LIVING the VANLIFE as DIGITAL NOMADS in a VW Westfalia (Utilitarian Vehicle)



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    Corey and Emily moved into their Volkswagen Westfalia five years ago and have been living and working on the road full time as they travel
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Berner Let Me Interner!

      Silly millennials, tricks are for kids!

    2. GILZER

      5:04 Wheres my office now 😃😃😃

    3. Adam McCarthy

      That bike racks amazing

    4. Argon Hesap

      11:12 where is here??

    5. Shell anon

      Where is that river u visited ?

    6. Shell anon

      What do u do for more space on rainy days? Put up a tent? That is just too small to be stuck n for days.

    7. Shell anon

      Neat. Very well designed.

    8. Digital Nomad Jobs


    9. Flashers.

      There was some great camera work going on here. I’m not interested in this lifestyle, however I felt compelled to watch this twice, especially the bit when the young lady was showing us the interior. Beautiful.

    10. enmanuel urbina

      5: 37 the best part of the video 😁

      1. Flashers.

        enmanuel urbina if only the guy had stuck to holding the camera & let that gorgeous woman do the rest, but yep 5:37 is good for me too.

    11. Rdeez

      She’s hot. Lucky man.

    12. ufoguyspaceman

      Wonderful way to live.

    13. Francisco Sousa

      I came for the booty

    14. Damian Sathoff

      This is the coolest shit i've ever seen

    15. toroha7

      Wonderful and thoughtful and very giving vid. Thank you!!!!

    16. tita coleen


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      Want to experience the Van Life in NYC?! Book your next adventure in the link below:

    18. Nicola Rossi

      Che fica..

    19. Merina Dar WildDivineTribe

      Wow! Beautiful lifestyle and amazing video, thanks for sharing with all of us! I was a struggling digital nomad but now I've settled into the lifestyle and having a blast!

    20. Nathanael Elliott

      I am so jealous of this guy. He has everything.

    21. Michael Mansfield

      The girl's hypergamy is a distraction. Pity.

    22. Myxah Justice

      ประเทศไทยทำแบบนี้โดนตำรวจจับ ฐานดัดแปลงรถ แม่งไม่สนเรื่องความคิดสร้างสรร คิดแต่จะจับอย่างเดียวแม่งถึงไม่ไปถึงไหนประเทศชาติ

    23. Kim Kincaid

      Her feet are filthy.

    24. Andrew

      "Happiness has nothing to do with material things" - Right at the end of a 12 minute video telling me all about their sweet Van.....

    25. JP Aranda

      I clicked. #gotem

    26. blum christian

      I buyed a 1000 $ car and 100$ bike and i drive around the world follow on instagram: blumjumm

    27. Kak Sum

      Mbak e kemawin

    28. olaf France

      I was waiting Emily more than a van. What a gorgeous woman! I would travel with her even in the smaller vehicle for life!!

    29. Josh Bodick

      She's sexy as hell

    30. Greensky02

      My favorite vid yet in the series! Don't ASSk me why!

    31. TheMrawesemo

      Couldn’t stuff get stolen easily?

    32. Pero Peric

      Once she gets pregnant they the whole plan is fucked.

    33. Pero Peric

      Fuck, getting a girl is a hard goal in itself.

    34. Wanderlust Hippie

      Just wondering what model is your van??

    35. Dean Pratt

      Hey guys join me in my adventures into van life across the California coast!

    36. Expatriate Chronicles

      Very cool. Seems like a lot of stuff would get stolen in Latin America, though, particularly if mounted on the outside of the car.

    37. Portocala SCJ

      It's rare to see a decent girl living with a poor guy, gg 2 her 😊

    38. Rachael !

      is one of your THREE BIKES for your dog? 🙄🐶

    39. Rod Noga


    40. Matt Foley

      5:35 that’s how I like my women.

    41. Tommy

      After watching some RV videos that cost the same as a house and being here now... This would be my reality if I buy one minus the cute girl.

    42. chris 1

      Van & Bum just perfect :-D

    43. jumbo shrimp

      Something about these two I just don't like.

    44. McGowanFitnessTraining

      Great video and what a lovely couple,send you the best wishes and happiness. Lifted my spirit watching this.

    45. Logan Wilder

      Upgrades meaning they are getting free shit from companies.. Bro, this is like rich ppl follow me on Instagram.. sponsors give me free products van life. Rich people pretending to be hippies in a Van. I thought the point of Van life is to be unplugged from everything and you guys got like all the modern necessities and technology. You guys have more things than I have in my apartment. I can't stand this social media generation and everybody just does things to show off on the Internet. Because Van life is really this pretty and comfortable... posers.

    46. MaquiNando

      que raba!

    47. Stephen Evans

      Great work. So good. Inspiring me man


    49. John Kelly

      Wow so 😓 sweet

    50. Miguel tvid

      I came

    51. Gypsydanger

      Really nice home you guys...I like it a lot. My camper is a true happy place, like your van. It's a pleasure to be on the road with people like y'all.

    52. justonerider

      What kind of bike do you ride? The green one...looks like a Knolly or transition...ahm right?🙂

    53. Poopie pants

      those dirty ass feet though..... yuck

    54. Jane Ali

      basha means house in bangla :)

    55. Thiago Lima

      5:29 and 5:35

    56. Erikjoelalexander

      Anyone else noticed how aware she was of the importance to get her butt in the shot? Dylan was obviously distracted aswell lol. Atleast he got a popular video and a wonderful thumbnail. Also it was a win for everybody so all the SJW gay boys can hush. All (female) butts matter.

    57. Douhghlie04

      Super cool van. Super cool couple. Nice dog too. She's lovely 💘💘💘

      1. Erikjoelalexander

        Lol her butt is

    58. Raphael Schätzl

      Name/Brand of those Lamps?

    59. atommachine

      Alot of tasty stuff here but the table tops it by a Clear Mile.

    60. Skittles31 skittles31

      So was this video about a van? Or her assests? She looks great and she is beautiful. But I got confused?!😳😳😳😳

    61. John Perrine

      Awesome lifestyle and she is absolutely smoking hot!!

    62. Bk Runner

      How do you earn money? I love that kinda of life

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      God damn she is gorgeous!

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      5:27 Eeewwww, those feet are almost disgusting enough that I wasn't turned on.

    65. Lost-with-Lenny

      where do they get money from to live ?

    66. xpid shikhs

      A big Bootyfull Van i loved it

    67. Scott w Wilko

      Does your shower work?? clearly she hasn't washed her feet in 5 years....... SERIOUSLY WTF

    68. The Inquisitor

      5:38...BOOM BOOM POW!!!

    69. dr.itachi

      That's a woman you wanna be with on the road

    70. Raphael Schätzl

      hi, what is the name of those lights (7:42min)? link would be great.i can not understand herthanks