Living on my Own

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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    A loop I made by somethingelseyt
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    Published on 4 days ago


    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. MsHedgiePlayz

        Umm. Must be great living alone... no one judging.... no one bothering.... chocy milk....

      2. June Cash


      3. Edilito Namit

        SomeThingElseYT you sure do like choci milk

      4. Arigato Min

        1 Chocolate milk 2 bread 3 ready foods: Noodles, pasta 4 Fruits: Bananas, apples 5 Meat or eggs 6 Vegies: Carrot, cucumber There your grocery list

      5. Florencia Quevedo

        0oj i.oo k. Ny 8kbvgt8nm8 88i

    2. SilverWolf_Gaming

      One might say "Scott Pilgrim vs. The Coffee table"

    3. awesome everday

      That knock scared the crap out of me

    4. Matthew Nattress

      Most important rule of living on your own, nothing is free and it never will be free.

    5. lazy wolf

      I live in a apartment with my parents:D

    6. a Grain of Salt

      Did you move out at 5 !!!! Why did your parents let you move out !! I’m surprised you know how to in take air !!!

    7. JordoIsBordo

      U published this on my birthday so i commented AND LIKED!

    8. Katlin Wales

      Omggg u haven't posted in foreverrrrrrrr o0o

    9. Tori McCumiskey

      I didn’t have internet for a month

    10. Fnaf Boi

      What if bob Ross’s paintings are the locations of where he hides his dead bodies?

    11. xXx Wazzupy xXx

      Thurnis is baby.

    12. Joshua Georges

      He became an alright animator to in my opinion THE GREATEST ANIMATOR ON US-new. Sorry James and jaiden

    13. Alicecat Animates

      Adam loafs his chocy milk!!!!! ÙWÚ

    14. sly shadow

      Briest tankthrust

    15. Lucas

      At 4:00 when you said 1,500 square feet, couldn't you have used them for false advertising for calling it square feet, which you would assume is just the x and z axis? But they counted the y axis as well yet didnt advertise it as cubic feet?

    16. Batgirl Can do

      Dude, get a patreon... :P

    17. jayden canchola

      took a little long for him to make anther video

    18. Draco Chapman

      My question is how do you have a dog? They're so much work and cause more anxiety than they can make up for when you're just getting your first place. I know from experience.

    19. Nick Gadue

      why didn't you just take a tour of the apartment beforehand??

    20. XzavierBeGaming

      Adam can kids go to vidcon as a creater

    21. Cashmere James

      Well , Good Luck Pal

    22. Shakirioseats Cheerios

      IKEA: you wanna sponser bro

    23. THE FLASH I AM

      6 33. It was going to be hello fresh

    24. Vinnyboi Uzumaki

      Scott Pilgrim!!!.. oh wait he killed your table.

    25. Just Cookie Now

      You don’t know how to pay your bills? Oh man if only they taught that in school instead of maybe science when we’re not going to major it? Hmmmmmmmm

    26. RYAN

      Egg Frozen chicken breast Lettuce Rice SALT CHOCKYMILK Milk Sugar Coffee or 3in1 instant coffee Fruits apple or oranges Limes Dog food Optional Toast Peanut butter Jam

    27. Alexandra Garcia

      i watched all of the ads fully so now u can buy a new coffee table, yw

    28. ZDsuperguy

      i hope he makes another M.A.P soon cause i wanna make a part

    29. Norma Rice

      At the end I love Scott Pilgrim

    30. LeemPetes

      What kind of breed if Thurnis?

    31. the_ destroyer_8

      im jnt is awesome

    32. the_ destroyer_8

      im a youtuber

    33. Brown Video Productions

      this dude has upped his animation. i seriously love it

    34. the_ destroyer_8

      is it possible

    35. the_ destroyer_8

      could i join your animating group

    36. the_ destroyer_8

      i was wondering

    37. the_ destroyer_8


    38. the_ destroyer_8


    39. bomb kid

      Stop asking stupid questions Terrence

    40. Jojopuppy


    41. lunathewolfdevil 11000

      During the vid I forgot to warm up my hot chocolate because this vid was so interesting

    42. Aizam Danish

      Me:*touch choccy milk* SomethingelseYt:**KICK THE DOOR OPEN LIKE A MAD MAN** SomethingelseYt:how dare you touch my choccy milk! Me:wops **RUN**

    43. Shrimp Ramen

      Just get those salad meals, ramen, milk, and cereal. BOOM YOU AIGHT MATE.

    44. The Banana

      Only 3 days late Noice

    45. Landry Moore


    46. Ethan D

      DUUUUUUDDEEE you're fuckin scaring mee

    47. Opalite.Alienite

      Random thing but you might wanna move your computer a bit away from the AC wall unit. This is unlikely to.happen but mine exploded in my last apartment and wrecked my table next to it. I was lucky I'd just moved my bed away from it or I'd have been in bad shape. Again, its not likely to happen but I feel I should always warn people when I see their expensive stuff next to a wall unit.

