Loud Eating With My Corgi Dog ASMR Mukbang || Life After College: Ep. 639

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    #Mukbang #ASMR Eating Loud In front of My #Corgi Dog -- His Reaction. We eat Loud Foods including Carrots, Celery, Apples, and Iceberg Lettuce! The winning Idea based off of the viewers Recommendations! ALSO: Guess the ukulele song! and Making Ramen!
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    - Eating Loud Mukbang ASMR: Carrots, Celery, Iceberg Lettuce, and Apple
    - Ukulele Guess the Song (Old Road)
    - Corgi Plays with Cat Toy in Slomo
    - Raining really hard in the bay area
    - Checking out the Mall with Shawnsecrets (us-new.com/client-ShawnSecrets)
    - Robot Vacuum Neato + Corgi
    - Leg Gym Workout Routine in Strong Lift Wear and Rise Above Fitness gear
    - Saltwater Aquarium Update
    - Building a Fort for my Corgi using Lovesac Sactionals
    - Corgi On Fleek Store
    - Indoor Exercise Montage
    - Cooking Tokyo Shoyu Ramen with menma bamboo chutes, pork belly, ramen egg (6.5 min in boiling water then ice bath), komatsuna, Green Onions, gyoza

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Josh

      Old town road

    2. Wolf Anna Channel

      You were playing old town road

    3. Krew Lover and fan !!!

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    4. David Sukal

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    9. Cool Kid

      Your playing horses in the back

    10. Donna Berry

      How about you and gaspy switch lives

    11. Lydia Bunday

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    12. Sam

      This guy is so fire

    13. Gamer Poke

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    14. famguy218

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    15. Bong Siaw Ling

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    16. See Rage

      Im gonna take my corgi to old town road im gonna ride till i cant no more i got the corgi in the back corgi matte black brown and white cant nobody touch my corgii cant nobody touch my corgi my corgi is a movie fluff and happy play with my corgi he cheated on his girl lean up in my corgi and pet him i dont remember the song much haha but if you didnt know i was singing old town road corgi version

    17. Bär 19

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    18. Emmanuel Ganancial

      Your doing the old town road

    19. Joyce McAdams

      When your eating cereal and you bite into something to hard to chew 1:05

    20. Agnes Aquino

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    21. Agnes Aquino

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    23. xtremenic1

      That song was old town road!😆

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    25. Matthew Ponce

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    26. Derick Pham Sucks

      When Ryan thinks it’s gross but gaspsy says it yummy

    27. GD TacticalRed

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    35. Michael Tran

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    37. Remi J

      1:09 how did the carrot end up on your left jaw lol

    38. CookieKiller

      take my CORGI AND play till we can't no more

    39. Trawin T

      Old town road

    40. Shadowsssssss s s

      XD gastbi was throwing the lettuce on the floof XDXDXDXD

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    51. Toni 'N' Ferrian

      This is why people people loved these beautiful creatures like Corgis and owners like Ryan..... We need more people like these 2!!💕 so beautiful

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    54. Jayden Chen (2022)

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    58. Moli's Vlog

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