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    A YOUNG woman is preparing to make the move to live with her long-distance boyfriend in Thailand and care for the world’s deadliest snakes. 18-year-old Lara Mlinaric from Croatia, met 22-year-old reptile-enthusiast Christopher Shannon, aged 22, on the internet when she asked him a question about one of her animals. The pair hit it off and Lara is now preparing to move to Bangkok to be with Chris and start their own centre dealing with the rehabilitation of venomous snakes. Chris owns over 60 snakes including a King Cobra which has a bite capable of injecting enough neurotoxic venom to kill 20 people.
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Robert Killorn
    Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
    Editor: Sonia Estal
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Paul Froelich

      Mail order GF

    2. Randy Preston

      This guy is going to be dead within 5 years... or even worst his girlfriend whom he is giving horrible information to and letting her free handle a cobra.

      1. Smiley Jamally

        he thinks a cobra is a dog.

    3. Matt Gonzalez

      Ok what is it with Malaysian millennials have those creepy fingernails? 😳😣

    4. Smetlogik

      Glass Animals t-shirt.

    5. ken TAY

      Great job

    6. donna taylor

      Your a brave boy well done on the collection

    7. BitffalD

      they had sex in the snake room, am I right?

    8. Trainzguy2472

      Who else found him through LouB747?

    9. Monica W

      I've followed him for a long time on IG and he's always willing to share his knowledge. A very unique individual that truly has the animals best interests at heart. And I'll be the one to say he's 1 in a million, not just anyone can or should even attempt what he does.

    10. Robert Wood

      I'm here with 500 lb dog who everyone is afraid of because of his size he is so sweet and a Great Dane, English Mastiff mix

      1. Senior Sensi

        I've been bitten by dogs before, never a snake. He sounds like a good boy for sure, though. Gotta love the bears of the dog world.

    11. bignigga551

      Vampira fangs has a nice booty❤

      1. Senior Sensi

        I can smell your desperation from here. It stinks.

    12. Eunae Kim

      The only snake that is really out to get you is the one who appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden. All others are just being snakes!

    13. Ice Ice

      Oh no Oracle!?

    14. Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe

      Venomous snakes are not pet... Know that...if u get one little bite.their will be no joke

      1. Senior Sensi

        He talks about getting bit in the video. Dumb dumb.

    15. Nancy Nicole

      He listens to glass animals, he is a winner

    16. Mesozoic Scar

      1:50 did he just feed that snake a centipede? boi thats pretty cool, though isn't that a bit dangerous?

      1. Senior Sensi

        No, smaller snakes like the one that's shown, eat exclusively insects. Things like that centipede and stuff like that.

    17. Sam Lucas Lo

      1:49 wouldn't the Centipede bite back?

    18. des ray

      I think the really skinny and tiny snake with giant eyes is so adorable

    19. Vanja Aragovic

      Cura iz hrvatske na tajlandu timari zmije. Haha fora

    20. Daniel Kinn

      Regardless of how he treats snakes....its not a matter of IF he gets bit...its WHEN

      1. Senior Sensi

        @chargermom definitely not true, but possible. I can't stand seeing freehandling because stupid people(like the original comment here) think all people interested in these animals want to pick them up and harass them, which simply isn't true.

      2. chargermom

        Daniel Kinn not true

    21. alessia nasello

      Animal abuse. Selfish!

    22. amaris

      So happy to see Chris on youtube. I watch his instagram almost everyday and love the work he is putting in for these misunderstood creatures.

    23. Mohraeil

      When she said they’re relationship started on kik, it brought back so many memories! 💀 I remember when it was so popular

    24. Huram Cho

      Cool couple!!!

    25. La Di

      Why do people want poisonous reptiles? Yuck.

      1. Senior Sensi

        Because their behavior is really interesting. The way they move and the intelligence behind their eyes. Just because YOU don't understand, doesn't mean its gross or dumb.

    26. Bianca Taylor

      I hope he carried anti venom. There are so so so so many people who handle venomous snakes and say that it is irresponsible not to carry anti-venom or tell the hospital near you what snakes you have smh

      1. Bianca Taylor

        @Senior Sensi this is a great video. I'm sure you've watched it

      2. Bianca Taylor

        @Senior Sensi you are incorrect. You don't carry anti venom on your person, but you must carry it where you will be handled venomous snakes. Yes anti-venom has a short shelf life, but that's what you have the weigh with consequences of keeping a venomous snake. You can be taught how to administer anti venom from a nurse or doctor so that's not an issue. But you can't expect the hospital to absorb the cost of your hobby. That's selfish. I know anti-venom can be like $400 every 3 months, but that's the price to pay if you want to be around dangerous creatures.

