Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat! (Bosco the homeless dog ADOPTED!)

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka

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    Wait until you see Bosco's reaction when he meets his new mom for the first time! Have you seen all any videos that are trending called Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat For 24 Hours ? It is a fun crazy challenge ! If you have been following along on the Adopt Bosco campaign then you will love this video. Bosco has been hanging out with his friend Freddie Mercury the dog in videos like Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal and Buying a Special Needs Dog Anything She Touches. But even with all of those videos he still didn't get a home. So we turned up the heat and made a video called No One Wants This Homeless Dog So I Put Him On Billboards. Senior dogs are awesome and deserve to be rescued. Enjoy Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat! (Bosco the homeless dog ADOPTED!)
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    1. The Real Game Master

      We all miss Bosco!

      1. Vanessa Talieje

        Rocky kanaka I like your videos and I like your dog flip can you connect can you come to my house and Coolidge in the apartments in the apartment

      2. Keith F

        I sad I like bosco

      3. Naruto Guy

        I get that u would do bad things to kill dogs, why r u like this game master?

      4. lele free-man

        The Real Game Master I miss him to

      5. Sara In Da HOUZ

        Good luck game master!!!

    2. David Ávila


    3. Scarlett Loeffler

      Who else cried?

    4. lovely lama

      I think your should get a new dog

    5. Mks sister

      This made me cry this is so good

    6. Poop Diareha

      I was crying

    7. Simone Wilson

      I want bossc

    8. Mattyb fan lol

      I can't join

    9. Littie cupcake S

      Aawww he so cute! 😍😍😍

    10. CelestiaFan Forever

      Bosco I hope you're living a very happy life with your new mom and family. Thank you for making me cry tears of joy to have heard that you have found your furever home.

    11. Sol Campbell

      I want a Big Mac ☹️

    12. Esperanza Ortiz

      I Love the dog 🐕

    13. Katie Hudson

      i'm crying tears of happieness!

    14. Lopez boys Lopez

      I cried

    15. Brandi Johns

      I am going to miss bosco

    16. One Lazy Gamer

      Goodbye Bosko! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    17. RedMonkey Doom

      I’m soooo happy bosco got a new family but so sad he’s not in the vids

    18. Bribri corn Fedrizk

      How much money is he my dad might buy him

    19. Lisa Godin

      Yeah Bosco!

    20. 3 Summer Friends

      if you disliked this you are hell

    21. Cookie Cat

      I couldn't because i am too young and i live in the philippines

    22. Matilda Evans (Student)


    23. Matilda Evans (Student)

      Why don’t you just adopt Bosco it’s so careing of you to help the dog.

    24. Kaylee Casey

      I wish i could adopt him

    25. Melissa Castro

      I wish I could adopt him but I'm on the oposite coast line

    26. TatCraZweirdo ;-;

      Awe!so cute,i’m half way through the video and i hope Bosco gets adopted

    27. Dolly Sherif

      I will miss seeing Boscos videos and i will miss seeing bosco himself

    28. Timothy Jordan

      I miss him way too much

    29. Antonio Aleman

      I miss him so much 😔😳😞😣😢😭😪😰😥😓😫😩😨😱😖😷😟😦😧

    30. Kevin Ramirez

      Yay he is getting a family so proud of him

    31. Husky Productions


    32. Allison Barton

      I wanted Bosco tho....

    33. narely cedeno

      Bosco is so cute❤️❤️❤️

    34. Giovanna Mahoney

      So cute!!!!!!

      1. Giovanna Mahoney

        I'm so happy for him

    35. Dennis Freeman

      Flooding he world with my tears

    36. Donald Falk

      i missbosco

    37. Donald Falk

      i wont to adopt bosssgo

    38. Dp2000 Z

      Can I have him

    39. ArTiiK

      why im so happy everyone is happy he got adopted everyone is sad, everyone supported him! and most of all he has two sisters now a new family and hes more happier than french fries!!!!

    40. The lunar'S bOi

      At 0:52 you can see derek Gerard

    41. The lunar'S bOi


    42. John Garrow

      My dog passed away yesterday 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    43. Jessa Pineda

      Ha so adorsable and I can read animals and with him I’m reassign thankful emotional but mainly greatful

    44. Naruto Guy

      We All Love Bosco Pupper Dude (W.A.L.B.P.D.) I’m so happy for Bosco!! MY PAWS ARE UP!!!!

