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    Check out the best moments from the Lake County, Illinois Sheriff's Office, including one officer who cuts a heroin addict a break, and a noise complaint filed against a couple who were arguing over house chores. #LivePD
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. A&E

      Stay up to date on all of A&E's latest premieres at


        nightwishnemo perhaps on special occasions


        A&E love Your show dope

      3. Boli420

        The date says Nov 29th, but all I've seen so far is old videos. Trying a new scam are you?

      4. teriyakisocks

        Deputy Lowe is a qt

      5. furito burito

        A&E the first one is so wholesome!

    2. Chris Miles

      7:20 “MY PIZZA”

    3. zack vligs

      7:22 ''my pizza ahghhh''

    4. Dirty byrdie

      Cops ruin life's when there already in chaos

    5. Death row Chef

      8:02 bro u know u lookin at tha toes!

    6. John Reeves

      Wait how are their palm trees in IL? Palm trees are only in tropical states.

    7. JustMeNino Channel

      This female officer she is really qualified and pretty 😍

    8. iitskeykey !

      11:48 "im the high class roller in this town" whilst letting her gut hang out lmao

    9. Tejah

      The lady cop is so tiny her gear looks bigger than her. Lol she is a little badass though. Love the pink cuffs. You go girl!

    10. David White

      Dude its hard

    11. ADAM Sublime420

      That's one cool cop ,Respect ✌✊

    12. Mia Monroe

      That cop lied and said he had the right to search the car but he then asks the lady if he can have her permission to search it what a pig

    13. Tay Beal

      Dude😤😤 if I ever saw someone disrespecting their grandmother like that in front of me I’d flip.

    14. Killereria

      Ahhhhhhh lake county illinois. So glad i left for colorado.

    15. Matthew Bladow

      “I’m not here to be the dime bag police” says the cop

    16. Lionel Watson

      Since no one else is saying this I will .. the officer in the first segment. If that was a black man who not only has a suspended license and fought tooth and nail saying no you can't search the car and then you search the car rind the same drugs lol we probably would have been beaten with his billy club not just go to jail . Lol sad and not funny but tru

    17. noname hereyougo

      Scumbag cop didnt.have to force himself to search her car. Let him go cus white course..

    18. minischnauze13

      He didn’t want to wrestle with Deputy King. Good lord that’s a big man

    19. Bekah Bur


    20. Harold Farley

      You are a greatcopman

    21. Clifton Taylor

      "Lucas! Do you want a treat?" hahaha Does she really think that dog understands her?

    22. David S


    23. Trever M

      Rebecca Loeb is too cute to be a cop

    24. SHITTY Webster

      That first officer a real one

    25. Joey Komosa

      High class roller? Stfu

    26. Eddie Giles

      "I'm a serious high class roller in this town" As she stands there with her gut hanging out.

    27. Frankincensed

      Cops dealing with the dregs of society. You've got to admire them.

    28. Syd Ok

      11:51 I did a ugly laugh🤣

    29. Renee O'Shea

      The look on that cops face when Blackey McBelly said "I'm a serious high class roller in this town" was priceless😀😄

    30. adam johnson

      Cops are so nice to white people..

    31. Not Vladimir Putin

      That first cop was so nice. I wonder if he actually went to rehab though.

    32. Just Sayin

      Someone please tell me that's not Mary from the show Storage Wars!

    33. Owen Grant

      Black people need to calm down.

    34. mindfuless

      The complexion for the protection.

    35. Poppy Weller

      The pink cuffs are brilliant! :3

    36. Mr K

      Never lie to the law. There are alot of excellent law enforcement agents that can and will help you. Don't disrespect them and lie

    37. Elijah Barrow

      I fw the first cop not many out there as cool as him

    38. focus auto

      I swear I get pulled over with a joint and I'm arrested 😂💀💀... I guess if I was non melanated I would have got a pass

    39. I eat ass

      “My Pizza, Ugh!” I’m done 😂

    40. f quint

      Lmfao the pizza girl

    41. Evan 4545


    42. Deadly Delight88

      I'm a high class roller in this town. I died lol

    43. Sarah Wales

      Lol, "Do I have permission to search your car? No? I don't need your permission I'll search it anyway." Rights, what rights? This is America!

    44. Luther Tarver Sr.

      I’ll blah those two police officers for showing great restraint and arresting the young man it seems to me that he has a mental problem or he was high on something 💯💯💯💯thank you for your service

    45. Julian Martinez

      7:22 Me when the pizzas ready

    46. TheCrazymomto6

      Being in the medical field, I can say straight up, it is so hard for these people to get help, the true help that they need. So many in the community see them as drug addicts and criminals and not people that want to get clean and live a real life. It’s just sad and heartbreaking

    47. Warrior-of-Love 43

      "I gotta wash my dishes all over" .. " nd I gotta feed the house" wats!? 😂😂😂dont do drugs ya hahaha

    48. Yung Swagg Tyme serve Click

      I betcha if he was black that wouldn’t happened Shid

    49. bkesling10

      Dude deputy king was A LOT bigger than i anticipated lol

    50. MrHighwayPatrol

      “I gotta clean my dishes over, I gotta feed the house.” Me: What the actual f

    51. MrHighwayPatrol

      That first officer did something amazing. He let the guy go with a few tickets and didn’t charge him with the Heroin, that’s great.

    52. Michael Walker

      I like whatcha what not to do on here

    53. TheJustina102085

      I would love to have my backup be a 90 pound female....

    54. Andrew Willson

      Imagine being as dumb as the dude at 14:03 lol

    55. Tj Mower

      Wow that first chick cop treated that lady like a person and not the crazy tweaker she was

    56. Takashi Ph.D.

      Actually that cop CAN legally tow that car.

    57. Yo Mama

      That second deal.... Apparently cops love tweakers and I think the lady cop needs about 30 more pieces of gear strapped to her

    58. A Kasper

      Who else here is from lake county??

    59. Capt. Beak

      Gee I used to live in Lake County Illinois when I was in grade school, it used to be a nice place, except when the kid brought a .38 to school to off the gym teacher, but hey it was the 60's

    60. Adrian Sosa

      More cops like this

    61. gee gleeshy

      We need policemen like the 1st one. He was a real good guy towards that man & I hope he does find help.

    62. Sean Corliss

      "I'm a serious high class roller in this town" fat stomach hanging out of her shirt 😂🤣

    63. Sacul Sanders

      best of lake county?? Wow this is gonna be a banger episode! "Gonna pull this guy over expired tags". best of huh... Yikes

    64. Buster Beagle

      4:40. Nothing but dirty pig trickery. NOW he’s leaving up to the state. What a sneaky dirt bag cop

    65. Jan Kenny

      You do not need to ID unless suspected for a crime. Americans need to know that. Cops are renowned for not upholding the constitution... know your rights. The first cop was great but makes me Worry because he knew he was on national tv. 🤔

    66. Heather Murray

      Yeah she’s seriously a high class roller

    67. Ana Ryti

      Why did I cry when the guy with Norcos asked for help :(

    68. I farted

      the difference between her and a drug dealer she can wash her crack and Sell It Again

    69. Andreas Larsen

      kiss my address

    70. AJJohnson315 Johnson

      5:38 "whaddup"