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    The Ultimate Dupetorial on my Identical twin sisters! Can you tell the difference?
    xo's ~ Tati
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. McKenzie Byrne

      All of there skin is UNREAL

    2. Megan O connor

      Her face is slightly fatter then hers😂

    3. Kal Love

      They lowley look like they could be triplets

    4. Annie

      if you close your eyes, it sounds like Tati is talking to herself

    5. Maria Julie


    6. pingui089

      OMG 😮🤭 wow I had no idea they were twins!!

    7. Sarah N

      Thumbs up if you recognized her sisters from that x-files episode, and Tati from that forensic files episode 👍🏼

      1. Sarah N

        My bad I meant unsolved mysteries, I’ve been watching them interchangeably

    8. s r

      Love the twins, they have an amazing personality

    9. Floral Preom

      its so cute seeing all of the family together

    10. Izzy B

      i thought it was some weird edited thing like liv and maddie

    11. Adinda Rizky


    12. Lisa Parker

      earrings did it for me. :)

    13. Drageadroth

      I absolutely love the X-Files reference!!! Tati, I love your videos and your all-over-the-place likes and personality. Watching these waiting to get your make-up. 😍😬

    14. xsingsthesorrow

      Tati looks like Anna Friel here

    15. Nate 21

      Erica's eyes are more apart so she is definitely prettier

    16. Evonna 559

      U guys look like triplets 🥰

    17. Feel Happiness

      Here is a game for u guess who looks more expensive before watching the video 14:41

    18. Flo Cali

      You guys look like TRIPLETS! You are all so ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL!!! Love this video!!!!

    19. cox cox

      More like triplets

    20. jayco palmes

      wait Erika has a twin?? I'm shook goowrl! I thought Tati edited the thumbnail haha

    21. Sahar Farooqi


    22. Joey Yatra

      It's crazy I can differentiate between The Twins!!!!

    23. Fitness Lass

      you guys are sooooo gorgeous

    24. Kainaat Iqbal

      Love this! We need to see u all together a lot more!!!!!! Love ur sisters they’re so sweet x

    25. monica matos

      This was super-fun!

    26. Delikaadann

      And I thought there are three of Tati 😂

    27. Envy Rswie

      At 15:10 they literally blinked and nodded at the same time

    28. Updates SM3

      Their check bones and jawline said🔪

    29. Ainhoa Gallo

      Imagine Tati opening the video saying "HI SISTERS"😂

    30. Ainhoa Gallo

      I thoight they were fans who where identical to her😂

    31. Ainhoa Gallo

      Can u follow me people?

    32. katy k

      That thumbnail. Was confusing af

    33. my-amazing-journey

      Tati dancing in the background! I can’t! Omg!

    34. MandaZeBunny

      Hey, I was able to tell them apart! The one on the right is the one that has been spending a lot of time with Tati

    35. Elisa F

      Am I here too much if I can immediatly tell them apart hahah

      1. Elisa F

        But they're so similar tho I mean the way they speak and tell stories is just like Tati!

    36. Carolanne

      Vous êtes superbe les filles ! Tati tu es ma youtubeuse préférée j’adore les makeup que tu es fais et tu es très inspirante comme femme ❤️ Ps j’ai toujours pensée que vous étiez des triplés hihihi 🙊

    37. jamba jackson

      Do u girls ever do a sleek ponytail or bun. Or. Down. Tucked perfectly behind both ears. I think that would those styles would look good on both of. U. With. Hoop earrings. I. Love. Having my hair tucked behind both ears. I do that a lot.

    38. Chelsea Brookes

      Is it weird i can tell them apart?

    39. Mariah Holguin

      Why is this video just now happening 😂😂this should have been done again and again great video idea lol

    40. LA LA Nation

      I love your makeup idea

    41. Kelly Ezerski

      Am I the only one who doesn't think they look identical?

    42. Rachael Blois

      how do you tell them apart lol

    43. Taylor Clark

      I love the videos with your sisters!!

    44. Sophia Fischer

      I knew you had sisters but I did’t know they were TWINS!?

    45. Angelina Wilson

      I know they’re identical twins but I think Erika looks like Tati the most

    46. Rae Renee

      Wait but elf poreless putty is a dupe for the tarte primer lol

    47. janna Bosma

      Omg. You 3 look like triplets.....

    48. superomarie

      Stupid me. I didn't read the video's title I thought the other one just looking at the mirror 🤦

    49. T L

      Also love their outfits

    50. Sherry Alexander

      Your camo jacket I love it

    51. Grace Schuettenberg

      You’re not the only one Tati. I got out of a six year toxic relationship last year, into a healthy relationship this year on January 11th. Everyday or morning (sometimes both if I’m awake) I always see the time 9:11. The last day for my car payment is the 11th of each month. And recently back in July I found out I was pregnant on July 11th which also was the start of a miscarriage.

    52. a n e s u

      Wait what how am I just finding this out 😦 I’ve watched so many videos with your (sister)s thinking they were the same person I’m shoooookkkk

    53. Angeline

      You should of used elf for the drugstore version of tatcha. Lolol

    54. Melissa Woodward

      Your sisters are awesome. Love you all!

    55. Aleyse Hennigar

      The one on the right is Erica 😆 I think lmao I love Erica will find out farther in the video I suppose

    56. Delilah Koostachin

      Her moms a printer

    57. Karmen Letourneau

      Ilyallvvm you all are soo beautiful inside and out.

    58. shea hartling

      they sound the exact same it’s kinda creepy

    59. Sneha Ali

      Yall look like triplets, equally as beautiful!!!

    60. Migraine Warrior

      Did you know in France Tati actually means auntie? 😄

    61. Emlee

      Tati, what is on your eyes in this video?

    62. Samantha Gambill

      That intro 😂😂😂 SIBLINGS.

    63. Kim Stapleton

      Elf has dupe primer to tacha

    64. Kool/Cool

      At 18:05 they say ok at the m same time😂😂

    65. fatima sakoor

      Oh my gosh !!! Triplets 😆😆

    66. Sonia Tiwana

      ohh they look like triplets! and her sisters are also as adorable as she is!

    67. Scrawnyfish

      I laughed way too hard at 1:24

    68. Diane Neitzel

      Strong genes in your family! Very beautiful women!

    69. Adrienne Sosa

      Wtf this was hilarious X-Files.. lol

    70. Mayrene Powell

      Twins are beautiful 🥰👍