Lies & Revenge||Glmm

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    I’m so so so sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been struggling with a lot of stuff lately😞💖 but I’m still here I won’t give up on my channel just yet!! Enjoy💫💘

    Published on 25 days ago


    1. MichiixToons Tsk

      Definition of Affair: An affair is a romantic and emotionally intense sexual or emotional relationship with someone other than your spouse or partner. Please don’t use words you don’t know the meaning of. (Btw don’t tell me I’m wrong, I looked it up knowing I was going to be right ☺️)

      1. hoa doan


      2. Sana Anwer

        @Tiny Prayer DUDE, IT'S *SO* SIMPLE Let me explain. you don't like a video, you LEAVE :O OMG THAT'S SO FRICKING GENIOUS also, if you think you can do better, GO MAKE UR OWN GACHA VIDEO OMG EVEN MORE GENIOUS THE FRICK I CAN'T FATHOM HOW GENIUS THAT IS!!! :O :O :O

      3. Maria Alonso

        @Panda__ Playz Isn't the correct term that SHOULD have been used : "Don't get in her affairs". Isn't My affair saying that she's the one who had an affair. Not Ethan with Belle?

      4. Madigan_Mango

        Affair, Noun: an event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.

      5. HuskyFan115

        MichiixToons Tsk I totally agree, you’re right. These people are the negative ones. You’re comment is informative, not negative.

    2. Suhriy Howard

      When it said sad times that got me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😮😂😂

    3. GachaCandy 23

      Lol Kayden is my lil bro’s name What a coincidence

    4. gacha _ møøn._.


    5. Dogo 2.0

      I feel bad for prims old boy friend

    6. Sana Anwer

      okay, so I'm confused about the comment section why do people sometimes say the username of the person who they're replying to? cuz obviously the reply is under their comment so everyone already knows that they're replying to them I'm confuzzled, man

    7. Aero_Mystic

      This is a Glmm not a Glmv

    8. Pedro y Amparo Bacio

      Part 2 anxiety or hold on

    9. Max The Bearded Dragon

      This is Me 👩 I am 0 years old One like is a year older

    10. Max The Bearded Dragon

      Oh nose she got dumped on OwO

    11. The pratts!

      I feel bad 😞 for the other guy for some reason, feels like idc about Prim I know I’m heartless 💔 I’m like Prim idc about my self that why I geus

    12. Sakura -chan

      who sings the first song?

    13. Rhiannon Woods

      We need part 2

    14. Gacha_ Holly101

      That was really good I liked it xx

    15. Shateya Yakinneah

      I had a dream that I got bullied my my best friends ariel,Tammy,Emily,Aries they were talking smack to me behind my back and my teacher didn't care I said "oh now you talk smack to me what am I to you am I your FAKE FRIEND! Then I started crying on the way to the classroom one like or comment if feels bad for me but it was only my dream but my only friends I don't like is Tammy,Emily my true friend well bffs is teagan cadence mackenzie everyone except Tammy and Emily

    16. Makenna Barnett

      Part two?????

    17. Obsessed With Bunnies

      I relate too much to "Feelings Are Fatal" Freaking keeping feelings inside

    18. Shayla Ouellette

      cool i love these songs

    19. Sabrina Batrisya

      Im confuse

    20. 「ThåtOnęGamęrGirł」 。。。

      Prim Rose is the name of the younger sister in the Hunger Games lol (did anyone else notice or just me..?)

    21. GALAXY Corns

      I I I I I \/

    22. GALAXY Corns

      CONGRATS! I I I I I \/

    23. Candy Clouds Gacha xox

      Prim: My feelings are fatal Boi: What do you mean fatal? Prim: MY FEELINGS ARE FATAL. OKAY?!? Now I understand why boys don’t get girls..

    24. Moon Subliminals

      I always feel horrible because im a lot like that.. I’ve broken up with many people because it turns out im just in love with the idea of them. I just like the whole ‘someone loving me’ thing...

    25. Night Suki

      Is the actual song lies and revenge

    26. A u

      Not to be rude,but the song "lies" is actually called "outrunning karma" :3

    27. Zoeys storys

      I’m bad at making gacha boys..;-;

    28. թօoւxr

      Nobody: 12 year old girl nowadays "ThIs Is sO dEeP I cAn tOtAlLy ReLaTe..."

