Leopard Attacks Indian Villagers | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

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    A wild leopard has caused panic after attacking 6 people in Jalandhar, Punjab
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Merveil Meok

      The Indian version of bullfighting.

    2. Haley’s Home


    3. Harianne Vithoulkas

      Well that's what happens when a wild animal is scared and fkg idiots is there scaring them and screaming in there ears just leave them.alone and they won't bother you

    4. faster than you Black

      Goddamn look at that thing jamie *sips coffee, hits blunt* That thing would rip your goddamn arms off. Jesus.

    5. itzclumsy

      why are indians so scared. its funny watching this #idgaf #sleepover

    6. Shivane

      The leopard is the ninja of all big cats

    7. Jace Krypt

      Cause you lot were tormenting it by throwing nets at it and surrounding the poor thing, try leaving it alone and you wouldn't get attacked simple thing, bullies.

    8. Stfu

      Hope the leopards ok

    9. James Tan

      This is really something for the leopard, a lot of human meat to tear and chew. Preserve the leopard than humans.

    10. vict oria

      GOOD! Leave these poor animals ALONE!!!!

    11. Reva Bhakuni

      Maa chude aayse logo ki itne log or ek guldaar yeh na bus dekhne k leye hote hen jaat or sardar bhai ess se badiya hum pahadi hai sala yaha na ek aurat na akele he guldar ko marne ki himmat rakhti hai or aaa k dekh lena or sunn lena uttrakhand mai aaa k rishikesh k side

    12. karla Perez

      @ 0:33 🤣😂

    13. T-Gay

      😂😂😂Itna darpook indian hota ha.

    14. Christy Horton

      Why are these stupid people provoking this animal????

    15. Lucio Innocenzo

      Why are they releasing them? Why are they in those stupid nets?

    16. rodney auerbach

      This is why we have guns smh 🤷‍♂️

    17. Mimiauz

      Poor animal just wanted to get away 🙁

    18. sol skog

      I cant stop laughing X'D and people are running INTO each other HAHAHAHA

    19. Doge


    20. Apollo Sun

      Poor frightened leopard, it just wants to get away and get back to the jungle.

    21. Angela Mcdonald

      If humans would stop being so stupid and tring to capture these animals and just let them past threw and go on about there that wouldn't have happen the cat was scared u see this alot in India and other countries really people get a clue if u get them as babies and build a bond with them they can be man's best friend even in the zoo they can be man's best friend but not like this the cat wasn't trying to hurt anyone those people made it scared and all it wanted to do was get out the net and go on about it's day this is truly sad what people do to animals

    22. Andre Silva

      can someone explain to me why there are so many people around that leopard ?

    23. Grace Grace

      It's very common in India because of water sacrcity and for catttles animals often enter the villages. Poor people.

    24. y Kevin

      Get those trespassers 😂

    25. James Williams

      0:33 Karma’s real lol

    26. Chaitu. Petluri

      haha seeing the comments I realised 2 things..... westerners hate Indians, the love animals is more than humans unless they get bitten.

    27. Aleesha Stevenson

      Stop running he think you playing.

    28. Cat Arelife

      Imagine if that was a lion! Half those people be dead by now! This leopard actually had some mercy in his heart! I love nature!

      1. Jack Lame

        Lions are one of the slowest big cats and definitely not the best in terms in areas of agility and athleticism

      2. Uttamjeet Singh

        A lion would be tired after attacking one person. Leopard is way more faster, agile and athletic compared to a lion. Factoring in the leopard's climbing ability means it can scales walls easily compared to a lion

      3. Not a Robot Games

        well its inda... could be worse, a black bear or a tiger.

    29. Daniel&Cezar

      Pewdiepie hired him to do that

    30. FaCeS

      The leopard had the fun of his life

    31. just me

      They deserve to get attack like leave the damm animal alone

    32. Lea Escobedo

      Leave it alone damn

    33. nοtify.

