Kitten Gets Spayed πŸ€’



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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. SuperCooper

      Thanks for joining us on this channel! It's a long time to wait for each Sunday.. so we're going to start uploading here every Wednesday! Updates, behind the scenes, and other random videos that don't make it on SCS. We're glad you're here!

      1. katherine ritter

        @Indrek Arusoo your a cry baby

      2. katherine ritter

        @Kundiso Mutyiri fjgfvgfghbvvbgvzgk

      3. katherine ritter


      4. katherine ritter

        Make super Bella Sunday

      5. y e e t


    2. Cheeky Dave

      Your kitten is on methadone .................. Coulda been in Trainspotting ;)

    3. Jacko Fantablissimo

      Who could dislike?

    4. mrfunnier34

      these 3 remind me of the Movie "Homeward Bound" with Shadow, Chance and Sassy LOL

    5. Subaru Outback

      7:25 ohh my 5:49 sadly

    6. Rosalba Candelas

      That happen to my cat


      This makes me sad 😒

    8. Marichens Live

      Wow Bella evolved tob such a beautiful young cat, I mean she was pretty when she was younger but like wow

    9. katherine ritter

      I feel bad for Bella

    10. katherine ritter

      I feel bad for Bella

    11. Mariam Ahmed

      You should take care of Bella’s weight because some cats gain so much

    12. Acorn Heart

      Poor girl

    13. Kayla Lastowski

      You should take Bella to Disney if you can

    14. thequeenofallcreation

      The one sided white whiskers 😊😊🧐🧐

    15. Mike Williams


    16. Emma Hamilton

      I love how Trevor obviously cares about his pets. They and Chelsea are so lucky to have him

    17. Lo-Anne Laing


    18. Charles Hastings

      Is it normal that even though i don't know the women i still want to punch her

    19. kittenjewel101

      Just feed her raw food completely they sell bags of just the raw that she loves to pick out its soo much better for her

    20. TheCuteAndFluffyBunny :3

      My cat did that

    21. Sweet T

      Wow. They gave my cat a weak pill form pain killer only the 1st day home. It was hard to get her to take it. They said not to let her move around a lot for 2 weeks, she was 3 months at the time so she was crazy. My cat did the reverse thing too. And was sad and pitiful the whole 2 weeks. Made me feel so bad. Glad Bella healed fast! Ps I love how sweet, cute, and protective Trev is with Bella!! And Cooper & Bella is just the sweetest!

    22. Galaxy Toast

      *peta has entered the chat

    23. ItSophieTV

      Does the hair grow back after a couple weeks or months after the spay

    24. Rowland Elder

      oh my god this is so sad

    25. Lator Gator

      My dog got spayed when she was 4 months old and she had her belly shaved

    26. Patricia Peffer

      Do your dogs know what you are saying, especially certain words like "No" or "Walk"? Cats can learn what you are saying, too. She's still young, so she hasn't had time to build up a big vocabulary yet. But if you talk to her and expect her to understand you, long enough, she will. Try to see a picture of what you are saying in your mind. She'll learn to pick up on the meaning, eventually. Like when I go away on a vacation or business trip, I sit my cats down and try and tell them how long I will be gone. I picture this in my mind - for 3 days, I say and internally envision "the sun goes up, the sun goes down. The moon comes up, the moon goes down. The sun goes up, the sun goes down. The moon comes up, the moon goes down. The sun goes up, and I'll be home by supper. But, you will be alright, because that nice lady who lives next door will come in and feed you and scoop your litter boxes."

    27. Larhonda Young

      your dad told me a lot about you now im in love with ot go your dad chelsse

    28. Fernanda Ojeda

      Its cruel to spay your cat my parents spayed their dog and i was too young to know what was happening but my dogs active and she opened her stiches and if i had a say in it i would give her injections so she doesnt want to do you know what and it works 100%.(they say we feel so bad) Me:πŸ˜‘ if you feel bad then why you laughingπŸ˜‘

    29. Cryshaa Fernando


    30. Baldi's Basics in Education And learning

      Poor bella 1 like 1 wet food

    31. 64bean

      Is it Bella or bellatrix?

