Lies and Lollipops - AH Animated (Jackbox)

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    Fiona's humanity is put to the test in Jackbox Party Pack 6 game: Push the Button.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. David Taylor

      Who knows? Maybe Fiona meant oversized lollipops bigger than your head. If that were me in there, I would've said: "half a ton of candy." AH ain't thinking big enough.

    2. Sladashi Fowler

      Fiona is a big liar who clearly likes no one... XD Fiona is my least favourite Achievement hunter

    3. Rashinnu

      King size candy bars are good but I'd probably say rock candy on a stick. xD

    4. Alexa Flecha

      I love how Linsay is comforting Fiona,true mom friend

    5. Quintin Nowak-Wolff

      Michael why are you such an asshole

    6. Corpseplower

      This bit wasn't funny in the original video but the animation makes it funny.

    7. Arturo Garza

      Fiona calling Michael a bitch is objectively funny.

    8. Richard Avelino

      I appreciate Lindsay being an alien sympathizer... xD

    9. Big Brother Xellos

      I swear Idiot Logic is going to screw over MANY people in this game. Also, my experience with this game: "Nah, I strongly disagree with the notion that just trying a LITTLE harder would get me Valedictorian." "HIS ANSWER IS DIFFERENT! HE'S AN ALIEN!" "Oh, cool. We got someone who put suspicion on himself by accident. LET'S HACK THIS BITCH!"

    10. Hyper PolarBear

      I love Michael but that was not on Fiona.

    11. RusticGiraffe42

      I just noticed that there are hints as to who’s an alien throughout the video.

    12. Ander Tallya

      First time my group of friends played this I got called out in the second round for saying that I completely disagree that the government is hiding aliens from us. In the chaos that is trying to defend your answer in this I mistakenly ended up saying I don't believe in aliens despite being the most space obsessed person in our group who actually totally believes in aliens. How to seem guilty 101. Was in fact human btw. RIP first game xd.

    13. Vega MonkaX

      Play the game again this was hilarious

    14. Roger Hamilton

      I got to back up Fiona here: I'm not a big fan of chocolate myself, I eat maybe 1 or 2 chocolate bars in a year, so I wouldn't have entered full-sized candy bars either. When I was a kid, I always got excited when I got a can of soda for a treat.

    15. epicboy432

      I would not have found lolipop suspicious, knowing that not everyone likes/prefers candy bars. I honestly thought Michael was an alien because of how much shit he was giving to Fiona.

    16. pokemonflower98

      Here’s the thing. Chocolate can be eaten all in one sitting. Lollipops take awhile and thus extend the candy enjoyment levels and makes your candy last longer.

    17. Becky Fal


    18. BarkingFox

      Anyone come back to this after the Ready Set Show Chocolate Roulette?

    19. julio96321

      I am in FULL support of Fiona on wanting lollipops for Halloween

    20. john duncan

      Fiona's only funny moment.

    21. Majin Boi

      i dont fucking know where these comments are coming from, this moment cemented fiona as being amazing

    22. JUNK

      I really want "IT'S A CANDY YOU BITCH" on a tshirt

    23. mrfipp

      Instead of putting so much focus on her choice of candy, they should have thought about how, even if they thought her answer was dumb, that she still answered the question with a reasonable answer

    24. Empyro Blitz

      In all honesty I would have said gum or smarties.

    25. Harbinger 3000

      I want a "It's a candy you bitch" shirt

    26. Alina Norman

      IT'S A CANDY YOU BITCH! I fucking loved that answer LMFAO!!

    27. Yrgovhail Guiles

      It's a candy, you bitch! XD

    28. MCFinalNinja FTW

      I don't see the problem. I received both Blow-Pops AND Lollipops on Halloween.

    29. deja smith

      Please print it's a candy you bitch on a shirt

    30. Skye Phelps

      What software is used to Animate this?

    31. Zoey Inkling

      Well to be fair the question was "The best thing to receive on halloween" not "On your opinion, what is the best thing to receive on halloween" Yes I know engrish.

    32. Doinstuffman

      That grumpy Fiona end card is adorable lol

    33. Earthlybump


    34. sadlobster1

      Fiona looks like an Adventure Time character

    35. Panja Mysy

      I agree with Fiona. Lollypops for the win!!