      1. Sana Anwer

        lol that's literally what r/I'm14andthisisdeep is for

    29. Brie Tom

      I love this I watched it like 12543 times XD

    30. Xara Bost

      2019 stellll

    31. Soumalinh Tran

      NOw I love this song

    32. Armani World

      Why did she put the song "lies" but it's really "outgunning karma"?

    33. Ghost brawlers 112

      The little "sad times😢 is cute 😊

    34. Mike Johnson

      i like this it's sad and deppresing so yea dont juge me im a lost soul who likes sad stuff

    35. •Moon_Starlight•

      I love it

    36. ChillTrissy

      7:08 me when my brother eats my leftovers 😭🤣

    37. KaykayMeNDoCinoCHEETOS

      When it said:Sad times🥺” I cracked up 😂

    38. Mari H

      I shipped primrose and Ethan :’3

    39. Giana Cordero

      Can I be in a video

    40. Patsy Richter

      THIS IS SOO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. dusyyrixs


    42. Erion Hamza

      I dont understand this👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    43. heba ashry

      Doe's prim has a mom?

    44. Myra Eillen Ghidinelli

      (Don’t read if you do not want feedback on your video) Feedback: I liked it but the only thing was that part when they were like singing to the song.. that was a little cringe but overall I enjoyed the video

    45. SadBean e.e

      Didnt say it was a glmv

    46. Madysen Trahan

      Hi panda_playz ! Im a huge fan and actually a gacha tuber myself! And i wanted to say, i think you did an amazing job on this video and many other that you have made from the ones i have watched. I just felt the need to say your an amazing gacha tuber, and id think other gacha tubers like myself would/ do look up to you and your videos so much. And i also wanted to say thanks for the amazing content, songs, plot, background, characters, and so much more! Keep up the great work!

    47. Acelya Aslan

      Why does she sound like a boy *weird* everyone: GaChA LoGIc

      1. Mike Johnson

        she doesnt really sound like a boy. in my opion yeeeeaaaaaaaa -_-

    48. Wanita Tuwairua-Brown

      Ahahhaha at my school this boy in my class his name is called kade but i dont like boys are disgusting

    49. Sarajeanne Russell

      Roses are red Blood is to This is amazing Just like you!

    50. Sarajeanne Russell


    51. Chloe Kyle

      When you say “Stop getting involved with my affairs!” Is she in an affair? You should have said “Stop getting into my personal life!” Or something like that because it sounds like her sister is trying to mess with her affair...*No Offense* but you should have made it more clear...Just some advice.

    52. Dalia Ruvalcaba

      7:08 bottom right corner sad times😢

    53. itz_meh_itzel :p

      I like the vid but not the song

    54. Munchkin pumpkin honey 🐵🍌

      😲 u don't go for ice cream if u don't know them ik he is in a school with her but are they friends because u don't go out to get ice cream if u don't know them

    55. Thea Milsom

      Plz nobody hate on me this is my opinion its just does anyone else not like the so called pony tail that is all over the place

    56. OJL

      this video is shit and prim is lesbian shes a dumbfuck she could just leave that dude alone

    57. TheButterBeanRealityShows :P

      Me: *I meet this kid* Him: wanna get ice cream? Me: HELL NO, I JUST FUDGING MET YOU Me: *watches this* hmm. HEY NEVER MIND I’LL FO WITH YOU! I GUESS IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL!

    58. Citrus gang

      P.s to anyone wondering it’s not called lies it’s called outrunning karma not hating just saying

    59. Misty_Haze

      When you realize this isn't the revenge you were looking for

    60. Kay Byers

      Falling in love haha btw I'm Angie

    61. Noel Cubol

      Who thinks prim and kayden are cute couples like please


      i love it

    63. Joshua Caparas

      The Red Hair Boy: i am sorry he doesn't deserve You .... Wanna Get Icecream? me:uhh... WUUUUT

    64. Jacob Gamboa

      My name is bella but its fine that my name was a bully i liked prim anyway

    65. Mohd Fairulnizal Md Noh

      I like this story

    66. Lily crystal playz Happiness

      Make more videos

    67. Canada Latin Channel

      girl give your ex boyfriend a 2nd chance and see if he listens dumbo

    68. :pッジ what uLOOKIN at:D


    69. fattest cat on earth

      Lies is actually called Outrunning Karma