Lion King: 23-Year-Old Is Best Friends With Big Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

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    HANDSOME lion wrangler Shandor Larenty is so busy with his lions and hyenas - who like to give him kisses - has no time for romantic relationships with girls. While his friends were out partying and enjoying their teens, the dedicated 24-year-old was working night shifts at The Lion Park near Johannesburg, South Africa, mucking out hyenas, watching over sick lions, or doing special night feeds with injured giraffes. While Shandor admits he’s doing his “dream job”, the work is demanding it means he has no time for a love life. Thankfully he does get affection from somewhere, but it’s usually from his furry friends at the park like Themba the hyena.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Ameer Kp

      who are dislikng this?

    2. Cyrus Andreas

      "Big cats, when they are coming to eat you, they have a very different look in their eyes". WHO REPORTED THAT PASTHUMOUSLY? 🙂

    3. ItsYaGirlMa

      *who here, after watching The (new) Lion king???*

    4. atheistbanerjee008

      I also have lions & tigers.... .. . . . . . . . My kitties!! LOL!! I can see both Lions & Tigers in them..

    5. Banalata Hazarika

      the lion look so cute

    6. Ogi Prasetiya

      The cheetah is soo chill

    7. sumedh Barde

      Lion was most beautiful creation of natura we want to seve hi 🦁🦁🦁🦁😼😼

    8. Xavier Cruze

      That's how one can look badass if they want to rather than killing such precious beings and posting a photo with the #badass

    9. GamerHeadX

      Damn alot of video involving animals is all about putting down the human race like you met everyone everywhere n 1 person is the same as everyone

    10. Charley Cheno

      If he is dead, we know why

    11. Sim with a Whim

      "The Most Dangerous Animal I've worked with is People" Me: He sounds like Davis the Primatologist from "Rampage"

    12. Alyssa Jones

      Lol when George's tail smacks him in the face 🦁

    13. rhiannonsheart76

      Literally the luckiest person in the world. Well... job wise at least lol

    14. B.Suresh surya

      Wow great men.....!

    15. Paresh Dalbehera

      i want to pet a ant & how to cuddles him anyone hve got suggestions??

    16. Ultra Instinct Utkarsh

      To all the people who thinks they are a good opportunity for an epic selfie, better be respectful. They know your feelings and won't tolerate being treated like an astonishing specimen. They will love you than any other human, there love is selfless. All you have to do is love them back. 🦁🐯🐻🐼🐮🐷🐵🐱🐶🐺🐹🐭🐰🦊🐨🐴🦍🐂🐁🐦🐧🐓🐬

    17. Jesrael Duay

      You will soon be its food.

    18. haads

      1:06 why disney didnt use this lion as mufasa.

    19. Aswwinii Balkrishnan

      Most dangerous animal on earth is Me! Humans !!

    20. NotslaY


    21. Gian Tristian Apostol

      Making friends with nondomestic animals' really nice.

    22. Connor Kramer

      The lion looks depressed. LOL

    23. ComputerExpert

      This dude is definitely gay his dad is gona be feeding him to the lion if he finds out

    24. Dayn Morales

      Love to work on this.

    25. LoadedSS

      Just be cautious man.

    26. Mike Williams

      Agree animals over humans!

    27. Muhajir Hajir

      Kcli sahib eee

    28. Jill V

      Wow, I'm jealous of your relationship!

    29. Leo

      Can’t imagine this life

    30. uhuhuh1966

      I’ve seen other humans being friends with lions, but a hyena?!?! That’s insane, they are SO dangerous he is not wrong

    31. Mariyah Silva

      I love animals with a passion their everything 😭❤️❤️

    32. quishia

      Miracles from Above seen here

    33. Craig Law

      is it safe to have aids this close to endangered species?

    34. Mikito toon

      He is my Brother!

    35. zaias

      one day or another that lion will turn against him..just a question of time.. it is a wild animal and not a pet...

    36. Kareem Hinnawi

      I wish if I had a lion 🦁 Edit: a lion that doesn’t bite me

    37. LOUIE Makulit

      I love it care to share.

    38. LOUIE Makulit

      I love it care to share.

    39. jbj21skylark

      Ever since, I've been wanting to have a lion, not just a pet but a friend to play with. :)

    40. Candace Juan

      Imagine him having 'friends with benefits' with the lion. Just wonder.

    41. Josephine Anne Weigers

      Found dream job and new best friend. Teach me how to kiss hyenas 🤣

    42. Armstrong Raymond

      I Couldn't do that Job The Flys would do my Head in

    43. Shailendra Sinh Zerodha Business Partner

      Bc size to dekho ser ka ? 😱

    44. whissywhassy

      God bless ur animals n u...loved seeing dem cared for so much...I wud very much lyk to kiss u after u hav kissed ur hyena...😘😘

    45. KKM _vlogs

      I still like the lion whisperer as well

    46. VisionEmu

      "That was like in the face🏳️‍🌈"

    47. Edson Dantas

      Amigo você é muito corajoso

    48. Luke Wagner

      Anybody recognize that one of the hyenas name was Kimba? That sounds really familiar to somebody else name.

    49. KuaSiMoDo

      Se lo comió al final?

    50. gunny U.S.M.C

      hell yeah! animals are the best, my compliments sir

    51. Premgopal

      Wow man 🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆

    52. RealLonelyGuy

      Cheetah is very calm

    53. nan zhang

      love cheetah.

    54. Adesh P R

      1.29 dat 1 hit from a tail 🤣

    55. Akhona Thusi

      Playing Lady and The Tramp spaghetti scene with a hyena.

    56. Martin Polovka

      This is heaven

    57. Nina J

      this guy is living my dream all I have is 20 takns with different aquatic creatures 7 cats and some insects like praying mantis mealworms Beatles and so on but I want a lion

    58. Luke R

      Training a lion to show aggression at you while you stand a few feet away seems like an absolutely terrible idea. Then again, so is using these lions for movies. How disappointing.

    59. Skyla Williams

      These are lucky guys

    60. Kenneth Wood

      That would be so nice to be with all of those animals. Considering they are normally aggressive. Yet those are so calm.

    61. Arpan Enginr

      Cheetah be like who are you talking to bruh?

    62. Ana Loraine Ortiz

      Dream job


      3:42 beautiful lioness and ugly lion.

    64. mæmī įįį

      I am just so fascinated and in love with these animals and just how they are, and I'm happy to see these animals even just on the internet. It's just that they're so lovely. And the people who takes great care and loves the animals back. It's just pure beautiful.

    65. Malithi Janith

      Wooow big cat....

    66. Legendary Gunslinger

      Haha I laughed so hard when he said the most dangerous he worked with people lmao I totally feel the same I’m not scared of people but don’t like them

    67. suthobay

      "I would definitely take animals over people any day" A-fucking-men to that brother

    68. LIKHITH D

      Indeed this is not the job this is a dream. Not everyone can do this

    69. Puspalata Nayak

      No tigers???

    70. Mohammad Abdullah

      worlds best job