Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 - Challenge



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    I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN LOL (watch till the end)
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. MrBeast

      WATCH THIS FIRST EPISODE HERE (watch the entire thing)

      1. Jason Maxwell

        You were watching lachys stream

      2. May

        MrBeast, you're so blessed! Please gift me a gift card.

      3. Shannon Gunstone

        @Tj Safeer nope lol

      4. jumbo idiot boi

        MrBeast what’s up I luv ur videos ur the best

    2. jp100780

      the new Slumdog millionaire

    3. Harshit

      Torture by mr beast

    4. Twisted skilllz

      Yo MrBeast my snap chat is griffenpayne if you trying to let me swing for money 😂

    5. Mr Swede

      Love Marcus’ haircut

    6. Kailley-Mae Dennis

      I so would have won ^-^, once I'm on I never want to stop


      Mr beast pls put me or I delete fortnite and minecraft and keep mario >:D

    8. Iben Xoxo

      Can you do the insane asylum challenge again please it was so good 😊

    9. Rauno Kapsi

      I challenge you, buy the most expensive ,,fruit''

    10. Naina Doshi

      Hi mr beast

    11. Itz_Zim_YT

      New challenge Go to a gas station and buy everyone’s gas. Twist But on one pump

    12. play and do magic

      Guys I really need your help..... My friends are bullying me because I don't have a thousand subscribers... Can you guys just help me get a thousand subscribers please... It really means alot to me

    13. Cliff Stockman

      Mr beast my parents said no more purchasing your merch they never said I couldn’t ask santa for it

    14. Bushran Mumuni

      MrBeast please come do one of these challenges in Africa.... it might make you the first youtuber to do so... and choose Ghana

    15. Benjamen Macarayan

      Jimmy's special treatment to Chandler because of his losses HAHAHAHAH

    16. Lazer shot Spottswood

      You the best

    17. Deyana Woolley

      Hey i heard your someone give you a shoutout on a radio station in november.

    18. Benjamen Macarayan

      look at chandler HAHAHAHA

    19. Finlay Dixon

      If I could do that I would would go for 2 days no joke

    20. Ezethu Communications


    21. Cool Boyz

      you suck

    22. AlexJames TV

      Go go Omar!!! Lucky friends:-)

    23. kiwi mate

      16 fucking hours. Is that it???!!!! I would last a fucking week for a mil 🤛

    24. Laura Manrho

      Is there a gofundme for troy and his fam? I wanna help him out

    25. Sora Kurokawa

      Beast can you buy me a iphone in chrismas plss

    26. EMPATHY

      Omar is so wholesome. I love him🥺❤️❤️

    27. 10K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

      *MrBeast will have the coolest stories to tell when he’s a grandfather...*

      1. Wxste


    28. Kawaii Sommer

      I can swing for hours

    29. Gaming King

      Hey give me 1000$

    30. spicy vanilla

      Why don’t y’all just make a movie I mean if y’all are willing enough to give a million just make a movie🤷🏼‍♂️

    31. Rosna Hamde

      You should do a 24 hours in a lifeboat challenge in the middle of the ocean

    32. Melchor Catin

      Hello Mr Beast I'm from Philippines 🇵🇭 How can I win a thousand dollars💰 ?

    33. L2N

      Hi Beast Can you buy me a GAMING PC


      Can you donate me 500$ plz?

    35. Battle Land Royals Fan

      Bro come to Mauritius and try to do free store

    36. Waty Cenceng

      T series 120 sub

    37. Mjay_W Vlog


    38. I Play Everything

      Mr Beast Can you buy me a gaming pc pls just a 400 dollar pc pls lol love ur content

    39. Dark_Renwar23


    40. Oldboy Coco

      Bro u guys are so lucky u wish I could compete I would win all of them what I would buy with 1m i would pay for my parents deet and with the rest I wouldget myself a nice gaming setup

    41. Nurul Huda

      Hello MrBeast I'm a new subscriber from indonesia

    42. AlbertMrflimflam Arts

      I wont chandler to win

    43. AvengeBros YT

      Mrbeast it’s my birthday and all I want is to be noticed by u

    44. A avocado Thanks

      Plot twist: mrbeast keeps the million instead

    45. Cute kitty Cup cake

      I love your videos keep them going 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Albania Forever

      Where did he takes all this money??

    47. SquidKid 832

      The real question is does meatlover moisturize?

    48. triffy man

      Ohmar is a borderline phycopath

    49. Nickiefinn O'Sullivan

      It’s my bday 🙂

    50. bugsyballina1

      Good job y'all

    51. Johannes Gouws

      Mr beast : this is honey its great Angry birds : am i a joke to you?

    52. Sheebha Vinod


    53. Rahul Warstar

      If u love mrbeast subscribe toTyler Charles

    54. All in 1 Viral

      Where do u get all the money Bro....? I'm jealous.... And here I am struggling to make ends meet....

      1. All in 1 Viral

        I just wanna cry....... Sigh

    55. Chesadine Lamberang

      this is just a random comment. hi.

    56. dannymayopam konghar

      I don’t have insta A/C to follow u

    57. Aslyn Cox

      Nobody absolutely nobody: Chris: I GAVE HIM LINGUINI!!!!!!!!!!

    58. Haikal Jelah

      Can you overnight at Walmart

    59. josh rimy

      I was just on your facebook group page reading the comments. There is a fan i assume was asking for your help. He talked about his family getting evicted before Christmas. But one of your fans really degraded him with some vulgar comments about him and Chandler. I read his post and i understood what he meant. But the fan made it look really bad. The person that made the original post asking for help. His name is matt. I think you should check it out.

    60. Bryan McDonald

      Man Needs some wins. If I was on dis I would of put a win in this 4 bruhh.

    61. Edward

      Hello Mrbeast. I've been eyeing the mavic mini drone. Can you give me one? :((

    62. Clark delos reyes

      can i just have a 100dollars

    63. koalo

      Omar didn’t need the money!

    64. Will Jones

      Good vid

    65. Connor Johnson

      Does Chris moisturise

    66. Nehemiah Basnet

      Hey try listening to same sound for hours challenge

    67. Аноним


    68. Flea Tech Reviews

      The next challenge he lost so he killed the entire beast team

    69. Linsay Arce

      Your videos are so amazing, exciting,fun and so helpful for people! KEEP IT UP!!!

    70. Mw4a

      Please save Australia