Man Decides To Become A Goat

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    1. Handy Productions

      This man took Goat simulator to another level.

      1. Handy Productions

        Ninja ^^

      2. Ninja

        Not funny

      3. Handy Productions

        donitovendan TM W h e n P e o p l e S t I l l R e p l y T o Y o u r M o n t h O l d C o m m e n t

      4. donitovendan TM


      5. Tempo-Gaming and more


    2. nuclear kid

      How millionaires look at brainwashed millenials 0:19

    3. super viggo bros

      does this mean i can become a CAT?

    4. [ B R O K E N M E M O R I E S ]

      Me: Goes to sleep Dad: Checks my history -^- . *Dad: ....I have such a weird child... 030

    5. Crystal Productions

      mom: what is your dream son? Son: I want to be a goat! Mom: ......... Mom: hello can I put my son for adoption?

    6. Nathaniel Anthony

      1:08 That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! 🐱🐱🐱🐱😺😺😺😺😺😺

    7. Greenfatpig 981

      Life is really like a game Options: Speaking: off

    8. Golden Thicc

      Doctor : goatman isn’t real he can’t hurt you Goatman :

    9. Top Ramen

      What if we use 100% of our brain

    10. TiTianaa Why a last name

      Is anybody gonna talk about how the elephants are drinking chlorine..?

    11. thicc birdi

      they need to show these videos at school.

    12. Kookid10 8

      He on x games mode

    13. no one u need to know plz

      He fully goated

    14. Jolly Face5

      I bet he fucked some goats

    15. Otto Von Bismarck

      When society gets so boring you just change teams.

    16. Xacha TT

      *ah sht its the goatman-*

    17. DkXboxer

      I love that kitten train.

    18. vettefan

      Fucking furrie

    19. chicken nugget fan

      1:00 my fav part

    20. eRaZe _Ongi

      3:13 when your have to go sleep but your friend keeps telling you *one more game*

    21. Danoe Akazawa

      3:00 Is this Gintama reference??

    22. goldplayz roblox

      Deap mining at 3:01 And 3:05

    23. Root Beer King

      This ain't a normal furry. This is A N E X T R E M E F U R R Y

    24. Roy epic

      God: makes man to be perfect Also god: makes goat for food/milk Man: I wanna be goat god: *Am I a joke to you*

    25. Dion Production

      You could be anything in the world but a goat be a spider

    26. Gio Cat877

      1:22 me trying to get up for school

    27. Jayden Dreams

      2:11 ow

    28. Shadow Haynes

      We’re similar

    29. Michael Mendoza

      Go fuck a goat.

    30. polemikful

      The Real Pied Piper of Hamelin in 1:00

    31. SharingDrop 434

      1:39 were is that place loacated

    32. Maria Britos Almeida

      When you don’t want to be a human

    33. Keons

      0:20 and this is how i lost my faith in humanity

    34. Clorox Bleach

      Goatman lol

    35. LyonKing👑

      All fun in games til you gotta make more goats

    36. Blake Thelen

      3:05 cat: ya playin Fortnite?

    37. GangsterDansterMeemer

      2019: Human becomes goat. 3019: Goat becomes human

      1. MonkeyZero

        GangsterDansterMeemer stolen comment

    38. Olive Bug 3000

      Im glad I’m not alone. I want to be a panda

    39. EliteJamZ

      *The guy in the first clip should of watched that Spongebob episode where he wants to become a jellyfish*

    40. sunny

      parents: what do you want to be when you grow up kiddo? kid: goat

    41. Handprint productions


    42. Seán Kirk

      Let's be serious, a human skull is much, much stronger than a watermelon

    43. vast wealthy


    44. Gavinator

      the goat man took being a furry to a whole nother level.

    45. Alex Smith

      So weird

    46. TheBig cookie

      I like goats also

    47. Supreme Sicario

      Is he able to speak again

    48. Kaitlyn Oppenlander

      1998:I hope we have flying cars in the future! 2018: man becomes a true goat.

