Lil Wayne: LeBron's the GOAT & Lakers will win this year's title, defends Aaron Rodgers | UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in studio to discuss his Green Bay Packers, LeBron James and more. Hear why he thinks Aaron Rodgers' greatness will lead the Packers far this season, predicts the Los Angeles Lakers as the 2019-2020 champions, and compares LeBron vs Michael Jordan.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Lil Wayne: LeBron's the GOAT & Lakers will win this year's title, defends Aaron Rodgers | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    MJ | LEBRON | OTHER - Who's the GOAT of the NBA?

    1. ლ,ᔑ•د͟͠•ᔐ.ლ

      JC Dip has the most misses in NBA history

    2. p d


    3. Jeremiah Guyton

      Lebron not even better than kareem lebron 3-6 in the finals michael jordan 6-0 he not better than kobe either lebron cant win on his own its simple kobe Michael jordan are winners lebron is not yea he average 27 points 8 rebounds 8 assists his entire career but prime kobe would make lebron eat his dust he would drop 40 on lebron in todays game so would michael jordan lebron is great 4th greatest player in nba history in my opinion behind kobe michael jordan and kareem

    4. Jeremiah Guyton


  2. Bill Weaver

    I believe Lakers will win a chip if everyone stays healthy far as greenbay not they year at all to win it all

  3. Thomas Sequeira

    Skip will do anything to hate lebron

  4. Centaur

    Wayne......what happened to your sorry Packers.......hahahahahaha...... they got spanked that's what happened..

    1. Ben Pizzuto

      @Centaur Okay you think that

    2. Centaur

      @Ben Pizzuto .........Get ready for a repeat of a month ago.

    3. Ben Pizzuto

      They’re in the NFC Championship game you clown lmao

  5. Jeremy Tucker

    Lil Wayne looks like a voodoo doll.

    1. Centaur

      That's one ugly looking dude that's for sure.

  6. crunk bunk

    lil wayne done turned in to lil tone loc lol

  7. Against The Machine


  8. bcmbeau23

    Drinking Game. Every single time Skip collects his paper all official like,, drink

  9. Jamarroe Toney

    Press like if they should bring Lil Wayne back now , so they could see how their predictions are going

  10. AyiroVision

    Skip: “Do you not fear them?” Lil Wayne: “what’s that??” 😂😂😂😂 I fux wit Wayne for that response!!!

  11. Bat Man

    We need more mixtapes Wayne please.

  12. Bat Man

    Lil Wayne is the goat.

  13. Spider Hombre

    Lmfao “what about him?” That was good

  14. Thelmon

    These comments funny but y’all act like y’all never heard Wayne talk

  15. J

    Stick to rapping bro

  16. jay apple

    This young man needs help

  17. OG Kennedy

    Comments below got me dead

  18. High School LBJ

    Only 🐐 sees 🐐s

  19. Jonathan Estrada

    Like for the moderator lol

  20. Frankie TEE

    By far the most annoying voice in the world I’m sorry I just can’t listen to lil Wayne speak

  21. Gustavo Fring

    Damn that jerry jones figure thing was clever

  22. amistry605

    11:01 "scary night" 😂😂😂

  23. amistry605

    I thought he was a Saints fan wtf

  24. Tristina Miller

    Lll Wayne duels with skip love it

  25. Emrah N

    11:55 mj was blocked by Hakeem last sec

  26. onetwothree123

    14:47 Lmfaooo

  27. Andre Cooper

    Lil Wayne had just performed a concert the night before this interview.

  28. Zac h

    Lil neeeda some lotion to his throat

  29. Aldo Martinez Ledesma

    Goat 🐐 = Devil duhhhh

  30. Sunset Cowboy

    Love the shirt Lil Wayne has on,The Beatles.Awesome

  31. DreDay Dz World

    Priceless Wayne high then a muthafuka 😂😂

  32. Gone Nell

    People really don't know,. But Wayne, and skip, are closer then you can imagine.. shout out skip

  33. Travis Jackson

    This what happens when he doesn't drink his cough syrup🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Reggie Conners

    Haha leave my homie Wayne alone...

  35. Ray Dolla

    Lil Wayne is The Creator of creators Lord Anu The Highest of The Highest. Im The Most High Father Allah, Aliyu Akbar. #GreenskinLove #TheHolyTabletsByMalachiZYork #6BallsOfFire2030

  36. JTrillZ BooFed

    Everyone talking about Wayne’s voice but don’t ignore the fact THAT BRON IS THE GOAT

  37. Yung Faness

    LiL Wanye Be Off On Some Of His New Tracks With Some Of His New Tracks

    1. Thelmon

      Man what

  38. Yung Faness


  39. Yung Faness

    LiL Wanye

  40. Spencer YRN

    Wayne voice need some lotion he my dawg tho

  41. Millz ODay

    I think Wayne haven't dropped best album yet. My dawg got 1 more classic in him. He just need some good production, and just need a collaborative effort to bring new concepts and subject material. Nobody to write his rhymes just someone to light a spark n bring some better music out him.