      3. Senior Sensi

        You can't just carry antivenom on your person at all times. You need SPECIFIC antivenom depending on what snake just bit you, also it has very short shelf life without medical grade equipment. I agree with letting your local hospital know what snakes are in your collection, and more importantly, what kind of venom the snake has. This is such a common misconception. Hot(venomous) keepers, sometimes DO keep a vial or two on hand, just in case, but administering it on yourself if just as dangerous as not getting treatment at all. Life isnt a movie, or a science fiction novel. Things are a lot more complicated than that.

    27. Gen0 MCQueen

      Love his ig

    28. Austin Thompson

      HIS INSTAGRAM IS chrisweet and hers is viperfangs. They are absolute goals and they post all sorts of cool interesting stuff

    29. Red Pill Veteran

      What I was told in the army. You see a snake, leave it alone and go the other way.

    30. Royce Lane

      Okay for the young gentleman that got bit on the finger I think that's all it would take for me to not like snakes however this video was very educating and you seem to be well knowledged in this field so kudos to you, but I'd rather watch you on video then standing next to you when you have one of those things in your hand..😵

    31. Jose Kamara

      You live by the snakes you will die by the snakes and you will be burn in Hell mark my words.

      1. Senior Sensi

        I thought God was the only one who could pass judgement.

    32. Mátyás Kassay

      Wow, I've never seen Chris on a video before!

    33. Thunder Ghost

      The snakes are so pretty😍😍

    34. Daniel Doss

      getting that visa and divorcin' snake boy fo sho.. dont marry her dude

      1. Senior Sensi

        I don't think it works like that in Tailand...

    35. vjeran

      Im from croatia too

    36. Python Reticulatus

      I hate breeders and there “tubs”

      1. Senior Sensi

        Why though? If the animal has right temperatures and humidity, there should be no problems with it whatsoever. The only "problem" people have is "oh the poor snake can't leave" yet I've seen so much HEALTHY looking snakes from people who keep them in tubs. Cleaning 40+ glass enclosures is ridiculous. Think, man, think!

    37. Boora

      That's so dumb, like legit do you not value your life... Not saying he should do what he does, but free handling is just dumb, i don't care what anyone says, a snake could be in a bad mood, could get scared, or any other reason and you're dead., use a feeding instrument and gloves, get a phyton to play around with if you want to free handle, honestly nothing against snakes or him but your life is valuable dude.

      1. Senior Sensi

        @MrGlenspace that's what your not getting. Nobody freehandles WILD animals. There is a HUGE difference between an animals you have personally owned and kept and been around vs. A completely random wild individual. Unfortunately, I don't care about these peoples lives, but unfortunately everytime someone like them gets bit, it makes people like Al Corritz, Tom Crutchfield, and even people like myself, look like a bunch of meat head asshats who WANT to be bit. It's a stupid practice, not because people get hurt or die, but because stupid people only read about the other stupid people in the world. That's why people who have worked with these animals for DECADES(Mark O'shea, and the breeders previously mentioned) aren't in the news or public eye. Nobody cares until a stupid person ruins it for everyone.

      2. MrGlenspace

        Matyas, I would never rely on predictability because all wild animals are unpredictable.

      3. Mátyás Kassay

        Well, it still depends on the handler. A real professionist like him can read the snake's body language and can tell if it's safe to handle it or not. Snakes are really simple animals compared to us, they are pretty predictable if you know some things about them.

      4. MrGlenspace

        I do nit know about Thailand, but in US you need permits for venomous snakes and many hours if training to keep legally.

    38. Impulse King

      Next: Couple Who Handled World's Deadliest Snakes Died | BEAST BUDDIES GONE WRONG EDITION

      1. Alceste Camille

        Lol stfu kiddo

    39. Gregg hatfield

      Yeah I don’t understand the tub keepers

      1. Senior Sensi

        What is there not to understand? If you have more than just a few animals, it makes sense for storage and maximum space utility. As long as the temps and humidity is correct, the snakes don't care. They don't have the parts of the brain that give us humans things like, the want for freedom. Stop trying to anthropomorphize these animals so you can feel better about yourself.

    40. Snake lover7

      Nice people but if you really respected them you would not free handle them. Give them the respect they deserve.

      1. Mátyás Kassay

        He knows what he's doing, noone better. Just check out his Instagram.

    41. Sandy Heesom

      Not supposed to free handle any venomous snakes.

      1. Sandy Heesom

        @chargermom , me neither! 😎

      2. chargermom

        Sandy Heesom lol u sure won’t see me anywhere near any of them 😄

      3. Sandy Heesom

        @chargermom , well professionals only then 😎😊😁

      4. chargermom

        Sandy Heesom if professionals didn’t handle them there would be no anti-venom to save people that are bit.

    42. CommanderCaleb

      Are you killing innocent little rats that never even had a chance at living, the snakes are stupid and they don’t need to be cared for. Put them in the wild. You need to be caring for those little baby mice how about that not Those stupid snakes

    43. Jobin Varghese

      King cobra is the most poisnous snake in the world

    44. Timothy Channel.

      I like his exotic girlfriend.hahaha

    45. Don Estes

      They will bite you to death

      1. Senior Sensi

        I'm sorry, but how long have YOU studied this hobby for?