    49. Vince Delavega

      3:00 That's a whole new level of feminism

    50. Cannon&Roses Layla

      1:02 omg so cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee

    51. Themistocles Rodriguez

      Thats just sick

    52. SyN-Maj0r

      My man here got some balls 2:10

    53. Little Marley567

      1990: the future has a lot awaiting for us 2019: man becomes goat 3019: Goat becomes human 4019: goat having sex with human

    54. oJoJ dnegeL

      3:00 *"FRIENDZONE"*

    55. Jazmine Morales


    56. Tactical Doge

      And that children,is what we call a “Furry”

    57. pearl grant

      3:05 thats dragon ball fighters z XD

    58. Turkey Eggs

      1996 Timmy’s Father: Timmy what do you want to be when you grow up!? Timmy:*Looks up from GameBoy* I don’t know a goat?*Laughs* Timmy’s Father:*Becomes Thanos* *Snaps Timmy into a goat and brings him to 2019* Timmy:🐐💨

    59. Matthew Lasso

      This man sounds like leafyishere

    60. The Kid Historian

      This is funny

      1. The Kid Historian


    61. The killer pumpkin 31

      Elephants: wait a why does this water taste weird?

    62. Rexy

      0:33 more like turning back into a regular guy not a weirdo

    63. Jlaad Libya

      he is the gayest of all time,so thats why he is a GOAT

    64. Justin Townsend

      Sup billy where is nanny

    65. Amy Glass

      The kittens made my heart MeLt SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE

    66. jаsоn

      *i don’t blame him*

    67. Samantha Dalton


    68. Elephant in the room

      2:47 LUCKY

    69. KaiPlays

      What do he say at the end of every video? "Later" or what?

    70. Christian Ruby Simonsen

      1980: WE CAN TIME TRAVEL IN THE FUTURE! 2019: man decides to become a goat.....

    71. Codedetected

      At 0:15 I’m wondering what’s so weird it’s just a goat *HMMM I WONDER WHATS GOING ON!*

    72. Mawq

      Says small nut or bolt but the bolt is almost as big as our head considering that a watermelon is similar in size when comparing to a human skull

    73. This profile pic Is everywhere because of

      2019: *flying cars* 1917: *man wants to become a goat*

    74. goran Snortsse

      He got a fetish for ISIS terrorists.

    75. Duck S1CK

      The earth is flat. Illuminati confirmed

    76. Tumai Nei

      “Man arrested to having sexual interactions with goat” 😂😂😂

    77. Banana Butt

      2:10 alright so were not going to talk about this?

    78. BloodWolf

      *Goat simulator*

    79. yellooh

      He wanted to be a kid again.

    80. Justin lumbago

      Identifies a goat

    81. GAMING Akshad

      The goat one looks like M.U.T.O in Godzilla movie

    82. freshy Sorndee

      he eat grass for real!

    83. Asaf Victoria

      He fucks goats

    84. Oreoz GD

      Well if he’s a goat does he eat plastic bags from the nearby store

    85. wellnotme

      Damn furries gettin' outta control!

    86. Nicolas

      3:00 Gintama is making history, I see.... You made Gorilla proud.

    87. م هه

      Fucking ridiculous guy has a mental condition and people just foster to give him this idiotic reality? Like these fuck heads that let people change their gender at will.

    88. Tiek Woah

      nobody: White people:

    89. Askal Dog

      1:10 that face XD

    90. Gay_McCreamy

      This is sounds like rifty

    91. Gab Nimations

      Detroit become goat

    92. oogabooga boogaooga

      (1:22) When the hot girl walks by you.

    93. deprofundis

      TWO kitten clips?? What did we do to deserve this amazing cuteness??

    94. kendavlad.

      Litteraly a low budget goat simulator

    95. Hellhound Playz

      Actually, I identify as a goat! (Joke)

    96. miss pearl

      The Arcana fans, where are u at

    97. Nightmelody777

      Ah no ... noooo how cute is that vidoe with this kitties and the Kitty-Daddy? :3 And that end :3 And this... how she stand on that man xD

    98. Harvey Hobbs

      Camo tops at next level

    99. Joe FortniteGMR

      This guy reminds me of Grover from Percy Jackson

    100. Ho Soon Kang

      3:05 imagine when he dies and rage quits and slaps his controller except he slaps the cat lol