Lonzo Ball BEST Plays of 2018-19 Season

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    In an injury-plagued sophomore season, Lonzo Ball still took a positive step in the right direction with the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging 9.9 PTS, 5.3 REB & 5.4 AST.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. The 360 Show

      The Lakers traded him for why again? They will regret this for sure

    2. pete wu

      His top 10 is just a normal shot...

    3. chillian xie

      pelicans will be a very fun team to watch this season with ball, hart,ingram and zion.

    4. Lungten Dorji

      Lonzos low key clutch

    5. Water

      These are the most average pg plays I have ever seen in a highlight reel

    6. Isaac Casarez

      Overrated!!! Lmao. A three? Really. Wtf lol

    7. Ryan Hall

      I wonder how the ball,holiday,Ingram, and Zion squad will do

    8. kefkapalazzo1

      How is a spot up 3 a highlight lmao

      1. LA Nice

        Idk ask Curry, Thompson, Lillard, McCollum etc

    9. tim w

      in today's nba simple offense, passing skill is so overrated. too bad you fan boys don't see that. what is needed the most in tday's nba is shooting especially at the guard position, something this fool can't do

    10. NBA FANBOY

      this dude is always injured rarely seen him play

    11. Isaac Carrillo

      zo finna be a double double machine

    12. Rediexx

      This is porn to Troydan

    13. bigboner23

      Ball for ad all day any day of the week. Lakers weren’t gonna extend Ingram and Hart is a role player. Best of luck to Mr ball tho

    14. Wynn Ahn

      Hes gona be the best passer soon in the nba

    15. IXIWineIXI

      Lonzo's highlight should be making a pair of free throws

    16. dark_ekko

      He will be back...

    17. Wally Schroeder

      This guy is a highlight reel, everytime he touches the ball something special can happen, his floor awareness is phenomenal and his basketball IQ is high, and he's what 20 years old? He can work on his shot, it will come. Imagine if he'd stayed in college 3 more years and came in the league even more polished. People are way too hard on this kid and come to think of it all the kids who come into the league with a year or less of college. His potential and if he works hard to improve will be a superstar in this league.

    18. Aniketh Bandi

      You know it would be funny if lonzo came back after bron retired and zo is near his prime. Imagine zo and ad

    19. Justin Salinas

      this nigga lonzo be going dumb on the spurs🤣🤣

    20. Ambition

      The lakers should have lied and said lonzo what hurt worst than he was and traded kuz. Lonzo is gonna be a great player

    21. Jay Gee Sosa

      Josh hart Derrick favors next please

    22. X Factor14

      Good player. Sees the floor well, plays great defense, improved his shot, and gets rebounds. All he needs to do is stay healthy and continue to improve his shot so he can be more consistent and aggressive.

    23. Jeff Bardot

      Lonzo have superstar potential if he stays healthy and consistent with his play.

    24. Onyedika Ekechukwu

      Steph shoots the same percentage from 3 as lonzo shoots from the free throw line, while taking 8 times more shots. If he can fix his shooting from the line INCREDIBLY and keep working on his jumpshot, he'll be a star. He can defend and pass really well, but for a modern day point guard and nba player in general, he has to shoot better. Insane highlights though 🔥

    25. madattitude

      Loved hi basketball IQ and passing.. gonna miss him

    26. Wes Longfield

      The future bruh. He’s gonna be the modern day Jason Kidd at his peak...the best one from his class when it’s all said in done. I see it just needs to keep grinding

    27. EntertainmentUniverse

      Lonzo low key clutch asf, esepcially from 3

      1. Adam V

        KazNomad2 he actually shot 33% but go off. Obviously not great but it is average 😂 and clutch means close game with a couple minutes left, not the whole duration of the gamr

      2. KazNomad2

        EntertainmentUnivers Really? He shot below 30% from the 3. Is that clutch my man? The league average, fyi, is above 30%. Stop riding dick.

    28. Yusuf Sanad

      This season if they did make him play pg as what they promised He will have a better season than ben and fox

    29. eu eu

      Common nba player plays are BEST for him??

    30. Vanjanja

      This Lonzo suck big time :D

    31. KingSlim X

      Breakout season coming up 🗣🤝

    32. SpeedyPott

      A lot of people don’t realize before zo got hurt he was playing like a beast

    33. bnumba3

      would’ve kept zo over kuzma still don’t understand that but we’ll see.

    34. Carlin Dando

      Can we get a mix of his air balls or would that take to long?

    35. Jorge Ramos

      It's almost as if Troydan asked for this vid 😂😂😂

    36. Shawn John

      More like false hypelights.......

