Man Reportedly Finds 50,000 Bees in Apartment Building

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    What would you do if you came across 50,000 bees? That's what happened to one building manager in New Jersey. He called in Mickey the beekeeper to take care of the hive. "This is the biggest spring natural colony I've ever seen. I just can't believe this," Mickey told WCBS. As's Stephanie Officer explains, he was able to remove the bees, but not without a few stings.

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    1. Lauren is awesome

      My question is...who counts?

    2. Yasmine Lahlou

      At 0:35 It is unBEElievable to have such nails.Call BUZZfeed and get this man a nail appointment

    3. Josh Zenon

      We thought bees were going extinct

    4. Tan YT Avril

      1 Bee... Me: ARHHHHHHH!!! 10 Bees... Me: ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HELPPPPP!!! 100 Bees... Me: **faints** 1000 Bees... Me: **dies**

    5. Kaleb Bellegarde

      Free honey.

    6. Mia Nikitovic

      ONLY 2 OR 3


      😮😮😮..... it bee 🐝 time to move!! 😃

    8. cheristar

      🌺 🐝 🐝 buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    9. Tammie Broggins

      How did he count them

    10. PheoniX pwee

      His nail tho 0:35

    11. BoyAdventer

      Bruh the guy finger nail is nasty 🤢

    12. Jefri Lopez / teenage and my friend mya

      Omg that lot of bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🌻

    13. Jorge Jaramillo

      0:34 that nail tho😂😵😖😷

    14. Indo Gamerank

      Ah thats where the colonies hiding, #beescoloniescollapse

    15. Josh H

      MICKEY the bee keeper

    16. Jenni

      I hate bees now cause a bee picked me in the foot

    17. Direct 995 yt

      This video has so many cringy puns

    18. Luton Town

      People who live their need to be BEE-ware of the bees

    19. Dark Angel 666

      “I don’t fight anymore. I watch the bees.”

    20. TheRedPear

      This is the same guy who took the hive nest out of my tree.

    21. Zelda Williams

      Yikes!! 🙂

    22. Myles Lee

      They should burn it

    23. Sassy Antelope

      So random but I just drank a drink from yesterday left on a bongo drum thingy and spit it all out back into the cup Idk why

    24. Jamie Brannon [Frizocean331]

      Ok so no ones gonna talk about his fingernail at 0:34

      1. Sassy Antelope

        Jamie Brannon [Frizocean331] DISGUSTAAAANG IKR


      Should have sold it

    26. Charlie Byrne

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    27. MM Productions

      I can’t Beelive that tragedy..

    28. Jouse Martinez

      Stop stealing Honey im gonna sue the human race!😂

    29. CorbynOnTheCob

      Lisa Guerrero would have confronted those bees

      1. Sassy Antelope

        CorbynOnTheCob Thats just getting old

    30. Simse's workshop!

      Who count them?

    31. Jacob-Ryuho Sunahara

      Person: uhhh 50,000 bees: YA LIKE JAZZ?

    32. Davi 31

      Don’t worry people no bee jokes here

    33. A Ugly Blue Thing

      0:35 tf is wrong with his nail

    34. Nirrrina

      Best thing to remember if you come across a hive you need to get rid if is that most bee keepers will take it for free. I'm sure by the time I stop running it would be that big too.

    35. Calvin The Seal

      Theyre wrong, i counted 50,002 bees

    36. Draco Malfoy

      Just do an asmr

    37. Ray Mak

      I see delicious honey

    38. idk what I do

      Atleast you're not the only one who likes jazz

    39. EuGenius

      so who counted

    40. ツ MᎯR 13

      I can already hear the comments of bee puns/joke

    41. Drew Mack

      I know he ain’t that honey hive like that !?😑🙃😬

    42. Axis Zone

      Call Winnie the Pooh instead! 🤣

    43. MicroSlayer

      That crazy how he counted them all and got such a round number

    44. Maryam 313

      I want to know How did they come up with the number did they count them

    45. Ziption Rose perfect

      They counted the bees

    46. Chris Dubs

      *Y O U L I K E J A Z Z*

    47. Cindy Nguyen

      If I live their I would move

    48. RedEnvelopeMedia

      Landlord be like "this is complete lie there was really only 49999 bees"

    49. domingo Arroyo

      Well,at least we know y there were going extinct

    50. Bed Bug

      Tf did they actually counted them 😂😂 to get 50k bees

    51. 1000 subs with no videos?

