Lamar Jackson can't run like last year, improving as a passer is vital - Vick | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Michael Vick joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the progression of Lamar Jackson heading into the season. Hear why Vick thinks Jackson will not be able to run as much as he did last year and must have self-preservation.
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Lamar Jackson can't run like last year, improving as a passer is vital - Vick | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Can Lamar Jackson lead Ravens to back-to-back playoff berths?

    1. unknown comic

      @Keeping It Real all good things must come to an end, all bad things can't wait to begin! But I hope he does good so they beat them nasty Saints if that's who they play in the Superbowl!

    2. Keeping It Real

      @unknown comic so if he wins the SB and balls out next year do i gotta wait until the year after for him to fail?

    3. unknown comic

      @Keeping It Real yep. was off for this year because it was one of them one year wonder fluke years for him. Next year year the busting will begin! The MVP curse gone get him and so is the Madden curse when he takes the game cover!! He better Enjoy it this year but he will enjoy with a Superbowl loss because the MVP winner always loses the big game!

    4. Keeping It Real

      @unknown comic 😂😂😂 damn you were way off.

    5. Kuryous Katt

      @A J C Sr Buleee Daaat!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💪🏿💪🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿 BIG TRUSS🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿 Except: 13-2 Broke All Kinds Of Records... Set All Kinds Of Records!!!!!😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  2. Animelytical

    Michael Vick said he had to make the improvement in his passing, but he didn't call this one, right?

  3. Shyt Brick

    I can understand the people that hate what Vick has done in the past. However, his story HAS to be one used to show how someone can turn their life around. Got to respect that.

  4. Don Julio

    who is here after Lamar scored 6 TDs'

  5. Joshua Schulten

    Who here after Lamar threw 5 pass td’s in week 1

  6. SNAB1987

    Naaaah skip, even Vick said it. Lamar is a better runner than him.

  7. Mitchell Whitehead

    Why is Skip shining Michael Vick knob? I had rather listen to Trump talk about getting leg.

  8. John Welch

    Tom B had a very good,"O LiNE" that's why he was good . They gave him time to make those play's.😉

  9. Joken Word

    Shannon: You need girth!!! Me: Pause

  10. Blacc R

    Time to show everybody and shut the haters down!!! Lets go Lj and the ravens nation!!!

  11. RoseHalo

    Joy hot af

  12. Robert Downer

    Why have the dog abuser on this show?

  13. lIIlLumberJackIllI

    I swear I hate what everybody is trying to do to football. Their trying so hard to get rid of old school backyard football. DUDE IF LAMAR FEELS LIKE RUNNING THE BALL WOULD HELP HIM PLAY BETTER. LET HIM DO IT LMAO . LET HIM BE HIM. HE ISNT A VICK, OR BRADY, HES LAMAR.

  14. aroperdope

    Lamar is going to be fine. The Raven's schedule is nothing for a Baltimore fan or an opponent of Lamar to freak out about.

  15. Gregory Miller

    The Dog Killer is back

  16. Like who are you?

    Lamar either needs to not get so many runs, gain some weight, or switch his damn position.

  17. ManX HD

    last night sums it up

  18. Tony Fischer

    I knew somehow skip was gonna mentioned Tom Brady

  19. blow9682

    One of the best???? You mean the best!!!!! Who was better than VICK??????

  20. 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

    But Lamar is faster and smaller than any running QB he's been compared to.

  21. MiStEr B.A.D.A

    Vick still better than more than half the current nfl starters....

  22. Aidan N

    Lamar Jackson is a dog *Mike Vick has entered the chat*

    1. Ryan Clark

      Lol that was pretty slick

  23. oldnew newold

    If you are a QB and all peoples talk about is your running. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD QB!!!!

  24. Thomas Powe

    *vick stops talking* “i don’t know skip” lmaoo

  25. TheBritay

    How much hate Lamar gets picked my favourite team. From UK and didn’t have a team but ever since seeing the hate he gets, I want Baltimore to do as good as anyway 👍🏻

  26. A F

    I love that my Bears QB is Pretty Boy Mitch who can run all over. He will never be Vick but he's a top 3 rushing QB in todays league

  27. Haki Mclaurin

    VICK......ova ...........BRADY!

  28. Slim Jesus

    Damn bro, for once Skip actually made a valid comment without boasting about how he was right all along... thass wassup

  29. Joaquin Rodriguez

    One of the best running QB? He IS the best!!!!

  30. J Craig

    Most important thing is Vick grew up and became a better human being

  31. American boi

    Why does Vick always look nervous

  32. The Answer

    2010 mike Vick was one of the greatest single season by a quarterback ever

  33. Itz Jamajay

    Mike Vick 🐐

  34. Jim Shugars

    The "over" was if he would beat Cam's record of 139 carries, about 8.5 a game.

  35. Silent Priest

    I dont see the ravens going back...this year, browns i can see going 12 games steelers is not going to let this mistake of missing the playoffs twice in a row

  36. ant

    i dont understand how a qb cant run and pass the ball, why cant he do both?

    1. aroperdope

      Fran Tarkenton did. And for a long time if I'm not mistaken...

  37. triston miller

    Shannon- “Skiyuup!?” 😂

  38. Jehiel

    At least we know skip isn’t racist

  39. oBioHaz

    john not jim, john is smart jim wants attention

  40. HickoryHomeBrew

    Since when did Vick become the "life lesson" coach fit to hand out advice? Is it his mediocre career, or the fact he murdered dogs and went to prison? If anyone should be tossing career advice it should be someone like Newton...even then thats a reach, the mans a diva lol. Just let the kid play, win, and be himself.

