Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram preview Pelicans' opener without Zion | NBA on ESPN



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    New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball and forward Brandon Ingram address the concerns of playing the team's first few regular season games without Zion Williamson due to injury. Zion Williamson injured his knee in a preseason matchup against the Spurs.
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Gsus Dayz

      Dam Zion, ZIon,ZION,ZIONNNNNNN!!!!

    2. Hip Hop Talkz

      Hope while recovering Zion slims dowm like 20 or 30 pounds...this will relieve his joints and keep him healthy...

    3. Jay Cee

      Zion player 3or 4 games in the pre season and this supposed physical beast is hurt already hahahahaha

    4. neter y

      Notice no questions for Ingram about Zion them two dudes got beef 💯 facts they dont like each other!

    5. Spark 515

      I honestly think without his ...beard....hed be on fugly dude

    6. erik puka

      Here after Zion is out for the season with a torn ACL

    7. Miguel Arredondo

      Well at least we can see more of ingram, potential allstar

    8. Eazy_100s

      I feel bad for the pelicans team they only asking Zion questions

    9. Eric Lee

      Hopefully Ingram and Lonzo have vets around them who want to see them succeed. One of the big issues Lonzo, Kuzma and Ingram faced with the Lakers was that whenever one of them would start to figure things out and take off the entire team would react together and basically play keep away from that player unless the shot clock was running down. Those three were even guilty of doing it to each other. They need to compete together against the other team, not against each other to try and be the main young superstar of the team.

    10. parkour master

      Lonzo will go down as one of the biggest busts

    11. William Walsh

      The Pels should have started Melli instead of Redick and have Melli play the 4 and leave Ingram at the 3.

    12. William Walsh

      It's great that BI is playing in this era where the post game is almost non-existent. Let's hope Ingram can box out his man at the power-forward position.

    13. NBA413 mass

      Zion injured lol i new to good to be true.......all that money begin wasted trade himm asap....all #1 pick be garbage

    14. K06E

      Brandon Ingram: “all the guys can shoot the basketballs”.....

      1. felicia Hill


    15. Ronnie 2k

      I really miss...my... homies...even though they left L.A

    16. sunny robinson

      This Zion injury mess up my sports package🤔

    17. DeeTv Vlogs

      Brandon ingram is not how i thought he’d be coming out of highschool 😂🤔 this man fights & dont gaf bout anything

    18. Puro Machete

      As a basketball fan cant wait to see new Orleans to play and beat LA Lagunas. They are going to be an exciting team and surprising team to watch. Not a fan of neither team just a basketball fan.

    19. First-Team All Common Sense

      I love ingram fr , hope he proves people wrong

    20. LakersLegend 2414

      Ppl still in the comments hating ... but they showing out this year .. 💯💙🤷🏽‍♂️

    21. Decal03

      Zion's weight gonna fk'up he's knees early bro!

    22. VirgoWorld47

      This man hurt already?! Lol yeah my dawg Tyler Herro for ROTY.

    23. Kenyata Jones

      Hope BI have a good season

    24. Kenyata Jones

      Zo knows how to handle the media

    25. Sauceland Entertainment

      Pascal gonna strap BI game one

    26. theinfamous 123

      I'm a laker fan I'm gana be watching this team there gana snag a couple chips in the 2020's

    27. Patrick Griego

      I've seen recovering druggies at the Victor Ville park healthier then B.I....SADDD

    28. Patrick Griego

      I only wish B.I the best and pray he recovers fully. .... but the looks and his body language shows he is not well.... looking sick.

      1. Adam V

        Huh? Is this the first BI interview you’ve seen?

    29. cuatro cinco

      Brandon's numbers are going to jump up with Zion getting out. He gonna get a big fat checky wecky.

    30. Jan Paolo Jovellanos

      BI man you gotta talk more like you want to be part of this not like you just play for the money man haha you look so bored man everytime ahha

      1. will holloway

        I think he’s jus faded

    31. RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip

      What did I miss? What happened to Zion ?

    32. Bradley Nguyen


    33. Matthew 2700

      They wont even make the playoffs

      1. gunpin ER

        Matthew 2700 cap

    34. jaquelin alonso

      Love lonzo but I know he didnt say nobody can guard Ingram at the 4 🤦‍♂️😂 he basically doesnt need to be guarded the way he's been playing this preseason.. hope these guys go off this year though 💪

      1. Jaukeel Carvan

        jaquelin alonso he average 14.5 4 and 3 shooting 44% from the field, 39% from deep and over 80% from the free throw line in 22 mins. That’s horrible stats I guess

      2. bilz khan

        jaquelin alonso he been playing fine chief. Outta game shape, he’ll get back into it. Remember the end of last year

    35. Victor Espiritu

      They still sleep on ingram

    36. hhd gg

      Brandon ingram is a walking bucket future superstar 💯

    37. Paco A

      Lakers going to sign BI and Zo when their contract is up :P

      1. Jonathan Solomon

        @William Walsh true, I could see all three Ball Brothers on the Clippers at some point. This season finna be interesting, but I'm really keen to see the following season and moving forward past 2020.

