Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019



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    October 16 | NBA PreSeason | Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 | FreeDawkins
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Alisha Cameron

      que diparate de juego con los warriors no se quw pasa donde esta stenphan curry

    2. Boi2.0

      What will happen to gsw? Curry need to trade asap

    3. ZachJMA Gaming

      8:07 though i saw cashnasty right there in the middle

    4. tamás kubatov

      Székely Vegán is ott volt👍👌😎

    5. Евгений Петров

      Фантастика 👍👍👍🇷🇺

    6. Dequan Riles

      God is trying to show us that if it's a cause there is also an effect too the situation , rather it's good or bad so meaning through everything that we face in life. We experience it for a reason it's for our own good no matter what situation you are in there is a lesson, so that through that experience you gained knowledge and you have gained a lesson.Therefore you can teach someone through your experience who may be facing that same problem. Do for others as you would want others to do for you we must serve one another it's not about skin color we are all spirits and we are all in one body. We all have one master and one law to be learn ,but you have to know God and his laws and his ways by reading the Bible that's how you get closer to God and that's how God get closer to you. First you gain belief and become righteous through the faith you gain with God by his words so God will test you to see your truth faith through the experience you go through and the devil will tempt you to lose the faith and God trust for you .God is calling all his children to come home to Heaven ,but alot of us don't know the way home we have no guidance we don't acknowledge God in all our life problems.We use our own minds and thoughts we have our own laws,rules and agendas on what life should be for ourselves which will go in vain ,but we have a ruler and we have a home for eternal everlasting life and we have a law that we must follow to find this success/eternal life we must sacrifice our flesh for God as Jesus has done for us and we must live in the spirit while living life on Earth .......... More to come stay tuned AMEN

    7. June Hodge

      It's funny how people hate on and trash the Warriors when they created a great team but praise the Lakers when they create a super team. Shit makes no sense. And the Warriors basically created their greatness themselves through the draft, the Lakers just bought their team but people still D ride them I dont get it. Lakers bandwagons dont get happy to early. It's just preseason and the Warriors were without there whole team. Fully stacked even without KD, the Dubs have a good shot at beating the Lakers. And if they dont then the Clippers will smoke Lebron and his Lakers. Lebron's time is about done, clocks ticking for Lebum.

    8. bert fromarketin

      All the RACIST GSW bandwagon assholes...enjoy your season.

    9. Ball is Life

      lakers winning it all this year

    10. lifeworth searcher

      there is also business or marketing strategy going on here.. it is warriors home court.. just not about letting the main players rest for lakers... it is also about not dissappointing the audience, the people who buy tickets to watch their own team.. lakers keep winning in all the games against the warriors this pre season.. if warriors lose at their very home court, might as well it would hurt the sales of tickets whenever warriors have games in regular season...

    11. kalbo_boii


    12. Eli Beatz

      El BJ

    13. LightShout

      Lifetime Laker Fan! Please support me and my videos as well. Thank you in advance.

    14. nikiss8

      No one is doubting their talent. Now to see if they want to play and keep an eye on injured list sheet

    15. Joseph Donnie Conjurado

      Warriors need to improve they're young players..

    16. Remy rat

      7:15 This is in 2k20 trailer anyone else notice?

    17. Caboco Do Faroeste

      Lakers are playing on playoff mode while Golden state is playing like they never played basketball in their life smh

    18. XimMj

      But Bradley cant make a 3 in my career

    19. Caboco Do Faroeste

      Feels like D'lo is the only one making points

    20. Hecc

      Lakers play like this is playoffs or something....

    21. Rocky Plays124

      Just wait till Steph and Klay come back 😈

      1. Mr Davs

        Steph is playing tonight.

    22. jim bob

      to bad lebron is a communist good player

    23. [sic]

      Man, Lakers are fun to watch! Might be my favorite team this season.