      Leopard probably thought it was a game Eat the Indians

    34. Bianda Kemas

      You India, You Lose

    35. Kaylee Paton

      This is ridiculous, people new there were a leopard on the loose so why didn’t they run away the stood there teasing the poor thing, I have no clue why they put that net around it, of course they leopard would of charged after it

    36. Annabel Romano

      poor spotty bean it looks so scared!

    37. Bee Subs

      Everyone seems to hate India but when we went there it was so amazing. Definitely one of my favorite countries.

      1. Atharv Nanivadekar

        Yeah, India is only one country which has Lion and Tiger. None other country has both of them❤

    38. 1918bibi

      Stupid Indian!

    39. Getthefuckoffmylawn

      I'd wanna get away from all those Indians too.

    40. Ankita Minhas

      The commentary 😂😂😂😂

    41. David Bartles

      that cat was just terrified, hope he made it safely back to the jungle

      1. Atharv Nanivadekar


    42. Eric Marin

      Seriously what's up with all theses animals attack's happening just recently they have nothing but, cat attack's on humans gess Luis plastered, all over the news if not then it's in a zoo by a cat attack seriously mammals are seriously pissed off about something just don't know what it is though?.

    43. Paulina Dackiw

      Poor Leopard! It must have been soooo scared! All it wanted was to be free!

    44. Onenerdvs

      That leopard has clearly subscribed to pewdiepie.

    45. 152205 501144

      Look how humans looks like a pack of monkeys screaming here and there. LOL. The leopard is indeed lucky. The humans could shoot him, but instead they are trying to capture him. If the leopard would meet a pack of lions instead of a pack of humans it would be devoured alive already. The leopard should just run from the humans, but instead he is randomly attacking here and there. Who is more stupid here?

    46. Mayank Myk21

      That Thumbnail is lit 👌👏

    47. Björn Von Myrkr

      intimidating bites

    48. chriss izovitch

      Et les gens reste la en regardant !!! Bien fait pour ceux qui sont mordus, elle aurait du les bouffer tous !!! mdr Crétins d'humains

    49. Cain City

      Oh teri pehn dhi!!! 😂😂😂

    50. Kapa Kapa

      До чего котика 😿😿😿💔💔💔🐈🐈🐈 довели. Бедный леопардик, что эти уроды с тобой сделали 💔💔💔💔😿😿😿😿👿👿👿👿😭😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎👎👎

    51. Kapa Kapa

      Киса молодец всех мышей в округе разогнал!!!! Достали двуногие!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    52. Rhuan Costa

      Eu tenho pena é do Leopardo, deve ter se sentiado acudo naquele ninho de humanos por isso ficou agressivo. Animal lindo!!

    53. Nathan Diedrick


    54. Nathan Diedrick

      yo don't mess with wild leaopards stop being stupid

    55. Sher Solaimankhel

      Lmaoo none stop swearing ban c..d

    56. Remerb Kroy

      I think it just wanted to play or was scared of all the people

    57. Boombastic

      People running in to each other...is comedy. Go kitty! 🤣😂

    58. Mike Wilson

      they need to eat them teliphone call center scammers

    59. Hizoru

      Should I be laughing at this? Cause I just did.

    60. $ñēãky Vàdèr

      The leopard is with Pewds

    61. deepak raj

      Very funny

    62. Fukai Kokoro

      Why where they harassing the poor thing? Leave it alone. It’ll leave you alone.

    63. polok890

      tiger bite robo callers and computer hackers, bite them

    64. El Chuy Molina

      He just wanted to play

    65. the PaulTurf

      Not Naked and Still Afraid.

    66. 사이다팩트폭격기

      사람들이 저렇게 많은데 도망가기에 바쁘네 그 한마리를 때려잡지 못하고

    67. Tamas Egyed

      Some context maybe? Why were there so many people around one leopard?

    68. James Castaneda

      They Deserve It !!! The Leopard Fights For Its Life Everyday

    69. Kemja Yun

      Are they trying to trap them to get them out of their town?

    70. Han Edwardo

      This is ridiculous 😂