LIVING the VANLIFE as DIGITAL NOMADS in a VW Westfalia (Utilitarian Vehicle)



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    Corey and Emily moved into their Volkswagen Westfalia five years ago and have been living and working on the road full time as they travel
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    1. Rod Noga


    2. Matt Foley

      5:35 that’s how I like my women.

    3. Tommy

      After watching some RV videos that cost the same as a house and being here now... This would be my reality if I buy one minus the cute girl.

    4. chris 1

      Van & Bum just perfect :-D

    5. jumbo shrimp

      Something about these two I just don't like.

    6. McGowanFitnessTraining

      Great video and what a lovely couple,send you the best wishes and happiness. Lifted my spirit watching this.

    7. Logan Wilder

      Upgrades meaning they are getting free shit from companies.. Bro, this is like rich ppl follow me on Instagram.. sponsors give me free products van life. Rich people pretending to be hippies in a Van. I thought the point of Van life is to be unplugged from everything and you guys got like all the modern necessities and technology. You guys have more things than I have in my apartment. I can't stand this social media generation and everybody just does things to show off on the Internet. Because Van life is really this pretty and comfortable... posers.

    8. MaquiNando

      que raba!

    9. Stephen Evans

      Great work. So good. Inspiring me man


    11. John Kelly

      Wow so 😓 sweet

    12. Miguel tvid

      I came

    13. Gypsydanger

      Really nice home you guys...I like it a lot. My camper is a true happy place, like your van. It's a pleasure to be on the road with people like y'all.

    14. justonerider

      What kind of bike do you ride? The green one...looks like a Knolly or transition...ahm right?🙂

    15. Poopie pants

      those dirty ass feet though..... yuck

    16. Jane Ali

      basha means house in bangla :)

    17. Thiago Lima

      5:29 and 5:35

    18. Erikjoelalexander

      Anyone else noticed how aware she was of the importance to get her butt in the shot? Dylan was obviously distracted aswell lol. Atleast he got a popular video and a wonderful thumbnail. Also it was a win for everybody so all the SJW gay boys can hush. All (female) butts matter.

    19. Douhghlie04

      Super cool van. Super cool couple. Nice dog too. She's lovely 💘💘💘

      1. Erikjoelalexander

        Lol her butt is

    20. Raphael Schätzl

      Name/Brand of those Lamps?

    21. atommachine

      Alot of tasty stuff here but the table tops it by a Clear Mile.

    22. Skittles31 skittles31

      So was this video about a van? Or her assests? She looks great and she is beautiful. But I got confused?!😳😳😳😳

    23. John Perrine

      Awesome lifestyle and she is absolutely smoking hot!!

    24. Dalton Canterb

      Emily is beautiful

    25. Bk Runner

      How do you earn money? I love that kinda of life

    26. derek salinas

      God damn she is gorgeous!

    27. Lancelot Xavier

      5:27 Eeewwww, those feet are almost disgusting enough that I wasn't turned on.

    28. Lost-with-Lenny

      where do they get money from to live ?

    29. xpid shikhs

      A big Bootyfull Van i loved it

    30. Scott w Wilko

      Does your shower work?? clearly she hasn't washed her feet in 5 years....... SERIOUSLY WTF

    31. The Inquisitor

      5:38...BOOM BOOM POW!!!

    32. dr.itachi

      That's a woman you wanna be with on the road

    33. Raphael Schätzl

      hi, what is the name of those lights (7:42min)? link would be great.i can not understand herthanks

    34. Jonathan Roderick

      “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” ~ Luke 12:15 God created Earth and everything in it for the enjoyment of mankind so that we may inspire with awe on his glorious creation and loving gift. It's really sad how so many people chase the wrong things in life like riches, and materialistic things thinking that, that will bring them happiness. Happiness is finding the simple things in life. The spiritual things that God gave us to enjoy like a beautiful view, a night out stargazing, loving your wife, being immersed in nature and appreciating everything God gave us to mesmerize on his creation, like our five senses and especially the gift of life. The days we have on earth is like a passing shadow and so what's the point in seeking riches, power, and many possessions? For that isn't our purpose. God didn't create us to live that way...And one day when God makes everything straight again we will understand.

    35. Dave Foster


    36. Yidenekatchew Dibaba

      I like this

    37. Martin Wehr

      What a lucky Men, he found a beautyfull Woman and she´s ok to live in a Van. :-)

    38. Eric Lakota

      Legins wow love legings

    39. Sith'ari Azithoth

      I think their online job is porn. That's the impression I got. 10/10; would watch. 👌

    40. plutoplatters

      5:38 all one needs.