    45. Colby House

      hi rocky i love your videos and i have two dogs and cats the names are max balley leo and tigger and i had a dog before max but she or he is died one like for my dogs and cats

    46. _its_a_secret_ _

      That food is okey for dogs...?

    47. Hayzel Monge

      I feel you should adopt bosco cause he loves you and you take good care of him and seeing him leave I think you would be as sad as him

    48. Awesome Sisters


    49. Lucy Goosy

      We all love you Bosco! I wanted to adopt him but my mom is crazy enough with one! ❤️

    50. Amber Clark

      Yay Bosco!

    51. J&J FILMS

      You shouldn't give your dogs big Macs ALL THE TIME

    52. Kids Productions

      the people who disliked this video are heartless

    53. Siena Olive

      Ice cream is a Nono for dogs

    54. Hari Kumar

      well done bosco congrats

    55. Ely Cuazitl

      Sooo cute

    56. Rishika Chakravarty

      Omg bosco is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I would adopt him but we already have a feisty dog at home to take of but i would adopt bosco if i could! #AdoptBosco

    57. Cats Don’t mess with dogs

      Your dogs are so cute please please please please get me one

    58. Devin the beast

      You sould update us on boscos new family

    59. GachaGamer Star

      Im so happy for Bosco😊😄.I already miss him 😭😭😭

    60. Kailyn Marie

      #adopt Bosco

    61. Blake Ciesielski

      I mean Bosco

    62. Blake Ciesielski

      I’m sad but happy for bozzco

    63. jon franklin

      I will adopt bosco!

    64. \\\\\\\

      Why can’t u adopt bosco not trying to be mean but it’s kinda dumb u aren’t adopting him if u want him to adopted so bad!!!!


      He better get adopted

    66. It Just Mimi


    67. Mackayla Olsen

      Thank you for adopting these dog

    68. Allee

      Will you still keep him updated on him? I’m going to miss him

    69. XD Crayola

      I miss Bosco already

    70. Subscribe to Helicome


    71. Moonlight567345

      Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (in happiness

    72. Brookie Cookie

      I love Bosco

    73. It’s Meh

      Off i realy wanna adopt him but i live in Norway and i am only 12 He is so cute❤️❤️😍

    74. king bro


    75. Anahi Favila

      Bosco is sooooo cute

    76. Samantha Basil

      Hi I am going to work with you one day when I grow up

    77. Big Chungus

      I'm tearing up 😆

    78. Xx_Kaylie_a_ Queen_Fan_xX

      I'm in love with Queen

    79. Xx_Kaylie_a_ Queen_Fan_xX

      In 9:15 she is wear a Queen sweater

    80. Xx_Kaylie_a_ Queen_Fan_xX

      In 9:15 she is wear a Queen sweater

    81. JustA Gamer

      We will all miss you bosco!

    82. Jen Davidson

      i have 2 pet buldogs and 11 dog

    83. Jen Davidson

      i have 2 pet buldogs and 11 dog

    84. Its Bella

      I'm happy for Bosco but I will miss him so much I hope he loves his new family 😭😄😍😇

    85. GS_Invader

      Putatos are bad for dogs

    86. ninja kid

      I whould adopt but I cant I dont have anof money

    87. unicorn food slime

      A lil tip i do not think dogs can eat french fries because thay have salt i love bosco ❤❤❤❤

    88. Squishy _ Chloe

      I 😭

    89. jaden chaney

      this video made me so happy!!!!!

    90. blacksheepink

      How did i miss this video! And YAY BOSCO GOT ADOPTED WOOHOO WAY TO GO BOSCO YOU GO!

    91. Disability Awareness Disability Sports

      Awwweweee I am so happy for him

    92. shannon staloch

      i'm so happy for bosco i've been watching all his videos and now he's adopted i love him

    93. Laika’s animal Adventures

      Bosco and ice cream Bosco: Lick lick lick My dog: (eat all of ice cream in one bite)

    94. KC Sisters


    95. William Brown

      I'll adopt him

    96. Enviotonin85

      Feeling kinda bad for the new owner, Bosco most likely going to his new home with an upset stomach.

    97. SmartCookie_Dough

      :O she's my neighbor! Omg!