      2. William Walsh

        If Zo comes back to LA it will be as a Clipper. Watch his interview with Big Boi. At the end of the interview he asks Big Boi if the Clippers will ever be as big as the Lakers in LA and of course Big Boi emphatically said never. Zo had this poker-face look and it seemed to me like he was thinking "when I get of the Clippers they will be." Plus Lamelo has stated that he wants to play for the Clippers.

      3. Hanz C

        ????? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Im cool with BI, but NO WAY NO HOW for zo

    38. Jay Fye

      I’m ready to see BI put his game together & take that next jump

    39. I am Groot!

      Nice clip.. On one side you got an up n coming NBA star about to get PAID... and on the other. Lonzo Ball

    40. Jaiden Hawkins

      Tough part is for JJ redick, he has to watch the raptors receive the championship rings, and the raptors are probably going to show "the shot" again

    41. AngelTheFiend

      Zo sucks cant shoot, and wiz khalifas son is average, zion is one fat mofo

    42. Matthew Cox

      Zion needs to give ingram some extra weight

      1. William Walsh

        Dude is the size of 10 Ingrams.

    43. Bryan Seay

      Zion needs to lose weight if he wants to play in the NBA.

      1. William Walsh

        Are you going to tell him to stop eating? He just needs to have a paleo diet. That will strengthen his knees (ligaments within) and keep his immune system working at top-rate.

      2. Franco Baldo

        @Mikael V that's the point he is making.. losing weight = healthy

      3. Charles Amofordjuoh

        @Mikael V And in ordered to stay healthy he needs to lose weight. He is carrying too much weight for his age.

      4. Bryan Seay

        @Mikael V im not saying hes slow or bad at all i am just saying to prevent injury it cant hurt to lose like 15-20. It would only make him more explosive and agile.

      5. Mikael V

        Get informed, dude had one of the best preseasons ever - just needs to stay healthy

    44. Tyler Paxton

      Ingram high af

    45. Devin Kaula

      BI gonna get bullied playing the 4. Zion should start at 4 when he’s healthy

    46. D G

      I see Lonzo still likes to be short with his answers lol. That's cool, simple and short.

      1. Abdoulaye Dia

        @Hanz C bruh shut ur ugly anthony davis profile pic mouth, ur everywhere with that freethrow airball joke

      2. Hanz C

        short, just like his free throws 🤣

    47. Aaron Ramirez

      The Pelicans don't need Zion,when they have The Goat,Aka LONZO BALL, the place is going to be rocking every night because of The GOAT AKA LONZO ball.

      1. Rae Gardner


    48. First name Last name

      I think the pelicans are the most homeless looking team

    49. N3 YT

      Bruh Ingram always looks baked af

      1. D G

        It's his eyes lol. Tracy Mcgrady has the similar eyes.

    50. Manu Corleone

      Reporter trying to get a Buddy Hield type of answer from B.I about the free angency 😂🤣

    51. Zain Mohammad

      They're gonna lose

    52. Marq C.

      I fuks wit Zo

    53. zeekmorris

      Gay durag

    54. agustin gorostiague

      Ingram should be fat with all that weed's gluttony.

    55. Tk Kirkland

      Pelicans listened to Lavar and let him be the man watch ZO2 work.

    56. ricky spanish

      Why did I think Ingram had Duck Tape on his head.... 🤷‍♂️

      1. ricky spanish

        @Lil Boat The Goat nah bruh im black. Not that it matters. Never seen a rag that gray and shiny. We always wear black. But since we're so sensitive i guess becauebi made a joke about it i must be something other than black.🙄

      2. Jae Barnes

        Because you're uncultured. 🤷🏾‍♂️

      3. Lil Boat The Goat

        ricky spanish cause you’re most likely white.. not to factor in race but yea

    57. smokeyjoe

      They act like zion the only player on the team lol

      1. FootballGod_23

        Kevin Francis u sound crazy

      2. AlmightyTaka

        MayMadness not really he’s still gets a lot of attention

      3. MayMadness

        Kevin Francis not right now Zo’s hype died

      4. Kevin Francis

        Technically Zo is the most popular... but Zion is hyped right mow

      5. MayMadness

        smokeyjoe they act like he’s the most popular and he is

    58. Hanz C

      ingrams 3rd year? and he has only gained 1 pound? 🤦‍♀️

      1. Novembers Finest

        Looks like he lost a pound 😭

      2. Trippie Juice 1400/999

        K06E No it’s Bc he a Vegan

      3. Eric Lee

        No he hasn’t gained 1 pound, where did you hear that he gained a pound?

