Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!

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JRE Clips

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    Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: us-new.com/online/video---SCDa1zsYI.html

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Alvilos

      Sloths don't tend to get eaten because there is so little nutritional value in them that most animals just leave them alone

    2. Dumebi7278

      How to eat ass 08:15

    3. Dumebi7278

      Joe “It’s one of the rare places on Earth” Rogan.

    4. Hrithik Rana

      8:15 My last brain cell at 3AM

    5. lairdriver

      Those last few seconds sounds like gak gak

    6. Amy Mason

      Mix Komodo Dragon and Joe together and what do you get?: Komodo Joe

    7. Ben

      One of the first times I went camping with my family; they told a story about a little boy who got ripped out of a tent and eaten by a bear. Great story to tell your children while out in the woods lol

    8. David Torres

      Ima take that band name

    9. Ahmed Klai

      7:18 that's my reaction when someone show me a picture of a spider

    10. Merlin Sturley

      That's a kramoda dragen

    11. Dell12 16

      Jungles are truly the worst places on Earth for humans to live in

      1. here come dat poi

        The trees speak Vietnamese

    12. Nick van der Heiden

      Joe "I like to watch Harpey eagles eat sloths" Rogan.

      1. Damian Robbs

        Says a lot about his character.

    13. Beaux Jones

      300,000 people have been killed by tigers. If that was in the states they would’ve been wiped off the planet, in the 1600’s

    14. dewey

      ratchet bolted

    15. James Matheny

      Komodo dragons aren't mentioned until 7:01

    16. Zennofobic

      never go on safari with Tyrek Hill

    17. K Kr

      Joe likes and talk more about American animals bears and wolves .. the tiger will rip them apart

    18. YaHozna1

      I love Joe's impressions of animals.

    19. The Terrible Children

      Bill Bur is an idiot.

    20. George Popovici

      Joe: 'see if you can find that, show it to Bill Bill: 'No, I seriously don't want to watch that

    21. ImInfinite MidWest

      Cigar? Jesus bill...Pretentious much... Still love ya doe!

    22. emil hansen

      Awesome show🔥 but How fucking High are you guys😂😂

    23. Honest Lucifer

      In Sundarbans Tigers hunt people. You idiot! Smh!

    24. Nomad -81-

      Getting choked out doesn't hurt but I find it more emasculating, one step above getting rag dolled. Id rather get knocked out like a man.

    25. xenon

      sundarban is in our country..............it located in bangladesh and some part in india

    26. The philosopher's journey

      Fast forward to 7:00

    27. Shael Mondes

      Nature man😂

    28. Jonah Ereaux

      r dey smokn blunts?>?>

      1. Jonah Ereaux

        bil burr smokin tuff lulz

    29. Underpaid Plumber

      "Yeah, a wolf monkey. So, they eat kids."

    30. datsweetsansabooty

      It's funny when Bill makes sports references and Joe acts like he knows what he's talking about.

    31. Princess Solace

      Hey Joe! Check out a wild Malayan Tiger having a morning stroll in a populated village of East Coast Malaysia.

    32. McSkillet

      8:04 thank me later

    33. Bootypuff

      For YEARS I have been telling people about that video and how much it mortified me, and everyone has just made fun of me. So it's nice to hear Bill Fucking Burr talk about it and know he had the same reaction.

    34. The Great Dragon

      7:17 Hahahaha. So perfect. I thought Bill was imitating the deer at first, but this is actually what Bill sounds like when he freaks out. xD

    35. hoodrich J59

      8:16 how you gon do that on camera knowing the internet is a thing😂😭.

      1. Random facts that don't matter

        You think Joe gives a fuck?

    36. VodkaFox

      "He fell asleep and a bear ate him... :D"

    37. Marcus Knak

      8:06 the greatest joe rogan moment ever?

    38. amon ra

      Joe rogan high as fuck, Bill burr bill burr as fuck

    39. um me

      That's not true. Bears normally go for the jugular vein to kill quickly.

    40. Marlena thorvald

      Sloths will fuck you up if they were fast they would be extremely deadly.

    41. NooneofImportance

      How's the meme go? "Nature! You SCARY!!"

    42. EdDueim

      The orang asli (original people) of the Malay peninsula sleep with their heads towards the hut door. If a tiger comes, better it takes you by the head than by the feet.

    43. Halo Kosovo

      exactly how me and my friends hang out in college! talk shits and watch videos online while getting high!

    44. Chuck M

      I would watch bill n joe together every day!

    45. Scott Isitt

      What is in those cigars? 😄

    46. frown

      Joe, ur like a 3rd grader learning things the rest of us have known for decades, how are u so late on all this?? It's SOOO frustrating.

    47. Newman Ident

      that Tiger thing about hunting people have some legendary tales around the whole subcontinent.

    48. Cruizee 87

      this and all JRE content is GOLD😂😂😂💀💀

    49. L Lusilfer

      their headphone is made for them 🤣🤣

    50. Michael Martin

      The advantage that early humans had was that, while we were relatively slow, we could run for longer. A tiger might be fast, but the length of time a tiger can run at that speed is rather short.

    51. Ezeqeel

      Joe "One of my favorite videos is harpy eagles eating sloths" Rogan

    52. Buck Choy

      But thats their job lmao

    53. EtherForce

      Joe "Ahh-gulp, ahh-gulp, ahh-gulp," Rogan.

    54. OxyGeass

      "we are so slow", true, but we have a tendency to judge man by current man. We are so wildly weak compared to our ancestors, even as close as 100 years ago, we are pathetic, but go even further back. The wiry strength alone from working hard from the moment you could be put to work by your parents. Just look at that massive, insanely strong and athletic kid you saw in highschool, he's the 1/400 who is just an insane athlete. Every kid was like that, probably at a younger age, too. Because they had to. Any farmer kid was a beast.

    55. SMV L

      Bill: There's this video of... Jaime: *cracks his fingers*

    56. leone crowe


    57. Amit Pandey

      I live near Sundarban, within 40 km. Yesterday a tiger took a fisherman and his wife. It's wild out here.

    58. David Stewart

      ''Tiger monkey'' hahah

    59. Who am I?

      The worst thing to get killed by is a pig. Pigs usually decide on one end and then go from there and they eat fucking EVERYTHING.

    60. dingdingdingdiiiiing

      I did not have to know that about the bears. Thanx for the nightmares, Joe.

    61. Carlen Sizemore

      They sound high asf 😂

    62. Scott Yi

      kristen bell has left the room

    63. jasper426

      Joe “8:06” Rogan

    64. Swearbear

      I respect the heck out of Bill for saying turn that shit off.

    65. Clash

      Joe “8:05” Rogan

    66. Vod Kinockers

      Lol they think that Tiger/moped video was real

    67. Jacob

      Joe Burr meets Bill Rogan

    68. Adek

      When I was working in a zoo I fed a monitor. They are really savage af. The Guinea pig I gave to it was already dead, in few seconds there where guts everywhere. Well thats how the animals do, and I love it :D

    69. Slaitaar

      Human beings are slow in a sprint, comparatively, but there is very little that beats us over long distances. Run shit into the ground then stab it.

    70. afiq radzi

      im glad that joe didnt call me a freak bitches anymore. what did i do to deserve that each time i click on his video anyway?