    48. lil billy

      me want house tour

    49. Weird Girl

      I saw my hot boi bakugou

    50. Featureless 0

      Who else is scrolling through the comments looking for Terrence?

    51. jenn J

      Get your furniture from Ashley's! You can get a whole living room/ bedroom set for pretty cheap and can payments for it. Also an easy grocery list is eggs, milk, bread, cereal, basic fruits/veggies, drinks, and frozen meals. Aldo look up crockpot meals. They're cheap and super easy because you can just let it cook all day and the leftover meal payout is great

    52. X8Wolf

      if i can ask, i feel nervous not being able to pay bills or getting food

    53. MattRizz_ IsBot

      2:58 Oh cool a bakugo poster

    54. Keenan Johnson

      My guy, I also have the Clip 2 from JBL! Great brand

      1. Ptao Tom

        Rip ikea table

    55. The Duo

      Easy peasy lemon

    56. yuh man


    57. Brendan Geormer

      But height doesn't count towards square feet, it would count towards cubic feet.

    58. Jeffrey Osborn

      i swear to god, people need to stop putting "knocks" in videos. It seriously sets off my PTSD.

    59. pink cow

      2:59 BBBBBBBAKAGOOOOO?????

    60. Bee loaf

      I have two qualms, First is the fact that you did not consider, walking inside the apartment, before purchasing it. Most people scope out their future homes before even considering paying... why didn't you do this? And maybe I'm just severely privileged, but like, your parents never set aside furniture for you to take with you? Like they did not let you keep your bed from your old room, or your dresser, etc. Things they will never use? Like in my own case, I have been slowly accumulating my own furniture for my future home, as my parents do not want it, they want the empty space to fill with their own junk. I suppose you didn't think it through, to begin with? Perhaps they want to turn it into a guest bedroom... that is the only reason I could think they wouldn't have anything for you.

    61. Cookie Crumb

      I love how he curses while explaining stuff to kids 😂

    62. Daisy Granados

      I was home alone listening to this, working on a project and got scared with the knocking lmao

    63. Bruh Consumer


    64. Phoabiia

      I don't know if you'll see this, let alone bother to read it, but here's some advice about shopping for groceries: *Do's* Expect to do another trip - Remember that this is only a basic food shopping list. It should have you set up with key ingredients for basic meals. Once you’ve got the basics in, you can then start expanding to include more complex meals and comprehensive meal plans. Consider frozen produce - Although fresh fruit and veg are considered the kings of healthy eating, don’t be too quick to overlook frozen versions. Whilst they are a little more pricey, they keep for a lot longer. They can be quite convenient and save you time when cooking if you’ve bought some prepared (chopped etc) varieties. An important thing to remember when buying frozen produce is that it loses little to no nutrients compared to fresh produce. 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Luncheon Meat - these are good for popping into sandwiches *Grain's and Bread* Pasta - this is a great basic that’s easy and quick to cook Rice - another great meal essential that will fill you up and bulk out your meal Bread - great for sandwiches. To get more healthy fiber into your system, you recommend wholemeal or wholegrain varieties. All-purpose flour - it’s always good to have some of this around. Not only is it the core ingredient for a cake, but you can also use it as a sauce thickener, or coat meat and other ingredients to give them a crispy finish when frying. Breakfast cereal - this will help give you a decent start to the day. Try to avoid the more sugary varieties, and opt for ones high in fiber, as this will keep you full for longer. Consider things like unsweetened granola or porridge oats/oatmeal. *Oil & Fat* Cooking oil - you’re going to need this to cook most things. For healthier options, opt for olive oil,l rapeseed oil, or other oils choc full of omega 3. Butter - if you’re making sandwiches, you’re going to need something to spread on your slices. You’ll also need this if you fancy making a cake. *Dairy & Eggs* Milk - a breakfast essential if you have cereal for breakfast, if prefer your hot drinks a lighter shade of brown, or want to make a sauce. Vegans and the health conscious should check out milk alternatives like soy or almond. Eggs - these versatile little things are essential ingredients for a cake or can be made many different ways for a quick breakfast or lunch. Cheese - a great standard sandwich filler or for an ingredient in cheesy side-dishes or main courses Yogurt - use it to mix with fruit or honey for a quick tasty dessert or a quick, easy snack *Produce* Onions - it’s difficult to imagine a homemade dish that doesn’t utilize these. 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    65. I'm a Train Person

      I’m the only one in my household who drinks chocey milk, so I don’t have to fight anyone for it.

    66. I honestly dk What to put

      Omggg I have my headphones on and everytime someone knocked on his door I thought it was fr💀

    67. Salana Wolfie

      Congrats my dude

    68. Prince Noah bey Higgins

      That’s were my uncle lives and make music but he doesn’t have a up stres

    69. Ellie Ven n' Gang


    70. Mortal orphan

      Keep up the good work man.