      4. Black Jesus

        1999 Thomas Bryant Zubac Mo Wagner Alex Caruso David Nwaba Jordan Clarkson Larry nance if u ask me lakers have developed okay players who have found a role on their current teams

      5. K06E

        He’s a pot head

    59. D $tew

      BI look like a dope head

    60. AlexandreG

      BI eyes not looking all messed up like he's in some kind of strong medicine. When his eyes are healthy you know he's locked in and coming to kill and I bet he will put 20+ in the opening night and gonna average 23 while Zion is out. Enemy teams better be ready 👌

      1. AlexandreG

        No Zion? No problem. B.I. puts 22/5/5 with 1 steal and 2 blocks in an off night. Overrated they say... Problem is there was no teammate to put Zion numbers while on the other site Siakam and Vanvleet put 68 by themselves and still need overtime.

      2. dimdim dimsum

        BI is highly overrated.

      3. AlexandreG

        @RobertDawg watch out, you might die before him, eating cookies while sitting in your grandma basement all day is probably more life threatening than having a controlled and maybe even extinguished blood clot danger situation...

      4. Van Iyke

        @RobertDawg go see a shrink.

      5. champloo29

        @RobertDawg Ow yea? That's your whole thang huh? - Schoolboy Q

    61. AlmightyTaka

      So many people want to see them fail but they both gonna have break out seasons

      1. Raw Tasian

        @Hanz C Searching every comment just to rebuttal any compliment on the formal Lakers.

      2. Rae Gardner


      3. Harry Coe

        Yeah bro they all compliment each other perfectly

      4. Alex. P

        Hanz C 😐

      5. Hanz C

        yeah zo will break his own airball record 🤣

    62. juneauz

      Ingram ugliest man alive

      1. Fuzion

        Is he supposed to look cute to u kinda sus

      2. As A Black Man

        I'd differ to women when judging a man's looks

    63. SportsComedyGamers

      Quit crying about Zion he’s not the only pelicans player

      1. Brian Jackson

        @Andre Holton he not to hyped and it's well deserved is it not

      2. Brian Jackson

        @Andre Holton NOT

      3. NubaStyle UrbanWear

        @Andre Holton True, though he does deserve most of it...its not him...its the League with the media Hyping him too early like they did Lebron. Let him earn the rest of that overhype and wait to see if he'll lose his weight.

      4. SportsComedyGamers

        De’Aaron Rose he hasn’t even played a game yet in the NBA

      5. De’Aaron Rose

        Andre Holton hes not too hype. He’s the man of this team. Obviously Jrue is the leader but Zion is the face of the franchise. He’ll be back

    64. Sankofa One Networks

      He should still be a Laker smh

      1. KC

        @Marrick Batiste it wasn't because of Lebron it was because all of the players were healthy... matter of fact Lebron lost the Lakers a couple of games from the FT( shooting bricks ) which was some winnable games....

      2. Marrick Batiste

        @HipHopR&BLover Jon of course it wasn't, it was mostly because of Bron. But Zo was a part of that starting 5 and his defense, playmaking and rebounding helped get them there.

      3. HipHopR&BLover Jon

        Marrick Batiste It wasn't because of Lonzo.

      4. Marrick Batiste

        Where was this Lonzo hate when the Lakers were the #4 seed?

      5. Chris Spencer

        He trash

    65. Top Opp John

      So jrue at Sg Lonzo at Point n Jj at sf ?

      1. Hanz C

        no zo sitting on the bench

    66. Marlon Musss

      Ingram is just the black version of post malone

      1. 777GOTHVM 777

        A BLACK man with braids is a copy of a white man with braids?????

      2. Nehemiah Howard


      3. CeezyThaGod

        Marlon Musss L

    67. Noxumi

      Zo be handling the questions with such ease.

      1. Timsetto

        Hanz C keep that same energy

      2. money Campbell

        fierdaus yahya 67 percent is way better than 40

      3. Bryan Seay

        I think lamelo will be a nice addition next year when the pelicans get the first pick again. Zion strategizing them injuries already.

      4. uncle loco

        Let us see Lebron’s free throw then

      5. OrokoGaming

        @Nehemiah Howard its a free throw no one is guarding a free throw lol

    68. Bob Griffey

      They gonna get eaten alive by the raptors, suns pretty much the only team they can say for sure they are better than

      1. Rae Gardner


      2. Smart Assname


      3. broadway empire

        I hope u like how them words taste, cuz u gone be eating them bitches

    69. NBA FANBOY

      Lonzo bust will carry the team lol

      1. KC

        @Hanz C suck a BB one...

      2. Hanz C

        🤣 he is going to end up a journeyman 🤣 with the most airballs in nba history

      3. frank24x

        NBA FANBOY Ball*

      4. AlmightyTaka

        He a bust but you clicked on the video with his name

    70. 940 Jae

      BI look like an aunt 😂😂😂😂