    32. MilliemcRosie Games

      Is cooper and koda spayed??? Weird question I know

    33. Bobby Borang

      Poor balla😞😞


      Poor baby 🐈 #Cats4Life

    35. Sienna Broe

      Once my uncles cat tried to take my toys (same cat as Bella I think cause he is black too)

    36. Malidian Gamer

      Why no babies?

    37. Karla Whisler

      Do u need a kennel when u picked them up after the surgery?

    38. HorseMadGirl 2019

      5:20 I'm sorry but that's the most funniest thing I've seen in the world πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    39. Melissa Morales

      When one of my cats got fixed on our way back to my house, he kept walking forward into the door of the crate and he kept making himself fall over 🀣

    40. Nicole’s random stuff

      If you ever need to put Bella in the crate again just put a blanket on top so she is more calm because new surroundings are very SCARY for cats and kittens

    41. Audrinna Camerino

      This hurts me :(

    42. edenmps

      Poor girl or poor baby πŸ™

    43. Flaz qt


    44. Ali Rana

      it has been long since I watched his videos and I get surprised with a KITTEN.... Yassssss they finally got a cat😁

    45. isntchuu

      Why does she only have whiskers on one side of her face? I’m so confushion lol

    46. xLittleBoy-

      Why get your cat fixed when she's just stays in your house and not outdoor?

    47. Dawn McBreairty

      my two dogs got fixed so they cant have puppies yesterday so I can relate your feelings.!

    48. Yeet Colby

      My cats gotta get that soon today he gets his shot 😊

    49. Blue Sophia

      If this is COOPER'S channel then the video SHOULD be about him. Just PLEEAAAZZEEE make a channel just for Bella!! Called: Bella the fella!! Or: Super Bella!! But...OMG THAT IS SOOOOOO SAD!!

    50. Fast Forward

      Is Cooper neutered? I know Koda is but you should get Coop fixed too.

    51. Limelight Life

      Yesterday I got my puppy fixed, we also chipped her and we did some of her vaccines. She is usually the most wild and crazy dog you e ever seen and she was just sleeping!!!πŸ’“πŸ˜­

    52. Isabella Horst

      Love all your pet not just because you have a cat. I just love them no matter what. I have 2 cats. They love getting in trouble.

    53. BiggiePlayz

      I can still remember when my cat got spayed :(

    54. Grumpy Cat27

      Hope she gets better

    55. Grumpy Cat27

      It is so sad (;Β΄ΰΌŽΰΊΆΠ”ΰΌŽΰΊΆ`) I love Bella

    56. Andrea Landeros

      Aww she so cute I hope she get to eat after it

    57. kicik5038

      Shouldn't put her on top of the box

    58. Gemma loves Everyone

      I remember when my kitten got it done I was so worried about her but she heeled very fast. She didn’t have a cone and had a brother trying to play with her. I just had to watch her and him

    59. Agnes Aquino

      Dont give hard food Give her cat food

    60. Agnes Aquino

      Dont removed bandage might be cat keep Moving cat

    61. Agnes Aquino

      Bella like your family i hope bella getting better she's cute cat

    62. Dawn Reyestakaki

      Y is she missing wishers? Oh they are just darker maybe. Great pet parents

    63. LaylaCupcake Fox

      she fell 😭

    64. Itz_Aaron

      Be well soon

    65. luke Neylon

      God Bella reminds me of my cat jake who died 8 plus years ago miss you buddy

    66. KindlyKingKellen Minecraft

      Poor kitty😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

    67. Helena Strickland

      When my cat got spayed she was so mad she was hissing at us and she couldn’t walk so now shes scared of the kennel and the vet was like i cant believe your getting her spayed bc shes a tortoise shell cat and her brother keeps going to neighborhood cats and keeps trynna get with em and he keeps getting messed up bc of the females lol πŸ˜‚ so my moms friend is getting him neutered

    68. Cats vs

      I wish I was as popular as you because I do cat videos

    69. Eletricell 18

      The emoji in the title doesn’t make sense she’s not sick

    70. Matthew Lovell

      That's one of the saddest parts of having a pet