Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD



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    A WILDLIFE photographer has captured the dramatic moment two male jaguars fight over territory. Passionate amateur photographer Marc Nussaume and his girlfriend Pailin visited Pantanal in Brazil in August 2018 to track and photograph the jaguars - the largest felines in the Americas. Spending six days in the location, Marc and Pailin got the incredible opportunity to photograph this very rare sighting - two rival males fighting on the river banks.
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Marc Nussaume
    Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, James Thorne
    Editor: Sonia Estal
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Özgür Küçüktekin

      Wow male jaguars like a prehistoric monsters

    2. Michał Kozlik

      📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲 سـمـعـت🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مــن الـشـبـاب يــبــحــثــون عـن طــريــقــة فـعـالـة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وأنــا أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عـلـى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهــتــشــكــرنــي بـعـديـهـا تــواصــل مـعـي وأنـا بــشــرح لـك سـر الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*📲

    3. Angga Putra Channel

      They are awesome 😎👍

    4. Mohammed Osman Elsheikh

      God man

    5. Mohammed Osman Elsheikh

      God man

    6. Adam Roodog

      You introduced the fat jaguar with the lighter colouration as scarface at the start, then changed their identity's at the start of the fight

    7. Vergil Sparda

      I respect This beast knowing that they preyed upon giant sloths

    8. Gustavo Félix Outra luta (fight) de jaguares. Sensacional.

    9. Tobias Edwards

      I saw a documentary about Scarface and he was looked at as the king of jaguars and now has finally met his match

    10. Francis Formalhaut Moon

      so,, who gave him the name of scarface?

    11. Rogerio Ferreira de Melo

      Nice fight!

    12. thepainkane ayy

      1:32 NECK

    13. فهد الجهني

      النمر صياد ماهر ثم أنه مخاتل وقوي

    14. LU LU

      I have seen tigers fight, up close ,but i tell jaguar are more dangerous than tigers, i can clearly see ancient sabetooths were just like a jaguar.

    15. peter yeung

      One of the fiercest, most powerful and magnificent big cats in the world.

    16. Mc

      Scarface is like floyd mayweather.

    17. AMIR B

      Marley seems stronger & more hungry

    18. Amaji Raines

      The jaguar is a beautiful and impressive cat. 12 years old is very old for a jaguar in the wild. Scarface's stamina just was not there...a rare glimpse of the jaguar in the wild.

    19. Helio Moura

      Wans't a so fierce fight!!

    20. Ripon Gabi khan

      Smartest cat

    21. John Molloy

      One of the rare occasions when male jag become territorial, Marley must have really wanted to make a statement, Unlike other big cats species, most male jags are "British polite" with each other, "I say old boy, just passing through" ( As a good gentleman) and go their separate ways.

    22. legendver2

      Is there a version without the pretentious narration and music?

    23. C B1983

      They sound like Pigs

    24. Mgn

      Lion like...lotta Powa////////

    25. Henrique Costa

      That is not a fight, and some people say a jaguar can beat a lioness

    26. Clyde Pratt

      Jaguars actually prefer fighting from the bottom it looks like!

    27. Mark Rodrigue

      What's even more amazing is how calm the narrator tells a ,thug, relatable street story with a eloquent tone of voice. To this day I'm trying to see the video, of the girl theyre fighting over. Legend says she looks like Kim Kardashian.

    28. Goank MAHDI

      Father time doesn't discriminate

    29. Fred W

      It sucks ☹️ to get old

    30. Alex K.

      Scarface: "Over my dead body!"

    31. powerpsi /

      Grandpa scarface needs to retire. Too old

    32. Zyga ツ

      Marley vs Jose "scarface" aldo featherweight territorial champion title bout

    33. Kalvakuntla Akhilrao

      I like all members of cat family.

    34. Isahaq Yusuf

      It's nature's way. Scarface is old and the other guy is young.

    35. Jason Rochon

      I saw a video of scar face hunting a caiman and dragging it up the hill to eat it in the bush

    36. C L

      This town aint big enough for the both of us

    37. Valentina the savior Shevchenko

      Scarface got robbed who are the judges this is number one bulshit I call Draw!

    38. Wah Tu Sy

      Give me a water spritzer and this fight is over.. haha

    39. mahadow1

      They are not like the other big cats! It looks they’re smarter than lions and other African felines 😁

    40. Z32 Nissan

      What a beautiful cat. The jaguar is like a cross. between a leopard, and a tiger.

    41. mark klein

      Cats like to fight off their backs get under their opponents

    42. Kiwi Touffu

      jaguar vs pitbull how win?

    43. Abc Defg

      Jaguars look like out of ice age

    44. O ESP

      first time to see Jaguars fight and such a peaceful fight. well Scarface must have lived a happy life for years, it's just a matter of time for younger Jag to eventually take over.

    45. R. Patel

      Time to submit, boomer!

    46. TheTolz0

      jaguars I believe have the strongest bite in the big cat family...if you look at the back of the jaws you can see the muscularity...almost like pit bulls!

    47. George Doesn't Like Butter Milk

      Jaguars live to 13 to 15 years old. It's like an old man fighting with a young strong boy.

    48. John GTA

      explosive dynamite

    49. Hugo Takayama

      pantanal jaguar

    50. harbin Kaur

      They were fighting same as a Tiger Tho.....

    51. Iverzuni F.I

      1:11, 1:25, 1:35 same style of attacks... they do it from below...

    52. Sahipkıran

      You call this a fight? Lions murder each other when they fight!

    53. Cesar Samuel Torres Garscia

      How would a fight between a Jaguar and a Leopard would go ((?))

      1. siuna bidan

        Jaguar would stomp Leopard

    54. SuperGoldfinger123

      jaguat vs jaguar no winner

    55. Matt horse Irons

      Scarface from Animals of Farthing Wood is a Jaguar. MAH GAWD!

    56. freakincrod

      They have a strange fighting style

    57. Patient XVll

      Video sucks

    58. K.T. Nowak

      It was the most cultural male cat fight I've ever seen....Have You seen tigers or lions ? omg

    59. White Tiger

      If The Leopard Against Any Of These 2 Jaguars In 1 On 1 Battle. The Leopard Would Become The Fresh Meat For The Jaguar.

    60. leroiscorpion2010

      Nice video. Am I allowed to reuse it in an animal fighting compilation ? Your video is available via the Creative Commons search filter.

    61. Jcole Colman

      The young jaguar might have been his son

    62. Bones Jones

      another proof that bowing is not an act of submission. Tiger does this when they fight. bowing is a part of defense mechanism ready to counter strike.

    63. Алексей Шторм

      good fight

    64. Kato S

      30 sq miles for a jaguar and I don't even own 1/8 of an acre

    65. Flash Bolado

      Namoral, jaguar é o caralho é Onça Pintada. Vem aqui filmar nosso animais e dão outro nome se ferrar

    66. cquilty1

      Great footage, but what's more annoying - the 'cute' names given to the jaguars or the endless pop ups?

    67. Sir Uppercrust III

      30 sq mile territory!? There’s no way in hell Scarface just shimmied out of that area after an underwhelming scrap like that 😂

    68. lil peep

      meu Brasil a

    69. Enrique Garcia

      This is such an honor and a treat. It's so rare and special to see a jaguar fight. There more like square ups and sparring sessions then a real fight. But I love the fact that it's obvious they use a secret technique and skill that old world big cats don't use.

    70. David Hernandez

      Beautiful animals