Kitten Gets Spayed 🤒



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    Published on Month ago


    1. SuperCooper

      Thanks for joining us on this channel! It's a long time to wait for each Sunday.. so we're going to start uploading here every Wednesday! Updates, behind the scenes, and other random videos that don't make it on SCS. We're glad you're here!

      1. y e e t


      2. Nayella Watts

        I love cooper and Kodaand Bella and u guys

      3. Indrek Arusoo

        Sorry, but this makes me cry, for real :'(

      4. Thrillipede Ty

        SuperCooper what what color is the roof of bella mouth?

      5. Lizz Rena

        Question how do y'all deal with dog hair?

    2. edenmps

      Poor girl or poor baby 🙁

    3. Flaz qt


    4. Ali Rana

      it has been long since I watched his videos and I get surprised with a KITTEN.... Yassssss they finally got a cat😁

    5. chixcken-jisoo

      Why does she only have whiskers on one side of her face? I’m so confushion lol

    6. xLittleBoy-

      Why get your cat fixed when she's just stays in your house and not outdoor?

    7. Dawn McBreairty

      my two dogs got fixed so they cant have puppies yesterday so I can relate your feelings.!

    8. Yeet Colby

      My cats gotta get that soon today he gets his shot 😊

    9. Blue Sophia

      If this is COOPER'S channel then the video SHOULD be about him. Just PLEEAAAZZEEE make a channel just for Bella!! Called: Bella the fella!! Or: Super Bella!! But...OMG THAT IS SOOOOOO SAD!!

    10. Fast Forward

      Is Cooper neutered? I know Koda is but you should get Coop fixed too.

    11. Chloe Gallegos

      Yesterday I got my puppy fixed, we also chipped her and we did some of her vaccines. She is usually the most wild and crazy dog you e ever seen and she was just sleeping!!!💓😭

    12. Isabella Horst

      Love all your pet not just because you have a cat. I just love them no matter what. I have 2 cats. They love getting in trouble.

    13. aracely9347

      I can still remember when my cat got spayed :(

    14. Grumpy Cat27

      Hope she gets better

    15. Grumpy Cat27

      It is so sad (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) I love Bella

    16. Andrea Landeros

      Aww she so cute I hope she get to eat after it

    17. kicik5038

      Shouldn't put her on top of the box

    18. Gemma loves Everyone

      I remember when my kitten got it done I was so worried about her but she heeled very fast. She didn’t have a cone and had a brother trying to play with her. I just had to watch her and him

    19. Agnes Aquino

      Dont give hard food Give her cat food

    20. Agnes Aquino

      Dont removed bandage might be cat keep Moving cat

    21. Agnes Aquino

      Bella like your family i hope bella getting better she's cute cat

    22. Dawn Reyestakaki

      Y is she missing wishers? Oh they are just darker maybe. Great pet parents

    23. LaylaCupcake Fox

      she fell 😭

    24. Jericho

      Be well soon

    25. luke Neylon

      God Bella reminds me of my cat jake who died 8 plus years ago miss you buddy

    26. KindlyKingKellen KindlyKingKellen

      Poor kitty😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

    27. Helena Strickland

      When my cat got spayed she was so mad she was hissing at us and she couldn’t walk so now shes scared of the kennel and the vet was like i cant believe your getting her spayed bc shes a tortoise shell cat and her brother keeps going to neighborhood cats and keeps trynna get with em and he keeps getting messed up bc of the females lol 😂 so my moms friend is getting him neutered

    28. Cats vs

      I wish I was as popular as you because I do cat videos

    29. Eletricell 18

      The emoji in the title doesn’t make sense she’s not sick

    30. Matthew Lovell

      That's one of the saddest parts of having a pet

    31. Wolf Voids

      0:39 SHES A DOG

    32. Lotte Pepplinkhuizen

      Love this. Though you shouldn't pick her up after surgery.

    33. Natalia Garcia

      why she cant have babys

    34. John Cox

      poor bella she doesnt want that cone but she needs it

    35. Donna Nancekivell

      She is so pretty, love her white whiskers on one both turned out to be great cat parents, yeah.........Donna in Toronto

    36. Cristy Burch

      My cat was bitten and it got infected so we took him to the vet and he was yelling the whole ride back we had

    37. Trish Delmo

      I'v got 5 cats all fixed and not a one of en had a cone or take home drugs.

    38. Kelson plays

      Hey bro quick question what happened to your GT-R you should do a vlog on it

    39. Ana Maria Ghetea

      "Yeah but when she comes home I she gonna be all drunk like koda was? "😂😂😂😂💙💙👍❤️❤️❤️💋 BTW get well soon❤️we love you❤️

    40. Caviepigs101

      thank you so much for spaying her!! all animals need to be spayed theres to many animals in the shelters

    41. Wolfy Poison

      Bella has made Trevor into a a total cat dad.

    42. Lenora Britton

      I have a cat To

    43. Rockling !?

      Does getting nuderd and spayed mean the same thing?

    44. Jes Em

      New sub here 😍 I have three cats she is so cute ❤️

    45. lyriq meyer

      she is so so so so cute my real name is lyriq meyer i bought this from a kid named sheyanne workmann call me lyriq meyer i love your videos they make me smile every day when im sad i watch your videos i love you guys

    46. Chloe Telay

      A good way to help Bella get used to being in the crate is by leave in the crate on the floor with the door open and some comfy blankets in it so that she can go in and out of it whenever she wants and also put treats in it but don't close the door when you do that this will help it so that she gets a positive association with the crate

    47. Animal Lover 200

      My cat was so scared of me wen she got flicked I was so sad

    48. Roblox Life

      I nearly cried when she fell of the box lol

    49. game over

      My cat had kittens

    50. Yra Malabed

      Thank you for being amazing cat parents. Bella is lucky. She's too cute

    51. A GirlWhoDoesNails

      You don’t really show them playing, could u show us some clips of Bella and cooper playing?

