Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

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    A WILDLIFE photographer has captured the dramatic moment two male jaguars fight over territory. Passionate amateur photographer Marc Nussaume and his girlfriend Pailin visited Pantanal in Brazil in August 2018 to track and photograph the jaguars - the largest felines in the Americas. Spending six days in the location, Marc and Pailin got the incredible opportunity to photograph this very rare sighting - two rival males fighting on the river banks.
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Marc Nussaume
    Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, James Thorne
    Editor: Sonia Estal
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Kelvin D.

      What a beautiful cat. The jaguar is like a cross. between a leopard, and a tiger.

    2. mark klein

      Cats like to fight off their backs get under their opponents

    3. Kiwi Touffu

      jaguar vs pitbull how win?

    4. Sam S

      Excellent wild life pictures but the video is the worst. Jjumping from one shot to another abruptly with a very loud annoying music in between cuts.

    5. Abc Defg

      Jaguars look like out of ice age

    6. O ESP

      first time to see Jaguars fight and such a peaceful fight. well Scarface must have lived a happy life for years, it's just a matter of time for younger Jag to eventually take over.

    7. R. Patel

      Time to submit, boomer!

    8. TheTolz0

      jaguars I believe have the strongest bite in the big cat family...if you look at the back of the jaws you can see the muscularity...almost like pit bulls!

    9. George Doesn't Like Butter Milk

      Jaguars live to 13 to 15 years old. It's like an old man fighting with a young strong boy.

    10. John GTA

      explosive dynamite

    11. kokumaru

      Say hello, to my lil friend!!

    12. Hugo Takayama

      pantanal jaguar

    13. harbin Kaur

      They were fighting same as a Tiger Tho.....

    14. Iverzuni F.I

      1:11, 1:25, 1:35 same style of attacks... they do it from below...

    15. Shogun of the East

      You call this a fight? Lions murder each other when they fight!

    16. Cesar Samuel Torres Garscia

      How would a fight between a Jaguar and a Leopard would go ((?))

      1. siuna bidan

        Jaguar would stomp Leopard

    17. SuperGoldfinger123

      jaguat vs jaguar no winner

    18. Matt horse Irons

      Scarface from Animals of Farthing Wood is a Jaguar. MAH GAWD!

    19. freakincrod

      They have a strange fighting style

    20. Patient XVll

      Video sucks

    21. Lach Proklaty

      It was the most cultural male cat fight I've ever seen....Have You seen tigers or lions ? omg

    22. White Tiger

      If The Leopard Against Any Of These 2 Jaguars In 1 On 1 Battle. The Leopard Would Become The Fresh Meat For The Jaguar.

    23. leroiscorpion2010

      Nice video. Am I allowed to reuse it in an animal fighting compilation ? Your video is available via the Creative Commons search filter.

    24. Jcole Colman

      The young jaguar might have been his son

    25. Bones Jones

      another proof that bowing is not an act of submission. Tiger does this when they fight. bowing is a part of defense mechanism ready to counter strike.

    26. Алексей Шторм

      good fight

    27. Kato S

      30 sq miles for a jaguar and I don't even own 1/8 of an acre

    28. Wesley Henrique

      Namoral, jaguar é o caralho é Onça Pintada. Vem aqui filmar nosso animais e dão outro nome se ferrar

    29. cquilty1

      Great footage, but what's more annoying - the 'cute' names given to the jaguars or the endless pop ups?

    30. Sir Uppercrust III

      30 sq mile territory!? There’s no way in hell Scarface just shimmied out of that area after an underwhelming scrap like that 😂

    31. lil peep

      meu Brasil a

    32. Enrique Garcia

      This is such an honor and a treat. It's so rare and special to see a jaguar fight. There more like square ups and sparring sessions then a real fight. But I love the fact that it's obvious they use a secret technique and skill that old world big cats don't use.

    33. David Hernandez

      Beautiful animals

    34. PontesDeLeon

      that wasn’t fighting hard

    35. Sixeagles

      Damn took his woman and his land

    36. Vanillarice

      Damn Marley pulled one of his bitches and now he's trying to take his land? So disrespectful.

    37. KHimS, woRlD fasst

      Jaguar fight is most terrified n dengerouse in d animals world

    38. Black Jaguar

      May I Ask You About The Black Jaguars? They're Also Existing In Pantanal Region Of Brazil?

    39. Tyrone Brown

      I don’t like how that fight went. all that sliding on their backs. Like some type of street fighter move or sum. I mean cool fight nevertheless, but I expected more clawing and biting. I’m glad they both walked away winners, one jus gotta move around and leave. But at least he lives because a real fights equals injuries and that’s brutal to their survival !!!!

