Lonzo Ball BEST Lakers Highlights of 2018-19 Season ᴴᴰ



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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. kayrock tv

      I need the instrumental of the first song

    2. Robby Monti

      This highlights are just the lucky shot Ball made. But this dud can't even shoot a simple perimeter shot. Glad Lakers let him go.

    3. Allen Katon

      I don't know why many has hating Lonzo. Yow, he's one of the best past first point guard! The dude is so great. Huge fan of him since UCLA days.

    4. Carlson Lopez

      The lakers lost their best point guard and a future mvp put this year he is going to explote💣

    5. Jeth Nieva

      Hoping that Lakers will get you back! #LAForLife

    6. Chieferhanz

      What are these beats called

    7. BlakeBoiTv

      Can I use this for my lonzo ball mix, btw Ill give you credit

    8. Carlson Lopez

      Zion ball

    9. Nehemiah Stewart

      Why yall put that broke looking jumper for the thumbnail 🤣

    10. brayan l

      Huge fan of Lonzo ball

    11. - Caesar

      got traded by lebron

    12. Erick Perez

      Ima miss Lonzo sucks they traded him along with Ingram and Hart, this guy is vastly underrated when he plays aggressive and with confidence his team plays much better and his a hell of a defender I swear he’ll be the best defending guard in a couple years

    13. 송현수

      My favorite Laker 18-19..good bye Zo..

    14. 李信能

      to be honest this video just shows all goals he made in whole season he is bad

    15. はあ

      跳躍力や加速力の身体能力。ディフェンス力やパススキル、ハンドリングなどの高度なバスケセンス。 ルーキーシーズンは謎に過小評価されてたけどやっぱり内に秘めた才能がプレーからにじみ出てる。 あとはシュート力だけが課題だと思っていたけど、フォームが独特ってだけでフォロースルーは綺麗だしこれからプレーを重ねるごとに上達する可能性は大きいと思う。 先日トレードが成立しレイカーズを離れることになりましたが新しいチームでどれほど活躍してくれるのか個人的に非常に楽しみです。

    16. 陳志忠

      like Kobe Bryant is the best the NBA MVP in the Lakers forever

    17. 陳志忠

      I think Magic Johnson is the best the point guard of the Lakers in forever, that is Lonzo Ball can challenge it

      1. チンパンジー

        陳志忠 Lonzo got traded 😂

    18. 加油香港

      lakers should trade kuz instead of the BIGBALLER

    19. lony barnes

      his thirsty for attention big mouth dad, got him removed from Laker Nation

    20. dominicancash

      No lets to a mix of all his air ball, and free throws missed , so glad lakers traded this fool

    21. Tghooker

      Dang he was going to get coached by Jason kidd too. Wack


      The trade brought me here

    23. Tanisha Williams

      I Think They Should Of Kept Lonzo And Traded Kuzma..🤔

    24. islandblader

      Time to cut daddy dearest off.

    25. Rafe Stewart


    26. M M

      Finally got rid of his dad.

    27. Avery Minor

      We gone miss him damn

    28. TheSameDufus

      Lonzo shot better from 3 last season than Kuzma but I mean, when you shoot 41% from the FT line, you gotta go. Gonna miss Lonzos competitiveness, sneakiness, passing ability, wits and ability to run an offense. Only thing he needs to work on is his shot, that is it. He only turns the ball over twice a game too. His health is the most concerning, he'll only give ya' 50 games a season.

    29. Chris Miller Anthony

      Lakers mistake trading lonzo

    30. Charles Bolds

      I think he would be great with Zion,he will definitely make the Pelicans better,AD congratulations hope you're happy in LA.

    31. Wilson

      Who’s here after he was traded?

    32. Stokeley Moss

      Him ingram hart randle zion jrue they need another good post like a boogie who stays healthy they would be scary

    33. Gary A. Chou

      get rid of that un-technology BBB shoes and stay healthy....18pts 9 asst in 2019~202 season.