    41. C.S.Allen

      Yup 5:37 I'm all about that.

    42. why soserious

      My US-new Mantra... I see clickbait, I open clickbait, I do not watch clickbait, I click dislike on clickbait.... Shaka Brah



    44. Bryce Clark

      I have the challenge of wanting to leave my job and try the exploring lifestyle. It’s just so hard to do. I’m 24 with no college degree yet I make 100K plus a year and full benefits and a $4600 a month retirement pension but I HATE my job and it gives me no life. I work 10-14 hours a day. I miss riding bikes and exploring.

    45. little queen

      What a Lovely couple and i very cool van. This lifestyle is One of my Future goals.

    46. Lucia Maria Raincloud

      Why does Emily love being an exhibitionist? Its about the Van not her body.

    47. christian sealand

      Unbelievably fine sexy woman

    48. Caleb Block

      Trust funds are sweet

    49. Viktor Gubka

      Didn’t know Billy Ray Cyrus was into Van Life...

    50. No Name

      She doesnt look like a happy person, I would say she is tired of a fucking trip

    51. ty Y

      this is very questionable...the whole footage is fake as fuck

    52. Compliment Thief


    53. Donkey FaceSmasher

      What do you do with your dog when you leave the van?

    54. multimedia twentytwo

      emily's closet is tiny, luckily she doesn't seem to like putting clothes on. no wonder she's a naturalist ;)

    55. Blake Lynch

      Hey I would for sure like to know how to sustain this kind of life without a job.


      Damn that was beautiful house

    57. Wags

      Y’all suck

    58. Dead Pool

      Who clicked on because of the hotty on the thumbnail😂✅

    59. forever 1

      Cool why pay bloody banks for house loans .cute couple

    60. 007nadineL


    61. Ryan Parag

      Amazing companion

    62. Steven Henson

      I really want to say that I like your van again I have a 97 SUV and I'm a single guy so it's it's me so it's all good but I don't have a lot of room but other than that the seats go all the way down and in fact I could put the back seats down to and then it would this be from the steering wheel all the way to the back of the door there room for a bit and I don't need all that so I just have the first seat go down by the driving steering wheel and then that's plenty for my height 5 8 tall so that's perfect it's a 6 cylinder engine so it's not bad on gas not getting gas but it's what I like and it's all good so I've been working on fixing it up making it better next beginning of next month I'll be getting that tune up for it well I got new tires on it and decide was doing a little little things just to better it so if it runs good I run good I always have to make sure the SUV first that's how I look at it song mist SUVs okay and it runs good then everything else is good if something's wrong with my SUV that it's all bad

    63. *** Jamal

      In Germany costs the Car 30.000 euros now...i wish i have one

      1. *** Jamal

        @Kim Jong Un meistens voll der schrott. Saubere T3 sind einfach ab 25.000 vielleicht noch 20.000 aber schwierig

      2. Kim Jong Un

        Bei Ebay Kleinanzeigen sind ab und zu auch mal welche für 10.000 Euro drin! :)

    64. sherry a

      That pup is adorable

    65. sherry a

      When you Need Space from eachother= When you're Fighting, lol

    66. sherry a

      What do you call that stovetop/sink set up, anyone ? I like it that it is all in one, like one big stove top / sink / cupboards underneath what would you call that?

    67. Chris Reed

      All the guys commenting about her rear end..yuck! You guys must like armpit hair and dirty nasty feet!!! how gross! Someone buy her a BIC razor to shave that jungle under her arms and wash those dirty bare feet!! How nasty! There is no excuse for being dirty! Even being on the road a person can be clean and well kept!

    68. Diddo Baggins

      “Go for it”. Okay well first let me get money and second your ass is finee

    69. Bass Webs Dean Ganalli

      GREAT! You Guys seem so happy!!!!


      ok..who doesn't appreciate a hot girl?? but even with that aspect, and a somewhat tricked out van, it still seems like a lifestyle you have to truly be prepared for,, the shitting in the woods or wherever..days on end without a hot shower.Cory and Emily seem like a pretty mellow couple but with the cramped conditions, does being in close proximity with one another all the time ever become an issue? and van life during winter months.. let's see a video on what that entails.. does traveling to the southernmost parts of the country during winter offer a solution or further problems/dangers?.a cool couple nonetheless..