  42. James Winchester

    Jordan cam into the league at 23 he was a rookie, at 23 LeBron went to the nba finals, at 33 Mj was still the best basketball player alive and so is a 33 year old LeBron .

  43. James Winchester

    Coach K is the greatest coach in the history of sports.

  44. Adreyan Arevalos

    At the end of the interview lil wayne looks lost MK ULTA

  45. jon king

    Love they relationship is awesome skip and shannon killing first take.

  46. Jeremiah Judah

    Jenny is underrated she is so fine 😍😍😍

  47. woods weed

    Wayne lookin like flavor flav

  48. Joseph Prince aka #Blade

    Skip is getting old

  49. Ren Ti

    Look at Jenny's face on 9:05 ...FS1 should replace this woman. Evidence of BIAS against Lebron. Since DAY 1.

  50. Adrian Chandler

    I'm the one who told Lil Wayne to sound like he has stage 27 throat cancer! -TK KIRKLAND

  51. nep5rings A

    Wayne sounds like what it would be if bull frogs could talk

  52. Socrates The Wise One

    Wayne is a disgrace for us black people walking around looking like a deranged mental patient.

    1. Faded Blue Jeans

      That deranged mental patient composed the "Undisputed" theme song which plays on TV every single weekday, owns an entertainment company, speaks intelligently on racial issues, and supports many charities and causes within the Black community. Stop focusing to the way the mans voice sounds, and the way he chooses to dress, and listen to what he SAYS. By the way I am a White guy who does not listen to rap music, but I know a hater when I see one. This man is no more of a disgrace than you or I am. PS: I won't mention the fact that the "Deranged Mental Patient" in question has made a whole lot more money than you.

  53. darko nikolic

    What about mamba??

  54. BosoxnationI972

    Lil Wayne looks someone attacked Mary J. Blige with a flamethrower. He's such a short, shriveled up embarrassment to black people that the entire Kardashian clan tried to marry him!

  55. Chun Chang

    But does he like Fishsticks? Props if you get the reference

  56. Zilliam Wiggles

    I feel like Lil Wayne doesn't know what the term goat means he's like we're not talkin about all time,we're talkin about right now and LeBron James is the goat right now...

  57. damien knox

    He on that syrp hard

  58. Nelly Hendriiix Videos

    What y'all never heard Wayne talk? Y'all goofy AF with these comments 😂😤

    1. Zachary Spiker

      Steve J His songs sound way different but his speaking and interview voice has always sounded like this.

    2. Steve J

      Zachary Spiker No it has not, go listen to his old music he sounds horrible today compared to that, worse I ever heard him

    3. Zachary Spiker

      Steve J his talking voice has sounded like that for years. Like on his old Dedication skits

    4. Steve J

      You must be young cause Wayne did not sound like this 6-7 years ago, period. Go back to to Carter 3, that Wayne actually had, um, a voice?

  59. Jayla Markham

    Lebron 🐐

  60. Richard schwarz

    shannon @ 8:43 LMAO

  61. felix schmidt

    Jesus Skip... Everybody is baaad. This and that. We all just are hyped and love to get the next season started which is gonna be awesome to watch. And at the end , the GOAT conversation starts over again smh...

  62. Brandon Lee Rodriguez

    LeBron James is the goat 🐐🐐

  63. Taz SoxCity

    Lil Wayne’s voice always been like that

  64. dlaveen1978

    You see how easy it was was for Wayne to transform the word "figures"? On the fly! Brilliant!

  65. d mar

    Why does lil Wayne talk like that I feel like he talks like that on purpose

  66. Joseph Rodriguez

    M.J. averaged 30.3 PPG,9.2 RPG,10.7 APG with 7 straight triple doubles as a starting point guard for the bulls in 89...need I say more? Hands down head above shoulders not even a question ...stop embarrassing lebrick lames by comparing him to such prestige standards almost impossible for him to match ...closest to m.j.????icarus aka black mamba shhhh mj #1 of all time Kobe #2 lbj #6 SF of all time maybe at best

    1. span luver

      I agree with that. Le Rick isn’t bringing a chip back to LA either

  67. Midnight Rambler

    poor ol skip,what is he 70yo? pretending hes hip

  68. Ivan Hayes

    Don't Trust nobody no soul

  69. Garret Snyder

    Why is this trash on ESPN? And you wonder why ESPN ratings are continuously dropping. Sports fans don’t want to see this mumbling piece of trash

    1. span luver

      This Ain’t ESPN bwahajahajajja

  70. Ivan Hayes

    I get the real book to MJ @ESPNNBA they got the most NBA the black in gray Bill Russell is the best 11 championships the and then 11 rings I get books 🙏 @NBA