      1. Jacob Azak

        They're built differntly than other big cats with short limbs in comparison to their torso. To me, they're the pitbull of big cats. They're short, stocky, muscular, and arguably have the strongest bite of any mammal, almost twice that of tiger and over twice that of a lion. They're known to have a bite force of up to 2000 psi. A tiger is known to have 1200. A tiger or a lion fight each other by trying to get upper body advantage and use their weight to pin down and bite towards the opposing cats neck if possible spending large amounts of energy. All for a long drawn out fight with each a few bites and claw wounds. However, a jaguar would toss a tiger or lion the upper body advantage. Why?.. In my opinion, its because it would only take one bite to the opposing cat to be fatal. we are talking about a cat that kills its prey ,not like other big cats where they try to bite the back of or the front of the neck, they just go for the skull and bite through it. They bite through turtle sells which are stronger than any animal skull. So... they flop to the ground when fighting having the ground covering their backs, and their short limbs for numerous repeated claw strikes and their big strong head and jaw eagerly waiting to bite up at is opponent. What other big cat has the deffence and offence rolled into one? Jaguars jumping at its oponent with its back to the ground is like saying "Bring it!!!" I agree with the other posts. If they did more than intimidation and fought for the duration of time that other big cats usually fight eac other, one of the jaguars would be dead and the other half way there. They know it. Theyy tustled as they grew. They know their bite strngth. Im not saying they are stronger than a lion or tiger but they fir sure are the toughest pound for pound.

    40. zMLDoppie xD

      What of they just make a baby so that there are many jaguar cubs

    41. Jesse James Awake320

      A Pitbull would tear a jaguar Up!!

      1. Spoon

        Yea right ... the pit bull will die in 1 bite

    42. szaki

      Fake! Looks digital to me! CGI!

    43. Jose Sandoval

      Tony Montana vs Bob Marley

    44. mohlodi tshimollo

      Not as brutal as in lions, tigers and leopards.

    45. Ripersio Luiz Pinto Penchel

      Frank Sinatra

    46. bryant dailing

      Jaguars have so little recordings in the wild Filming them is so hard when it comes to fighting and cubs

    47. Tod'NaRa

      New title (Male Jaguars Hardly Fight For Territory)

    48. We all die Anyway

      all hail JAGUARS

    49. Jose Serna

      Awesome what a fight, they fight different than other big cats especially the lion!

    50. Johnny

      _KING WINS_ !

    51. Tiger Combs

      This fight was cool and all but I wish we could've got video of Marley's training montage in preparation for his challenge. I'd imagine it was like the Jaguar version of Rocky IV.

    52. Kevin Ochieng

      Beautiful Creatures

    53. Josue Rodriguez

      Strongest bite of any cat skull crushers I call them

    54. Sanjhiya Mayekar

      My cats fight just like this

    55. Öm Ar

      Why does the jag in the thumbnail is looking ike a turtle?

    56. Moukhtar Bechar


    57. aNiggaVladsent toprison

      They fight different

    58. sainiroop reddy

      They are trying to rko each other

    59. Jason Sonic V

      Jaguar vs Aston Martin

    60. Swnsasy _

      Marley is SAVAGE! I took your girl now I'm taking your land!!!

      1. BloodySunday RNR

        It's Mr. Steal Your Girl

    61. TheSushiraw

      *SCARFACE is too old too smart, he went to US afterwards for bigger bucks.* JUNGLE LIFE was no longer interesting.

    62. Want To Say AD REM

      Let's to imagine such attack against wolf or pittbul etc. Beside tigers the strongest bite force. Generaly jaguars are not so strongly territorial animals like lions, leopards or tigers. So this fight is rather strange - woman?

    63. BBN

      See how solitary big cats fight? They don't want any injury that would keep them from hunting to survive.

    64. Jing NA

      exhausted lol. he threw 3 punches and that was it.

    65. babacar cissokho

      Magnifique création j’aime bien le jaguar 🐆

    66. roger

      Well, I hate to say it but mayweather vs Packiao wAs better than this one. Scarface a real G though.

    67. MrCliffda3rd

      Scarface looks good for a 12yo, in the wild.

    68. Tich Byte

      Toxic jaguar masculinity. They both need LGBT+ indoctrination and more soy in their lattes.

      1. John E

        LOL! just goes to show how animals are smarter than humans. They stick to what nature gave them

    69. Lumber dog

      Whats really amazing is not only did he phonograph the fight is that he knew their names ages territories and that Marley mated with one of scar faces females.

    70. Harry Topper

      1:01 & 1:22 first time saw a jaguar with a tail between its leg