Making Wedding Bands!

Alec Steele

Alec Steele

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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. a s

      lol you're now in my backyard

    2. Mike Stemp

      You guys are F-ing dope!

    3. Abby Babby

      Just don’t wear your ring while working. To easy to de-glove your finger, seen it happen a lot. If you have to wear a ring get a rubber one the will rip off and not jerk your finger off. Congratulations by the way.

    4. Robert Garza

      A little late. Congrats to you and your fiancé Alec! Having fun binge watching your channel. Keep up the great work brother. Keep hammering.

    5. B Norton

      Really stunning work man!

    6. fenderplayer946

      looks beautiful on her finger... waves it past the camera on his hand... brilliant haha!

    7. hennelly irvin

      Made rings of my own using this video and dental lab equipment! Great video

      1. hennelly irvin

        If you use a liner inside the metal ring the metal won't shrink as much.

    8. Tobie Koster

      when did Michael McIntyre start making jewellery? ;)

    9. x X_Twisted_X x


    10. achelan

      Since copper has a similar melting point to gold, is it a good way to practice?

    11. Michael Rave

      Those rings are amazing congratulations

    12. Arif Iqbal

      Congrats brother.

    13. Amin

      Congrats mate

    14. audiobrew

      Wow. "Third time's a charm" instead of "third time lucky". Get this man his US citizenship papers!

    15. Xavier Rodriguez


    16. bernain molina

      Let me tell you something even though ur not American originally you have that can do work attitude my friend

    17. Ashee Jo

      The lost wax method is thousands of years old though....

    18. Benkay V Falsifier

      2:23 I could never wear a ring. I have one of those fingers that have large knuckles and small base so anything that fit my knuckles would be loose on my finger and any smaller would NEVER come off.

    19. toxiccomando

      Jewelry stores hate him. Click here to learn his secret.

    20. otto


    21. Martin Rugroden

      What a coincidence that the commercial for this episode was by Pampers.

    22. Chris Pennington

      Love the videos what happened to your finger grinding without gloves?

    23. Sam just sam

      Congrats man

    24. weareewancameron

      what a donk

    25. Michel Jubran

      Congrats! Love the hammer finish !

    26. Billy Guthrie

      You deserve it you seam to be a nice driven guy. I am happy for you take care and forge your futures together.

    27. Putup Orshutup

      You should glue some rubber tips on that little V devise you cut and file your rings on. Or better yet go to the local Walmart, in the paint section you will find rubber dip for tolls. Enough said

    28. Brendan Allison

      "That is sooooo satisfying" -Alec Steele while shoving a rod through a hole that's too small. Yikes.

    29. TWH

      Looks great man! Impressive

    30. Ruben Romero

      why is this man so THIC

    31. John Hyslop

      so Alec...when do we get to see her working the forge?

    32. Tyhesheia Allen

      Your talent awe me , your going to be flithy rich you should go into business being your own boss making all sorts of custom design rings for people somebody is going to pick you up and make you rich that is your blessing

    33. Kim Jongdae


    34. Nick Heigl

      im lonely

    35. Lou Garza

      I want a custom made band to propose to my girlfriend . Send me a message and give me prices.

    36. Fil Stewart

      Something in my eye - how wonderful and moving to see you making your own rings...Good for you. :)

    37. Ryanrulesok

      You get engaged and then a month later you think of getting married. Isn't your relationship going too fast?

    38. Dingo Jo


    39. Edgar Castro


    40. Albrat Gaming

      for a clogged file.. the best solution to clear it is a wire brush. 45 degree angle strokes from both sides of the file... Nicely cleans the file out of wood or wax... I think the hammered finish makes it so fitting for you and a Awesome pair of custom rings. Lovingly made by yourself. Means so much more than a shop bought ring.

    41. Jesse

      Pro tip on wax. You have to pour it as soon as it melts. You wait too long it just burns the crud out of you. :p (Honeymoon tip)

    42. ITAGER-DNA

      a lot of pablo cimadevila stile songs . i like !

    43. dl200010

      That hammered finish is amazing! Especially with you being a Black Smith.

    44. gavendb

      Hammer Potter

    45. BigolJoe

      I love how giddy he was in this. So happy for you two Alec!

    46. s vernon

      wishing you both all the happiness you wish to have .. Slainte mhath .

    47. s vernon

      is Will the ring boy ?

    48. s vernon

      hey Alex, bunch of us out here were wondering if our invites got lost ...

    49. Beren Valari

      why not just hammer her band a bit on a mandrel to stretch it to size? No gold lost and you get to do what you're really good at, hammering metal into shape.

    50. MoonieLu

      plot twist: he's marrying himself

    51. Creating Julie Silversmyth

      Such a fancy accent! Love it!

    52. Mike McKeen

      Smart lad. Figured out the easiest way to stay in America is to get wifed up.

    53. Julien Napoli

      Hammered finish looks fabulous! good job Alec and best whishes

    54. Nope Noway

      She must be very shy, as no one has seen her. Tho opposites attract.

    55. Rick Knight


    56. muhy3

      Surprised he didn’t stretch this out to 23 episodes.

    57. Jacob Lavery

      You look 12

    58. Carianin 52

      Alec, you are an amazing talent. Just 21 and you have mastered so many skills.

    59. Emr0ck

      Very happy for you !

    60. melissa darling

      crush: hi. me: making wedding bands🙂

    61. Joshua Morang

      Amazing workmanship as always beautiful work and congratulations.

    62. rymdalkis

      I'm so happy for you and Will

    63. Vulpea_Secolului_20

      you should go to forged in fire

    64. grovermatic

      Is anyone else vaguely disappointed because Alec and Will would have made the CUTEST COUPLE EVER? No? Just me? Ok.

    65. Matthew Fortune

      Just a suggestion and but you should have either made the engagement ring on its one and both wedding bands at the same time or all 3 at the same time. I know it's all symbolic but had you done it that way the wedding bands would have had more of a connection than just being made by you but literally would have been cast from the same metal.

    66. Katherine Koning

      Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!! Also... _WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FINGER?!_

    67. Huzaifa Ibrahim

      It is good to see you so happy about it

    68. The Distracted Maker

      That hammered finish looks amazing, well done!

    69. Tacet

      Leaving it with the hammered finish was the right call. That looks amazing when it's polished.

    70. Taelend Sauve

      That hammered look on your ring is super cool