  41. Furious Stylez

    Mike vick lol stop bringing this guy here first u tell someone to cut there hair lol now ur saying don't run n being accountable u took that advice stayed in the pocket n u got killed Lamar run get wins n slide or get out of bounds unless u play the cowboys take the sack lol go cowboys

  42. Edwin Navedo

    Jenny is the best Moderator....She really knows how to control the tempo and transitions the debate topics perfectly...this show flows smoothly because of her timing Seen a Comment comparing her to Molly ....Molly has no clue to what her job is lmao .....She needs to watch Jenny and take notes

  43. Edwin Navedo

    Undisputed really is the best Debate Show on right now....very professional and still entertaining What he did last year was created on the Fly...what they will do this year will be a Mix of several offenses taking pieces from each to create a new style of offense

  44. Alpha Omega

    Ravens fans praising Lamar's running ability until he takes a big hit and knocks him out for the season. Then they'll all turn in in and say he shouldn't have run.

  45. Nate C

    Mike Vick is the BEST to ever do it on the ground as a QB. Shawty needs to come correct!

  46. Lonnie Tucker

    Vick seems a little smug right here. Like shid, they couldnt catch me lol

  47. E.J. Blacktalian

    If you simps would do some research instead of being negative you would find out you don't know as much as you think. When it comes to football I'm a lover of talent and Jackson is a special talent. He led the League in completion percentage with passes in the middle of the field. So to say the man flat out is not a good passer of the football is BS. He should get better. Will have an entire off-season with the 1's and will start the season. Who will have a better year Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen?

  48. WillySweet WonkaJoe

    The league being soo qb friendly i wud let Lamar run...😎

  49. manofsteel

    Lamar will be another Geno Smith, so will deshaun Watson.

  50. Tone Lo

    Vick 1st team ballot MADDEN

  51. Peen Head

    I finally agree with Shannon

  52. David Bradley Oinonen

    I can't wait for Lamar Jackson to prove the doubters wrong. Just more fuel for his fire. The browns are gonna flop btw.

  53. Spark Eye

    Good to see MV on this thing, hope to see more...

  54. Smoke Em

    Vick put on some lbs.

    1. James Belkin

      Starting to look like Marcus

  55. Star Wars Gamer

    I think Lamar might become the new RG3 because they both are mobile both had a good rookie season but neither one is a solid thrower

    1. Brian Taylor

      I bet you not saying that no more

    2. D Wavy

      Star Wars Gamer Lamar will improve.

  56. Jake Wilson

    Lamar Jackson is Michael Vick Jr!!! I love Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson!!!

  57. wabenzy *

    michael “lama” vick

  58. Amir Abdullah

    Lmao San Diego ? Los Angeles bruh .

  59. King Damian

    That Vick commercial is still my favorite commercial to date hard to like the guy after he electrocuted dogs but sick commercial no doubt

  60. The Situation

    Sick Vick was my man 💯

  61. Richard Ramos

    Crazy to watch those guys you looked up to get old, hate to see the big fella Vick look aged!! Jail will age you in a short amount of time

  62. Edward Snider

    70ypg he is trash in the passing game

  63. Jay M. R

    Jackson is going to be the next rg3 Ravens will regret trading Flacco

    1. Yuo_boi_oscar !

      Lol so you saying he will get injured? Ok but he as never gotten injured in 4 years straight and with his horrible o-line in Louisville

  64. Josh Ejzak

    Did skip listen to Vick an Shannon??

  65. og jenny

    So nobody wants to talk about patrick mahomes pass the other day, or yesterday. Lamar was my obsession for many years until i discovered mahomes.

  66. GSK

    I’m guessing skip doesn’t know that Lamar can’t really pass

  67. ronnie banik

    Let him keep running, he will get destroyed. Remember they have fottage of you now. Take Vicks advil e he was a runner to.

    1. Yuo_boi_oscar !

      Lol how? He is really good at not getting injured if you search it up you can literally see he only got injured once as a freshman and it was not seriouse seen as he only missed half of a game and that's it ever

  68. Yaahboi52

    Lamar knows that and we all know that he can still run the ball the same way he did last yr.. They didn't grab Mark Ingram for nothing, they gon be running that damn ball til you can stop him n Ingram. Harbaugh knows Lamar ain't no Mahomes or Wilson so why try to shape him into that? I think BAL will work on Lamar's passing but will take the approach like no one can stop them from running.

  69. joames hill

    History of football. How many mobile running QBs have won superbowl? If you want a long career as a Qb you better be a pocket passer. Running around in high school and college it's all fine but pros no. It's about the training from the start blk QBs mobile white pocket. If its racial I am sorry but look at the truth. You can look at the worst white back up qb measure his career vs the best black back up qb. Because of the training they dont last. If Jackson doesn't pass more it want be long. McNair wouldve been in longer until ray Lewis broke his sternum. The more hits the shorter the career

  70. 2pacthegreatestofalltime Makaveli4life

    Michael Vick my favorite QB of all time. He was the Allen Iverson of NFL football. He brought a different swag and I always had his jersey at this time. He's the 2pac SHAKUR of running QB which equals GOAT. Hands down 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