Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get (Audio)

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    Listen to the title-track of Luke Combs’ upcoming album, ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available now:

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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Brandon Prenni

      I love how there’s not one bad comment about Luke!

    2. Bri Glover

      I swear he's my new love. 😍 He's so relatable and true with his music. I love him.☺️

    3. Blake Liles

      this song is just a chill upbeat song, luke hasnt failed with a single song yet

    4. Tove Cecilia Lindgren

      Just gotta love the guy, absolutely amazeballs ....

    5. Angry Jock

      I haven't listened to country for 20years, accidentally found your music and thank God I did , hello from Scotland 👍

    6. nathanael harwood

      This song describes me so well. Another great song Luke. Gonna be big!!!

    7. Isaiah Politte

      one of the soonto be bests

    8. Michael Edge

      This is his next number one hit.

    9. Kenna_23

      Your music is so stupid shut that off

    10. Kim Schultz Liska

      Love! Love! Love, he just keep getting better!

    11. YourBestSelf

      Luke hasn't released a bad song yet. Straight from the heart; the way country should be.

    12. Prithvi Sindhar


    13. maine living

      Nice two step around dance floor..

    14. Ryan Sawchuk

      Dang I want to see him in concert again, and I only saw him 5 days ago. Never seems to disappoint. Keep up the good work Luke!

    15. Joe Smith

      Hell I look just like luke except I'm 7ft 2 and 350 lbs or so. Everyone says I look like him if he was in honey I blew up the kid. To see that he could get an Angel like her, gives me hope but then all the negativity and assholes makes me hate going into public because I know this is what people are saying when they think I can't hear them...

    16. Mark Coffman

      Man Hurry up and add this album in November. Okay when’s my Christmas album coming out brother?

    17. MISTERJ0N3Z

      He just keeps getting better!

    18. Kimberly Harness

      Mr luke combs you are the only man for me if that is what you want I am still sitting here all by myself

    19. Kimberly Harness

      Mr luke combs I am being very serious if I am what you want then come and get me now please

    20. Kimberly Harness

      Mr luke combs it is time to be the man I know you are and come get me

    21. Kimberly Harness

      Mr luke combs it is time to be serious now if this is what you want do you understand me

    22. Kimberly Harness

      Ok mr luke combs it is time to come and get the lady of your dreams and your son to be wife one day yesyesyes Yes

    23. CrankinBass

      I’ll vibe to this but “ Must’ve Never Met You” is his best song imo. He hasn’t made a bad song.

      1. Andy Reynolds

        I honestly think "I Got A Way With You" is his best song. But he has yet to disappoint with any of his music :)

      2. CrankinBass

        Kaleb Graham Their all so damn good. Refrigerator Door is my fav from that EP. Luke is so good it hurts when anything else comes on

      3. nml 22

        Kaleb Graham That’s a really good one too

      4. Kaleb Graham

        All his songs are good but “Even though I’m leaving” beats all the others

      5. CrankinBass

        nml 22 absolutely

    24. dennis collins

      Love Luke Combs voice absolutely amazing talent and songwriter

    25. Todd Clark

      Tell him sorry for me buddy and we love that tune

    26. John Eason

      Easy to like Luke and his music!

    27. Jimmy Riggs Band

      Cover this!🎸🎸🎤🎧

    28. M Clark

      183 people hit the wrong button

    29. Soso Valermont

      rlly cool

    30. Anita Godsey

      Me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. Let's Doodle

      I love your music so freaking much!!!!!!!!

    32. Rob Clem

      I’d like to hear him do more songs like this (with fiddle and steel) that you can dance to. I went to see Jon Pardi last night and we sang and danced all night. It was awesome. Midland is like that too. Luke is a little too heavy on the slower power ballad type songs for me. He’s a great artist with a big voice..but, fuck art, we want to dance!😉

    33. Lone Wolf95

      This is proper Country music, that lil nas wanna be can fuck off!!! 🤟🔥

    34. Lone Wolf95

      This songs got a Life is a Highway vibe to it 💯💯

    35. j lay jjgoosebumps

      luke: be careful what you wish for me: i wish to meet luke combs lol

    36. maggie pei


    37. Celestine Nkabalema

      I like Luke’s music...beautiful country sounds

    38. Sasha Hill

      there isn’t a song that this man does that isn’t good

    39. Reinvento Norteño

      I started liking Luke combs since Hurricane

    40. Carla Daugherty

      Love this!

    41. Owen K

      buddies gotta come to Toronto

    42. Jojo F

      this is a huge fucking mood ,please stick to songs like this Luke

    43. Jared K

      That boy sangin now, gah damn

    44. Pop's How To's

      Every single song this guy makes is awesome!

    45. Mm Ct

      Love this fucking jam

    46. Kieren Lomas

      OMG his voice x Keep it up Luke xx😍❤🔥

    47. Noah Churchill

      Luke is bringing back and saving country music!😍

    48. connor t

      Another great song by Luke

    49. Kyle Riepe

      The 94 people that disliked this are open books

    50. Michael Bodell

      This guys music is very refreshing sounds like 90s country

    51. GladesGrown85

      Just keeps getting better and better !

    52. AlaskaFearfulTV

      Luke you should come to beautiful Alaska we would I’ve a concert

    53. Travis Davis

      Country is so fucking generic now a days

    54. Law M

      its his voice...awesome.....

    55. Nolan Miller

      Songs get better one after the other!!!

    56. Aubrianna Seubert


    57. aries esparaguera

      Another song added to my stress-relieving music playlist 🎵🎧

    58. okow tina

      you see is what you get

    59. Jason Striation

      16-24 year old fist pumping crowd. Phoney country guy🥔

    60. aola wili

      seems to be good

    61. Tina Kidman

      THIS SONG IS AMAZING WHAT THE HECK LUKE!!!!!! THESE VOCALS!!!!! Can't wait for the new album omggg

    62. Mikayla White

      don't be so rude he is the man

    63. alida flus

      Love this song already 🤠😍

    64. The king 92

      On my 420 list

    65. John Paul

      Luke combs does not make a bad song. He has come a LONG way since “ this ones for you” glad I get to be part of the generation of Luke combs

    66. RockyTop23

      If he rereleased Use To You I believe it’d be a top 10 country song.

      1. alida flus

        Hi Luke, im a huge fan and absolutely loving this song, especially the guitar riffs! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

    67. sadboi liq

      My girl broke things off with me last Friday. She said I'm way too much trouble for her for the baggage I carry. But she kept saying "the jury's out." so I leaned on her. Come Wednesday night after shooting her down to all your heartbreak songs, I find this and it's like I'm staring in a mirror. So thank you for that. For reminding me I'm an easy read but I ain't no open book. I fucking love your work Luke.

    68. Red Elixir

      See you November 15th! My early Birthday present!

    69. Cheryl Richards

      Love your music can listen to you all day love all ur songs.

    70. Northway Fishing

      Incredible, couldnt make a bad song if he triesd

      1. Seth Plummer

        Northway Fishing the only way he would be able to make a bad song is by not making a song at all lol