    52. DinoHF79

      The cone of shame! I had two dogs that had to wear them. It's so hard to watch, made me cry.

    53. Mehta Seer メータ

      3:11 “She just wants to stay inside and look at the peasants.” Me: “UhHHhhHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh”

    54. Aishwarya Rao

      Y should bella be spayed? Every living being on this earth has right to reproduce and have babies isn't it wrong taking someone's right like imagine someone take us as a human and do the same to us, y should we disturb the nature's cycle its a part of nature everyone should go through y take it away.

    55. FaggityBoards TM

      I'm so used to Trev saying "good boy" to the boys that him saying "good girl" is so weird but so cute😂

    56. mayar wathek

      Aww poor bella i hope u feel beter

    57. Finnybin animates

      My kat ( that’s how I like to spell it) is getting spayed during the summer

    58. ZuGgy Gaming

      Aww.. Spay Day is a rough day for sure! But much much necessary. Just gotta super spoil them after so they forget all about it :P I felt the same way with every spay/neuter trip omg, I kept thinking they're not gonna ever trust me again :S but it's gotta get done! Btw, I loooove she has all white whiskers on one side? haha that's so cute!! Spay and Neuter guys!

    59. jade isa ruri

      i love this video

    60. Erica Birchum

      Where is the Kodak update?

    61. Kasey and Isla's channel of amazingness

      If she dose not take the mediation pu it in some food

    62. Kasey and Isla's channel of amazingness

      My dog got surgery and he got a boo boo bandage.

    63. bb 8

      she's moon walking

    64. Wayne Matthews

      whao Bella got big

    65. ДЖИНДЖЕР


    66. Mⷤiⷤlⷤkⷤyⷤ Wⷤaⷤyⷤ

      Selling reply buttons 😂😂😂 but its sad too 7:53 7:53 7:53

    67. The clipper

      You are a scumbag who should have fo to jail for the csgo gambling sight

    68. Kaci_rose

      How’s Bella ?

    69. Elizabeth Palencia

      Bella reminds me of the book bad kitty goes to the vet but nicer

    70. Ruth Swieczkowski

      Poor Bella

    71. Ranbo

      I feel bad for your cat

    72. Lisa ElleTea

      That Trev is so emotional with Bella getting neutered. Adorable. I love your entire family ❤️❤️❤️

    73. Ason Unique

      2:07 turns out buses pull out in front of people everywhere lol

    74. Janette Berendonk

      Love you guys but Bella just went through major surgery and she needs quiet time and lots of rest. So please do that for her. She is such a sweet girl.

    75. Randomnessisrandom Randomnessisrandom

      We did this to our cat when we had her but sadly she passed away we think when we first got our dog moxy Serena died

    76. Emanuel Btz

      She needs some milk 🥛

    77. Katherine Beals

      I just found your channel and I love you guys as human beings. Just super kind, loving people. Chelsea is seriously stunning, I can't even get over what sweetie she is.

    78. Gummy Dragon

      My dog she didn’t get a cone. Witch got me angry.

    79. Judy Griffis

      You guys are so cool and I feel so bad for Bella

    80. PiggiePerson2

      Aww she got spayed on my birthday

    81. Kamoonra The Wolf God

      She is trying to back out of her cone. I had all of my cats and dogs spayed/neutered but never had the cones. I just had to make sure they stayed dry. They were fine otherwise. I love all of your fur babies so much. Great video.

    82. Jerald Pimentel

      Hi guys join my channel and find out my first video will upload soon! 😱😍

    83. the gamer

      she is so cute

    84. keeper

      I find it better with two cats in the cage because then I let go of a cat screaming

    85. Mo Talbot

      My cat has got spayed

    86. The Girly Gamer

      and she was shakeing

    87. The Girly Gamer

      my dog got spad and after she had a swolen bit cuz she jumps evreywhere and then she got traped in a cage for nearly 2 weeks and she started to get crazybut we have trainer now we just got her so hopefully shell get better

    88. Karsynn Tucker

      Awww poor baby I have two black cats molly and shrine they both got spade wants

    89. Unicorn Lover

      Poor Bella I feel so bad😞

    90. Indykitty1

      quit worrying so much.

    91. Rosena Sheehan-Gaumer

      She’s so cute

    92. Silver Fox

      Aw. Poor girl. My kitten is going to have to go through something similar to that. Except I think instead of a cone the vet might give her a little outfit that keeps them from licking the surgery area. The last cat we had got one of them.

    93. Idris Elfonso

      Poor Bella. why don't you want her to have kids.

    94. Adventure Awaits

      When my dog had a cone he decided not to move

    95. sherry warren

      Bella is so drunk her eyes are so big. LOL!!

    96. Caris Songhurst

      Her eyes were orange in the crate and then they turned blue/gray when she got home so pretty ❤️❤️

    97. luna glider

      I hate you you spayed your poor kitten i feel sorry for her btw i love you guys but im against and surgies that you dont have to do to save them

    98. Will Face

      You should try this out for super cooper Sunday for koda. Shed Defender Shedding Dog Bodysuit, Royal Blue, Mini

    99. Heather English

      Suprisingly my dog didn’t get a cone when she got spayed

    100. Arshi Arora

      Get well soon bella