Little kitten is afraid of me

Robin Seplut

Robin Seplut

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    Little kitten is afraid of me.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Parker Leblanc

      Kitten Spits at the older calico,the adult calico cat then looks insulted and walks away.

    2. Sienna Garcia

      What kind of cat is he

    3. Saule Bai

      Mad kitten

    4. mrxyz2k

      In Arabian countries we said pspspsps, instead of ksksksks

    5. waris anjum

      So he chooses the darkness but not the way of light whenever he will come back strong

    6. Michelle Coscolluela

      god bless u

    7. Mel

      Maybe you should back up and let the little guy EAT. your Scaring him...he can't eat.

    8. andra pratama

      Everytime kitten hissing and spit, its somehow addictive..

    9. Talidras

      Ya know if you weren't so insistent on shoving that camera in the poor things face you might actually get somewhere.

    10. Tangelia Greer

      I have no problem picking that kitten up bare handed. I'm used to the scratches, which they don't hurt me. The kitten will soon calm down once you hold him/her in your arms and pet it.

    11. HungryShark 977

      Sksksksk man vs Afraid kitten

    12. SlayZ _

      9:15 lion king

    13. Lance Devlugt

      Robin: ksksks Cat: GET AWAY!! (Shaking)

    14. Aldo D

      Please look for clinics in your state or town that spay and neuter feral cats for free, instead of feeding these cats every single day, and they are not fixed, it will keep having more babies that you have to feed. I mean wouldn't that be the smart thing to do we see him feeding these cats everywhere, he can start grabbing some and bring them to the free clinics that way they don't keep growing, I did it around my town, there was a cat colonybehind my cousin's condos and we told the people to stop feeding the cats, we put out traps or caught the moms, would bring them to the clinic, sometimes two or three or five at a time, and little by little they stopped breeding it was wonderful because there weren't hundreds of cats getting hit by cars and being a nuisance.

    15. Recep İvedik

      this idiot youtuber makes me mad. typicall moron. how can someone expect a scared cat to eat something ?

    16. 하운일

      Umm.. I think it is not funny. This kitten is soo much scared. Poor kitten..

    17. Richard Upyurass

      He looks like an old Asian man in a cute way

    18. Miaclay Garklin

      He invented VSCO girls

    19. Mi O

      Do you ever take any kitties home with you or successfully pet them?

    20. ArrowDel

      I found making the mum-calling-kittens sound usually works better on young ones like this.

    21. Star roaster

      Little tiger

    22. phuong hoang

      Nó Bi diếc hay Sao mà chu robin gọi nó nó mà nó kg nghe gì hết vậy

    23. phuong hoang

      Con mèo này hư quá

    24. frannie banani

      You really should stop teasing the poor baby. Bad enough he's stressed. With world around him.

    25. frannie banani

      When you pulled the little guy out stop teasing him. Just take him now to a shelter. I don't like this video your taunting the kitten you idiot

    26. frannie banani

      You shouldn't keep scarying him just go in and pick him up

    27. S Grigorian

      And don’t move camera close. USE CAMERA ZOOM.

    28. S Grigorian

      Give food first

    29. Agent Gigov47

      Who the fuck 2:25

    30. Agent Gigov47


    31. Edrues TM

      Congratulations on being such a wonderful, kind, amazing person.

    32. Манюня

      Господи боже бедный ребёнок!

    33. MEDSCARF `

      If i you i do kick this cat head

    34. pagano

      Nice creature!

    35. みーなmi-na


    36. daniela rossi


    37. Viktória Nyíri

      Why is it not eating?

    38. rahul sharma

      You are seriously dumb. And you surely don't know about cat behavior

    39. Johnny Cats

      poor pcat

    40. Ff Ff

      Nó cào cho ngu chưa

    41. Ff Ff


    42. Ff Ff


    43. Ms90sGirl

      This is exciting! I love this page

    44. zwiedzający

      *sensei cat*

    45. MY571C4LH1GH5 *

      I know he loves cats and he helps look after them but is there any need to pull him/her out like that just put the food down and step bk the poor little thing is terrified

    46. MoHammaD IQ

      I think you are scary not kitten

    47. huy bui


    48. huy bui


    49. huy bui

      Thang nay no no I susu la CAI GI no tay no hieu

    50. Emin Basic

      1:30 that is me when I don't wanna go to school

    51. Ff Ff


    52. Ff Ff

      Nó ko ăn thì gọi nó đi

    53. Ff Ff

      Cứ gọi đi xem con mèo này nó có ra ko nếu nó ko ra cứ gọi nhiều lần vào nha chú robin

    54. Cats Maine coon & Scottish fold

      ой как котик боится, так жалко...

    55. Rafael S. Ribeiro


    56. Forlord

      It’s hilarious

    57. えんどうけいこ


    58. A.G.M.P

      Hey Ksksksks man, do yourself a favor and buy a really long spoon.. it will helps you make friends with feisty kittens. Just put a little food at the end and slowly bring it close to their cute little faces. works every time.

    59. Pastel Unicorn

      1:29 this man is so brave..

    60. Ferit Altan

      Wherw do you Find so many kittens where do you life which country

    61. Paige Mann

      Awe pitiful

    62. baby, you've been had

      *why do you always react this way to ksksksks this is normal wtf but I'm russian and I just don't understand this lol*

    63. Таньяна Ямковая

      Вы не помогли и не забрали его

    64. Angel Balaja

      U just a ring the jones fuck out of that cat man no hurt feelings but no wonder it’s hard for the cats to like u

    65. Ff Ff

      Tí nữa thì cào cho sml

    66. Anas Amer

      100% in comments_ nice cat 0%in comments_ kskskskssksksk

    67. Haruta Dorin

      Comments are gold on this channel 😂👍

    68. M A

      Guy chases a lot of pussy

    69. niko sakell

      gib ihn ein triitt auf die schnauze

    70. Silver foxx

      If you have no plans to rescue the poor thing then leave it alone and stop scaring the poor thing!