    37. Mayne Muddy

      San Antonio won't be the only ones missing number 2

    38. Labiang Jonathan

      Lakers gonna regret trading him

      1. Red Menace3245


    39. Nasir Jama

      Man I got a bad feeling we really gonna regret traded lonzo in a few years . He a straight born winner . As a Laker everyone complained how he don't have that agression etc well him being traded he fasho finnuh be turnt up

      1. Tae Dollar

        He never had a chance to grow he was a rookie then lebron come in his 2nd season fucking up the lakers future

      2. elpapi152

        Nasir Jama he had the worst coach in the nba for 2 years. Anyone that watched laker games knew luke was horrible

    40. Kevin Elremawy

      I miss him too much already

    41. ronny lopez

      Just flashes. Grew frustrated with him. He'll be a nice player. But it'll take at least 3 more years of healthy seasons

      1. Adam V

        I think we only saw flashes because he was always hurt, couldn’t get into a groove. If healthy I think he’ll be ready to pop immediately

      2. b100dr4g3

        haha at some point in the season I felt this way too. His ceiling is high but it seems like it'll take a while for him to get there

    42. Jacob Flores

      Say what you want about Zo’s shooting, but you can’t dent he’s a big shot maker! He’s got the clutch gene!

    43. Angel El Domi

      *My boy, I trust*

    44. Alexander 3 Face

      When he makes a 3pt with no dribble move and some space from the D and it’s in his highlights lmao QUIT PLAYING WIT MY BOY LIKE THAT MF!

    45. Wang James

      zo's fastbreak dunk highlight

    46. Final Punch Podcast

      Lots of clutch baskets all season. Gonna miss my dawg Zo

      1. Adam V

        Spotty shooter but he’s always come through in the clutch. Only game I can think of where he didn’t was against NOLA his rookie year

    47. Dime10 1

      It amazes me the communication and IQ that’s actually required for 2 teammates to pull of an alley oop. Like the timing and everything has to be right on point

      1. Aniketh Bandi

        You honestly just need to pass it properly and have eachothers attention. Its not hard but its not easy

      2. Big Fan

        @Mario It's easier than you think. The reason they don't do it that often is because someone needs to get open in the paint to be able to jump for the ball and dunk it. I can tell you never played basketball. And also, a normal pass into the paint is more efficient than throwing a flashy oop, so there's that.

      3. Mario

        Big Fan it aint that easy or everyone would be doing it every second lol

      4. Big Fan

        nah, just throw the ball into the air and the big guy will catch it and dunk it in

      5. Drew Adams

        Y’all just aren’t athletic

    48. Raptor's Force

      Most of the hate he gets is/was because of his dad. Now that he's in New Orleans I feel like more people will want to root for him. The kid has obvious talent just needs to make Basketball his primary focus. If he and Zion get a little connection going there could be some delicious dimes at the Smoothie King Center.

    49. Michael Bizoukas

      Should be starting pg on team USA.

      1. BeingWokeTV

        He would get cut anyways. Cant shoot freethrows and leads the league in airballs.

      2. KazNomad2

        LMAO over Kemba Walker? This "starting" pg has lower FT% than some centers. Let that sink in and get off drugs, it is bad for you idiot.

      3. Ruth Chalas


      4. O D-O

        Injured but I agree

      5. Chase Lionzo


    50. Shawn Guron

      He's gonna be a decent player but nothing to rave about, I don't see him becoming a top 5 pg in the league. He doesn't seem too invested in the game when he's playing he almost plays with no emotion. I think his dad ruined it for him.

      1. Shawn Guron

        @Kelly Jocelyn A guy that will play in cheap payless shoe store shoes to play basketball doesn't seem like he's serious about the game. I dont see a fire in his eyes he's been too nonchalant. BBB was the worst thing that couldve happened to this guy, maybe he'll rebound from it in a few more years idk

      2. Shawn Guron

        @Kelly Jocelyn idk man Kawhi is just different he has a very humble quiet nature. I see that with Lonzo too, but Kawhi seems really serious about being a great player

      3. mabs0609

        @Trent Phillips He wont be like Rondo, more defensive instincts, actually last season he actually improves on otha areas of his game except the freethrow

      4. mabs0609

        @Peter Smith well see in the nxt 2 years. Thts wht a lot of people say abt steph durin his early yrs in the nba..

