Lucky People Who Avoided VERY CLOSE CALLS



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    Lucky people who avoided very close calls! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're going over some very lucky people who avoided really close calls! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      HELLO! do you guys want me to play and upload kindergarten 2?

      1. XxCallMeKalliexX Ari!

        Yas queen!

      2. Josh Carcamo

        Sooooo I held my foot to like it and and it was bleeding 😶

      3. zz

        That was a horrible insult to compare your gnarly fugly feet to a teradactyl. I need to apologize! Dear teradactyl I am sorry for comparing your feet to sniperwolfs n insulting you. My apologies!

      4. João paulo

        Oi tudo bem



    2. Gabby Unicorn

      Wait a minuuuuute..... if u don’t use Q-tips for ears than wut do u use them for and wut for ur ears

    3. Princess Pratt

      I love you sssniperwolf so much

    4. Princess Pratt


    5. Be Yang

      One time a small piece of glass went in my foot and it was bleeding

    6. Bj124 54

      Wam bam we got a flat tire ma'am

    7. Scarlett McCormick

      I’d spare the lizards 🦎 life

    8. Roy Jones

      It was a dolphin

    9. Daniel Threlfall

      I didn’t avoid anything, (sadly) but I accidentally once stapled my thumb when I was eight. It was before I went to Germany *and it hurt a a a a a* (Dad’s account >:’c)

    10. Maria Alvarez

      At 2:41 that happen to me put it actually went in I was screaming it hurt 😞

    11. Aab7iy 5033

      2:40 it happened to me but I'm lucky. I was with sport shoes and I felt that I stepped on something and I saw it. I tought it was stuck in my foot but it wasn't. There weren't even a hole in shoe but it hurted alot.

    12. XxCallMeKalliexX Ari!

      F in da chat

    13. Aiyana Borja

      One time my mom put nail glue in her eye😂😂😂😂

      1. Rylee Melton


    14. Crystal Wolf

      6:57 that’s a Cruise ship not A million dollar yacht

    15. Araina Gandhi

      The person taped the nail on his foot

    16. Ashley James

      The piggies are with you r toes

    17. Kristin Herron

      after watching the part about the nail in the foot I stepped on my dog's toy - It hurt like a buttcheek

    18. Kenia Rodriguez

      On the one we're he got a nail he tapped it also I love you videos plz give me a shoutout

    19. Sari Kiddo

      i love our hair down

    20. Katy Padilla

      Not me

    21. Lulu

      Don't kill the baby lizard Don't!!!!

    22. Lulu


    23. jj p

      I dropped a knife and it went in botwin my toes

    24. Arace Gomez

      3:17 THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME LIKE TWICE. once was at work and 2nd was in school I think xD

    25. Animation !!!

      EnTiRe TiRe

    26. Cicada Martinez

      I once I got cut on the toe by a knife and got a little luck since it was not a deep cut

    27. Jennifer Franklin

      I literally have nightmares where I’m going over a cliff in that Jurassic park rv and the people I’m with are like “great, now you’ve killed us all” and then I wake up in tears. Ok it was sort of related to the truck falling in the ocean..

    28. Lauri Miller

      How many times she said tire ⬇️

    29. XXshadow GachaXX

      “ it could’ve been in i mean you dont want it to be in but it could have” 🤣🤣

    30. landon Ham

      My 5th grade teacher's sister got super glue in her i mistaking it for eye drops and they had to peel it off her eye ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof R.I.P

    31. Blyss With Lyss

      By the way just saying qutips actually just push the ear wax back causing you to lose hearing PS I love u sssniperwolf

    32. Aiyana Jay

      i thought you dident know left in rights

    33. Aiyana Jay

      i thought you dident know left in rights

    34. Savannah Gross

      A knife fell on my head but luckily it was the handle

    35. itz serbert xxx wolf


    36. Timea Goczol

      That boat is a fairy

    37. Lana Lintvelt

      Person:oh I need I drops *eyes blurry* *grabs the wrong bottle* this stings a bit eh (few seconds later) MY EYES ARE STUCK *hits head on wall * RIP person

    38. Harpy’s Gacha

      The nail in the foot photo made me remember the time I stepped on a glass shard in my parent’s room

    39. kevin chance

      once i steped on a nail. P.S this is Melina Leon

    40. Tristan Bryant

      Why u got a scar in the background do u live in that bad of a place not trying to be creepy or nosey

    41. Belinda Vinson

      I ate dog food 🙂☺

    42. willow gullo

      Lmao you said when the tire goes into the tire instead of when the nail goes into yhe tire lmao 😂😁

    43. jacob sinclair

      Sadly I use those eye drops. :* (

    44. Elizabeth Beach

      My brother got a nail into the center of his foot before and he said it hurt for a whole week l l l V If you feel really bad

      1. Unicorn Sparkle

        I feel bad but doesn't mean I have to like it😂

    45. Erik Allen

      6:58 That’s not a yacht. It’s a cruise ship.

    46. Denki mah boi

      I stepped on a needle and it went a centimeter into my foot... Don’t drop your needles into a carpet and forget about them and then one week later step on them barefoot kids...

    47. Bunny Donuts

      I actually stepped on a needle one time but i wore shoes so i did not get it so hard in. I still have a mark ❤️👌🏻🥔♒️

    48. Ariadne GC

      OMG 😮😮😮😯

    49. Tara Mullis


    50. Lisa Rourke

      but im watching this with glass in it

    51. Føx Ğāčhā UWU

      I've stepped on an earring TWICE before, and it hurt so bad

    52. Nate

      Tire go's in the tire howww

    53. Sydney Magnone

      I stepped on a rusty nail my parents did not believe me

    54. Rachel Neale

      I have got something on my feet a sock

    55. Ronnie Moore

      Me:opens door for old lady Every one else on the air plane

    56. Alyssa Childs

      They do know she was just watching US-new with me and then they see sorry she starts licking me

    57. Ben Bechtel

      Can you do a q anda please

    58. galaxytakis wolf

      Your aewsome

    59. galaxytakis wolf


    60. Isabel Richmond

      this brings back the memories when i was 7 and i accidently dropped the toilet roll in the toilet instead of the toilet paper and i wasnt goi;ng to tell my mum so instead i put the wet toilet roll under my bed and i forgot about it ...... 3 years later when my mum was redecorsting my room she was shoked to find a roll of toilet paper under my bed 😂😂😂

    61. Chicken Salt

      I remember when my sister stepped on a bee and the stinger stuck to her bare foot.

    62. Charles Towner


    63. Charles Towner


    64. Annoying Nerd

      Crisis? Averted! Tire? Saved! Hotel? Trivago!

    65. Max Buff

      How many Timrd did she say Tire 4:30

      1. Max Buff

        Pls like I'm new

    66. Nicki Lamirault

      Summer 😁 Summe 😀 Summ 😊 Sum ☺ Su 🙂 S ⏸ Sc🙃 Sch😓 Scho😐 Schoo😢 School😭

    67. Patrick Montgomery


    68. Sabrina Sparkles

      SSSniper wolf--Thats one of my top TEN fears Me--Well I have EVERYTHING--PHOBIA!!! Aka its one of my top THOUSANDS of fears

    69. Claudia Carrillo

      1:55 is how I feel when I thought I had 30$ in my bank account but i really hace 4.38

    70. Angela Archibald