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    LaMelo Ball started out the game with 3 fouls in 5 minutes, scored 0 points.. Fast forwad to the 2nd half and Melo dropped 24 points and brought his team back and tied the game up at the buzzer to finish a 24 point come back.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Nathan Worku


      1. That_Canuck_God

        IVORIAN KING He is.

      2. Jared Williams

        He gets an F because the correct answer to life is Jesus Christ

      3. Greg Skinner

        “with lebron watching”

    2. Quinn Farrell

      Is this Lil Moser?

    3. Boycey

      I react to Ball in the family episodes bruh 💀 My grandma said I couldn't get 1000 Subscribers.

    4. Umbreon Pokemon

      Should be titled: LaMelo Ball Gets locked up in crunch time w/ QUAVO Watchng! FAILS TO COMEBACK AFTER BEING DOWN 24!!

    5. Jaycee

      I just dropped the LAMELO BALL official Song. lets get him to hear it! You wont be disappointed...

      1. REAL talk

        Dope song man, Lets get melo to hear itt

    6. B Neck

      Whoever was filming looking through the viewfinder or what’s good . Lmao. Shit feel like a virtual reality video with all this moving n shit

    7. Kenneth Petovic


    8. LukGaming

      7:13 wow

    9. Kianhayward7

      Why does quavo being there mean anything, he might just wanna watch, it's not like he's Brad Stevens or pop

    10. Esther G. White

      Is it just me or is melo not the same anymore

    11. Yetti :/

      Lemme get Mikey bronny melo zarie and Zion on one team for a 5 on 5 no way they lose🤦🏽‍♂️no way possible

    12. Oscar Kicks

      What if melo missed the layup😂

    13. RoseThePlug

      Whoever held the cam for this game did horrible

    14. Move like _snake

      Omggg mikeyyy

    15. The trolls Puppeteer

      Serious shit wtf is that announcer saying? Is he auditioning to quavo to join the mumble rap group migos? Tf

    16. Tonya A

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! LaMelo Ball Goes ABSOLUTELY CRAZY w/ QUAVO Watchng! TAKES OVER FOR 24 POINT COMEBACK!! Why did you do all this for me?' he asked. 'I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you.' 'You have been my friend,' replied Charlotte. 'That in itself is a tremendous thing. Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. Not everything is about you," Clary said furiously. "Possibly," Jace said, "but you do have to admit that the majority of things are.

    17. P00NSTAAH

      meanwhile julian newman is claiming that he is unguardable.

    18. jca998

      Was Quavo also the commentator...or another mumble rapper...I couldnt understand what they were saying most of the time

    19. Klee Klee


    20. YungNando

      Feel like for some reason he has a brighter future idk , I maybe right I maybe wrong , .....

    21. Moegee123 Nunny

      They playing in

    22. These are Threads

      Wtf did I just see.... the dark side of US-new again

    23. CHI TOvvN

      Every time Lamelo would hit a 3 pointer Quavo was like “ICE”

    24. Xphelon

      Commentator sounds like a bad impression of James Brown....

    25. Kenny Kinnee

      Big nobody

    26. Blacc Heard

      Number 4 really was sorry he tried to win tha game took tha last 4 shoots in tha 4 almost lost it

    27. Melo

      I like that

    28. villen


    29. Kyle Rish

      Like if melo is overrated

    30. NoCappinTommy _

      Melo is a dawg 💯💪🏽 this video proves it

    31. Zertise Zap

      Stopped watching after 4 minutes off lamelo doing shit

    32. DJ

      The quality of this content could be delivered a lot better. It's sloppy and clickbaity. Like a teenager is running the account and will do anything, including using clickbait titles, just for views. A channel with over 2 million subscribers seems like they would have some quality content but who am I kidding it's 2019 on US-new...

    33. Maxwell Thurman

      Commentator sounds like the spokesmen for 24 & Me

    34. Ivory Towers

      Thanks for the scored board shots. Exactly as promised.

