino

      The minion is cuter ever 😍😍

    51. zareen kazim

      I like the minions sing

      1. zareen kazim


    52. Jerome Ramones

      I like this song

    53. Ahmad Zakareia


    54. Nikoletta Zima

      dearanyosak szeretem a minyonokat ugyis 👍👍

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    56. Mhack Acero


    57. tudor oprea

      Is a melody cool!

    58. James Elementary Student:Angel Mendez Hernandez

      Wait if the one that is singing how can he do two voice at a time??

    59. Vanessa Asivo


      1. Candy Ntebele

        Nice song

    60. Neuza Rodrigues

      Alguém em 2040?

    61. Senpai Harold

      I kicked your red house can you kick mine toi Senpai Harold

    62. RealGamerLol3 YT3


    63. Kesaia Saurara


    64. James saint

      This is better than the original. Like a boss.

    65. Anissa la gameuse


    66. Athena Bautista

      I like this song!!!! 😁😍😘😗😙😚🦄

    67. Athena Bautista