Man Decides To Become A Goat

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Handy Productions

      This man took Goat simulator to another level.

      1. B R I J E S H


      2. Coach Bobby


      3. D4R.M SSЈ_ˆ

        What a madlad

      4. Zoreast the Gamer


      5. Otaku Goji

        I wonder how the reproduction went.

    2. John Hay Chick-Fil-A

      hehe the congo line of kittens

    3. Fizzbear

      *becomes goat after 50 years* Eats one piece of _Grass_ *ok I’m bored now, can I go home?*

    4. Plorbus

      Mom : What do you wanna be when you grow up? Son : I wanna be a goat!

    5. Jay Bee

      I would expect someone who wanted to become a goat is just messing and fucking around

    6. Miura marley

      *Wants to be a goat... Doc remove my ability to speak... later... Ugh this is exhausting.* *Returns to human life...* *Wife: Hi honey where you been?* *Man: ..... Baa.*

    7. Sub2 Pewdiepie

      0:51 they took that guy that made the realistic car noises with his mouth

    8. Isaiah Harrypersaud

      2:54 wow elephants stealing water please call 911 😂😅😆

    9. Steve HAIRrington

      Being a goat is hard work man.

    10. Muffinz is bacc

      That guy really wanted to clap some goat cheeks.

    11. Anonymous Abroad

      Bob: Does he know he cant get calories from cellulose? Billy: We’ll let him figure it out on his own. 😆

    12. nokrimchi marak

      oh my goat wtf

    13. ReeceWD

      Small bolt? thats the size of a brick

    14. G0ldenDiamond

      Teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up Man: a goat

    15. Jennifer Gonzalez

      I mean everyone told us that we could be whatever we want when we were little sooo if this is actually true that means I can become a coat hanger 😂😱 I’m going to be a coat hanger now

    16. Adi Sachan

      That is halarious

    17. Phat Nguyen

      Omg god gave him a body and he destroyed it xD

    18. David Appiah

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to fuck one of the goats lmao

    19. KingDIP

      He was probably a goat in his past life

    20. Jonathan Meyer

      1:01 how adorable!

    21. Brianna 3050

      This is better than that news tbh 😂

    22. Matt

      I guess you can say he’s goated on the sticks

    23. Joey Mormann

      Just move to Norway already

    24. Vindelextreme 2.0

      the greatest of all time

    25. Michael George

      Nobody nothing: Eminem: I have decided to become GOAT.

    26. Hunter Blum

      I like the cat on the controller

    27. Sebastian Pascual

      1:14 *NOW THIS IS ART*

    28. Mr Mystica

      Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up? Student:

    29. Alpine

      1:04 this man clapping and whistling is who I aspire to be

    30. Aimery Perez

      Who thought the ballon was going to pop and scare them some how.Like if you were one of these people.

      1. Opalmintshine Cupcake


    31. joshua morena

      "Small" nut or bolt? That thing was as large as my hand.

    32. Gabe_101

      1:02 😭

    33. Zio s

      Jschlatt in a nutshell

    34. Why am i named like this F

      Lik for the goat master

    35. Øcëån S

      Guys just Incase you are here again the raid to Area 51 was canceled :c

    36. Oliver Craig

      1:39 when you haven't unlocked the next bit in World of Light yet

    37. Marko Krstić

      Bro that guy is goated

    38. DIZ_BEACH_AM _TEA 77

      Her: i like vegan boys Me tommorow : 0:19

    39. CrazyOFFICE  YT

      I have 27 likes.

      1. OliO AKA Squekyboy2000

        to like or not to like that is the question

      2. I’m Poseidon


      3. Eric De

        21 memememem

      4. Universe6 Hit


      5. don't reply to me like dat

        17 now hehehe

    40. Dragon_ Nite

      0:43 when you play a piano too much....

    41. Broken Werewolf.

      bro my sis said that he tried to become a furry

    42. Clorox Bleach

      It looks like man bear pig from South Park

    43. Waveylooto

      I’m obsessed with goats... 0:10 would and will be me

    44. greg white

      When i seen this i thought, "wow, now this is a guy who's got it together; now this is a guy whos figured it out!" i'll follow you sir wherever you go!

    45. Sonic 87

      Legends say that man is eating grass till this very Day.

      1. Sonic 87

        @Glen Fabisevich okay thank's for letting me know.

      2. Glen Fabisevich

        Sonic 87 guy

      3. Sonic 87

        @Glen Fabisevich I'm confused are you talking about me or the guy.

      4. Sonic 87

        @Glen Fabisevich XD

      5. Glen Fabisevich

        Sonic 87 definitely was smoking it

    46. Mr. Limekiller

      When heavy pieces of metal fall from high places they can injure you? I had no idea! Good thing they brought out the fucking cherry picker to do an experiment.

    47. korbin meyer

      I say long words that I don’tknow to make myself sound photosynthesis

    48. john smith

      This reminds me of that spongebob episode where he trys to become a jellyfish

    49. Ameiys

      01:42 where is that?

    50. Gemini At work

      This why god left us

    51. Moose’s Chaos

      Me: *tries to sleep* My brain cell that ate mud in 5th grade 1:02

      1. Bug Rescue

        i swear literally everyone in my 5th class isn’t innocent anymoreeeee lmao

      2. Galaxy Alpha Pup

        This comment deserves so many likes 😂😂😂

    52. Bate.vlogs

      that nut is not small

    53. Trap Sound

      03:00 is that a gintama reference

    54. Nebula357


    55. Shugesh Super Saiyan


    56. Ash Dark

      Well im happy he didnt try to fully become a goat and try to mate with the goats.........

    57. Wodyetia

      3:03 Is that a gintama references?

    58. JustRobyn

      Man u really must wanna be a goat, and nice dance moves to lure kittens

    59. Aukion Makiro

      when you're so much of a furry you want to mentally devolve so you feel accepted

    60. Tlarge

      People said to be the G.O.A.T He took that to serious

    61. 100k subs with egg

      Goat simulator IRL!?!?

    62. 100k subs with egg

      Goats be like: Oh, that’s Timmy. We don’t talk about him.

      1. Souful

        I saw the same comment 5 sec ago

    63. Nito Mega

      Everybody gangsta until the furries start being serious

    64. Project Malin

      1:00 clutch n break?

    65. Ralkey gaming & toturials

      is that dude ok in the head??? no normal person would want to be a goat. i'd choose cat/lion or dog

    66. Selina I dab on haters

      Hm... what should I do today? I know. *I’ll be a goat.*

    67. imopet

      If he wants to be a goat then I want to become a hippo

    68. Memes are the Best

      How do you chew grass

    69. The New Vcvrpj

      1900: in future we will have flying car 2019:the man that decides to become a goat

      1. Jose Guerra

        The New Vcvrpj you copied that joke

    70. Brain Barfs

      WhT is wrong with people😶😶😶😶