    24. goheat77

      7 foot trees making 3s is the norm now

    25. Jay Money

      They will make it to the playoffs that’s about it

    26. Quickdraw Chev

      Lebron doing Rondo passes lol

    27. Long Life

      Lakers looking like the most complete team in the NBA right now. We are DEEP

    28. prabesh chhetri

      Literally there are everyone in Lakers

    29. Glena Melbeth

      Hahahaha tambak ang GSW pre season man yan or indi alam na ng lahat n mahina n tlga cla😛😛😛

    30. Varun B

      6:36 Daymond Green 3 attempt is hilarious. Guess he will have to shoot a lot of 3s this year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. Jr Pagaduan

      lakers nba champs 2020

    32. Jr Pagaduan

      quin cook the best

    33. Berms Jerms

      I've seen a couple travels in this game the ref allowed

    34. Berms Jerms

      bro i respect the uploads, especially how you show the free throw on the bottom right side. good content

    35. Jerome Ninonuevo

      The Lakers are playing around with the warrior

    36. Jerome Ninonuevo

      The Lakers are toying, with the Lakers.


      9:39 Giannis MUST be proud of his brother

    38. J Mars Beats

      Poole look like his name is Dangelo Curry lmao

    39. JuLiUs KhAyEsEr

      still hate Lebron.. all in all Javale is much better.. still gs

    40. SaKen _pro

      Why its always GSW V LAL?????

    41. Denchik ShowEm

      Oh how the tides change..... I see 1 ring for sure, maybe more for the King and the Brow. Howard finally gonna have a ring to go with that smile lol

    42. Jun Rebollos TV

      superstar rondo my boi not even playing..

    43. arist8989

      Poor GSW, bye bye for the Finals

    44. Markus Nikodemus

      4:22 when cook was shooting a 3 commentator: not another 1(meanin he didnt want him to make his former team look bad)

    45. Ketchupboyz

      Lakers vs Rookies! What you expect LOL!

    46. Ian Johnson

      I tell ya, the announcers will mention LeBron even if he has nothing to do with what just happened on the court. Also, no, he will not average a triple-double this year and he will be no closer to averaging one that he has been any other year.

    47. Zaxhariah G

      Draymond shot looks soo ugly. Wtf is that, he shoot like he old asf 😭😭😭😭😭

    48. LegitPlays

      Mcgee is actually super underrated and super athletic... For his age, you would not be expecting him to be that athletic, tbh he is probably the 2nd best big man on the team..

    49. imjusthere8

      Been a lakers fan since i was born in LA...i know its the preseason, im not completely sold on dwight yet. with that said, nobody is fucking with us.

    50. Captain Chavez

      any team without their star players is trash!

    51. MARC D.

      Why D. Lo look like Antoine Dodson in the thumbnail

    52. Freddy Chavez

      LBJ is the best PG in the league...and hes not a PG

    53. gil granada

      6'6 Center Draymond will have nightmares matching up with the Lakers' frontcourt.

    54. Ayara Yashar'al

      If the Warriors don't get some bigs and an iso scorer, they are doomed...

    55. J.R. !?!?!?!

      Cooked by Cook

    56. Dipo Wibowo

      Bye bye warrior

    57. Zee Beckford

      I really fuck with Avery Bradley

    58. kodi26

      Wtf was that pass Lebron? Falling... Jesus!!! Wohowwww!!!

    59. Jay&JoyTV

      The way you cut the commentary is award-winning.

    60. SwordMaster척준경

      🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰 Freedom isn't free. 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

    61. Cleveland #1 fan

      King James 👑 all day 💯

    62. Lu Vincent

      whats with dwights shorts

    63. Joven Mendoza

      Quinn Cook is gonna smoke his former team by not keeping him. LOL

    64. Bruce White

      Man the Lakers are That Team.... So much offense.. and have great Defenders....

    65. gran djeeta

      7:55 Best play of the game

    66. Jun Rivera

      Warriors gave up mcgee, now he's punishing them. Lakers, is now land of the giants, mcgee, howard, cousins and davis but i still doubt them.

    67. Eduardo Carballo

      Alex carouse MVP

    68. IzmSkizm1

      So hold on. We just gonna act like Cook was cookin????🔥🔥🔥🤬

    69. WatchNo Face

      Lmfaoooo mans are calling Dangelo All star after only 1 All Star appearance... a weak appearance at that. The east was weak and Brooklyn was weak. If it was on me I woulda put Zach Lavine in the All Stars over DAngelo. Zach averaged way more points than him. Before y’all talk about what place Brooklyn was in and how many wins they had idgaf cause it wasn’t like they was top 5. Fluke Cinderella season. Fluke all star selection. He won’t get another selection for a good couple years 💯

    70. europe montero

      Gsw are dwarf😂😂😂..need bolbol or tacko fall