    34. Manuel Filimon

      When he gets consistent touches and minutes he will be a superstar. He just needs to have more confidence and use the midrange more while also being aggressive. Luke Walton did not let him be a PG, Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd will make him a superstar and let him be a PG the Lakers drafted him to be. He was such a beast in Summer league for a reason and the MVP, the coach let him be a PG, and drew plays for him. The team knew he was going to make them all better. Luke doesn't understand how to use lonzo. Neither does he know what his game is.

    35. kogami 574

      Going to miss him when he gets traded this off season. HELLO AD

    36. Kevin Watson

      NEVER sleep on Lonzo, I told y’all this man was gonna have a bounce back season. He’s the only reason why the lakers even move the ball so well and went he went down you could smell the Lakers playoff hopes disappearing. Zo is a key player for the lakers and the lakers better not pass up on him like they did D-Lo

    37. stupid

      lonzo can do everything he destined for greatness

    38. Jourdan Chaney

      Best PG in LA is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

    39. JJ F

      Never lost!!

    40. Jamal Taylor

      Zo slick nice tho

    41. Shamille Pinnock

      Bulls :)..

    42. bakari liburd

      Would be an interesting addition to the Chicago Bulls!!!

    43. Julian Givens

      His step back is nasty

    44. Scott White

      Why they showing normal 3 point shots in this highlight as if it was a part of his game?

    45. Mike Lewis

      It’s funny how making a layup is a highlight

    46. Mike Lewis

      He will be descent when he goes to China.


      Lonzo made his team better when he was there, Lakers would have made the playoffs if zo was there and everyone was healthy and not injured, when bron was gone, lakers needed help and zo was gone too. Next season lakers will be in the playoffs I REPEAT LAKERS WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS Leave a like if agree with me


        @That Guy Jay yeah we need an all star and some shooters and we should be good

      2. That Guy Jay

        MICHAEL LOPEZ one all star add like 2 shooters and they will be in contention if they stay healthy.

    48. Lt.possesive

      Does anyone else like the quality

    49. Big V

      I like how some of the highlights are normal 3 pointers

    50. ACSoldier77

      You might think i’m crazy but i think those trash BBB shoes is somehow causing his injuries. And it’s a blessing in disguise that they folded the brand, now he can play in a proper basketball shoes.

    51. LA Nice

      I hope the new coach draw at least 6 alley oop plays for Lonzo next year!

    52. asd

      Pls make worst moments it should be about an hour

    53. Jay Doong

      Best PG?

    54. 3 Monz

      Lonzo can ball . He might end up being the most improved player.

    55. Ralph Danil Wong

      first song?

    56. Andres Mendoza

      I hate how people say he’s a bust while some people say that Andrew Wiggins is a good player. What does Wiggins offer outside of inefficient scoring? Bad defense? Not much else

    57. Jeff Chiu

      great player that's all i want to comment

    58. Prison Mike

      Since we drafted him he’s been my favorite player he’s underrated he’s good both ends of the court. Just hope he’s stays healthy

    59. Ryan Kuplic

      People be saying that London sucks but he is literally the base of the lakers

    60. City Boy Highlights

      Love your videos

    61. Victory Royale

      I miss lonzo..

    62. 907 gonefishin

      We shall call you “Triple Single”

    63. Reginald Boyd Bugayong

      Best PG in L.A. LAKERS of Season 2018-2019...

    64. Cabo Gang

      Can anyone show me at least one clip where he celebrated or showed emotion? Like bruh...

    65. buraot sandali

      Hndi naman kagalingan yan

    66. 溫雲強

      We need lonzo

    67. ImJust Andrew

      LONZO THE 🐐!

    68. Adrian Galang

      My favorite pg in the nba

    69. xt3nt1cal

      He just needs to be more aggressive like he used to and I know for a fact he will be great

    70. Will Smith

      O he fye fye