      5. mabs0609

        @Shawn Guron Not everyone shows the same emotion..every player is diff

    51. Adam Smith

      Gonna take over the league in about 2-3 years. LA should’ve kept him

    52. Jihad lofi

      I can't motherfucking wait for this next pelican season its zotime. Lozion about to be crucial plus ingram ans hart. 😷💪

      1. JK


    53. Anthony_pino 215

      He gonna be good on the pelicans watch

    54. Maurice Young

      Video is 15:03 too long



    56. Denmar David

      He is a talent. Bron should get him back

    57. Giuliano Gonzalez

      I cry watching this perfection

    58. Too OffcialWill


    59. Bob Griffey

      Mark my words, instead of LeLoser, it's gonna be Zion calling for Lonzo Brick to get traded

      1. nothing bt facts

        Dude he's a Pointer gaurd, how long did it take Kobe to be good And he was a shooting gaurd.. You tell me which position is harder?? Yeah thats what i thought

      2. Efrem Marcus

        It ain't going to happen...the hate is real

      3. Bob Griffey

        You never know, the Pelicans really said something when they sat him rest of summer league after a simple knee bump, which needed an explanation from the NBA itself

      4. Peter Smith

        Bob Griffey That doesn’t mean he has that power with the organization

      5. Bob Griffey


    60. AlmightyTaka

      A lot of people don’t know (or try to don’t know) he never had a off season last year that’s why he never got to improve this is his first one and he finally gonna have the ball back in his hand

    61. Buddy Wings

      Lonzo Ball BEST plays of 2018-2019 Season *Makes wide open 3 pointer*

      1. kefkapalazzo1

        Fritz Stauffenberg down 4 with 8:30 to go is crunch time lmaooooooooo

      2. Fritz Stauffenberg

        It’s cause it’s in crunch time

      3. Lukky Number 7

        @Efrem Marcus nah he can. He won the three point contest.

      4. Efrem Marcus

        @John Griller but I thought.he couldn't shoot

      5. John Griller

        Was looking for this comment 😂

    62. Idris Council

      this isn’t what we ‘needed’ but what we ‘deserved’.

    63. Your Boy

      This should have just been a compilation of him on the bench

    64. Peter Smith

      I just realized how bad the shooting is on the Pelicans starting lineup. Ball-33% Holiday-32.5% Ingram-33% Williamson-34% Favors-22%

      1. Milk Boy

        Yeah but they're basically just going to run almost every team off the court. They're literally packed with young talent that can sprint for all their minutes. The full court will be great. If they made the playoffs though they'd be 1st round exits guaranteed.

      2. JK

        But that lineup is still deadly because 1. The defense and transition offense is gonna be unmatched 2. For those particular players the 3 point shooting numbers don’t tell the whole story as they’re all streaky shooters who can get hot any given game

    65. Rare Achievement

      This MF trash AF... he will be on the bench 10 games in hurt by 20..

      1. Rare Achievement

        David Monroy I’m assuming this is your pedafile line to all the kids with your anonymous account no pic having ass. No thanks

      2. Ash 543

        David Monroy lmao

      3. David Monroy

        Rare Achievement my house has a basement, it has a fridge with some snacks if your mum kicks you out you can crash with us

      4. Rare Achievement

        David Monroy they still have basements where you live. FOH

      5. David Monroy

        Rare Achievement You’ll be in your mums basement for the whole season

    66. - TTMTBWF

      Lakers should’ve tried to keep him smh!! I don’t rate Kuzma at all

      1. - TTMTBWF

        Peter Smith a bit?? He’s awful lmao. Is a horrible defender and his shooting percentages were awful. I watched nearly every game. His shot selection is awful and was horrible in transition. Would always commit offensive charges

      2. Peter Smith

        Kuzma definitely is a bit overrated

    67. El Grime

      Overrated asf. Trash daddy's baby boy.

    68. Terry O

      I thought all the plays would be him injured sitting on the bench or clips from Ball in the Family 😁

      1. Lukky Number 7

        @Terry O E P I C

      2. Terry O

        @Lukky Number 7 yes😂

      3. Lukky Number 7

        This is funny to you

    69. Myles Henderson

      Its amazing how much stuff he's does that doesn't get discussed by the media. I guess we'll next season.

      1. kefkapalazzo1

        Like practicing on his jumpshot huh

      2. Big Fan

        @El Marocano exactly

      3. El Marocano

        Big Fan 33% is also almost the same as 31%

      4. Big Fan

        @El Marocano 33% is Almost the same as 35%, and lonzo will definitely only get better.

      5. El Marocano

        Big Fan Now look at his free throw shooting

    70. NBAFan

      He’s a Top 10 PG in the league happy to have him.

      1. Eazy_100s

        20 is the maximum

      2. NBAFan

        Peter Smith He has the potential to do it

      3. Peter Smith

        Pelicans DoItBig About the future all star

      4. NBAFan

        Peter Smith How so

      5. Peter Smith

        Pelicans DoItBig You still might be reaching