Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

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    I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake!
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    This #Wedding #Dress #Cake was so much fun to celebrate Safiya Nygaard getting married! It has a lot of intricate lace detailing, sprinkles, and fondant. What other videos would you like to see?

    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Rosanna Pansino

      I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻

      1. O A

        The height difference thou

      2. Itz Kittenplays


      3. 4Nyes

        The whole thing! You both had fabulous energy! How about a bridal shower baking video? 😊 👰🏼

      4. Karianne Wolf

        Rosanna Pansino the height difference

      5. Shay Kashif

        She didn't link the other video... 😔

    2. Kimber Corbitt

      It’s strange seeing Safiya surrounded by so much

    3. onegoldenkookie

      "Teamwork makes the dream work" - did anyone else's ARMY alarm go off?

    4. NoThankYouLeah

      y'all just not gonna eat it okay

    5. S C

      bahahahhaha i use a pottery wheel for that

    6. Camryn Barnes

      you are amazing baker ro

    7. Rebekah Grace

      I wish they would have cut the cake

    8. Milla Ivy

      Can you please make a holo taco with Cristine????

    9. Brittany Bilson

      Where did you get those pants?! 😍😍

    10. Temporary Panic

      these two together are hilarious omg i love it

    11. Violet Hannah Obrien

      can you make a cake that looks like you

    12. Karen Thornton

      I feel like the older I get the more my moods are like Safiya’s and less like pink blond shortie.

    13. saminavoycheck

      Aawwwwww I love this!

    14. CraftyFerret Mama

      The bell sleeves is a trapeziod.

    15. CraftyFerret Mama

      Hey Ro you can go to Hershey,PA and there is a hotel that has a spa and every package is infused with chocolate.

    16. shik chocofashion

      Pls make a video with thomas sanders

    17. Hannah Holman

      I'm only here because saf is Also, at 5:14 does she call Saf Sophia? 🤔 ahhhhh she does it more than once 😫

    18. Arlene Gutierrez

      Two of my favorite US-newrs in one video! Absolutely love this!

    19. Exmustafa !


    20. Leslie Blouin

      Morticia Addams collabs with Meghan Trainor

    21. Elvia Giron

      Prepara mi regalo y que sea mí vestido de novia

    22. Riku.

      Ro your eyebrows

    23. USMAN Malik


    24. Sage Marie


    25. G.A.P Grace

      is it just me or dose safiya sound really difernt

    26. Neeraj Pandey

      Who else noticed the cake batter plop off the stand mixture at 6:08

    27. Jennifer Junker

      How much blur is please on this video? If you only know Safia from her own videos, it is very frightening to see how much this mini Barbie softens her videos.

    28. DeviAunna Sweeden

      The Barbie look like Demi lavato

    29. flakeycakey

      Those eyebrows are all I can see

    30. tweek tweak

      oh heck this baker short i bet that boosted batwing

    31. Hase_ S4

      I wish wengie would be there

    32. Shea Conaway

      That was weird when the girls said that's my favorite part when they were undressing her

    33. Sabrina Carle-Parra

      Safiya looks like a giant

    34. Koki Niehaus

      I loved watching Safiya but Rosanna got on my nerves...

    35. nobody lol I'm irrelevant

      i never realized how tiny ro is, saf literally has a whole foot on her but its so cute

    36. Vyna Khov

      I’m seriously eating pizza right now, no kidding 🤣😂14:12

    37. camelia hernandez

      safiya wears that dress every video and we’re here for it

    38. Norelyn Manzo

      In the past ro and mo doesnt use thise type of cake molder they use a little cup for the doll to fit

    39. Karen McCauley

      I know it was her in her wedding dress but just Imangine it in her black dress

    40. Elvia Giron

      Gracias por almitras y también los vestidos de novia dije vestidos de novia y luego pusiste bendiciones por estar en. Los. Ángeles y San Diego californiana

    41. r a w r

      I just love it how when Safiya looks at Rosanna she has to point her face down!

    42. Belen Armeida

      Did your die your hair

    43. B to Blow

      Safiya is so much taller than ro and I've never noticed before

    44. Lizzy Jackson

      did anyone notice that Ro's wearing her merch, but in light pink????

    45. Caitlyn Ward

      Does she always touch her hair and flick it about when cooking, it's really unhygienic and off putting.

    46. ForeverGodsGirl FOREVER

      Dem eyebrows thooo 🤭

    47. Ds Tawmging

      Omg hi

    48. princess pumpernickel

      Im just imagining Safiya in a black wedding gown😋😂

    49. gaming OMG

      Do a holo cake with Christine

    50. Stella Martenis

      Elphaba and Glinda

    51. Isawthe Sign

      Safiya looks like Morticia Adams walked into a modern day 50's sitcom. And I'm living for it.

    52. Life is beautiful Never look back

      2019 kllllllassssssssssssssssss

    53. Life is beautiful Never look back

      Life is beautiful Never look back

    54. Sammy Corrine

      Watching this gives me such Kristen Chenoweth and Allison Janney on the West Wing vibes

    55. Inga H.

      It's so freaking crazy how the whole world of US-newrs seems to be "related" MK knows Safiya, Safiya knows Rosanna, Rosanna knows Blogilates, Blogilates knows MK...

    56. Yuhuu162

      Safiya looks so familiar, but can't place her... Cute video!

    57. Random ARMY Girl

      can we just talk about Ro's eyebrows? it's so.. pretty

    58. JustJessy

      Safiya looks like the mom from the Adams family

    59. Hyieng Cat

      Holo cake with Christine of Simplynailogical!!!!!

    60. iiSt arqs


    61. The good finger

      Learn how to cook dweeb

    62. The good finger

      Hi Rosa quick for a girl who’s armpit

    63. Hiep Nguyen

      rosanna's eyebrows are thiqqqqq

    64. Nibraj Khan

      Those eyebrows mmmmmmm 😏

    65. Eva Young

      Anyone else here remember the first nerdy nummies? I was four when I last watched it XD

    66. Jorge Gurria

      Ro u should bake with Nikita Dragun or Shane Dawson (again) Like if u agree

    67. Brooke Alexis

      Either saf is really tall or ro is really short

    68. ASMR Relaxation Center

      Her eyebrows 😖

    69. Feli Kat

      Yess i love these types of videos

    70. Yohanna Tedja

      i love how they look like they came from two different worlds