Lindsay Holiday Rally - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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    Lindsay tries to be THAT family member at a holiday party and it goes exactly how she wanted it to.
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    Audio from: Always Open #11
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    Animated by: Christopher Bak & Susie Combs
    Directed by: Jordan Battle
    About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
    The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Mikael Gaiason

      Dafuq kind of teenybopper retardedness did I just watch?!

    2. Lord Bloodraven

      Drunk Burnie vs. Drunk Lindsay I'm giving 3:1 odds for Drunk Burnie. He's got the experience... so I'm saying he's old.

    3. jacky liu

      Shut up Lindsay you shoulda been fired weeks ago

    4. tromboneking87

      Massive respect for the rally cap!

    5. DreadNaught Playz

      1:30 the face of micheal

    6. blake roberson

      Why does nobody talk about how a channel who has 10 million subscribers struggles to just get 500k views? WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE SLOW DEATH MARCH THIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN DOING FOR YEARS????

    7. BOOT

      Just wasted most of the last two nights watching all 411 of these, well more like 407 I skipped the tribute music ones and maybe some others idk I'm pretty tired and gonna take a shower n crash.

    8. vinnythewebsurfer

      So I wonder if they cut anyone that works on these animations that are the only reason I still visit RT videos

    9. Tim Hofstetter

      Dzheezus. People watch this sort of thing? Really? People with actual lives?

    10. Timothy Bonnett

      Seriously a$$holes! ?? You Alowed cable to take you to take you under r? Matt WTF??

    11. Shadow Hawke

      I wonder what’s Michael side of the story on this

    12. monika laosi

      Hey look,this episode is named right

    13. Abiel Garza

      does anybody know if the mental health stream will be put up on the site or on youtube????? pls reply

      1. monika laosi

        worst hangover I had was when I accidentally drank a big bottle of whisky (I think it was 1 litre?) cos I kept sipping at it and re-filling my glass over and over while I was 100%

    14. mixio hili

      This is the content I was looking for

    15. LordPepper

      Good to know Burnie is still in the asylum and still cant understand a basic sentance spoken by gavin and Gus

    16. Lyndon Gordon

      SO FUNNY.

    17. okow tina

      I love burnie sitting there contemplating construction

    18. Calvin L

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Lindsay Holiday Rally - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Such a one can never be said to be alone for know that he who is a friend to himself is a friend to all mankind” “Real luxurious people hate status. You don’t look rich because you have a rich dress. When you look at a person, do you see the spirit or the sexiness or the creativity? Just to see a big diamond, what does it mean? It’s all about satisfaction. I think it’s horrible, this judgment based on money. It’s all an illusion that you look better because you have a symbol of

      1. mixio hili

        You know what was a worse “disastrous mess”? Barbara crushing Mariel’s crackers and making her cry

    19. TheOnlyGamerX

      Why do they give Gus a beer gut but Lindsay has the curves of a model?

    20. Andrew Thomas [Prism]

      Props to Michael for being there for her.

    21. Marcus Channel Gameplay

      Pls reupload RWBY Volume 6 i haven't watched it PLSSS WHO AGREES

    22. Steam Gamer STG. HUNTER

      Just 1 did you get drunk off of wine?

    23. the draculah

      I’m so glad Ruby takes after her uncle Qrow

    24. GoldenGacha

      Please bring RWBY back or RWBY chibi PLEASE!! =C

      1. rogelio proa

        @GoldenGacha But as for RWBY Chibi... it's unknown if it will continue for a 4th season, (considering the appearance of Coco Adel) after the 3rd season finale in RT's site: Aug. 18th, 2018 and in YT: Oct. 20th, 2018, although RT Animation's restructure and focus on the main RWBY series suggests that RWBY Chibi isn't an inmediate priority.

      2. GoldenGacha

        @rogelio proa thank you

    25. Hallam Stuckey

      Thank you Lindsay for making me feel better about my own choices on nights out! :D

    26. ew Cash

      *this is why malt liquor is king*

    27. Kloud Kitt

      Lindsay Fortyhands. Loool.