    36. Nick Kupila

      This made me realise. Fiona is probably too young to remember people ever gave out full sized candy. That practice waned heavily in the late 90s and was essentially gone by the 2000s. How wild!

    37. Redflametrow

      I want to know what the alien prompt was because someone got absurdly lucky.

      1. lightsabermario

        No one knows because all of the people who got the question were innocent. The candy bar crew is Michael, Ryan, and Trevor, and the aliens were Alfredo, Jack, and Jeremy.

    38. Man in the Mask

      Who the fuck picks a lollipop as a halloween candy? Sure it’s a candy, just not a Halloween candy, that’s like saying a chocolate bunny, or a candy cane,

    39. Sean Patrick

      I’m so glad that want got animated. That was an awesome part of that video

    40. YouTube Comment Guy

      So now I send them a huge box of lollipops.

    41. Hank Anderson

      Hahaha I love lollipops. I especially love the shitty ones you get from the family owned restaurants in San Antonio

    42. Josh Cooper

      fiona is just amazing, "Is that milk?"...

    43. Exodus Vengeance

      Knew this was gonna be one this was great

    44. Aaron Hernandez

      to be fair on fionas case. when it comes to lollipops you can get them in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. ive seen many times where people would have all sorts of halloween stylized candies for the taking. king sized candy bars are good but heres the big thing. unless the area they lived in when they went trick or treating, YOU AINT GETTING A CANDY BAR THAT SIZE. your more than likely to get one of those tiny little shit single square candy bars that come in those multi packs that people buy so they have plenty of candy for halloween for a bargain.

    45. Bradtastik

      "it is, calm down"

    46. Amania Miller

    47. flclfan85

      Can we get that on a shirt, “IT’S A CANDY, YOU BITCH!”

    48. thegriffin88

      "She's French she don't know"

    49. Ridikis

      Unpopular opinion alert. This is my biggest complaint about Fiona, apart from Michael, everyone coddles her. Remember when Gavin said a well was hard to get out of in Family Feud and they burned him about it for literal weeks? If Gavin was getting set on fire Fiona gets a warm flashlight pressed against her.

      1. Majin Boi

        well i think that's part of the joy of it, michael and her constantly at each other's throats is hilarious

    50. MajinGamers

      When they make a "it's a candy, you bitch" shirt will it come with a complimentary full-size Garbo bar?

    51. Jonathon Loredo

      I’m still not a fan of Fiona but this was fucking hilarious both in video and animated

    52. Sean Davis


    53. Connor J

      This is why Fiona sucks

    54. CrazyCreativeStuff

      Fiona is a bitch not a good one at all

    55. DarkFlameZealot

      Fiona being the dumb bitch she's meant to be

    56. Thomas Hodge


    57. MrMoustacheNinja

      Yay!!! Finally 😂😂 this was such an amazing moment. Fiona is nuts for going with lollipop lolol

    58. Cory Thompson

      “Are you a kid in a hospital? Who gets lollipops?” Jack, holy shit dude! 😂😂

    59. Scaramooch

      Who does the art for these? I love the art style!

    60. Will Counley

      Fucking Fiona. Terrible everywhere.

    61. Matt Horvath

      Like Fiona annoys me as much as the next guy but that loss was entirely on Micheal hounding her for it for the rest of the game. She eats lollipops a lot judging by when we've seen her

    62. BJ Maddox


    63. Luke Pietz

      She may not have been an alien in the game, but she revealed she is an alien IRL.

    64. Roya Gharavi

      1:39 is now my lock screen 😂

    65. Nicole .wallace

      I just love how they draw Jeremy in these. Half the size of everyone else and just BARELY tall enough to fit into the frame.

    66. Blake Mcbeth


    67. Sacred Empathy

      Great now Fiona has to ruin AH adventures too

    68. SynDerLife _

      to this day we still are waiting for alfredo to find out what fupa means

    69. Doctor Discord

      That "It's a candy YOU BITCH" needs to be a shirt.

    70. Yo Dawgz Gaming

      The aliens in your animation were way more terrifying and hilarious than in the real game