Lucky People Who Avoided VERY CLOSE CALLS



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    Lucky people who avoided very close calls! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're going over some very lucky people who avoided really close calls! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      HELLO! do you guys want me to play and upload kindergarten 2?

      1. JP

        That was a horrible insult to compare your gnarly fugly feet to a teradactyl. I need to apologize! Dear teradactyl I am sorry for comparing your feet to sniperwolfs n insulting you. My apologies!

      2. João paulo m.d.s

        Oi tudo bem



      4. TTO Hunter

        SSSniperWolf yes plz I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t ant to see u play it

    2. 9 ODonovan

      Brah that is a dolphin

    3. Jose Beltran

      "If only they parked normally" 4:08 😂😂😂

    4. Steve Dubs

      Manly voice and not cute = 16 million subs....this world

    5. Grace Warner

      10:25 I was eating a banana during the dog and goose talk and almost choked! 🍌😂😂

    6. XxshadowgirlxX Killer

      I eat cat food....

    7. Debbie Beall

      In South Africa the tires are R 100000

    8. Lilylu 777

      2:46 I just got an earring stuck in my foot and it won’t stop bleeding

    9. Mickey Pike

      Do a part two

    10. Fizzo Dizzo

      Yacht? O.o arent that a cruise ship? 😂

    11. Depression and Obsession MSP

      *that's a huge splinter* *me; that's a nail but oke-

    12. Kåty

      2:50 Splinter?... It'sa nail

    13. Ravichandran P P

      Snow kills

    14. dixie chick

      The other night I walked into my kitchen, I didn't know there was a yellow jacket in there and I stepped on it. I hobbled around for the rest of that night and the next day. That hurt.

    15. Brandi Berard-Morin

      Um sssniper the nail the u hamer is taped

    16. layla rivera

      rEEsEEs pEEsEEs

    17. Lani Hallam

      Q tips r 4 ears in the uk

    18. Derick

      4:34 what?

    19. my name was Adora

      i was watching this video on my bed and my cat came up behind me, watched the video, and he was purring SO LOUD. MY KITTY LOVES U SNIPER.

    20. Alexis Hudson

      a nale actually went through my foot

    21. Patricia Robles

      Answer B lol

      1. Patricia Robles


    22. Evil Nun

      2:46 if you look closely the nail is taped to her foot

    23. Abigail Nywening

      i swear it was a canadian goose

    24. Watts

      I got nail glue on my fingers and I peeled my skin trying to get it off

    25. Tech studios

      Omg I accidentally cut my self today

    26. sRt n8

      First time here on this channel....and itl be my last..stick to the videos, not yourself....

    27. Aidan Jordan


    28. Cathalaya Prince

      When ever my dog storm comes my sister would pull her ears and tail ride on her like she’s a horse I would feel so bad omg like she would just stay there without blinking that much I cry inside I pray for storm 😭🙁

    29. Lori Halewood

      That toilet paper one has so happens to me lol

    30. Cathalaya Prince

      When I was in the bathroom I actually dropped the roll in the toilet when I was trying to put the piece of toilet paper in We got it out o.o

    31. Tyler Nicholson


    32. Nadia Lee

      I cannot appreciate not having anything in my foot, because I actually have rocks in my foot from when I was younger.

    33. XxZane _exexX

      person: *lick ice-cream* ice-cream: *I WANNA BE FWEE* ice-cream: *trying to fall on de floor* person: not today TwT

    34. Julianna Nguyen

      I also like eating pet food XD

    35. Julianna Nguyen

      Lord u just like me I think of weird stuff that makes me hurt and try to forget it😂😂😂😂

    36. Katie Pereira

      Umm when the shark one i dont think that was a shark i think iys a dolfin

    37. Alexandra Mosier-Henry

      I almost dropped a knife on my cat 😰😰😰😱😭

    38. Alexandra Mosier-Henry

      I still have a splinter in my butt from 3 years ago

    39. Jia Mchdo

      The 3rd to last one is relatable my dog likes to sit outside then I was opening the door for her and she fell her back legs are hurt

    40. Danaka Cains

      Lia: "Where a tyre goes in like this, and not into my tyre, to where I need to replace the entire tyre." Me: ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Charles Bratcher

      That's a dolphin...not a shark!

    42. FireFox_flame 17

      Same coffee maker 1:05 and I got ranch like that 😳

    43. Janelle smith Granger

      like im scared of the beach now because 2 months ago i stepped on a stingrays tail

    44. Kaleigh Gill

      That’s a cruise ship 😂

    45. Tierrah Robinson

      I'm a youtuber to i have no subcribers

      1. Tierrah Robinson

        Please subcribe

    46. Møønlīght Drāgøn

      2:45 Omg I was on my friends trampoline and I was jumping and my toe brushed someyhing and it was a RUSTY NAIL.

    47. the wolf pack

      or maybe the person with the nail glue and eye drops could have put eye drops on their nail.

    48. Miguel Pacheco

      You do know you can repair a nail hole on tire right??? You dont have to buy a tire just for that

    49. susan lewis


    50. susan lewis


    51. Jogiliukas. Kon.

      Knife near foot, happens all the time!

    52. Jake Plays

      I’ve had a nail in the middle of my foot 😟

    53. pug lover

      I always drop my toilet roll in the loo

    54. Tsb

      My sister stepped on a sharp nail like that IT WENT IN not all the way but my dad had to hold her foot and pull it out she was crying she had to go the hospital

    55. D Snow and Bro

      I held my foot

    56. zara stevenson

      it was a dolphin btw

    57. Andrea De La Hoz

      2:54 did anyone else actually hold their foot 😂😂

    58. Mayrani Ortiz

      10:10 bruh i once slept ON TOP of the laundry machines

    59. Chill Cat

      its a cruise

    60. Dragon Ball Fan

      The entire tire 😁😁😁

    61. cat hotel #2

      Uhh we do have things in our foot such as muscles, bones, veins. you forgot dis :P

    62. Sofia Tran

      This how many times she said tire

    63. Petra Koderman

      I stepped on a nail. It hurt a lot. But i'm still alive. :D

    64. Elliot Conarroe

      Furhfdriedurehufrefefre Fref

    65. Jana Kay McHam


    66. Brandon Taylor

      when you spend all of your skill points into luck

    67. NightCore Animation

      Tire in a tire you meen nail

    68. Nalini Sankar

      My daughter got stick by a thumb tack and she cry this dude is so lucky we love your foot so be .CAREFUL OK🚫🕳

    69. School_ Kid_UK

      Omg fav you tuber and everything but... IT’S REESES PIECES NOT REESEES PEESEES AND IT’S PETA NOT PAYTA

      1. kate bear 14 lol

        Me too


      At least you did not wash ur hair in a month 😅