Letting Google Images DECIDE What i Eat for 24 Hours! (IMPOSSIBLE FOOD CHALLENGE)

Derek Gerard

Derek Gerard

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    today in this letting the person in front of me challenge i let google images decide what i eat for 24 hours. this impossible food challenge was funny fun.
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    WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
    well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
    how is spongebobs house talking?

    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Cubicious Fever

      3 10

    2. Nate Gaming

      What a pussy I would kill to eat that burger

    3. JB Gaming

      20:39 it’s road hog 😂😂

    4. Revant Mathur

      I thought he will type condiments

    5. jin can cook better than my mom

      20:13 When a character you hate finally dies

    6. Felipa Reyes

      Letting people on games decide what you eat

    7. i dont have ligma


    8. Tove Nitschke

      Random emoji decides what you eat

    9. CeezVr YuNg

      Don’t Frappuccino’s have expressos in them, so don’t they like “HAve caffeine”

    10. KraveGaming

      24:16 but isn't ice cream milk.....and milks from a cow..........

    11. Angie 207


    12. Meraj Keshavarz Talebi

      The same idiot search sauce without specify items they want

    13. Eve Longton

      Letting a potato decide what I eat for 48 hours

    14. Mahji 525

      Next video: Letting my mom decide what I eat for 24 hours

    15. biking boi

      Eating vegan meals for 24hours

    16. Michael Magana

      The most beautiful thing I could ever see

    17. MangaMassacre 0w0

      Anything that isn't part of a cow tastes so good right know, eats fucking ice cream. 😂

    18. Elliott Crimp

      Derek you should get every coffee in the menu the Starbucks meet you and also get 500 of your favourite coffees plus buy a big Mac meal with bacon for jazz pool

    19. Edward Cho

      ass. dont make videos again -_-

    20. V1ncenT ThE GrEaT


    21. iiSweet


    22. beamy _4


    23. Mr N MATR1X-Arik

      Next video: Letting Siri decide what you eat for 24 hours :)

    24. Erik Mathew Cortez

      But doesn’t milk come from a cow and your eating icecream

    25. IrishGaelicGirl04 x

      38103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103810381038103 sorry you were unlucky.

    26. Bill Weber


    27. Cameron Smalls

      The ice in your vids count

    28. Mystycz YT

      I haven’t watched your channel for so long and I’ve never laughed so hard at anything’s

    29. Silas Manassero

      By the way the reason when you eat meat you have a bad reaction is because your body is use to vegan things and your body is built around it so what your eating

    30. Jayden Boi

      3 8 0

    31. tockatub 123

      Derek:99.99% coffee

    32. Raelg10

      Letting a 5-7 year old pick ur food for 24 hours

    33. Dobbzee

      24:17 derek where does milk come from

    34. Unknown DEEJay

      did you notice that he said the blizzard as frosty and frosty as blizzard

    35. C00kie Cr1m3 Sc3n3

      I wish to be Derek right now but I don't

    36. Emoni Alcon

      But Derek you need to make a new rule that if you don’t want to eat it and if it’s to meat for you than don’t do it because I’m new and I don’t want you to pass on us or get sick for like 4 months

    37. Emoni Alcon

      I’m new and I love this channel and this is the first video

    38. DeShawn Jones

      Has anyone knew that he knew the number before he seen it

    39. GG_ToXiC

      Letting my master I mean girlfriend decide what I eat for 24 hrs

    40. Stay Gucci All day

      1:00 look at the back of he’s head

    41. Kong K

      where is jas Paul

    42. bloom

      Derek eats everything but in the wendys drink he never ate the ice

    43. Alene Filipo

      Dereks changed

    44. Maricruz Vejar

      James Charles likes you Like to undo Or else....

    45. ReadySetRewind

      3:50 "My war is carm" 😂

    46. mylifeistrash

      Why are you complaining so much? I mean, you did this to yourself. :)

    47. top drop

      This really triggers me a Fri fell out of the 5 piece nugget thing

    48. CR REXX

      13:56 that’s what she said

    49. kelilah Bowens

      When he said when they get done pooping you get up and look at it ....why is that me

    50. Marcii ASMR

      Why does he remind me of me

    51. Michelle Snache

      3 8 10

    52. Tristan Medeiros

      It said my war is warm

    53. MiggiGAMES


    54. Flamez

      I’m so high I’m trippin

    55. Panda Person

      3 810

    56. Panda Person

      3 8 10

    57. Panda Person

      3 8 10

    58. Vεɭveτ̬ OwO

      NEXT VIDEO: Letting myself decide what I eat for 24 hours

    59. Bobbie Coburn-MacKinnon

      3810 3810 3810

    60. Jayson Shreeve


    61. Fatima Martinez

      If I was there I would’ve eaten your food for you 😂😂

    62. Ciara Gardner


    63. Korena nguyen

      Ain't he vegetarian? LMFAOOO

    64. Kayla Gamache


    65. Legend hero

      Dude ur editing is amazing

    66. The Gaming Taylor


    67. Spadez Phoenix

      O no poor you, you get to eat fast food all day

    68. AdrianSMVI

      20:00 when a skinny nigga got a thicc girl

    69. Frances Cook

      I love fat burger omg lmao