Last to SCREAM Wins $10,000 - Scary Haunted House Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    We went to one of the world's scariest haunted houses, and if you scream, you lose. But if you make it all the way without screaming, you win $10,000!!
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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. FaZe Rug

      like & subscribe or you will be trapped in that haunted house forever

      1. Mohd Yuzwan Yaakub

        I would scream, but I mostly kick the on who scares me 😆😅 I know I am weird.😆

      2. Xavi Garcia

        @Chris-Roblox fgyij vigués eyuooojhuvu

      3. BTS ARMY

        Jeez I got startled the whole damn time

      4. Charika Curry

        This is not scary bc I was one of them

    2. Habiba Abdi

      Dang I scared me

    3. Chxerries

      “Music starts playing” “AYE AYE COPYRIGHTED”

    4. The peepee Fan

      My school have a hunted house in the elementary school and a guy with a chainsaw runs at you like what the hell

    5. Chxerries

      Who else was literally dying watching this

    6. kashina's tv channel!

      is that bosley🤣

    7. Ryan Hendry

      Props the the camera man

    8. Julissa Almonte

      The bird box one wasn’t scary

    9. OhioKid

      Not to be racist or anything but faze rug is running out of video ideas

    10. Bait Emp

      It should be shermanthevirgin

    11. Becka Iverson

      Lol when he said that’s 1 Scream

    12. Tumelo Piangbe

      Faze is always on the floor by a chainsaw ..

    13. Noel Cubol

      He said owwwww

    14. Luke Coleman

      Look like a fun job scaring the shit out of people

    15. Lee Childress

      day before bday is oct 5th

    16. SHXADOW -

      Faze Rug: “ this is the excorcist” Also faze rug points at stranger things portal

    17. Jbgoalstopper 12

      Go to the black out haunted go use they send you in by yourself

    18. Daniel Lerma

      Scary? Go to Mckamy manor

    19. EC - 06MK - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)

      i love please do more i couldint stop laughing

    20. Geo

      Theres no chain in the saw!

    21. Nicole Johnson

      Me: i am scared of me faze rug: why me: cuz i don't now faze rug:😐

    22. Mystery Girl101

      I heard Anthony screen in the chainsaw hunted one 👍 like if to heard

    23. Kalonie McWilliams

      See thing is im not a screemer, i hold my breath.

    24. Jb1102006 Tresean

      Oh thats y they probably said "dont scare the camera man"

    25. Kyle Becker

      I screamed once I screamed once I'm crying 5:02

    26. Kyle Becker

      Sorry 1:48

    27. Kyle Becker


    28. Kyle Becker

      Dead people montages be like 1:52

    29. Katie K

      I went the scariest haunted house in the world it was the worst I don’t even like haunted houses😢

    30. Fam0us Sunnyy

      That clip from last year was ON MY BIRTHDAYYYYY💃🏾

    31. Jennifer Burgett

      Nahhh Sloss Fright Furnace in Birmingham, AL. This place is actually haunted. If you're a sensitive, be cautious. Cleanse after leaving & protect yourself before arriving. It's also open year round as a historical landmark, but Halloween is the most active time

    32. Heilyn Acevedo

      That’s shit was scary

    33. Kelzkisses H.


    34. Unicorn Gaming67

      This will give me nightmares...

    35. xTyrellx DesLandes

      I will call the cops on you if you try to trap me in thier

    36. xd Cypherrr

      Stranger Things isn’t even horror...

    37. TGS BOY

      Happy deth day

    38. iiangelxo

      this is how many people want mr. beast and faze rug to collab 👇🏻

    39. Maximoos 8

      You are immune to all like comments and subscribe comments: read to be immune

    40. Mikey Wescott

      You should try reaper‘s revenge in Scranton pa

    41. Ben Martin-Richmond

      Wow that’s creepy

    42. Giyani Gonzalez

      9:48 had me dyingggggg😭😭😭

    43. Naiz

      Oh Jessica and Brian isnt a couple sorry for saying that

    44. Mellissa Smith

      I could totally do it, but I know you pick friends to do this because, let's face it, nobody's getting 10k

    45. Aadil Dakwala

      He said I’m already out but they gave me an extra life😂😂

    46. Vibee W Rhyiaa

      i was screamin and i wasn’t even there 😭

    47. Audacity fishing

      You guys would not last at Statesville in Illinois

    48. MANDERZ’S

      Brooo this video so funny omg 11:31 😂😂😂😂 everyone dipped

    49. TheBobPlays

      9:22 did I just hear a oof lol btw the chainsaws is the reason why I don’t go to scarowinds

    50. Jean François

      In 10:43 I can see Layla of Mobile Legends 🤣

    51. Barack Obama

      Imagine being that camera man. So brave

    52. Daniel Brown

      I live in the uk. There’s one here called sub-species and they split you up from your group.

    53. Mohd Yuzwan Yaakub

      I remembered that I kicked a man that was dressed like a killer clown, he screamed like a girl. 😆😆😆, Good times.

    54. carl entenia

      He Taught it was bosly I don't know the spelling but 🤣😅9:53

    55. midnight fox

      I wish I was there :0 but I would be scared

    56. Bailey Toth

      Where is the haunted house I want to know

    57. Lilly Black

      When the nun screamed and the guy said that's one scream Had me dead

    58. Life Of Kai

      I didn't screammmm

    59. Mia lee Chan

      Sooooooo scary

    60. lyn jane

      Didn't get scared

    61. Isabella Enriquez

      I love the haunted trails

    62. Darius Banks

      Hey faze rug you know that little kid at the Chris brown consert and I was wearing a jacket with black and red

    63. Jadenhc

      i lost it when the first chainsaw guy came out and u all scattered😭

    64. Allan and Gillian Dodson

      Woaaaaah that’s like weeeirdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    65. Lesley- Chan

      If i was there i will just watch youtube and when a scare jump i will say"FUCK YOU" and do the middle finger like nothing happended but if you give me a wig i will die of scaryness.

    66. Kittycat gamer


    67. Galvan ASMR

      I’ve been there and I was so scared I almost threw up 👇🏽

    68. Alcidie Canales

      i would def win this

    69. Kuana Lima

      1:24 is when he maid the funniest edit EVER

    70. Lacey Perriera

      Fun fact the chainsaws don’t have the blades on them so they can cut people but it could hurt you