    28. matthewg2923

      Ruby no lol I love Lindsay

    29. b

      worst hangover I had was when I accidentally drank a big bottle of whisky (I think it was 1 litre?) cos I kept sipping at it and re-filling my glass over and over while I was 100% focus on the game I was playing (Resi3). Had no idea how bad I was until I tried to stand up and the whole room went like a funhouse.

    30. Thornton/Hoop Christine

      You know what was a worse “disastrous mess”? Barbara crushing Mariel’s crackers and making her cry

    31. likeapro 101

      Watch my videos on my channel

    32. Jo Jo Withers

      Michael was click-baited.

    33. JAMCastillo1

      Lyndsay planned and panned

    34. PainCausingSamurai

      I miss Griffin

    35. David Shafer

      Wine hangovers pale in compassion to bad tequila hangovers.

    36. Potts and Panns Inc

      0 o 0 I'm in this!

    37. Eliza _

      Congrats on trending!

    38. synchronized churro ensemble

      "I stopped drinking because it's not good for your health....and _I fell into a bonfire_ " - Christopher Titus (from Norman Rockwell is Bleeding)

    39. Cooked Fish

      I like the Bloody Caesar and aspirin combo

    40. Plarby

      My worst hangover was my first...this year. At my birthday party. Well, after. I had EVERY ALCOHOL UNDER THE SUN. Woke up and felt like a total disease-ridden dog...moral of the story; stick to one alcohol type.

    41. flipanigloo

      Lindsay is a true idol

    42. FeezMuZik

      watching from a country destroyed by a cat5 hurricane this actually made me smile I needed that

    43. julian sanchez

      Looks like someone’s 157th!

    44. Adam Baum2.0

      From how Michael is, you wouldn't think he's the reasonable one of the group lol 😂

    45. jffry890

      Never saw Michael's wife until now. Thought she'd be better looking. RTAA makes the women look better than they really are.

    46. slovak4life1991

      Lindsay is a treasure and must be protected.

    47. Alby

      This woman has brought in two humans into this world.....and has help raising them from Michael....

    48. netflist

      and all this time we thought michael was the chaotic one

    49. Buncha Dummies

      Love the call back to Burnie in the straight jacket too lol

    50. David Taylor

      I think drinking stories are the foundation of RT. Though I'm somewhat curious to know if there's at least one RT employee who's a good type of drunk. You know, they're not as rowdy, kinda quiet, you probably can't tell that they've had a few, maybe they're some kinda drunken master or something.

    51. Eric Cartman

      #38 on trending

    52. Chancelord

      It's hard to believe things Lindsay says being that even her husband says she constantly exaggerates everything, good story though.🙄

    53. Kale 000

      Animated Team RWBY VAs? YEA.

    54. Daniel Nails

      It is because there is a form of sulfur in wine to help keep it fresh that's why alot of wine gadets out there help distill or "purify" the sulfer from the wine. And of course most fancy classic method is to let it breathe in a decanter

    55. viscountalpha

      Wait, wait. 1:32 Michael with the head bandage?

      1. uncle jeffree's left testie

        1:28 lindsay is sneaking up behind him with the pan.

    56. Studio9

      What off topic episode was it where michael as talking about this?

    57. Adam Xiong

      Never thought I would see Griffin animated again

      1. bluescluessuperagent


    58. AU2K1N6

      Rum and coke hangovers are the worst 2nd is IPA's

    59. Sarah Weisters

      Lindsay, that was amazing XD

    60. LucianLegacy


    61. Johnathon Paque

      Michael at 1:32 with the bandage around his head is me at every party I've ever gone too.

    62. Sir Crimson Wolf

      Good thing it was wine and not Moonshine

    63. Hunter K

      this was beuaitufl

    64. Joseph Ocasio

      Wait, is Griffin back at Rooster Teeth?

      1. 1manApocalypse

        Pretty sure it's an old episode.

    65. Cerebrum-Igni

      O hai, Griffon

    66. Collectivist Dog

      Jesus Christ! I’d be disowned by everyone I know if I did that.

    67. Jacob Delgado

      They should take down that painting...

    68. Aqua311

      Someone should have recorded all of that.

    69. BelieveInMatter

      I thought for sure that thumbnail was going to be real 😂 like she grabbed a pan and started chasing michael around haha

    70. ShootingStarAJM

      I wanna party with Lindsay