      So... Can we talk about how long it took for him to count all of them ...?

    52. Erika

      I hate to be allergic.

    53. Khxtoon

      my eyes cant BEElive this

    54. Azucena Cruz

      0:35 😭 oh no

    55. marcus

      *“What’s all the buzz about?”* Well James Charles’s lost like 3m subs so that’s a start

    56. Parrot Milk

      Wow that’s a lot of bees

    57. Panda Potatoe

      Wait Did they count every individual bee

    58. Thanos

      Oh hell no

    59. DeadSky


    60. Masked Raven

      He then made a beeline for the police station

    61. Jazxs

      God bless whoever counted all of those bees

    62. DarkifulGacha

      I couldn’t BEElive it! UnBEElevable!

    63. Daniel Gonzalez-Jimenez

      Hey free honey don’t complain

    64. Brian Biondo

      At the very start I had to pause the video since I have a phobia of bees and the sound of em make me cringe so hard.

    65. Queen _Tina

      So that’s where they’ve been 😂😂

    66. The wacky Virgo

      Pause it at 0:35 his fingernail eww

    67. Never Sin

      Dammmn why I found so weird about this video is the mans nail that looks like he got hit by a hammer multiple times

    68. Creepyguyツ

      *the new bee movie looks great*

    69. Straitdh

      Don’t look up shotgun commercial. Trust me🤯

    70. Stw_BetterThanU

      This is so unBEEleivable

    71. lil dre

      How they count the bees😂talking bout 50k bees that’s maybe over 2m bees

    72. John Doe

      I don’t BEElieve it’s that many bees It’s hard too BEElieve that


      I think it was more like 49999 bees

    74. Jennifer Morand

      Reportedly? I think it's safe to say it actually happened.

    75. Just Joshin

      That's unBEElievable

    76. Printology ink

      kid who watched this video saw 50,000 views on this video

    77. Alex W

      *Lisa Guerrero would confront the bees*

    78. EdgarTV

      No bee expert?

    79. Ricardo Santos

      Good Night.!GOOD.

    80. Breeana Armanto

      My nickname is bee but my name is breeana

    81. XGh0sT 7

      He didn’t like Jazz

    82. Mario Ramirez

      This is un-BEE-lieveable Don’t hate me..

      1. Hanan Queen art

        Mario Ramirez I will



    84. Alberto Romero

      Bees like "want to bee friends" Me: :/ ok 5 Mins. Later Me: OWWWW YOU HURT MEH

    85. abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuvwxyz

      That's cool

    86. jammy 52528

      I would scream

    87. Marina A

      My actual nightmare 😂

    88. Nicole Mitchell

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    89. Cheke Martinez

      Bruh they captured the queen in a little cage

    90. Purple Lover

      So they need to capture the Queen before doing anything else?

    91. B Street

      This isn't a story...happens all the time. I've experienced at least a dozen in just a few years.

    92. MML Aviation & More

      This is unBEElevable

    93. Zam Zero

      How they know theres 50 000 bees? They count it 1 by 1?

    94. Cici Cake

      Hells no

    95. Random Rants

      Who’s Stephanie?? Where’s Lisa??

    96. Jewel J.

      Save the bees!

    97. Nicholas Young

      Just don’t harm them their precious and important

    98. Venisa Marroquin

      There were bees in my roof but outside my window and they kept hitting my window and I was so freak out that I ran to the office and talked to them out of breath...

    99. jbzhummerh2gamer

      That's a whole lot of NOPE...

    100. Habsgaming 97

      50,000 bees used to live here now it’s a ghost hive