    46. Tai Basu

      This people are causing their own death and putting their life on the line stupid idiot people

    47. Jenni Abrams

      Those two were created for each other and for what they want to be doing with Snakes, other Reptiles, and Insects. Thank You, Barcroft for sharing their story with the World. :D

    48. Dharmesh Nahar

      I too have a gf and I met her on kik as well

    49. Ben Finnell

      Oh my god... I know that king cobras do eat other snakes... but to feed a live snake with feelings to another snake and just film it... that’s not right.

      1. Senior Sensi

        Sure, pal.

    50. -kitty_GACHA- YT

      0:10 OMGA POOR MOUSE 😭 But it was a satisfying sound Am I evil

    51. Ur Abusive Step Dad

      Can i get a mail order wife to...

    52. Aunraysis Pollock

      So that means ther pit viper injected him with Venom because if not his finger wouldn't had rotted off some

      1. Senior Sensi

        Not all pit vipers have hemotoxic venom, most do, but not all, and not all venom is created equally. Some (like Dispholidus typus the boomslang) make you bleed from every orifice in your body, others(like most rattlesnake vemom) eat away at tissue and blood cells, causing necrosis.

    53. Uncharted Plane

      Funny part starts at 5:42 I laughed badly ya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...... you know🤣😂

      1. Eazy Naza


    54. Pokie XD

      Yo bro that girl ain't no girl SHE HAS A FULL SACK OF BALLS +2

      1. Mátyás Kassay

        Yeah, she's awesome.

    55. Jimbo Jones

      let the stupid people handle venomous snakes like that and get whats coming there will be less stupid people on the planet. your not teaching anything by this video one slip thats it and there are people out there that will try and do the same thing. your not a smart person for even showing anyone this cause there are always people that will try because of it. cant fix stupid.

    56. DearStephh

      been following him in insta for 2 years now, i was expecting to see Omen or Oracle

    57. Technoraptor 777

      He seems a bit autistic and a virgin....but besides that...the relationship won't last and yes he does take very good care of his animals.


      Feel home 1 bite and your dead you do realise that don't you

      1. Senior Sensi

        Depending on the snake, and how close he is to a medical facility. People don't die from snakebites unless you are HOURS away from medical care. PERIOD.

    59. Waterboi Fendi

      It’s easy to say that keeping a ball python in the rack system is bad but when I was in South America boas stayed in the same spot right outside the village and she was there all week crammed between rocks, when we went to Africa same deal with the ball pythons for the 4 days I was there the same ball python was in the smallest spot and you can see their waste they poop and move 3 ft over and just stays there

      1. Senior Sensi

        Only ignorant people think the opposite. ANYBODY with half a brain, and actually chooses to READ about these animals in their natural habitat know these things. It's just whiny youth trying to act better than everyone around them because they buy into PETA propaganda.

    60. sky briggs

      ive been up to date with his herping adventures for like 2 years now!!! how have i not seen this yet!!

    61. slurwin119

      I hate to say it but you free hand venemous snakes long enough eventually you are going to get bitten, these snakes while not evil or anything are being kept in captivity and they probably do not like this. Thus one day one of these venemous snakes is gonna be annoyed and bite when being handled..... Wild animals are wild animals not pets, give their venom the respect it deserves.

      1. Senior Sensi

        "They do not like this" You really don't understand ANYTHING about these animals, do you? STOP THROWING YOUR HUMAN TRAITS ON THESE ANIMALS.

    62. Bear Birch

      That guys girl friend is sooooooo faking

      1. Senior Sensi

        Yeah because YOU'RE SO good at reading into things, right?

    63. bay castillo

      I follow him and his beautiful girlfriend on insta amazing people absolutely love these two!!! He also has this beautiful king cobra opral ( i dont think I spelt that right) but all his babys are absolutely amazing!!!!

    64. LoneRider27


    65. Bell Wolf

      Much respect for sharing facts and your opinions educating on reptiles and snakes! They are so misunderstood and looked over a lot, because of this they are getting hurt and not cared for and Noone seems to notice or not care. So thank you for sharing this and teaching people snakes are not bad. Nor any animal if there is a animal to be bad it's the human!

    66. Siyavuya Mgulwa

      Can he please educate my mom she is so scared of snakes. I am in love with royal or ball pythons and my mom is always like its going to eat u and I'm over here like they to small to eat u

    67. Taevian's World of Reptiles!

      Brilliant video! I love snakes! Currently keeper of 17 snakes and i love them!

    68. Mya Hollandia

      I would die in this room !! My biggest nightmare are spiders and snakes

    69. zo p

      Weird couple!!!!! Spooky!!!!

      1. - Sunny Potato -

        zo p ikr spoopy :<

    70. shelbey mercer

      Glass animalsssss