Loud Eating With My Corgi Dog ASMR Mukbang || Life After College: Ep. 639

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    #Mukbang #ASMR Eating Loud In front of My #Corgi Dog -- His Reaction. We eat Loud Foods including Carrots, Celery, Apples, and Iceberg Lettuce! The winning Idea based off of the viewers Recommendations! ALSO: Guess the ukulele song! and Making Ramen!
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    - Eating Loud Mukbang ASMR: Carrots, Celery, Iceberg Lettuce, and Apple
    - Ukulele Guess the Song (Old Road)
    - Corgi Plays with Cat Toy in Slomo
    - Raining really hard in the bay area
    - Checking out the Mall with Shawnsecrets (us-new.com/client-ShawnSecrets)
    - Robot Vacuum Neato + Corgi
    - Leg Gym Workout Routine in Strong Lift Wear and Rise Above Fitness gear
    - Saltwater Aquarium Update
    - Building a Fort for my Corgi using Lovesac Sactionals
    - Corgi On Fleek Store
    - Indoor Exercise Montage
    - Cooking Tokyo Shoyu Ramen with menma bamboo chutes, pork belly, ramen egg (6.5 min in boiling water then ice bath), komatsuna, Green Onions, gyoza

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    1. Jacob Reyes

      Let caspy choose what to eat

    2. Jacob Reyes

      Old town rode

    3. Whitney Welch

      Old town road

    4. RobloxShadow 019283

      Old town road by Lil Nas X and BIlly Ray Cyrus.


      he was playing Old Town Road

    6. Narasimhacharyulu Tirumala

      old town road aint nobody tell me nothin im gonna take my horse to bthe old town road im gonna ride till i can't nomore

    7. JIMPPA

      I love gatsby

    8. JIMPPA

      You played old town road with you guitar

    9. Norm Lee

      He was just spitting out the cabbage...hilarious.

    10. Quy Lieng

      Old town road

    11. Niramit Keointhisone

      1:55 what are you doing Gatsby XD

    12. Niramit Keointhisone

      1:22 pop!

    13. Niramit Keointhisone

      2:44 XD

    14. Niramit Keointhisone


    15. Jayden Archer

      Old town Road

    16. Hayden Lundberg

      old town road

    17. ITZ CORGI LUV1234

      Old town road

    18. Magdi a jósnõ

      Healthy ASMR

    19. 3l3ctronicalw4v3 Plays

      Cabbage asmr. Gatsbypick picks off each piece and throws on ground

    20. Anonymous Memer

      Old town road

    21. Soli Threat

      Old town roud

    22. unknown unknown

      Old town road

    23. maple pancake '_'

      Your playing old town road

    24. Gianna Maffei

      Old town road Corgi edition

    25. WWE_ Fan

      4:25 OLD TOWN ROAD

    26. Jackson Butt

      Old corgi road

    27. Jackson Butt

      Old town road

    28. Ninja

      You were playing Old Town Road

    29. Aqua Wolf

      Old time road!

    30. Stefan Furtuna

      The song is OLD TOWN ROAD

      1. Alice’s studio :3

        Stefan Furtuna when?where?mother Russia?

    31. Trystan Aralar

      Old town road

    32. Mika Santiago

      Try steaming the carrots and broccoli next time!~ It really brings out the flavor :3


      Oled tonwn rode

    34. Bleach ___Peach


    35. Dillpickle Guilleners

      Your singing old time rode

    36. Symbols_ YT

      Old Town Road

    37. Adiarjunash P

      Good dog gasby

    38. Swizzle

      I want to eat one of Ryan’s meals soooooo bad!

    39. Roblox Duo Adventure

      That’s in valley fair San jose

    40. Milo OX

      Old town road

    41. Andrei Moraga

      Old town road i love your vids and your vlogs

    42. ProHawk74

      I got the corgi in the back, collar is attached, nose is matte black got the leash black to matchhh. Ridin on a corgi, you can whip ya bulldog, ive been to the park, you haven’t even ever barkeddd. Took me forever to make this up!!

    43. Gladys Mahinay

      The song is old town road

    44. Martin Gonzalez

      Nice playing old town road on the violín


      Old town road

    46. RUSTY CRAB what are those

      He playing old town road

    47. Mate Benjak

      Old town road

    48. LilCheeseYAY 443

      Old Town Road! Btw I love your vids and Gatsby! You just seem so nice!

    49. Patryk

      Old Town toad

    50. Zahraa Jawad

      The song name is:old town rodde

    51. Rowen Guzman

      Old town Road

    52. Princeton Lee

      The song that you were playing in this video with Old Town Road

    53. Princeton Dance

      Ryan you at playing old town road!!! My fav song. You deserve 56 million subs!!

    54. Giovanni Alvarez

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    55. Christian 7298

      Your doing old town road

    56. AwesomeJewels

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    57. kid gaming

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    58. wille Johansson

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    59. Jelle Brinkman

      It exualy sound realy good do

    60. Jelle Brinkman

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    61. Preston Swalve

      Ayyyy it’s old town roadddd

    62. Muhd Adry Natra

      Ryan the song u were playing on the guitar or ukele was,old town road

    63. Inaya Butler

      Old town road

    64. TheGarden

      You know dogs are carnivores.

    65. K. Paola Rizo

      The song is old town road

    66. Faze Tfue

      I got the corgi in the back,corgi is attached

    67. ExTrEmE GaMeR

      Old town road

    68. Neko Kuma

      This mukbang is funny and very healthy. 😂😂😂 Im having fun watching your facial expression.

    69. Stephen Abrugena

      You left crying bcuz of laughter

    70. Victoria Nguyen

      Never eat what you don't like

    71. Joel Bustos

      I'm going to take my corgi to the old town road i'm gonna ride tell i can't no more 🐕🐶

    72. Alejandro Vargas

      Old town road

    73. Abigail Frazier

      He was playing Old Town Road!!!!!!!

    74. Just A Gamer's Brother

      I did its called old town road

    75. Mickey Scharnott

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    76. ExposesofFortniteandMoreWierdThings WinstonTheKing

      Old Town Road plus I play it on the piano

    77. CAT KING

      Old town road

    78. Javan Gallaway

      In the bus the song came 5 times each day before end of the year

    79. Javan Gallaway

      Old time road

    80. Robin Lofton

      Old town road

    81. Summer wolf Joy

      Old town

    82. Cris Bachi

      im amazed how good boy gatsby just sit there looking into the camera while ryen is dancing. 😄😄😄

    83. Hope Kelley

      I laughed so hard watching Gatsby throw the cabbage on the ground 😂 my dog does that too with the stuffing from her toys.

    84. Jovanie Lin

      Old town road

    85. XXTTBBOOYY 910

      Lil x old town road

    86. Kattielikescatnip

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    91. 777Yosbel 666

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    92. Melissa pitch46

      First carrot looks very destroyed

    93. Amber Samal

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    94. Detective_Phantom

      old town road (lol I only know because when I had a field trip my who class sang it XD)

    95. Jiashen Zhou

      Old town road

    96. Boi Exist

      The song is old town road the cren535ge s0ng 10L.

    97. Slaughter X72

      I think gatsby is a corgi X beagle

    98. Abigael Calibo

      Iv got no horses