    35. Eric Wang

      What is the commentator saying 😖😖🔫

    36. John Adams

      Defense is outlawed in this league. Or no one is playing it.

    37. RogueWookiee

      The commentator is so annoying lol

    38. Eric Rodriguez

      melo suck

    39. Lil Ellis

      Best player on the court is number 5 from the opposing team. He rarely turned the ball over (unlike melo) and he was a bucket on offense and a solid defender. Lamelo was 2nd best on the court followed by number 4 who was also a bucket.

      1. Lil Ellis

        Also Lamelo Ball is TERRIBLE on defense. He could probably be a good defender if he actually put forward effort but because of his lack of hustle it often leads to easy layups for the other team making him a liability on defense.

    40. Puppet lover

      This entire time I thought the commentator was speaking a different language

    41. icewater3001

      Please stop following the ball with the camera. You’re far enough to see the whole court bruh

      1. Puppet lover

        Ok Khai, deal brah.

    42. Cdog 2K

      Is #5 yogi ferell? He plays just like him.

    43. Wyze Geye

      too much dribbling. shit comes from the top, ie the nba, all the way to the damn playground. that's why i stopped playing the shit. too much standing around waiting for the ball. oh believe me, i tried moving about and getting open but these motherfuckers just hog the ball and don't even look up.

    44. Embr3on Music

      This match man

    45. Daan Sandhu

      *Commentator was speaking Cartinese*

    46. James Lee

      What a stupid hype job by ballislife. They freaking lost!! Yet, they say "comeback." You youtubers will lie and cheat just to get views. What a bunch of losers.

    47. Senaleb

      The first play is Melo traveling lol

    48. Yrt

      Now he's going to Australia to suck like he did in Lithuania because he doesn't know how to play team ball and has zero defense. He'll ignore everything the coach tells him of course, and wait for Daddy to tell the coach he needs more playing time. EVERYONE READY FOR A LITHUANIA RERUN?

    49. Chris Lechuga

      The ball family all asssssssssssss

    50. Twan The Stone

      IMO opinion, 'Melo USED TO BE lazy, a cherry-picker and all that. This man's game has evolved. His elavated play and clutch performances is something to watch. I love the kind of of baller he's becoming, and the league isn't looking to distant. Hoping the young bull makes it.


      a joke just like his brothers

    52. Emily An

      He is going to be the best Ball player out of the brothers ..Watch

    53. Josue Cruz

      Ya me imagino a emoni beats con lamelo ball serian emoni boll o si no lamelo beats

      1. Emily An

        Who else seen Mikey Williams at the beginning of video

    54. Josue Cruz

      Lamelo sos el mejor desde que te vi ya temiras mas mejor que lonzo ball sos mejor que el ya te miras mas vivo con mas energia

    55. BadgerBills

      Jeremiah Gray is nice

    56. Sir Isaac Mormont

      #5 was the best player on the court. Just steady and that step back game is on point.

    57. Chicago's finest420

      Garbage ass rappers liking garbage ass ball players and vice versa

    58. Ask to seduce Miss

      Ok Khai, deal brah.

    59. Legend Matter

      This entire time I thought the commentator was speaking a different language

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Will be looking forward to talking some shit in 2 years. I ain't really got shit to do besides work.

    60. GAMERpro

      Boy said sum balls are life

    61. BW #3000

      12:53 your fucking ass

    62. Tramaine Terrance

      Hello, Humans. Mysterio: People need to believe and nowadays they will believe anything. (Spider-Man Far From Home) TERRANCE OUT

    63. Joanna

      No defense

    64. GTA_90s Barker•—•hehe

      I just came for quavo

    65. zach young

      whys he constantly leaving his man to double the ball when he doesn't need to and makes his teammates switch the theres an open man in the paint?

    66. Bryan k

      Melo gonna have those long blonde curls by draft time it’s over for the nba 😤

    67. Sophia Smith

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    68. LoveAddict69

      Who cares?

    69. Prince Montales

      My man jeremiah gray is showing off in drew league

    70. Big Cuzz

      Who else seen Mikey Williams at the beginning of video